11 Best BuddyPress Themes for Your WordPress Social Site

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WordPress is simply a versatile level that tin build immoderate benignant of website. By installing BuddyPress, you tin build your ain societal network. Of course, to genuinely maximize this plugin you will request themes that are BuddyPress-friendly.

So what is BuddyPress?

BuddyPress brings a awesome action of features and devices that let users to link to 1 different and includes things for illustration backstage messaging, floor plan building, adding friends, and overmuch more. While it tin activity pinch immoderate theme, specialized themes will activity better.

A dedicated BuddyPress taxable will typically travel pinch a assortment of templates creators tin usage to build different styles of their websites. For instance, if you’re trying to make a Facebook clone, good there’s astir apt a template for that.

Today, I will stock nan best BuddyPress themes you tin instal today.

1. BuddyBoss

BuddyBoos is 1 of nan champion BuddyPress themes for WordPress

Without a doubt, nan best taxable for utilizing BuddyPress successful WordPress is BuddyBoss. And if that sanction seems awfully similar, it is because it is made by nan aforesaid group of developers that brought you BuddyPress, to statesman with. As such, it is nan champion taxable to use.

BuddyBoss is an highly elastic taxable pinch a wide scope of customization options to configure that activity really good pinch BuddyPress.

For example, possibly you want to build a backstage making love organization wherever users tin build profiles. You could monetize nan website to thief select retired bots and clone profiles, and BuddyBoss makes that incredibly easy to do pinch its rank features.

If you wanted to adhd much gaming elements to your societal network, for illustration levels, achievements, and more, you tin utilize integration pinch GamiPress to adhd those connected apical of nan BuddyPress features.

If you’re looking for cleanable compatibility, BuddyBoss is nan way.

Benefits of Using BuddyBoss:

  • Create hidden societal areas for backstage groups betwixt friends
  • Zoom integration allows friends, family, and businesses to talk straight connected your platform
  • Upload and stock record types to your contacts
  • Integrates pinch WooCommerce to let for online shopping and rank payments
  • Import demo contented to get a caput commencement connected tract creation

2. Armadon


Building a societal web is difficult coming owed to really established nan large ones are astatine this point. Instead of building a level for everyone, it is amended to attraction connected a circumstantial audience. The Armadon taxable does this by focusing connected gamers.

Gaming is by acold nan astir celebrated shape of intermezo successful nan world, frankincense building a societal web astir it makes sense.

This taxable afloat integrates pinch BuddyPress to adhd societal elements for gamers to link pinch 1 another. It’s cleanable for building an eSport community, aliases conscionable a wide gaming organization for group to LFGs.

In position of design, nan taxable offers 1 template that was made for eSport organizations, but it tin beryllium customized to fresh your needs. You tin harvester it pinch Elementor Page Builder for moreover much customization. So, location are nary limits erstwhile it comes to creativity.

Benefits of Using Armadon:

  • Choose from a assortment of layout options to amended suit nan needs of your community
  • Build squad pages pinch personnel biographies and societal profiles
  • Organize gaming tournaments and events pinch dedicated pages
  • Build a merch shop pinch WooCommerce integration
  • Switch betwixt a ray and acheronian mode

3. Socialize


If you are looking to build your ain societal network, there’s nary amended prime than utilizing nan Socialize theme. This BuddyPress taxable is afloat of customization options that are basal to a societal network.

While this taxable is 1 of nan best, it’s worthy pointing retired that nan precocious value constituent of $249 is not for everyone.

There are a batch of unsocial features successful this theme, however.

For example, location are activity streams for users. These show you what nan personification is up to based connected what they station astir connected nan platform. It’s rather akin to a timeline.

In position of design, this taxable utilizes WPBakery. The BuddyPress widget is turned into an constituent successful nan page builder that you tin spot anyplace connected nan pages you build. This gives you complete power erstwhile building your website.

Benefits of Using Socialize:

  • Users tin easy create and style their ain profiles
  • Display floor plan pics of precocious added members
  • Display statistic for illustration nan number of users online connected your website
  • Integrates pinch Contact Form 7 to build each of your registration forms
  • Display newsfeeds based connected nan categories users are willing in

4. Kleo


If you are willing successful building an online organization consisting of forums pinch BuddyPress, location is nary amended taxable than Kleo. In conscionable a azygous click, nan taxable will beryllium installed and see a pre-made website that is fresh for use.

The website is afloat customizable, and yet optional, if you want to usage it astatine all. Alternatively, you tin instal circumstantial pages.

There are pages for holidays specified arsenic Halloween, aliases much specialized pages for things for illustration video games, health, music, and more. If you are willing successful building your ain pages, this plugin has you covered arsenic it comes pinch WPBakery.

It’s besides afloat compatible pinch WooCommerce and includes demo pages for online stores. You’ll besides person nan action to take betwixt 700 icons that you tin usage to customize your site.

Overall, it is 1 of nan astir robust BuddyPress themes connected nan market.

Benefits of Using Kleo:

  • Import each of nan demo contented successful conscionable a azygous click
  • Choose from complete 600 Google Fonts
  • Intuitive creation makes it an easy taxable to build pinch astatine immoderate accomplishment level
  • Includes a Facebook login area for your website
  • Easily thief businesses stock their locations pinch Google Maps integration

5. Vikinger

Vikinger is 1 of nan champion BuddyPress themes for WordPress

If you’re looking for nan best BuddyPress themes successful WordPress, past look nary further than nan Vikinger theme. This is different taxable that specializes successful building communities for gamers and is afloat compatible pinch some BuddyPress and GamiPress.

These devices harvester to springiness you a awesome measurement of gamifying your organization and making judge they enactment connected to 1 another.

When it comes to design, this taxable has a batch of options that tin beryllium configured, which makes it usable for immoderate benignant of community. You’ll beryllium capable to take betwixt a assortment of ray and acheronian mode templates truthful you tin find nan cleanable fit.

User profiles tin beryllium customized to show disconnected nan points, titles, aliases achievements they person earned wrong nan community.

For example, you could grant a personification an accomplishment for making 1000 posts. It’s a elemental but effective measurement to summation personification engagement.

Benefits of Using Vikinger:

  • Includes a civilization BuddyPress position update box
  • Gain entree to 8 different station reactions
  • Create a personification rank strategy to promote users to level up their profiles by utilizing it more
  • Users tin build friend groups to thief them enactment connected
  • Add reactions to blog posts aliases constitute afloat comments

6. Reign


Reign is often described arsenic 1 of nan champion BuddyPress themes for WordPress owed to its unthinkable customization and stylish creation options. It is characteristic rich | and moreover includes ways for you to monetize your societal network.

You’ll find each of nan staples a societal web should see for illustration activity streams, personification profiles, backstage messaging, and more.

When it comes to designs, thing is disconnected nan table. That is because you tin instal your favourite page builder to build thing you want while still gaining entree to everything this taxable and BuddyPress connection your website.

Perhaps 1 of its strongest aspects would beryllium nan precocious level of support you receive. To commencement with, nan taxable comes pinch fantabulous archiving that explains each of nan bells and whistles.

If you request much support, a squad is opinionated by to help.

Benefits of Using Reign:

  • This taxable is afloat compatible pinch WooCommerce to meet your eCommerce needs
  • Easily configure nan taxable colors and typography options
  • Reward users pinch integer badges to thief summation engagement
  • Showcase upcoming events pinch locations connected Google Maps
  • Monetize your website by creating a member-only information of your tract aliases by trading courses

7. Beehive


Beehive is different social web taxable powered by BuddyPress that delivers an fantabulous personification experience. It has each of nan emblematic features you would expect from specified a taxable including personification profiles, forums, unrecorded chats, and more.

All of it is brought together acknowledgment to an fantabulous creation that you tin customize pinch nan Elementor page builder.

This gives you an almost unlimited number of customization options to utilize erstwhile building. You’ll besides beryllium capable to take from complete 800 Google Fonts to find nan cleanable typography for your site.

You’ll besides summation entree to a awesome action of demo templates that you tin customize to fresh your needs. And yes, you tin usage Elementor to edit immoderate of nan templates that this taxable provides.

Overall, it is simply a great BuddyPress theme for WordPress.

Benefits of Using Beehive:

  • Create a classified conception for hiring labor pinch dedicated templates
  • Setup is incredibly easy pinch nan installation taking little than 5 minutes
  • Choose from 3 different homepage designs
  • Create an unlimited number of colour schemes for your website
  • Visitors tin instant connection immoderate of their friends

8. BuddyApp


Smartphones person revolutionized nan measurement we usage nan internet, and they dress up nan mostly of users visiting a tract today. As such, hunt engines for illustration Google utilize a mobile-first policy, which conscionable intends they position nan mobile type of your website erstwhile ranking it.

The BuddyApp taxable is simply a mobile-first taxable that focuses connected building a organization that is accessible from mobile devices.

That said, desktop users will person nary issues accessing your website either. It has each of nan features you would expect for illustration unrecorded notifications for instant messaging, Google Map integration, forum support, and overmuch more.

In position of design, you’ll summation entree to a assortment of template pages and a drag-and-drop builder to create your own. With complete 600 Google Fonts to take from, location really is thing for everyone successful BuddyApp.

Benefits of Using BuddyApp:

  • This taxable is translator fresh pinch RTL and WPML support
  • Install demo contented successful a azygous click
  • Allow users to log successful aliases registry utilizing Facebook
  • Users tin create media galleries pinch nan images they upload
  • Utilizes an Ajax hunt function

9. Sweet Date

Sweet Date is 1 of nan champion making love BuddyPress themes successful WordPress

Are you readying connected building a making love community? Dating communities are immoderate of nan astir celebrated member-driven sites that tin bring immense audiences and beryllium monetized. If you want to build 1 successful WordPress, cheque retired nan Sweet Date theme.

This taxable utilizes nan BuddyPress toolkit to powerfulness a making love website pinch personification profiles, instant messaging, and different features.

When it comes to rank sites, you person 2 options. The first is nan much accepted rank wherever everyone is either a personnel aliases not. Alternatively, you tin adhd personnel tiers pinch different plans to travel them for further monetization.

As such, you tin fastener contented down that tier of nan membership.

For example, you tin only position floor plan picks if you are a circumstantial rank. It’s a awesome measurement to get users to bargain much costly packages, but beryllium observant arsenic over-monetization tin wounded nan brand.

Benefits of Using Sweet Date:

  • Users will beryllium capable to log successful utilizing their Facebook profile
  • See notification erstwhile your making love floor plan gets caller messages
  • View if users are online aliases offline pinch a elemental show window
  • Integrates pinch WooCommerce to waste products aliases cod rank fees
  • Integrates pinch MailChimp for each of your email needs

10. Seeko


Seeko is simply a societal media WordPress taxable that is powered by BuddyPress. It allows you to build a societal web pinch each of nan features you would expect paired pinch fantabulous creation options and performance.

Its main attraction is connected dating, but you tin branch retired to different fields if you desire.

With making love arsenic nan superior goal, it has a batch of features to thief make your website guidelines out. For example, it tin urge matches and moreover show a percent of really beardown nan lucifer is based connected floor plan data.

One of nan much powerful aspects would beryllium nan hunt functionality. If you are looking for a circumstantial type, you tin hunt for profiles matching circumstantial criteria specified arsenic specifying nan gender, property range, making love radius, and more.

Benefits of Using Seeko:

  • Excellent capacity pinch a 99% page velocity score
  • Implements Lazy Loading to guarantee pages load fast
  • Choose betwixt size-based designs (small, medium, large)
  • Gain entree to a dedicated support squad that is opinionated by to help
  • Restrict entree to contented based connected nan rank level

11. Woffice


Closing retired this database of nan best BuddyPress themes for WordPress is Woffice. This taxable focuses much connected building a organization that for businesses, schools, and different master settings.

It’s a awesome solution if you are looking for a measurement to get your agency members much connected aliases for organizing online classes.

The taxable utilizes BuddyPress to create a organization wherever users tin create profiles and chat pinch 1 another. You tin create groups, which could beryllium utilized for different departments astatine your business.

When it comes to design, Woffice provides a master vibe, but you tin afloat customize everything by utilizing nan Elementor page builder. With it, you really don’t person immoderate limitations erstwhile it comes to design.

Benefits of Using Woffice:

  • Choose from a assortment of modern layout options to suit your needs
  • Easily upload and transportation files betwixt members
  • Compatible pinch LearnDash to thief create online courses
  • This taxable is translator fresh pinch WPML and RTL support
  • Includes HR guidance options

Do I Need To Use A Dedicated BuddyPress Theme?

No, but you will decidedly get amended results from doing so.

BuddyPress is built to beryllium utilized pinch immoderate theme, frankincense it doesn’t matter what taxable you really use. That said, a taxable built for BuddyPress is going to outperform themes that are not.

Not to mention that they are typically easier to usage arsenic nan UI was built specifically for that tool. If BuddyPress is nan focal constituent of your website, utilizing a dedicated taxable is highly recommended.

Should I Use Premium aliases Free Themes?

WordPress has a awesome action of themes to take from that tin typically beryllium sorted into 2 categories, free and premium.

As such, galore beginners wonderment if it is worthy paying for nan premium type of a taxable erstwhile free alternatives exist.

Generally speaking, premium themes connection much features, including entree to premium plugins and higher levels of support. In galore cases, premium themes often person cleaner coding that tin let them to tally faster.

On paper, these typically make nan premium taxable nan amended choice, particularly successful nan hands of beginners. Having entree to a support squad that tin thief you troubleshoot issues is simply a really powerful plus for inexperienced developers.

On nan different hand, you whitethorn not request immoderate of nan other features a premium taxable offers aliases moreover request nan thief that support tin supply if you are experienced. Thus, buying premium themes for BuddyPress whitethorn not beryllium necessary.

The existent quality nowadays would beryllium nan templates astir premium themes provide. Templates are fundamentally pre-built web pages that you tin usage connected your website. They are professionally designed, truthful they look awesome and tin prevention developers a batch of time.

While location are free themes that connection templates, mostly speaking, astir premium themes will connection them for BuddyPress.

So, which should you use?

Honestly, since nan value constituent of astir premium themes will only group you backmost betwixt $30 to $50, gaining entree to much features, amended performance, and higher levels of support seems for illustration a really awesome choice.

Install These Themes to Make nan Best BuddyPress Site

As you tin see, WordPress has an awesome action of BuddyPress themes to take from. Each 1 brings thing caller to nan array that you mightiness find useful successful position of features aliases designs.

Finding nan correct taxable for your website is captious for success, but it tin beryllium a existent situation erstwhile you person thousands of themes to take between.

However, nan taxable isn’t everything and you will request to harvester it pinch a awesome web host.

Webhosting services rent nan servers your website runs on. When it comes to BuddyPress, immoderate WordPress hosting solution will do, but you want to guarantee that nan services provided tin meet nan needs of your website from a capacity and assets standpoint.

Hopefully, this database has helped you constrictive your hunt for nan champion BuddyPress themes.

What benignant of website did you build pinch BuddyPress? Did you acquisition a premium BuddyPress theme?

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