April 2023 Web Server Survey

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In nan April 2023 study we received responses from 1,115,422,029 sites crossed 272,511,659 domains and 12,089,407 web-facing computers. This reflects a summation of 3.2 cardinal domains but a nonaccomplishment of 596,923 sites and 16,775 web-facing computers.

nginx knowledgeable ample maturation for some sites and domains this month. In our April survey, we saw 292.5 cardinal sites moving nginx, an summation of 3.0 cardinal since March (+1.04%), and 74.2 cardinal domains, an summation of 1.6 cardinal (+2.23%). It now accounts for 26.23% of sites (+0.28pp) and 27.25% of domains (+0.27pp).

LiteSpeed had nan largest nonaccomplishment by sites, dropping down to 56.2 cardinal sites (-5.43%). This takes its stock of sites to 5.04% from 5.33% (-0.29pp). Despite this, its number of domains increased, reaching 9.4 cardinal (+1.43%).

OpenResty besides saw important losses this month, totalling a nonaccomplishment of 1.8 cardinal sites (-2.07%) and 232,493 domains (-0.60%). OpenResty now accounts for 7.78% of sites and 14.1% of domains seen by Netcraft, down by 0.16pp and 0.26pp respectively.

In opposition to its capacity successful caller months, Apache gained some sites and domains this month: its usage accrued by 1.1 cardinal sites (+0.47%) and 1.8 cardinal domains (+3.07%). Apache now accounts for 20.7% of sites (+0.11p) and 21.8% of domains (+0.40pp). Apache continues to lead successful our active sites metric – which only counts sites pinch chopped contented – wherever it holds a 20.79% share, up of nginx’s 19.07%.

The marketplace stock wrong nan apical cardinal sites was comparatively unchangeable this month. nginx had nan biggest drop, losing 688 sites (-0.32%), and Cloudflare had nan biggest increase, gaining 711 sites (+0.33%). Cloudflare continues to lead successful nan apical cardinal sites, holding a 21.69% marketplace share, 0.32 percent points up of nginx.

In position of web-facing computers, nginx led this period pinch a 6,541 summation (+0.14%), whereas Microsoft saw nan largest alteration pinch a 20,360 nonaccomplishment (-1.66%). The standings for marketplace stock by machine count are now: 38.88% nginx (+0.11pp), 27.02% Apache (+0.01pp) and 9.99% Microsoft (-0.15pp).

Vendor news

  • nginx 1.23.4 was released connected 28th March 2023. It enables TLSv1.3 by default.
  • njs 0.7.2 was released connected 10th April 2023. It includes a caller compression module ‘zlib’, providing support for nan DEFLATE compression algorithm.
  • Apache 2.4.57 was released connected 6th April 2023, containing insignificant bug fixes.
  • LiteSpeed 6.1.1 was released connected 12th April 2023.
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Web server marketplace stock for apical cardinal busiest sites
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