May 2023 Web Server Survey

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In nan May 2023 study we received responses from 1,109,384,426 sites across 271,534,718 domains and 12,037,194 web-facing computers. This reflects a nonaccomplishment of 6.0 cardinal sites, 976,941 domains, and 52,213 web-facing computers.

Microsoft saw nan astir important alteration crossed each 3 metrics; it lost 495,099 (-1.88%) sites, 210,670 domains (-2.93%) and 12,303 computers (-1.02%). Microsoft now accounts for 2.33% of sites and 2.57% of domains seen by Netcraft, down by 0.03pp and 0.07pp respectively.

LiteSpeed gained 202,283 domains (+2.16%) this month, which coincided pinch an increase successful its full number of websites, up by 388,293 (+0.69%). Meanwhile, OpenResty besides grew by 325,880 (+0.38%) sites, but mislaid 349,276 domains (-0.91%).

nginx saw a ample nonaccomplishment of 5.7 cardinal sites (-1.94%), 1.0 cardinal domains (-1.36%) and 33,970 computers (-0.72%). Conversely, Cloudflare gained 1.1 cardinal sites (+1.03%) and 203,491 domains (+0.79%). Despite this, nginx has a larger stock (25.86% of sites compared to Cloudflare’s 9.51%); however, Cloudflare still has nan precocious manus wrong nan apical cardinal sites.

In nan apical cardinal sites, Cloudflare retained its first spot position, gaining 0.38pp connected its starring marketplace stock of 22.07%. Both nginx and Apache saw losses, pinch their marketplace shares decreasing by 0.12pp to 21.18% and 0.04pp to 21.16% respectively, on pinch OpenResty’s nonaccomplishment of 0.02pp down to 1.00%. Meanwhile, LiteSpeed, Google and Microsoft each saw mini increases successful their respective marketplace shares, pinch Microsoft gaining 0.06pp, LiteSpeed gaining 0.05pp, and Google gaining conscionable 0.003pp.

With respect to nan number of web-facing computers, nginx, Apache and Microsoft all saw decreases of 0.11pp, 0.22pp and 0.06pp of their respective market shares. nginx still holds nan largest marketplace stock of 38.77% (4.6 million), with Apache successful 2nd spot pinch a 26.80% stock (3.2 cardinal computers), and Microsoft successful 3rd spot pinch a 9.99% stock (1.2 cardinal computers).

Vendor news

  • OpenResty RC1 was released connected 17th April, which includes updates to galore Lua modules.
  • nginx portion 1.30.0, a dynamic web exertion server, was released connected 10th May. It includes new features, specified arsenic URI rewriting and much blase logging. It has also been given an charismatic position connected Docker Hub.
  • Lighttpd 1.4.70 was released on 10th May, which includes speeding up of CGI spawning, adding experimental support for moving connected Windows natively, and immoderate HTTP/2 improvements.
  • Cloudflare has updated its Terms of Service, to make nan restrictions surrounding serving video and different ample files with its free CDN scheme clearer.
  • nginx 1.25.0 was released connected 23rd May, adding experimental support for HTTP/3.
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