March 2023 Web Server Survey

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In nan March 2023 study we received responses from 1,116,018,952 sites crossed 269,281,081 domains and 12,106,182 web-facing computers. This reflects a nonaccomplishment of 11.6 cardinal sites, 1.4 cardinal domains, and 36,610 web-facing computers.

This month, for nan first time, nginx overtook Apache wrong nan apical cardinal busiest sites. nginx gained 1,447 sites, which accrued its marketplace stock by 0.14pp to 21.37%, compared to Apache astatine 21.18% (-0.16pp). This allowed it to regain 2nd place, which it mislaid erstwhile Cloudflare overtook some to declare nan apical spot successful January.

nginx was created by Igor Sysoev, pinch improvement starting successful Spring 2002, and it first became publically disposable successful October 2004. It slow gained fame complete nan pursuing years, mostly owed to its expertise to grip a overmuch ample number of connections pinch a little representation footprint compared to Apache. NGINX, Inc. was founded successful 2011 to supply commercialized support for nginx while maintaining nan unfastened root version. Igor near NGINX, Inc. astatine nan commencement of 2022 aft having worked connected nginx for 20 years.

nginx first featured successful nan Web Server Survey successful January 2008. When we started publishing our apical cardinal busiest sites metric successful April 2009, nginx was already 3rd pinch a marketplace stock of 3.16% down Microsoft (18.91%) and Apache (67.56%). It overtook Microsoft successful May 2013 and remained successful 2nd spot until January this year. When looking astatine each nan sites successful nan survey, not conscionable nan apical cardinal busiest sites, nginx overtook Apache to go nan marketplace leader successful April 2019. It now has a marketplace stock of 25.94%, up of Apache (20.58%) and Cloudflare (10.17%).

Cloudflare made extended usage of nginx successful its civilization package stack for galore years. However, it was slow replaced by Cloudflare’s in-house technologies, reflected by it migrating its server banners from cloudflare-nginx to conscionable cloudflare starting successful December 2017, and it announced a complete replacement in-house HTTP proxy Pingora successful September 2022.

Across nan study arsenic a whole, Cloudflare saw a mini nonaccomplishment of 296,120 sites (-0.26%), its first driblet since April 2022. Despite this, its marketplace stock accrued by 0.08pp to 10.17%. It saw a much important nonaccomplishment of 1.1 cardinal domains (-4.19%), reducing its marketplace stock for domains by 0.37pp to 9.58%.

LiteSpeed had nan largest percent maturation successful March: it grew by 814,945 sites (+1.39%) and 352,384 domains (+3.96%). It now has a marketplace stock of 5.33% sites and 3.43% domains, up by 0.13pp and 0.15pp respectively.

Apache suffered losses crossed nan committee this month, losing 1.4 cardinal sites (-0.61%), 223,028 domains (-0.38%), and 32,965 web-facing computers (-1.00%). However, contempt its losses, it now has a marketplace stock of 20.58% (+0.09pp) sites and 21.45% (+0.03pp) domains.

nginx besides saw ample losses successful March, dropping by 6.2 cardinal sites (-2.10%), 318,827 domains (-0.44%), and 7,456 web-facing computers (-0.16%). It now accounts for 25.94% of sites (-0.28pp) and 26.97% of domains (+0.03pp).

Similarly, OpenResty saw a important nonaccomplishment of 6.6 cardinal sites (-6.92%) and 237,667 domains (-0.61%). Its marketplace stock of sites dropped to 7.94% (-0.50pp), and its marketplace stock of domains dropped to 14.36% (-0.01pp).

Vendor news

  • njs 0.7.10 and njs 0.7.11, nan scripting connection utilized to widen nginx, were released connected 2nd February 2023 and 9th March 2023 pinch caller features and bugfixes.
  • Apache Tomcat versions 8.5.86, 9.0.72, 10.1.6, and 11.0.0-M3 were released successful February, which incorporate bugfixes and archiving improvements.
  • lighttpd 1.4.69 was released connected 10th February 2023, including bugfixes and portability improvements.
  • AWS announced that it is moving connected an AWS region successful Malaysia.
  • Azure announced a caller planned datacenter region successful Saudi Arabia (Saudi Arabia Central).
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