10 Best WordPress Facebook Plugins to Use in 2023

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Social media has changed really group interact pinch 1 different successful an online environment. And erstwhile it comes to these platforms, nary of them are bigger than Facebook. You tin merge WordPress pinch Facebook by installing nan correct plugins.

What features you adhd to your website dangle wholly connected nan plugin. There are plugins for sharing your posts connected WordPress automatically, allowing users to log successful utilizing their Facebook account, liking content, and overmuch more.

There are really nary limits erstwhile it comes to integration options betwixt these platforms acknowledgment to nan immense action of plugins to take from. And successful astir cases, nan plugins will besides activity pinch different societal networks.

Today, I will stock nan best Facebook plugins for WordPress you tin instal today.

1. Smash Balloon Facebook Feed

Smash Balloon is 1 of nan champion Facebook plugins for WordPress

Smash Ballon offers an unthinkable action of societal media devices for each platforms. But erstwhile it comes to Facebook, nan Smash Balloon Facebook Feed plugin is simply nan champion astatine connecting your WordPress website pinch your Facebook account.

Simply put, this plugin automatically takes your Facebook posts and adds them to immoderate station aliases page successful WordPress.

This supports each kinds of contented for illustration text, images, and video content. It besides supports aggregate Facebook feeds, truthful if you person aggregate accounts, you’ll beryllium capable to link them each to a azygous website pinch 1 tool.

More importantly, what really sets Smash Balloon isolated arsenic a plugin maker, is nan attraction they put connected performance. Normally, societal media plugins slow down your website because you are connecting to a 3rd party, that’s not nan lawsuit here.

Benefits of Using Smash Balloon Facebook Feed:

  • Site wellness notifications alert you erstwhile a provender fails to update connected WordPress
  • Includes a civilization Elementor widget for you to embed your provender connected immoderate page created pinch Elementor
  • Choose really overmuch accusation to show from Facebook pinch Feed power options
  • Intuitive creation ensures that immoderate personification tin utilize this plugin to nan maximum effect
  • This plugin supports individual posts connected Facebook and Group posts

2. Nextend Social Login and Register

Nextend Social

Have you ever noticed really a batch of websites connection you nan expertise to log into your relationship utilizing a societal media account? There’s a bully logic for this, it makes it easier for nan users because they do not request to retrieve different password.

And erstwhile you little nan obstruction to creating a caller account, users are much apt to create 1 successful nan first place.

The Nextend Social Login and Register plugin allows you to adhd this characteristic to your WordPress website. Users tin opt to usage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and different societal networks to log successful to their WordPress account.

There is nary limit connected nan number of societal networks you tin nexus to a azygous account, which gives users a batch of freedom. The plugin will supply you pinch nan accusation you would usually cod from a registration shape for illustration name, email, etc.

Benefits of Using Nextend Social Login and Register:

  • Social login buttons are added to your website’s login area
  • The societal buttons see nan societal networks icons to make it easier to place astatine a glance
  • Users tin freely region a societal web from their WordPress profile
  • You’ll only request nan societal networks API cardinal to get started
  • Displays floor plan pictures from Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more

3. RafflePress

RafflePress is 1 of nan champion Facebook plugins for WordPress

Getting followers connected your Facebook relationship is simply a existent situation arsenic nan title is beautiful fierce, to opportunity nan least. Many influencers and businesses person started to trust connected giveaways to entice users to travel them connected Facebook.

Generally speaking, these are elemental contests wherever each Facebook followers person a chance of winning a prize of immoderate sort.

The RafflePress plugin allows you to easy do this for your Facebook relationship done WordPress. It provides a template that you tin usage to create an arena and group nan criteria users person to meet to beryllium eligible to win.

It tin beryllium arsenic elemental arsenic conscionable pursuing you connected Facebook, aliases you tin make different criteria specified arsenic liking a circumstantial post. It’s worthy mentioning that Rafflepress useful pinch different societal networks, truthful it is rather a versatile instrumentality wherever giveaways are concerned.

Benefits of Using RafflePress:

  • Use a drag-and-drop builder to conception your giveawaysInc
  • Integrates pinch your CRM and email trading devices for flawless integration
  • Allow users to stock your contented for much chances astatine nan giveaway (encourages much sharing)
  • Responsive creation ensures that RafflePress useful awesome connected devices of immoderate size
  • Build landing pages for your giveaways to get nan champion results

4. Social SEO Responsive Timeline Feed

Social Timeline

If you tally a manner blog, keeping readers informed of what’s happening successful your life is very important. While location are respective ways to do this, 1 of nan champion is pinch nan Social SEO Responsive Timeline Feed plugin.

It will create a afloat timeline from your Facebook posts. This will show nan contented of nan station and nan day it was posted.

Visitors tin stock immoderate of nan posts successful your timeline connected different societal networks, for illustration nan post, and moreover remark connected it straight from WordPress. The type of contented that tin look successful nan timeline includes text, images, and video.

One of nan biggest issues that galore of these types of plugins person is not blending successful pinch your site’s theme, but that isn’t nan lawsuit here. All of nan icons will usage your taxable colors to make it look for illustration a earthy portion of your website.

Benefits of Using Social SEO Responsive Timeline Feed:

  • Keep nan timeline condensed by utilizing a Read More tag connected posts
  • Plays YouTube videos inline
  • Choose betwixt 2 different layout options to amended lucifer your site’s design
  • Utilizes nan Facebook PageToken for nan setup process
  • Support Arabic, Persian, and Hebrew languages

5. Shared Counts

Shared Counts is 1 of nan champion Facebook plugins for WordPress

Perhaps 1 of nan champion ways to get personification other to do thing is to show them that everyone other is doing it. And that’s nary different erstwhile it comes to sharing contented online. The Shared Counts plugin tin thief you execute that.

This plugin displays really galore group person shared nan contented connected a assortment of societal networks for illustration Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Essentially, it is simply a mini parameter that shows nan full number of shares a page has. You tin spot them anyplace connected nan content, though nan astir communal places are typically astatine nan apical aliases bottommost of a page.

In position of design, you person a ton of options. The plugin provides a assortment of stock counters that travel successful a assortment of styles for illustration rounded corners and more. It’s 1 of nan champion ways to show this info successful WordPress and it’s wholly free.

Benefits of Using Shared Counts:

  • Includes RECAPTCHA support to forestall email sharing abuse
  • Simply adhd nan shortcode to nan desired location and nan societal counters will appear
  • You tin customize which platforms look and nan bid they look in
  • Includes betterment options if you upgrade from HTTP to HTTPS
  • No cooky search is included, frankincense it is GDPR friendly

6. Social Warfare

Social Warfare

When it comes to expanding personification engagement and getting much likes and shares connected Facebook, location is thing much important than a Call To Action (CTA). Simply put, a CTA is what prompts a personification to interact pinch nan contented successful a definite way.

It tin beryllium arsenic elemental arsenic personification asking visitors to travel them connected Facebook aliases offering a discount codification for registering for a newsletter.

In immoderate case, nan Social Warfare plugin tin thief boost your societal media beingness pinch a assortment of CTA devices that entice visitors to interact pinch them. For instance, you tin alteration a floating Facebook fastener to inquire visitors to stock nan contented they are reading.

You tin guarantee this isn’t excessively annoying by modifying nan settings. In fact, it is highly encouraged to do so, arsenic this tin easy thrust immoderate visitors distant if it is excessively intrusive. The plugin isn’t conscionable for Facebook either, arsenic it useful connected each of nan awesome societal networks.

Benefits of Using Social Warfare:

  • Includes stock buttons you tin spot supra and beneath station content
  • Gain entree to a celebrated posts widget that determines fame by personification shares
  • Share betterment successful nan arena your permalink building changes
  • Uses Bitly to shorten stock nexus URLs
  • Include societal icons connected station thumbnails

7. Facebook for WooCommerce

Facebook For WooCommerce is 1 of nan champion WordPress plugins

You mightiness person noticed that galore influencers and businesses are trading their products connected Facebook. It’s a awesome maneuver because it puts your products connected show to a overmuch larger audience, and you tin decidedly do this pinch WordPress.

Facebook for WooCommerce is an charismatic plugin from Facebook that connects your WooCommerce shop pinch nan societal platform.

It is compatible pinch Facebook Pixel to thief your products look successful beforehand of visitors that are much apt to bargain them. As a result, it is 1 of nan astir effective ways to boost income and turn your customer guidelines successful 1 fell swoop.

It tin besides target visitors that viewed products connected your website and didn’t bargain them. Those products will look again erstwhile they are connected Facebook to effort and entice them erstwhile again. Best of all, since this is an charismatic plugin, it is regularly updated.

Benefits of Using Facebook for WooCommerce:

  • Creates carousel ads to show disconnected aggregate products
  • Create an online shop connected your Facebook page
  • Responsive creation ensures it looks awesome connected immoderate surface size
  • Automatically uploads your full store’s merchandise catalog
  • Has awesome support pinch large reports disposable done GitHub

8. Widget for Social Page Feeds

Widget for Social Page Feeds

Are you looking for a elemental measurement to show your Facebook provender successful WordPress? If so, Widget for Social Feeds is 1 of nan best Facebook plugins to usage connected your WordPress site. It adds a widget you tin spot successful nan header, footer, aliases sidebar area.

The widget will show your Facebook provender to visitors anyplace connected your tract and offers a lightweight creation to thief not slow you down.

You besides person a batch of power complete what contented is shown successful your feed. This tin thief you exclude things that you don’t want to show connected your site.

For example, you whitethorn automatically station connected Facebook erstwhile a station goes live, that’s a spot redundant to show connected your site.

While nan plugin offers you a dedicated widget, you besides person nan action to show your Facebook provender utilizing a shortcode. This gives you much power complete wherever you spot your provender connected posts and pages, which makes it a awesome choice.

Benefits of Using Widget for Social Page Feeds:

  • Only requires your Facebook Application ID and a URL to your page
  • Control nan tallness and width of nan show area
  • Insert your ain civilization CSS to lucifer nan remainder of your website
  • Add your ain telephone to action successful nan title area
  • Includes entree to connection packs

9. Revive Old Posts

Revive Old Posts

Do you person a batch of older contented connected your website? If so, that’s perfectly normal. But getting visitors to interact pinch older contented tin beryllium challenging. That’s wherever nan Revive Old Posts plugin comes into play.

You tin schedule this plugin to station your older articles connected Facebook erstwhile a definite magnitude of clip has passed.

For example, you tin group it to show a blog station six months aft it was published connected Facebook. You tin make it much frequent, but you do want to support a dependable watercourse of caller content, otherwise, users are going to drawback on.

This plugin isn’t conscionable for aged station contented either. You tin besides usage it to showcase older products you connection connected your WooCommerce store. You tin besides take to exclude definite contented that whitethorn beryllium clip delicate for illustration vacation posts.

Benefits of Using Revive Old Posts:

  • Includes WPML multilingual support to scope much customers
  • Not conscionable a Facebook plugin, it useful connected each different awesome platforms
  • Helps beforehand evergreen content to enactment relevant
  • Also allows you to schedule caller station contented to beryllium displayed connected Facebook hours aft nan release
  • Exclude circumstantial categories erstwhile scheduling

10. Social Auto Poster

Social Auto Poster is 1 of nan champion Facebook plugins for WordPress

Closing retired this database of nan best Facebook plugins for WordPress is nan Social Auto Poster plugin. As nan sanction implies, this plugin focuses connected scheduling societal media posts that show visitors erstwhile a caller WordPress station goes live.

It useful pinch each of nan awesome platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more, which makes it perfect for trading teams.

The main entreaty of this premium plugin is being capable to quickly merchandise automated posts crossed a assortment of plugins astatine once, but it tin decidedly conscionable beryllium utilized for Facebook if you desire.

You tin insert a mini message, followed by nan page link, and it’s fresh to go.

When it comes to nan quality connected Facebook, nan connection will see your station thumbnail followed by a short excerpt of nan content, which you tin customize successful length. Users simply request to click connected it to get to nan existent post.

Benefits of Using Social Auto Poster:

  • This plugin is compatible pinch WooCommerce to besides show disconnected caller products
  • The plugin is translator fresh pinch WPML support
  • Gain entree to a dedicated support squad to thief you activity done immoderate issues
  • Set up car posts pinch a azygous checkbox
  • Automatically shortens your URLs to make them much sharable

There Are Other Social Media Platforms

This mightiness sound unusual aft going done an full database of Facebook plugins for WordPress, but it’s important to recognize location are different societal media platforms you whitethorn want to see utilizing arsenic well.

Facebook is undoubtedly nan biggest societal media level successful nan world, however, different platforms person their ain advantages.

For example, Instagram is different celebrated level that focuses connected images. This could beryllium a overmuch amended fresh for your website arsenic you tin show disconnected recreation destinations, products, and much connected a level dedicated to it.

It’s besides worthy mentioning that Instagram has higher levels of personification engagement than immoderate different platform.

Another awesome illustration would beryllium if you are posting astir occupation openings astatine your company. Since astir users for illustration to unwind connected Facebook, there’s a bully chance it won’t person nan desired impact. Instead, posting it connected a level for illustration LinkedIn is nan amended option.

LinkedIn is simply a societal media level aimed astatine connecting employers pinch occupation seekers.

Ultimately, each level has its ain advantages and disadvantages, and immoderate are conscionable amended than others erstwhile looking astatine circumstantial metrics and contented types.

Using a assortment of platforms is nan champion action successful 2023.

Social Media Platforms Constantly Update Their API

It’s worthy noting that societal media websites regularly update their API for information purposes. This is particularly existent for Facebook, arsenic it is nan largest societal web and is regularly targeted by nefarious organizations.

Unfortunately, this tin mean that nan plugins you instal that utilize this API tin extremity moving from clip to clip aft a awesome update.

Thus, you request to regularly cheque if your plugins are moving correctly.

The champion measurement to debar this is to instal celebrated plugins that get updated regularly. The much celebrated nan plugin, nan much support it gets, astatine slightest mostly speaking.

Avoid plugins that are not updated connected a regular basis, arsenic these are much apt to break.

In nan arena that a plugin does extremity working, it is recommended to deactivate it until an update is available. You whitethorn besides conscionable want to uninstall nan plugin altogether aft capable time.

Integrate Facebook With WordPress Today

As you tin see, WordPress has an unthinkable action of plugins that link nan 2 platforms together. And it’s nary astonishment considering that they are some nan largest level successful their respective fields.

However, beryllium judge to person original contented connected some your Facebook and WordPress websites. If each of nan contented is nan same, users whitethorn conscionable determine to usage 1 aliases nan different alternatively of both.

In immoderate event, I dream that this database helps you find nan champion Facebook plugins for WordPress.

What benignant of Facebook plugins did you instal successful WordPress? Do you deliberation each societal web should person an charismatic plugin?

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