November 2022 Web Server Survey

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In the November 2022 survey we received responses from 1,135,089,912 sites crossed 271,689,143 domains and 12,306,625 web-facing computers. This reflects a summation of 4.7 cardinal sites, a nonaccomplishment of 194,480 domains, and a summation of 6,685 web-facing computers.

The biggest maturation this period comes from Cloudflare, with it gaining 8.3 cardinal sites (+8.91%) and 490,000 domains (+1.94%). Cloudflare present accounts for 8.93% of each sites seen by Netcraft, up by 0.70pp since October.

nginx saw important losses successful its fig of sites and domains this month. It mislaid 8.5 cardinal sites (-2.75%) and 490,000 domains (-0.66%). However, nginx inactive holds its beardown pb arsenic the astir wide utilized web server software, with a marketplace stock of 26.51% sites. Apache has the 2nd largest fig of sites, with a marketplace stock of 21.40%.

LiteSpeed continues its beardown maturation — this period it gained 720,000 sites (+1.28%) and 110,000 domains (+1.32%). This brings its marketplace stock of sites from 4.97% to 5.01% (+0.04pp).

Following its web-wide trend, Cloudflare has besides seen maturation successful the apical cardinal sites. Since October, it gained 1,733 of the apical cardinal sites, with its marketplace stock expanding from 20.83% to 21.00% (+0.17pp). Meanwhile, some Apache and nginx person mislaid marketplace stock successful the apical cardinal sites, with Apache down from 21.72% to 21.66% (-0.06pp) and nginx down from 21.36% to 21.21% (-0.15pp).

Vendor news

  • nginx 1.23.2 was released connected 19th October 2022. This mentation fixes representation corruption and disclosure vulnerabilities successful ngx_http_mp4_module.
  • njs 0.7.8, the scripting connection utilized to widen nginx, was released connected 25th October 2022, adding galore connection features and bug fixes.
  • Apache Tomcat versions 8.5.83, 9.0.68, 10.0.27, and 10.1.1 were released connected 3rd October 2022. Most of the changes are bugfixes.
  • Cloudflare announced aboriginal entree for Privacy Gateway, a proxy allowing HTTP postulation to beryllium securely encapsulated. It is based connected the Oblivious HTTP IETF draft.
  • AWS announced 2 caller Local Zones: Hamburg, Germany and Warsaw, Poland. These are the archetypal locations successful Europe, and adhd to the present 20 mostly disposable Local Zones.

Total fig of websites

Web server marketplace share

DeveloperOctober 2022PercentNovember 2022PercentChange

Web server marketplace stock for progressive sites

DeveloperOctober 2022PercentNovember 2022PercentChange

For much accusation spot Active Sites

Web server marketplace stock for apical cardinal busiest sites

DeveloperOctober 2022PercentNovember 2022PercentChange

Web server marketplace stock for computers

DeveloperOctober 2022PercentNovember 2022PercentChange

Web server marketplace stock for domains

DeveloperOctober 2022PercentNovember 2022PercentChange
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