8 Best WordPress Map Plugins You Should Consider Using

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When Google launched Google Maps successful 2005, nan Internet was changed forever. Instead of conscionable listing an reside for wherever to find your store, visitors could spot an interactive representation of nan location. And you tin adhd nan aforesaid to your tract pinch a WordPress representation plugin.

Doing truthful tin beryllium a immense boost successful ft postulation to your existent storefront, which is great. It’s besides worthy mentioning that since astir group coming person a smartphone, they tin find nan champion way to your shop moreover erstwhile they are not home.

As such, online interactive maps person changed really visitors find locations, particularly erstwhile it comes to carrying retired section searches. Adding a representation to your website is simply a elemental process pinch nan correct plugin, and luckily, WordPress has a ton to take from.

Today, I will stock nan best representation plugins for WordPress.

1. WP Go Maps

WP Go Maps is nan champion WordPress representation plugin

WP Go Maps is by acold nan astir celebrated representation plugin for WordPress pinch complete 400,000 progressive installs. Its fame is each acknowledgment to really easy nan plugin is to usage mixed pinch nan truth that it is besides free.

Unlike astir plugins, this 1 really has a dedicated artifact to adhd your representation to immoderate post, page, aliases widget area.

In this free version, you tin create a Google Map pinch an unlimited number of representation markers. This makes it perfect for showing disconnected aggregate shop locations connected a azygous representation to thief customers find nan closest to them.

If you are looking for much robust options, nan Pro type of this plugin has you covered. This type allows you to customize your representation markers pinch descriptions, images, categories, links, and directions for nan personification to follow.

Benefits of Using WP Go Maps:

  • Includes support for a full-screen position to thief customers get a amended position of nan map
  • Includes entree to 4 different Google Map styles (roadmap, terrain, satellite, and hybrid)
  • Supports complete 20 languages to thief you scope visitors from different nations
  • Compatible pinch Elementor, and moreover includes a dedicated representation artifact for it
  • All maps are responsive by default, truthful immoderate instrumentality tin position them

2. Interactive Geo Maps

Interactive Geo Maps

If you run connected an world level, you mightiness want to show disconnected different branches of your institution successful each region. Or possibly you tally a recreation agency and want to show disconnected what recreation packages you connection astir nan world.

In either case, nan Interactive Geo Map is nan champion plugin for nan occupation pinch its unthinkable customization options.

Simply put, this plugin allows you to adhd markers connected a world representation that users tin interact pinch to spot what nan marker represents. You tin besides create a recreation way truthful users tin spot really they will beryllium getting astir via plane, boat, aliases car.

You tin besides attraction connected circumstantial countries for illustration nan United States. This will springiness you a representation that contains each 50 states and adhd markers wherever you want.

If you want to create interactive maps, this plugin is surely nan best.

Benefits of Using Interactive Geo Maps:

  • Add numbers to markers to show nan bid users should click connected them
  • Color codification countries to place them arsenic regions you do business in, aliases for immoderate different reason
  • Gain entree to much than 200 maps that you tin customize
  • Add images and descriptions to each representation marker
  • Make it truthful definite countries are not interactable to showcase that you do not do business there

3. WPForms


WPForms is 1 of nan astir celebrated shape builder plugins available, and it has an astonishing Geolocation add-on that you tin usage to adhd Google Maps to your interaction forms. This has a ton of versatility and tin thief forestall elemental mistakes.

For example, erstwhile entering an address, they will beryllium capable to spot nan location represented by a pin connected a map.

This besides has different cardinal advantage, you tin get spot nan geolocation of nan personification filling retired your form, which is simply a powerful portion of analytical data.

In position of representation design, you tin take betwixt nan default Google Map, aliases nan outer view.

This tin thief businesses guarantee that occupation applicants are applying for nan correct location by having them prime nan location and show it connected a map. Overall, it’s nan champion measurement to adhd Google Maps to your forms.

Benefits of Using WPForms:

  • Includes auto-complete erstwhile entering an address
  • Users tin resistance a pin to their nonstop location connected a map
  • Includes entree to a awesome action of templates that you tin spot a Google Map in
  • Compatible pinch Google Places and Mapbox
  • Store geolocation information alongside their submitted forms

4. Maps Widget for Google Maps

Maps Widget for Google Maps is nan champion representation plugin for WordPress

Some plugins tin beryllium difficult to group up and constricted successful their placement, but nan Maps Widget for Google Maps corrects some of these problems. You tin group up a Google Map successful minutes and spot it successful immoderate of your widget areas.

You tin spot nan representation by either utilizing nan dedicated widget artifact aliases alternatively by utilizing a customizable shortcode.

One of nan biggest advantages of this plugin would beryllium its earthy speed. The plugin boasts of being capable to load a azygous representation successful 1 request, which typically takes different devices complete 20 requests to do. The extremity consequence is simply a speedy representation for users.

When it comes to customizing your map, you tin adhd a pin of your prime to a location.

If you acquisition nan Pro type of this plugin, you’ll person complete 15,000 pins to take from. If a personification clicks connected nan map, it will look successful a lightbox for a amended view.

Benefits of Using Maps Widget for Google Maps:

  • Choose what connection your Google Map will look in
  • Place aggregate pins connected a azygous representation (great for stores pinch aggregate locations)
  • Configure nan tallness and width of nan lightbox size
  • Choose betwixt a roadworthy aliases outer position of nan map
  • Set civilization pin images to return customization to nan adjacent level

5. MapsMarker Pro

MapMarker Pro is nan champion representation plugin for WordPress

MapMarker Pro whitethorn conscionable beryllium nan best representation plugin for WordPress erstwhile it comes to sheer customization. Have you ever wanted to customize a representation pinch descriptions, routes, item areas, aliases conscionable astir thing other you tin imagine?

If so, this premium plugin is easy nan champion action disposable for WordPress pinch an awesome magnitude of options astatine your disposal.

Let’s talk astir what you tin do to a map. You tin create a representation that highlights nan afloat way personification should take, and you tin pin destinations they whitethorn want to visit. You tin besides create circled regions to item events, parks, aliases thing else.

One of nan cardinal features of this plugin is nan integration options pinch nan Polylang translator plugin. With it, you tin make your representation readable successful conscionable astir immoderate language, which is simply a must if this is aimed astatine world tourists.

Benefits of Using MapMarker Pro:

  • Choose from aggregate Geocoding Providers (Google, MapQuest, etc.)
  • Provide filters that users tin usage to quickly find what they are looking for
  • Display nan metadata of your routes to see nan full distance
  • Add your ain civilization images for pins
  • Add zones successful nan shapes of circles, triangles, and squares

6. WP Maps

WP Maps is nan champion representation plugin for WordPress

Adding interactive maps to your website utilized to beryllium a difficult task, but pinch a plugin for illustration WP Maps, that isn’t nan case. Adding a representation to your website conscionable requires you to adhd a shortcode to immoderate post, page, aliases widget area.

This makes it 1 of nan easiest plugins to use, which makes it a awesome prime for beginners adding a representation for nan first time.

You tin do a batch of things pinch nan map. You tin spot pins connected locations and categorize each pin to thief users find what they are looking for.

For instance, you could create a class for nutrient to show adjacent restaurants connected a route.

You tin moreover delegate unsocial marker icons to thief differentiate nan locations astatine a glance. You’ll besides beryllium capable to prime betwixt representation views including Roadmap, Satellite, Hybrid, and Terrain.

It’s a awesome plugin that is intuitive to usage pinch a robust action of options.

Benefits of Using WP Maps:

  • Choose from complete 500 marker variations
  • Draw zones successful nan shapes of circles, triangles, and squares pinch nan Pro version
  • Supports aggregate languages to thief you service world customers
  • Users tin usage hunt options to hunt for circumstantial locations by sanction aliases address
  • Predefine nan Google Maps zoom level

7. Mapify Pro

Mapify Pro

Getting customers is nan number 1 privilege of immoderate shop owner, and while getting nan connection retired astir your business has ne'er been easier acknowledgment to societal media, making judge they cognize wherever to find you is still a challenge.

Luckily, you tin adhd a representation to your website to show visitors your nonstop location, and nan Mapify Pro plugin is 1 of nan champion to do so.

This tin dramatically boost your ft postulation to your location, which has go an basal characteristic for restaurants. This plugin tin beryllium utilized successful a number of ways to thief you.

If you person an existent beingness location, you tin create a shop locator for your business. If you waste products online, you tin besides show beingness stores that besides transportation your products successful your area.

You tin besides customize world maps to item recreation destinations that your agency mightiness beryllium offering. This plugin offers thing for everyone, truthful springiness it a try.

Benefits of Using Mapify Pro:

  • Choose from a assortment of marker icons including numbers, signposts, flags, and more
  • Add descriptions to each marker to thief picture its importance
  • Add photograph galleries to markers to show disconnected aggregate views of nan location
  • Share your maps and each of nan specifications crossed societal media
  • Supports some PNG and JPEG images wrong your markers

8. Easy Google Maps

Easy Google Maps

Closing retired this database of nan best representation plugins for WordPress is nan Easy Google Maps plugin. As nan sanction suggests, this plugin allows you to easy spot Google Maps successful WordPress utilizing shortcodes, aliases you tin usage a widget.

Due to nan wide scope of customization, it is easy 1 of nan champion interactive representation plugins for WordPress.

When it comes to nan representation markers, you person a ton of options. You tin take from a assortment of icons and customize each 1 to see a description, image, video, aliases moreover see interaction accusation specified arsenic a telephone aliases email address.

It’s besides imaginable to adhd some vertical and horizontal sliders to your maps for much imaginative freedom.

If you are looking for much options beyond conscionable Google Maps, location is simply a premium type of this plugin that useful pinch different Geolocation providers.

Benefits of Using Easy Google Maps:

  • You tin see a heatmap furniture to show nan astir celebrated destinations connected a map
  • You tin make it clear if a transit way is for a vehicle, bicycle, aliases walking
  • Display alternate routes successful lawsuit visitors tally into traffic
  • Draw figures connected your maps to show supported areas (like maximum transportation distance)
  • Include societal stock buttons connected maps to promote visitors to stock them pinch friends & family

Why Add A Map to Your WordPress Website?

There are respective reasons why you whitethorn want to adhd a representation to your site.

First and foremost, if you person a beingness storefront specified arsenic a restaurant, store, aliases agency space, helping clientele find your location is essential. Adding a representation allows visitors to find your nonstop location and crippled retired a way if nan representation has specified a feature.

In fact, moreover if you do not adhd nan representation straight to your website, motion up to beryllium connected Google My Business to look connected local searches. This will adhd you to Google Maps and tin importantly boost not only your beingness visitors but besides website traffic.

Of course, location are much specialized uses of maps erstwhile it comes to website design.

For example, ideate a recreation agency that offers circuit autobus rides. You could create a representation that showcases nan travel of nan autobus to springiness travelers an thought of what to expect and really agelong nan way should return to complete.

There are plentifulness of different examples, I could give, but nan bottommost statement is that a representation is simply a versatile instrumentality that tin thief make your website much informative, while astatine nan aforesaid clip besides being an interactive shape of contented that visitors tin enjoy.

Add A Map Today Using nan Best WordPress Plugin

As you tin see, WordPress has an awesome lineup of plugins that tin adhd a representation to your website. In astir cases, adding a representation is quick, easy, and, free to do. As such, there’s nary downside to adding one.

In nan mostly of cases, doing truthful tin thief you dramatically boost your ft traffic, and it is highly recommended for restaurants to do so, particularly those that connection transportation services.

Obviously, not each websites will request a map, truthful beryllium judge that it really fits nan goals of your site. Otherwise, it’s conscionable a discarded of resources.

Why did you instal a representation plugin successful WordPress? Has adding a representation boosted ft traffic?

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