10 Best Beaver Builder Themes to Use with WordPress

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Beaver Builder is 1 of nan astir celebrated page builders for WordPress. And while Beaver Builder tin activity pinch astir WordPress themes, utilizing themes built specifically for it tin get overmuch amended results because it is an optimized experience.

Beaver Builder is simply a accepted drag-and-drop page builder for WordPress. Users tin build immoderate benignant of page and take from a big of templates that tin springiness them a caput commencement erstwhile it comes to building a site.

A taxable built for Beaver Builder includes a assortment of creation options that are usable successful nan Beaver Builder editor, alongside a assortment of templates that you tin utilize to build your site. WordPress has a ton to take from, which makes picking nan champion ones difficult.

Today, I will stock nan best Beaver Builder themes to usage successful WordPress.

1. Beaver Builder Theme

Beaver Builder Theme

Beaver Builder is simply a immense platform, arsenic such, they really person an charismatic Beaver Builder Theme that you tin instal connected your website. As you tin imagine, a taxable built by nan aforesaid squad is going to beryllium 1 of nan champion options to use, and this is nary exception.

Essentially, this taxable is simply a model that you tin usage successful conjunction pinch nan plugin to creation a afloat website.

It utilizes nan Bootstrap Framework to present an optimized CSS experience. In position of design, this taxable offers you a assortment of layout options for things for illustration headers & footers, and overmuch more. And you get astonishing tract capacity to boot.

Seriously, since this taxable is much for illustration a framework, it is very lightweight, which intends your tract is going to load really fast. You tin besides expect afloat compatibility pinch different celebrated plugins for illustration WooCommerce successful nan WordPress space.

Benefits of Using Beaver Builder Theme:

  • Gain entree to a dedicated support squad that is knowledgeable astir some nan Beaver Builder plugin and theme
  • Can beryllium utilized connected an unlimited number of sites
  • Built by developers for developers
  • Choose from hundreds of Google Fonts
  • Excellent CSS model acknowledgment to Bootstrap

2. Astra

Astra is 1 of nan champion Beaver Builder themes

Astra is 1 of nan best themes successful WordPress for immoderate niche, which is why it is nan astir celebrated taxable connected nan platform. It is highly customizable and compatible pinch astir awesome page-building plugins for illustration Elementor and Beaver Builder.

As such, it is nan cleanable taxable to build a website pinch arsenic it really offers a batch astatine an affordable value point.

One of nan biggest draws of Astra would beryllium its unthinkable room of tract templates. You’ll beryllium capable to take from complete 240 templates which intends location is really thing for everyone. The templates are professionally designed and fresh for usage retired of nan box.

Of course, you tin usage your favourite page builder, Beaver Builder, to edit them.

Astra besides delivers an astonishing tract performance, which typically gets astir cleanable scores crossed page velocity tools. There’s a logic it’s nan astir celebrated theme, truthful beryllium judge to spot why.

Benefits of Using Astra:

  • No coding skills are required to get nan champion capacity retired of Astra
  • Easily take your typography and colour options passim your website
  • Choose from aggregate layout options to amended suit your brand
  • Fully compatible pinch WooCommerce to grip each of your eCommerce needs
  • Build your ain headers & footers pinch Astra

3. Page Builder Framework

Page Builder Framework

Page Builder Framework is an absorbing taxable arsenic it was made pinch nan thought that nan personification will usage a page builder plugin alongside it. The taxable supports each of nan awesome players for illustration Beaver Builder, which makes it a awesome prime sloppy of nan plugin you use.

Since nan taxable leaves nan customization options to nan plugin, it is incredibly lightweight, which helps create accelerated load times.

That said, location are plentifulness of features and add-ons to take from for this theme. For example, you tin create sticky navigation menus for users aliases achromatic explanation nan taxable to guarantee your marque is nan only 1 connected display.

This is each done done a modular approach, which really helps tract performance. Put simply, each characteristic is added separately arsenic a module, which intends you won’t person immoderate unused features weighing your tract down.

Benefits of Using Page Builder Framework:

  • Includes multisite compatibility for full networks
  • This taxable is translator fresh pinch support for WPML and different translator plugins
  • Gain entree to powerful accessibility options to guarantee your website is accessible to everyone
  • Includes support for integer downloads, including trading theme
  • Generates its ain kid taxable to thief you customize nan theme

4. Potenza


Many businesses coming are opting for a one-page website for a assortment of reasons, and location are galore themes that specialize successful this. One specified is Potenza and it is compatible pinch each of your favourite page builder plugins for illustration Beaver Builder.

While a one-page website mightiness sound easy to build, it is really overmuch much challenging than it sounds.

You see, you really person to condense an full website to a azygous page, which isn’t ever easy to do. The Pontenza taxable tin thief by offering awesome creation choices that thief you see each of nan important information.

When integrating pinch Beaver Builder, you’ll person an unthinkable action of creation devices and options astatine your disposal. and nan champion portion is that this taxable is optimized for mobile users, truthful you don’t person to interest astir it looking bad connected a mobile device.

Benefits of Using Potenza:

  • This taxable is afloat compatible pinch WooCommerce to waste products and judge payments
  • Choose from a awesome action of civilization typography and Google Fonts
  • Easily alteration nan colour strategy of your website successful a fewer clicks
  • Create world sections that you tin reuse passim your website
  • Configure a sticky paper to ever travel visitors to thief them navigate your site

5. GeneratePress

GeneratePress is 1 ofthe champion themes to usage pinch Beaver Builder

GeneratePress is different wildly celebrated taxable for WordPress that supports Beaver Builder. In fact, it is moreover compatible pinch nan Beaver Builder add-ons for illustration Beaver Themer and more. This gives you awesome synergy and further options to usage erstwhile designing.

At its core, GeneratePress is an awesome taxable that offers you imaginative state pinch a robust toolkit.

One of its strongest features would beryllium a immense room of pre-made websites and pages that users tin return advantage of. This tin thief you prevention a batch of clip erstwhile building a website from scratch, Each 1 is professionally designed and fresh for use.

When it really comes to building your website, GeneratePress utilizes a block-based builder to let you to quickly build pages. These pages tin besides beryllium edited utilizing Beaver Builder, which gives you a batch of combinations erstwhile it comes to page design.

Benefits of Using GeneratePress:

  • Include infinite scrolling connected your pages to support showing users-related content
  • Gain entree to mobile header options to amended service mobile users
  • Easily adhd sticky navigation menus to thief users navigate your site
  • Fully compatible pinch WooCommerce to grip each of your eCommerce needs
  • Developer friends pinch civilization hook support

6. Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro

Hestia Pro is different celebrated multipurpose taxable that useful awesome pinch astir page builders for illustration Beaver Builder. It offers awesome tract capacity and a versatile instrumentality kit that tin make immoderate benignant of website.

And by combining it pinch Beaver Builder, you’ll person each of nan creation and customization options you could ever want.

As is communal pinch multipurpose themes, you’ll beryllium capable to take from a immense room of starter websites and demo content. All of it tin beryllium installed successful a azygous click, which makes it a awesome prime for beginners.

One of its strongest features would beryllium its compatibility pinch WooCommerce. Building an online shop is challenging, but Hestia Pro delivers 2 ready-to-use shop designs that you conscionable request to import products into.

Benefits of Using Hestia Pro:

  • Easily customize your taxable by utilizing nan taxable Customizer
  • Create an image aliases video slider arsenic your page header
  • This taxable is translator fresh pinch RTL support
  • Create expansive megamenus to thief users find what they are looking for
  • Clean coding practices guarantee that your website loads fast

7. Genesis Framework

Genesis Framework is nan 1 of nan champion Beaver Builder friends themes to use

The Genesis Framework is different celebrated WordPress taxable that delivers a minimalistic attack to web design. With it, you tin really fto your contented beryllium nan halfway of attraction alternatively of your page design.

And of course, to beryllium portion of this list, Genesis model is afloat compatible pinch astir page builders including Beaver Builder.

As you mightiness expect from a minimalist theme, there’s not overmuch to talk astir erstwhile it comes to nan basal design. Instead, you’ll request devices for illustration Beaver Builder to really customize nan pages if you want to adhd standout elements to nan site.

One of nan much useful features that businesses tin return advantage of would beryllium nan logo uploader. With it, you tin easy upload your logo passim your website to guarantee it is decently branded. Overall, it’s a versatile taxable that is worthy checking out.

Benefits of Using Genesis Framework:

  • Includes a assortment of accessibility options to thief immoderate personification person a awesome experience
  • This taxable is pre-styled for WooCommerce
  • Mobile responsive creation ensures your website looks awesome connected immoderate surface size
  • Setting up this taxable is speedy and easy pinch a one-click setup
  • Easily configure nan taxable settings successful nan taxable customizer

8. OceanWP


OceanWP is 1 of nan astir celebrated WordPress themes retired location and for bully reason. It has a agelong database of compatibilities pinch different awesome WordPress plugins for illustration WooCommerce and page builder plugins for illustration Beaver Builder.

This is only 1 logic why it is truthful popular, it besides has a robust action of features that developers will find useful.

OceanWP has 1 of nan largest collections of templates and demo contented connected this database pinch complete 220 options to take from. This makes it a powerful prime for immoderate website arsenic location really is thing for each occasion.

It’s worthy pointing retired that OceanWP includes a free type that is besides compatible pinch Beaver Builder. It’s a awesome measurement to trial retired nan taxable earlier purchasing nan premium version.

Or, you whitethorn conscionable beryllium satisfied pinch nan free version.

Benefits of Using OceanWP:

  • This taxable is translator fresh pinch RTL support
  • Lightweight creation ensures that your website pages load fast
  • Intuitive creation makes this taxable 1 of nan champion options for beginners
  • Includes a big of accessibility options to guarantee users person nan champion experience
  • Create reusable civilization sections for your website

9. Customify


Customify is different popular theme made to beryllium utilized pinch your favourite page builder plugins for illustration Beaver Builder. As nan sanction whitethorn imply, it is simply a taxable dedicated to offering users arsenic galore customization options arsenic imaginable sloppy of wherever they travel from.

It utilizes a real-time editor, which allows you to spot each of nan changes you make successful real-time, which is awesome for beginners.

After all, visualizing what a circumstantial prime will person connected your website comes pinch experience. Being capable to spot it instantly helps you debar elemental mistakes. Customify has a large attraction erstwhile it comes to eCommerce pinch WooCommerce compatibility.

One of its astir unsocial features would beryllium nan civilization header and footer builder. This allows you to afloat utilize these widget areas to nan maximum effect. For instance, you tin build a footer pinch aggregate columns to fresh much content.

Benefits of Using Customify:

  • Lightweight and speedy creation guarantee pages load fast
  • Gain entree to dedicated email support to get your questions answered
  • Edit pages while successful a mobile position to guarantee a awesome mobile experience
  • Gain entree to premade websites that are fresh for use
  • Importing demo contented conscionable takes a azygous click

10. Neve


Closing retired this database of nan best themes to usage pinch Beaver Builder is Neve. It is different 1 of nan astir celebrated multipurpose themes that is friends to astir page builders including Beaver Builder.

While it tin beryllium utilized for immoderate benignant of website, Neve does person a awesome estimation arsenic a business taxable pinch a assortment of features to help.

And yes, Neve does person a awesome action of starter sites and templates pinch complete 100 for users to take from. Most of these are fresh for usage and conscionable request you to input your ain content.

As you mightiness expect from a taxable pinch a estimation for business sites, it has afloat WooCommerce compatibility. In fact, it moreover has a assortment of features made specifically for it for illustration a floating cart option.

Benefits of Using Neve:

  • Choose from premade page layouts aliases build your own
  • This taxable is translator fresh pinch RTL support
  • This taxable provides video tutorials to thief you study nan ropes
  • Utilizes mobile responsive creation pinch AMP support
  • Setup is speedy and easy pinch conscionable a fewer clicks

What is nan Difference Between Themes And Templates?

You mightiness person noticed that I mention template options that themes connected this database offer, and you whitethorn beryllium wondering what precisely nan quality is betwixt a taxable and a template.

In elemental terms, nan taxable is nan instauration your website is built on. It determines nan creation and customization options you have, while besides having a nonstop effect connected your website’s performance.

Meanwhile, a template is conscionable a portion of demo contented provided by that taxable (and sometimes by plugins).

What makes this confusing is that nan template is what users will see, and what developers will really tweak and configure to meet their needs, which is why truthful galore beginners person specified a difficult clip knowing nan difference.

In position of importance, nan taxable itself is much important than nan template.

The taxable will straight person an effect connected nan capacity of your website. A taxable that provides cleanable codification will load things faster, which has a nonstop effect connected nan personification acquisition and really good your website ranks connected Google and different hunt engines.

With this said, a template tin beryllium a woody breaker aliases shaper for galore users. Gaining entree to a pre-made website pinch tons of page templates is simply a tremendous advantage complete starting from scratch.

As such, astir premium themes will besides connection a awesome action of templates to take from.

Are Premium Themes Worth nan Price?

Another large mobility that plagues astir beginners is deciding if they should acquisition a premium taxable aliases conscionable usage a free one.

With thousands of free options available, it mightiness look unusual for anyone to acquisition a premium theme. Yet truthful galore do because premium themes bring a batch to nan table, and are particularly useful for beginners.

You see, nan main quality betwixt a free and premium taxable is nan level of support you receive. Typically, premium themes person dedicated support teams that tin thief you quickly resolve, and moreover group up your taxable successful WordPress,

If this is your first clip building pinch WordPress, past gaining entree to immoderate powerful support is good worthy nan cost.

Of course, support isn’t nan only option. Premium themes are updated regularly to adjacent information exploits and often see premium plugins and functions astatine nary other cost. These are features that are difficult to disregard moreover if you don’t request support.

Now, this mightiness make it sound for illustration premium themes should beryllium your first choice, but it is worthy noting that immoderate free themes tin compete pinch premium themes successful position of support and features. There really are a batch of astonishing options successful WordPress.

Use These Themes to Start Building With Beaver Builder

As you tin see, location are a batch of awesome options erstwhile it comes to themes that are compatible pinch Beaver Builder. In fact, astir themes activity pinch this page builder, but nan ones listed supra are nan pick of nan crop.

By choosing 1 of these themes, you’ll get amended performance, templates that tin beryllium edited pinch Beaver Builder, and overmuch more. Of course, this database is conscionable scratching nan surface, frankincense you should beryllium judge to cheque retired others that database Beaver Builder compatibility.

I dream that you recovered this database adjuvant successful narrowing your hunt for nan best Beaver Builder themes successful WordPress.

How important are template options to you erstwhile picking a caller theme? What taxable do you usage pinch Beaver Builder?

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