February 2023 Web Server Survey

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In nan February 2023 study we received responses from 1,127,630,293 sites crossed 270,727,775 unsocial domains, and 12,142,793 web-facing computers. This reflects a nonaccomplishment of 4,638,508 sites, 240,148 domains and 13,907 computers.

OpenResty had nan largest percent maturation successful sites this month: it is now utilized by 95,176,082 sites, an summation of 2,884,258 (+3.13%) since past month. This brings its stock of sites to 8.44%, up from 8.15% (+0.29pp). OpenResty’s marketplace stock by domain count remained stable, pinch a flimsy 0.01pp summation this period - its mini nonaccomplishment of 14,039 domains was counteracted by nan greater nonaccomplishment of domains crossed each vendors this month.

Cloudflare continues to grow, gaining 1,669,867 sites (+1.49%) and 500,432 domains (+1.89%) since our January survey. Following Cloudflare becoming nan astir commonly utilized web server vendor wrong nan apical cardinal sites past month, it has started to cement its position: gaining 672 sites (+0.31%) of nan apical cardinal sites this month, giving it a 21.71% marketplace stock (+0.07pp).

Meanwhile, Apache mislaid 626 sites (-0.29%) successful nan apical cardinal sites, bringing its stock to 21.34% (-0.06pp). Outside of nan apical million, Apache saw much important losses, netting a alteration of 2,593,754 sites (-1.11%) and 434,071 domains (-0.74%).

Similarly to Apache, nginx mislaid a important number of domains this month, being down by 483,620 domains since our January study (-0.66%). However, nginx maintained its wide tract count and moreover gained 219 of nan apical cardinal busiest sites, giving it a 21.23% stock (+0.02pp) wrong nan apical cardinal sites.

The largest nonaccomplishment successful sites for a awesome vendor this period comes from Microsoft, which is down 2,866,173 sites (-9.59%) and 74,094 domains (-0.98%). This continues its accordant downwards inclination since December 2018.

Vendor News

  • Apache 2.4.55 was released connected 17th January 2023. This includes a hole for nan CVE-2022-36760 vulnerability. This vulnerability affects configurations utilizing mod_proxy_ajp, a proxy server which forwards requests to an exertion server utilizing nan Apache JServ Protocol (AJP). The vulnerability allowed attackers to smuggle requests to nan backend AJP server without being correctly processed by nan proxy server.
  • AWS announced wide readiness of its Asia Pacific (Melbourne) region, arsenic good arsenic wide readiness of Local Zones successful Perth and Santiago.
  • Microsoft released Azure Load Testing, a work that tin trial a web application’s resilience to precocious load.
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