January 2023 Web Server Survey

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In nan January 2023 study we received responses from 1,132,268,801 sites crossed 270,967,923 unsocial domains, and 12,156,700 web-facing computers. This reflects a summation of 6,894,269 sites, but a nonaccomplishment of 270,799 domains and 77,725 computers.

Within nan apical cardinal busiest sites, Cloudflare has jumped from 3rd to 1st spot — overtaking some Apache and nginx successful a azygous period — its marketplace stock accrued by 0.56pp and now stands astatine 21.64%. Along pinch Apache (21.40%) and nginx (21.20%), nan apical 3 web servers powerfulness almost two-thirds of nan apical cardinal busiest sites.

Cloudflare’s travel to nan apical of nan cardinal busiest sites metric began successful nan February 2021 Web Server Survey, erstwhile we started search it separately from nginx to bespeak Cloudflare’s extended usage of in-house technologies. At nan clip of this split, Cloudflare was already nan 3rd astir utilized wrong nan apical cardinal busiest sites, having overtaken Microsoft successful March 2019. In September 2022, Cloudflare announced its replacement of nginx pinch Pingora, a caller in-house HTTP proxy.

Cloudflare was founded successful 2009 and launched publically successful 2010. Its halfway work is simply a contented transportation web which sits betwixt end-users and websites, providing accrued capacity by caching contented and utilizing optimised routes crossed nan Internet.

It grew quickly, pinch its halfway work disposable for free and pinch generous bandwidth limits. In 2014 it launched Universal SSL, providing free entree to HTTPS for sites utilizing Cloudflare. The institution went nationalist successful 2019. It has mitigated immoderate of nan largest denial-of-service attacks ever observed connected nan Internet: astir precocious a 2.5 Tbps attack targeting a server for nan video crippled Minecraft successful 2022.

However, its maturation has not been without controversies. Its contented neutrality argumentation has been criticised, pinch it providing work to cybercriminals and sites containing dislike reside and far-right content. In 2017 a buffer overflow successful Cloudflare’s code caused backstage accusation from a mini percent of requests, specified arsenic authentication tokens, to beryllium leaked.

In caller years, Cloudflare’s offering has expanded and it now competes pinch unreality computing giants Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure successful areas specified arsenic serverless computing, object storage and managed databases.

Cloudflare has besides seen sustained maturation successful different metrics successful January: crossed each sites, Cloudflare saw nan largest growth, pinch an summation of 9.3 cardinal sites (+9.07%) and 473,405 domains (+1.82%).

Google had nan 2nd largest maturation amongst each sites, pinch a summation of 0.33 cardinal sites (+0.63%), 37,483 domains (+1.46%). OpenResty saw a alteration of 419,469 sites (-0.45%) and 571,662 domains (-1.45%), but an summation of 8,608 computers (+4.83%).

nginx saw maturation successful sites and domains for nan first clip since August 2022, pinch an summation of 311,521 sites (+0.11%) and 527,542 domains (+0.79%), but still mislaid 23,344 computers (-0.49%). Apache saw a alteration crossed each metrics, losing 1.9 cardinal sites (-0.81%), 900,956 domains (-1.52%) and 51,758 computers (-1.53%).

Vendor News

  • Apache Tomcat versions 9.0.70 and 10.1.4 were released successful December, which incorporate bugfixes and archiving improvements.
  • LiteSpeed Web Server 6.1 was released connected 9th January 2023. The LiteSpeed Web Server 6.1 watercourse introduces support for nan PROXY protocol. This is nan first unchangeable merchandise for this type stream; it includes various improvements and fixes since nan erstwhile merchandise candidate.
  • lighttpd 1.4.68 was released connected 3rd January 2022, including strengthened defaults for TLS, various bugfixes and removal of immoderate deprecated features.
  • nginx 1.23.3 was released connected 13th December 2022, containing bugfixes.
  • Oracle opened a caller unreality region successful Chicago connected 15th December 2022.
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