9 Best WordPress Job Board Plugins to Use in 2023

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As nan number of distant positions increases successful nan workforce, truthful excessively does nan request for occupation boards to summation their appeal. As specified location has ne'er been a amended clip to create a occupation committee successful WordPress, and pinch nan correct plugin, it’s not very hard.

A occupation committee is simply a postulation of occupation listings that look successful a azygous location connected a site. Each introduction includes cardinal accusation specified arsenic nan occupation title, description, salary rate, location, acquisition needed, and overmuch more.

The listings tin beryllium for your ain business aliases others.

When hosting listings for different companies, those companies often salary a mini interest for that listing. The much celebrated your website, nan higher that interest is. It tin beryllium highly lucrative, particularly correct now arsenic companies scramble to capable vacancies.

Today, I will stock immoderate of nan best occupation committee plugins for WordPress.

1. WP Job Manager

WP Job Manager is nan champion occupation committee plugin for WordPress

When it comes to building a job committee plugin for WordPress, location is nary amended dev squad than nan existent creators of WordPress, Automattic. They make nan champion plugins for illustration WooCommerce and Jetpack, truthful you amended judge that WP Job Manager is awesome.

The plugin allows users to easy create listings for jobs utilizing a elemental group of introduction fields that tin beryllium customized.

It is besides imaginable to create an expiration day for nan listing aft a definite magnitude of clip has passed. This is useful if you complaint employers a monthly interest to big nan listing. This way, erstwhile nan allotted clip has passed, nan listing will beryllium removed automatically.

In position of usability, this instrumentality is beginner friendly. Creating a occupation listing is arsenic easy arsenic going down a bid of matter fields. These simply inquire you to participate cardinal accusation specified arsenic acquisition needed, occupation descriptions, category, and different information.

Benefits of Using WP Job Manager:

  • Create alerts for users erstwhile caller occupation listings spell live
  • Includes a Resume Manager to judge resumes from occupation applicants
  • Accept payments for listings pinch WooCommerce support
  • Add listings anyplace connected your website utilizing elemental shortcodes
  • Logged-in employers tin make changes to their occupation listings astatine immoderate time

2. WordPress Job Board Solution

WordPress Job Board Solution

If you’re looking to create a occupation board pinch each of nan bells and whistles, location is nary amended plugin than nan WordPress Job Board Solution. This instrumentality does everything that an employer needs while being easy to usage by occupation seekers.

This instrumentality tin besides thief you prevention clip by providing a assortment of pre-made pages that are fresh for use.

Creating a business retired of a occupation committee intends you are going to request a measurement to create memberships and judge payments from nan employer seeking to database jobs. This plugin utilizes WooCommerce to do conscionable that successful an intuitive way.

In position of usability, nan plugin is rather simple. Employers tin create listings that incorporate immoderate benignant of data, and judge applicants’ resumes.

It is besides imaginable for nan employer and occupation seeker to pass done backstage messages.

Benefits of Using WordPress Job Board Solution:

  • Job seekers tin find akin aliases related jobs to what they are presently looking for
  • Employer position allows them to spot nan number of applicants that are applying
  • Users tin create viewable profiles that fuss employers and occupation seekers tin browse
  • Easily cull and delete occupation applicants that do not meet your criteria
  • Make adjustments to listings astatine immoderate time

3. Simple Job Board

Simple Job Board is nan champion free plugin for WordPress

Simple Job Board is different fantabulous free occupation committee plugin for WordPress. It utilizes elemental shortcodes truthful that you tin spot listings connected immoderate station aliases page, which makes it a awesome prime for beginners looking to build their first site.

Perhaps 1 of its champion features would beryllium nan ample number of languages that this plugin has disposable pinch complete 10 options to prime from.

Living up to nan “Simple” successful its name, this plugin makes it easy to create occupation listings. You tin create a listing utilizing a regular station format, which includes each of nan blocks you usually use.

This gives you a batch of customization potential.

At nan aforesaid time, you tin conception exertion forms that dwell of elemental introduction fields. For example, you tin require applicants to see their name, email address, telephone number, and moreover create much open-ended entries specified arsenic further information.

Benefits of Using Simple Job Board:

  • Includes a assortment of paid add-ons for cardinal features specified arsenic costs gateways
  • Allow occupation seekers to usage nan precocious hunt functionality to zero successful connected jobs pinch circumstantial criteria
  • Includes a dedicated mobile app for Android and iOS
  • Gain entree to email notification templates done premium add-ons
  • Download aggregate resumes astatine erstwhile pinch bulk options

4. WP Job Openings

WP Job Openings

If you are looking for a simple occupation committee plugin for WordPress, look nary further than WP Job Openings. It has each of nan devices you’ll request to build a occupation committee successful WordPress for free and it has a batch of styling options.

For example, you tin take betwixt different occupation committee layouts to make uncovering listing much appealing.

Creating occupation listings is elemental and allows employers to adhd immoderate benignant of content. They tin besides customize nan exertion process by determining what fields are present.

There is moreover an upload action aliases occupation seekers to see resumes and screen letters.

Perhaps 1 of its much useful features would beryllium nan elemental analytics it provides. You’ll summation entree to an applications analytics floor plan that shows you really galore applications are submitted connected a monthly basis. This is simply a awesome measurement to show liking successful positions.

Benefits of Using WP Job Openings:

  • Gain entree to a paid add-on Form Builder battalion to grow exertion functionality
  • Add expiration dates to occupation listings to debar out-of-date listings
  • Receive email notifications erstwhile applications are submitted
  • Includes email notification templates to prevention time
  • Create civilization occupation lists pinch shortcodes by class aliases occupation type

5. ApplyOnline

ApplyOnline is nan champion occupation committee plugin for WordPress

ApplyOnline is different celebrated occupation committee plugin for WordPress featuring a drag-and-drop exertion shape builder. It focuses connected providing an easy-to-use interface that is cleanable for non-tech-savvy users.

Not only is creating your occupation listing elemental but displaying them is simply a cinch arsenic it conscionable requires a azygous shortcode.

The shortcode tin beryllium placed anyplace to springiness you much options. Job applicants will person nary rumor providing each of nan basal documents specified arsenic resumes, screen letters, and specified because location is nary limit connected nan number of record submissions you tin request.

The plugin besides features respective premium add-ons. For instance, location is an add-on that allows employers to person submitted applications, resumes, and screen letters via email arsenic soon arsenic they are submitted to guarantee speedy responses.

Benefits of Using ApplyOnline:

  • Receive applications and different submitted documents successful your Dropbox account
  • You’ll beryllium capable to time off notes connected applications to support way of applicants
  • All submitted accusation is disposable via PDF
  • Restrict who tin usage this plugin pinch User Role control
  • Protect your applications from spam pinch CAPTCHA support

6. JobSearch WP Job Board WordPress Plugin


When it comes to amazing occupation committee plugins for WordPress, nan premium JobSearch WP Job Board WordPress Plugin is among nan best. It has a big of features including immoderate unsocial entries that nary of nan others connected this database include.

A occupation listing is only useful erstwhile it reaches a wide audience, and this plugin takes that to nan adjacent level pinch societal media.

That’s right, this plugin allows users connected Facebook and LinkedIn to use to occupation listings connected this board. As you tin imagine, this importantly opens up nan scope of occupation listings connected your board, which makes it much charismatic for companies to salary for.

When it comes to accepting payments, you’ll person nan plethora of costs gateways that WooCommerce supports astatine your disposal. And yes, you person a ton of creation options included that are each easy to use, truthful it’s a awesome prime for beginners.

Benefits of Using JobSearch WP Job Board WordPress Plugin:

  • Translate your applications to immoderate connection for world recruitment
  • Includes a awesome action of pre-made pages and templates
  • Give occupation seekers entree to a Resume Builder
  • Show occupation suggestions for akin jobs based connected what users are searching for
  • Allow users to log successful to your website by utilizing their societal media accounts

7. WP Job Portal

WP Job Portal is nan champion plugin for WordPress

Hiring workers for your institution is important to success, which is why your website needs a occupation portal. And erstwhile it comes to building nan champion one, WP Job Portal is nan champion prime owed to its ample database of features.

The full process is made easy by utilizing elemental shortcodes to spot your occupation listings connected immoderate station aliases page.

When it comes to building occupation listings, you person a ton of options pinch nary type of contented disconnected nan table. As a occupation seeker, location are a batch of options that thief you select nan occupation posts to thief you find nan correct benignant of job.

Job seekers tin taxable resumes and screen letters without issue, prevention occupation listings truthful they tin use later, and pinch an add-on, tin moreover capable retired applications without having to create an account. This removes a obstruction of introduction to thief get much applicants.

Benefits of Using WP Job Portal:

  • Includes complete 30 pre-made fields for occupation applications
  • Display nan occupation location via Google Maps
  • Responsive layout ensures that occupation applications tin beryllium viewed and completed connected mobile devices
  • Ensure that only nan tract admin tin create aliases edit occupation listings
  • Save clip shifting done resumes pinch nan Resume Parsing feature

8. JobBoardWP


Job boards are important for connecting employers pinch talented occupation seekers, and nan JobBoardWP plugin tin thief you do conscionable that. It utilizes a elemental creation to make it easier to negociate occupation listings connected your website.

Overall, this makes it 1 of nan champion devices for beginners to use. While nan instrumentality whitethorn beryllium simple, it still has each of nan features you need.

The plugin generates a station occupation page, wherever users tin taxable jobs to show via a occupation submission form. From here, you tin person nan jobs get displayed automatically, aliases spell done a manual reappraisal process (highly recommended).

It’s worthy noting that you tin require costs specifications successful nan occupation submission form. Jobs tin beryllium listed by nan type, category, aliases day they were added. You tin besides show tags for illustration Full-time, Part-time, Internship, and more.

Benefits of Using JobBoardWP:

  • Add expirations dates for occupation listings to debar showing disconnected jobs nary longer available
  • Includes 6 blocks for nan Gutenberg editor
  • The occupation dashboard page allows users to spot their submitted applications
  • The plugin was built pinch Google hunt successful mind (job listings look successful Google hunt results)
  • Easily show if a position is one-site aliases remote

9. Recruitly Addons For Elementor Page Builder

Recruitly Addons is for Elementor

When building a website successful WordPress, there’s a bully chance you utilized nan Elementor Page Builder to adhd nan finishing touches. It is simply a robust instrumentality that tin thief you build immoderate benignant of website, and it really has an addon for occupation listings.

Recruitly Addons gives you entree to 8 unsocial widgets that you tin usage to build a occupation listings page.

These widgets are successful summation to nan afloat toolset disposable successful Elementor, frankincense you’ll person acold much imaginative options compared to immoderate different introduction connected this list.

One of nan blocks included is simply a civilization shape builder you tin usage for exertion submissions.

Recruitly Addons uses a ocular shape builder that allows you to create your ain civilization fields, frankincense it useful successful immoderate situation. You tin besides adhd civilization filters specified arsenic regions, successful nan arena a business has respective branches offering nan aforesaid position.

Benefits of Using Recruitly Addons:

  • Applicants person entree to a robust hunt characteristic to find nan jobs they are looking for
  • Display celebrated occupation sectors connected your committee (banking, IT, schematic design, etc.)
  • Display nan astir celebrated areas jobs are located (by town, state, aliases moreover country)
  • Gain entree to unthinkable support that tin thief you troubleshoot immoderate issues pinch nan plugin
  • Assign nan personification domiciled of Agent to springiness companies nan expertise to create their ain occupation listings

Build Your Influence Through Social Media

A occupation committee is only effective if occupation seekers cognize that companies station their caller listings connected them. Thus, you request to get nan connection out. And successful 2023, location is nary amended measurement than done nan powerfulness of societal media.

Many of nan entries connected this database person societal media integration because these devices understand nan value of it. Reaching thousands of users done a azygous tweet is highly effective astatine telling occupation seekers caller listings are available.

The much postulation your website receives, nan higher nan committee you tin complaint employers, arsenic it importantly increases nan chances that a position will beryllium filled quickly erstwhile location are much applicants.

When it comes to jobs and master careers successful general, location is nary level arsenic important arsenic LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is simply a societal web built to show disconnected someone’s profession and link individuals successful nan aforesaid manufacture together. As you tin imagine, LinkedIn is 1 of nan first profiles a occupation applicant updates erstwhile hunting for a caller job.

Thus, you should really effort to make a scatter erstwhile it comes to this platform.

Start Building With nan Best Job Board Plugin successful WordPress

WordPress has a awesome action of plugins to take from erstwhile it comes to creating a occupation board, which tin make uncovering nan correct 1 for nan occupation challenging. Any of nan entries connected this database are awesome choices and incorporate nan basal characteristic your website will need.

Keep successful mind that it tin return a agelong clip for a occupation committee to summation a following, frankincense you mightiness want to see including different contented connected your website. For example, building a blog that helps occupation seekers (your main audience) find jobs is simply a awesome idea.

Did we miss your favourite occupation committee plugin successful WordPress? Let america cognize successful nan remark section.

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