Social Media Analytics: The Ultimate Guide

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With complete 4.5 cardinal societal media users crossed nan globe, it's nary wonderment businesses request to beryllium progressive connected societal media to link pinch their audience.

However, simply existing connected societal media isn't enough; marketers request to usage societal media analytics to guarantee they station contented pinch nan highest ROI.  

Social media analytics and reporting springiness your business nan champion chance to nutrient engaging contented that positively impacts your bottommost statement consistently. The 2023 State of Social Media Trends [Free Report]

What is societal media analytics?

Social media analytics is nan process of gathering and analyzing information and reports based connected metrics from 1 aliases aggregate societal media accounts.

Social media analytics provides penetration into respective basal factors straight tied to your trading efforts and business success.

Here’s a database that explains nan importance of societal media analytics:

  • Develop a deeper knowing of who your target assemblage is and wherever they walk their time
  • Identify which societal platforms person nan astir important magnitude of traffic
  • Determine what type of societal contented leads to nan astir conversions, engagements, etc.
  • Discover what type of societal media station has nan astir important scope and resonates champion pinch your assemblage connected circumstantial platforms.
  • Learn astir what is and isn’t moving successful position of societal media campaigns and ads among your assemblage during their life and aft they wrap up.
  • Develop a much robust societal media strategy for your business’s circumstantial goals related to things for illustration your marketing, sales, and work efforts.

Social Media Analytics Reports

Social media analytics reports supply an overview of circumstantial metrics and information points — specified arsenic engagements and impressions — related to nan contented you stock connected various societal media platforms.

Simply put, reports are really you’ll reappraisal your societal media analytics.

Social media analytics devices (which we’ll reappraisal next) make nan creation of reports elemental — immoderate of these resources supply reports from 1 societal level astatine a time. In contrast, others connection reports from aggregate societal media.

Either way, societal media analytics reporting devices are typically customizable — meaning you tin position and propulsion nan information and reports that matter astir to you and your business.

With nan devices we will reappraisal below, reports tin beryllium automatically made and shared for you. But present are immoderate of nan unsocial aspects of societal media analytics reports that you tin typically customize:

  • Statistics and information points that matter to you will beryllium displayed successful nan report
  • Time framework (weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, run commencement to end)
  • Progress maturation (i.e., really you’ll stock your advancement maturation complete clip done a study — typically, either successful nan shape of a snapshot aliases a comparison of stats successful a fixed period).

Learn really to create impactful monthly reports to show ROI connected your societal media efforts.

As stated, your reports will beryllium unsocial based connected nan analytics package aliases instrumentality you use. However, let’s look astatine immoderate of nan astir communal societal media analytics reports you whitethorn travel crossed aliases create astatine immoderate point.

Types of Social Media Analytics Reports

Let's look astatine HubSpot's societal media analytics reporting options to springiness you immoderate different reports disposable successful commonly-used tools.

1. Audience Analytics Report

audience societal media analytics report

The Audience study displays your existent number of followers for each societal relationship compared to nan number you had successful a erstwhile period.

2. Published Posts Analytics Report

published posts societal media analytics report

The Published Posts study shows nan number of societal posts published crossed your societal accounts during a circumstantial period.

3. Interactions Analytics Report

interactions societal media analytics report

The Interactions study displays nan number of likes, reactions, and comments connected your posts crossed aggregate platforms.

4. Clicks Analytics Report

clicks societal media analytics report

The Clicks study displays really galore clicks you get connected your societal posts published done HubSpot.

5. Shares Analytics Report

shares societal media analytics report

The Shares study displays nan number of posts your assemblage members shared.

6. Impressions Analytics Report

impressions societal media analytics report

The Impressions study shows nan number of views that posts connected your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram pages received.

7. Sessions Analytics Report

sessions societal media analytics report

The Sessions study displays really galore web sessions connected your tract took spot wrong a fixed play driven by societal media.

8. New Contacts Analytics Report

new contacts societal media analytics report

The New Contacts study displays really galore caller contacts person been created successful HubSpot owed to web sessions driven by societal media wrong nan selected period.

Now you whitethorn beryllium wondering what devices are disposable to thief you propulsion these reports and information — next, we’ll screen immoderate of your options.

Best Social Media Analytics Tools

There are galore societal media analytics devices disposable today, which is why identifying nan correct 1 for your business tin look daunting. We’ve compiled nan pursuing database of 7 of our favorites to thief get you started.

Download 10 free societal media templates to thief you negociate and optimize your contented for nan champion results.

1. HubSpot Social Media Software

HubSpot Social Media Software gives penetration into nan customer travel done integrated analytics tools.

These thief you understand which trading strategies activity champion among your audience, find really your trading efforts effect your bottommost line, and study astir your hunt motor optimization (SEO)-related ROI.

Try HubSpot's societal media devices free for 30 days.

In addition, HubSpot’s Social Media Software has severala resources disposable for you to instrumentality successful your strategy.

These resources see societal media analytics study templates, free societal media analytics tools, and social media courses.

Note: HubSpot besides integrates pinch different analytics software, for illustration Oktopost. LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube are powerful platforms HubSpot tin merge with.

To study much astir HubSpot integration, sojourn our integrations marketplace.

2. TweetDeck

TweetDeck is an analytics instrumentality utilized for Twitter. It useful successful real-time to thief you position and analyse your Tweet engagement, organization, management, and search connected nan platform.

3. Buffer

Buffer provides an in-depth look astatine really you tin strategize to turn your marque connected societal media.

The package does this by measuring your capacity connected various societal platforms, creating elaborate reports astir nan information points that matter to you, and recommending ways to amended your reach, engagement, and more.

4. Hootsuite

Hootsuite allows you to create customized societal media reports utilizing complete 200 metrics crossed your societal channels and campaigns.

These reports are easy shareable pinch members of your squad and your clients to support everyone connected nan aforesaid page and beryllium ROI.

5. Sprout Social

Sprout Social provides a look into your customers' needs done nan conversations your customers and followers are having connected societal media.

The package besides measures your circumstantial contented and run activity crossed various platforms and channels to find what’s moving champion among assemblage members and what should beryllium improved upon.

(Note: Sprout Social is different societal media package integrates pinch HubSpot.)

6. Mention

A mention is simply a instrumentality that allows your institution to monitor, listen, and analyse your posts and your interactions pinch and among assemblage members via different societal channels and platforms.

The package besides makes creating automated reports to stock this information pinch chap labor aliases clients easy.

Next, look astatine applying these devices and resources successful your day-to-day activity by reviewing nan steps successful search societal media analytics (also known arsenic your social media analytics strategy).

Work done nan pursuing steps to statesman search your societal media analytics and gaining a amended knowing of which parts of your processes are moving and which request to beryllium modified. Again, you tin deliberation of this arsenic your societal media analytics strategy.

1. Set SMART societal media analytics goals.

Create and set SMART goals to thief you execute your societal media analytics goals.

By ensuring your goals are SMART, they’ll beryllium Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound and you’ll beryllium capable to attraction your strategy to scope aliases moreover transcend your expectations efficiently.

First, inquire yourself, “What do I want to study from my societal media analytics?” Then, dive into each portion of nan SMART goal. Here’s an illustration of a SMART scheme related to your societal media analytics strategy for reference.

Use a free template to thief you create SMART goals and execute them.

  • Specific: I want to usage societal media analytics to place circumstantial information points related to my trading strategies to find which posts and campaigns activity champion successful reaching and engaging our assemblage members.
  • Measurable: I want to beryllium capable to place immoderate circumstantial information points to execute this goal.
  • Attainable: I will place 3 circumstantial information points to help execute this goal.
  • Relevant: These information points will thief my team, and I measurement our occurrence successful reaching and engaging our assemblage members crossed societal media channels and place gaps aliases areas for betterment successful our societal media strategy.
  • Time-bound: I want to place these circumstantial information points complete nan adjacent month. 

    This way, successful 4 weeks, we tin usage them to measurement our occurrence successful reaching and engaging assemblage members crossed societal channels and place gaps and areas for betterment successful our societal media strategy.

2. Decide which metrics you’ll attraction connected and track.

Now it’s clip to determine which social media metrics you will track. There are respective commonly-tracked societal media metrics for your consideration.

Metrics whitethorn alteration by societal level and which analytics instrumentality you choose. But present are immoderate all-encompassing metrics applicable to virtually each societal transmission and analytics instrumentality to get started.

  • Reach is nan full number of group who person seen your content.
  • Engagements are each interactions, including shares, likes, and comments.
  • Impressions are nan number of times contented is displayed connected someone’s feed.
  • Mentions are erstwhile assemblage members aliases different companies reference your business and marque connected societal media.
  • Social ROI provides penetration into whether your finance successful your societal media trading results successful an summation aliases alteration successful customers, sales, marque awareness, and customer loyalty.
  • Social listening is erstwhile you show conversations astir your business and marque connected societal media to spot what customers and assemblage members opportunity astir you.
  • Likes are erstwhile an assemblage personnel taps (or double taps) connected your societal contented to show they’re a instrumentality of your post.
  • Retweets/shares/reposts are erstwhile assemblage members station your business's published contented connected their profiles.

3. Determine which societal media analytics devices you’ll use.

Next, find which social media analytics tools you’ll usage — we covered immoderate celebrated choices above, but you tin ever reappraisal different options done a elemental Google search.

Before deciding connected which instrumentality aliases devices you’ll use, deliberation astir nan pursuing questions:

  • Do you want a instrumentality aliases package to thief you negociate your societal media analytics crossed aggregate channels and platforms (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) aliases conscionable 1 (e.g., Twitter)?
  • Which metrics did you determine to way (as discussed above)?
  • What is your budget? Do you request a instrumentality pinch elastic pricing options and features that you tin adhd to aliases region complete time? (To find this information, reappraisal nan pricing pages for illustration this page connected Sprout Social’s website.)
  • Which devices and package options are suited to thief you execute your SMART goals? (Check retired characteristic pages for this type of information, for illustration this page connected Oktopost’s website.)
  • Do you want your instrumentality to merge pinch your team's much powerful package to tally your business (such arsenic HubSpot’s CRM, for example)?

4. Measure nan occurrence of your societal media analytics efforts.

Once you instrumentality your societal media analytics software, you’ll beryllium capable to measurement nan occurrence of your efforts.

To do this, you'll request to usage nan analytics instrumentality you implemented. Depending connected your software, you tin create customized reports and dashboards aliases propulsion nan circumstantial specifications astir information points you attraction astir about.

In summation to applying your devices to thief measurement your success, you whitethorn besides see your answers to nan pursuing questions:

  • Did you execute your SMART goals?
  • Did nan metrics you chose to attraction connected show a communicative adjuvant for your business?
  • Did nan package aliases instrumentality you implemented support your business needs?

5. Make basal societal media analytics adjustments.

Once you measurement nan occurrence of your societal media analytics efforts, you’ll beryllium capable to find whether aliases not immoderate portion of your strategy needs to beryllium changed aliases updated.

Maybe you recognize 1 of your information points isn’t providing nan level of penetration into your trading efforts crossed societal platforms, truthful you request to place a caller 1 to measure.

Maybe your package doesn’t let you to customize cross-channel reports really you want to, truthful you must instrumentality a caller tool.

Or, if you’re happy pinch really your societal media analytics reporting and strategy is working, beryllium judge to revisit your strategy successful nan early to guarantee it continues to meet your expectations.

Begin Tracking and Applying Social Media Analytics

By search and applying societal media analytics to your strategy, you’ll beryllium capable to scope your assemblage much effectively.

And erstwhile you do this, you’ll spot improvements successful factors straight tied to your ROI, for illustration engagement, conversions, loyalty, and more.

Consider which devices and package are champion for you and find really you’ll way your societal media analytics to create deeper relationships pinch your customers and followers.

Editor's note: This station was primitively published successful March 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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