9 Best WordPress Instagram Plugins to Use in 2023

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Instagram is 1 of nan astir celebrated websites connected nan web pinch complete 4 cardinal monthly visits, which is why truthful galore websites attraction connected integrating pinch nan platform. WordPress has plentifulness of Instagram plugins to take from for this reason.

With them, you tin do a assortment of things from displaying your Instagram provender to automating your Instagram posts from WordPress. There’s really a plugin for each occasion, which is what makes nan level truthful popular.

Today, I will stock nan best Instagram plugins to usage pinch WordPress.

1. Instagram Feed Pro

Instagram Feed Pro is 1 of nan champion plugins for WordPress

The Instagram Feed Pro plugin by Smash Balloon is easy 1 of nan champion ways to show your provender successful WordPress. It has features for each types of users, which is why it has complete 1 cardinal users that praise it.

You tin show your provender utilizing a assortment of select options to curate nan champion images from your account.

Perhaps 1 of its astir celebrated features would beryllium showcasing your shoppable feeds. Many influencers and businesses will create feeds for products they are selling, and this plugin has respective features to make that easier.

Normally, displaying contented from a third-party tract would slow down your website. However, this plugin avoids that by implementing a smart provender caching solution. This helps forestall your website from slowing down erstwhile showing disconnected your feed.

Benefits of Using Instagram Feed Pro:

  • Automatically push your latest Instagram contented to your WordPress site
  • Includes a assortment of customization options to show your provender nan measurement you want it
  • Responsive creation ensures that users tin position your provender nary matter their devices surface size
  • Create aggregate Instagram feeds to show successful different areas of your website
  • Create feeds consisting of posts that you were tagged in

2. WooCommerce Instagram

WooCommerce Instagram

While galore conscionable usage Instagram to show disconnected their vacation, caller dishes, and different nosy activities, galore influencers and business owners usage nan level to move products. WooCommerce Instagram is simply a powerful eCommerce instrumentality for WordPress that makes this easy.

It allows you to build a buyable Instagram provender by uploading your products to Instagram.

You tin create posts, feeds, and stories astir your merchandise entries. You person a ton of imaginative options pinch this instrumentality erstwhile it comes to really to show nan products.

For instance, want to show disconnected a caller bikini? No problem.

You tin create a station showing yourself, aliases a exemplary wearing nan bikini and see a mini waste fastener successful nan bottommost area of nan post. You tin moreover person hover effects that show nan value of nan items successful nan post, and yes, you tin show disconnected aggregate products astatine once.

Benefits of Using WooCommerce Instagram:

  • Includes support for merchandise variations (colors, sizes, etc.)
  • Showcase tagged feeds to show happy customers pinch their products
  • Easily redirect users to your shop to boost sales
  • Excellent mobile creation ensures checkout is soft connected immoderate device
  • Filter you products utilizing a assortment of options for illustration banal status, merchandise type, and more

3. RafflePress

RafflePress is 1 of nan champion Instagram plugins for WordPress

Instagram and giveaways spell together for illustration peanut food and jelly. One of nan champion ways to create these is pinch nan RafflePress plugin for WordPress. It makes it easy to group up giveaways connected a assortment of platforms including Instagram.

And 1 of its champion features by a mile would decidedly beryllium giveaway builder.

With it, you tin build afloat giveaway campaigns successful conscionable a fewer clicks. And you moreover person a assortment of templates that you tin usage to springiness yourself a caput start. It utilizes a drag-and-drop interface to make nan process easy for immoderate accomplishment level.

Sadly, competitions bring retired nan worst successful people, thus, you request to protect your giveaway from cheaters. Luckily, RafflePress has Fraud protection that tin beryllium utilized to observe copy entries and submissions from nan aforesaid IP.

Benefits of Using RafflePress:

  • Make it easy for participants pinch one-click entries
  • Integration options pinch trading and CRM plugins
  • Encourage viral sharing pinch refer-a-friend bonuses
  • Create landing pages for your giveaways to thief entice participants to enter
  • Includes a assortment of societal media icons and buttons

4. Social Slider Feed

Social Slider Feed

When it comes to displaying feeds from your favourite societal media networks, location is nary amended spot than nan widget areas successful WordPress. Many themes person an astonishing magnitude of abstraction to show contented successful them, which makes them an perfect choice.

And location is nary amended action than nan Social Slider Feed plugin that useful for Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram feeds.

While nan sanction whitethorn propose that this instrumentality only builds sliders, that isn’t existent astatine all. Besides sliders, you tin besides build pinch masonry creation to show images successful stylish ways. This opens up creation options for your sidebar, header, and footer widget areas.

You tin besides nexus immoderate of nan images from Instagram to circumstantial pages from your site, including income pages for products, which is simply a awesome measurement to summation sales.

You tin take nan bid nan images look by a assortment of filters from people day to category.

Benefits of Using Social Slider Feed:

  • Choose from aggregate image sizes erstwhile building widgets
  • Alert Instagram users erstwhile a caller station goes unrecorded connected WordPress
  • Sort images by popularity, date, aliases conscionable show them randomly
  • Include captions for images and video content
  • Supports aggregate languages for users pinch world followers

5. Spotlight Social Feeds

Spotlight Social Feeds is 1 of nan champion Instagram plugins successful WordPress

Adding your Instagram provender to your WordPress website doesn’t person to beryllium difficult, and that’s wherever nan Spotlight Social Feeds plugin comes into play. This instrumentality allows you to easy embed Instagram feeds anyplace successful WordPress.

You tin do this utilizing easy-to-place shortcodes, widgets, aliases blocks for Gutenberg.

Another measurement that this plugin helps make it easy for users is nan in-the-style option. You’ll summation entree to complete 20 templates that are fresh for use. Each 1 offers different provender creation options erstwhile it comes to image placement.

This makes Spotlight nan champion Instagram plugin that beginners tin usage for free. That said, location is simply a premium type pinch moreover much features to return advantage of for illustration building tagged Instagram feeds.

Benefits of Using Spotlight Social Feeds:

  • Create a civilization provender header to show disconnected your relationship profile
  • This plugin is compatible pinch images, video, reels, and assemblage content
  • Choose nan number of columns to show erstwhile utilizing a shortcode, widget, aliases block
  • Generate a popup lightbox erstwhile users click connected an image
  • Responsive creation ensures your provender looks awesome connected immoderate surface size

6. Simple Social Icons

Simple Social Icons

Not each websites spell each successful connected societal media integration. Sometimes, they conscionable want nan bare minimum, which is conscionable including sharing buttons for nan platforms they support. One of nan champion ways to adhd this is pinch nan Simple Social Icons plugin.

It gives you entree to a myriad of societal icons for each level pinch aggregate designs to take from.

In position of usability, this plugin lives up to nan “simple” successful its name. You tin create a societal stock fastener by choosing from nan icon library, inserting nan URL of your account, and customizing nan size of nan button.

It’s rather easy to usage and doesn’t do thing crazy.

If you do scheme connected utilizing this for aggregate platforms too Instagram, you’ll beryllium pleased to cognize that you tin shape nan societal icons successful immoderate order. This allows you to put your favored societal networks first.

Benefits of Using Simple Social Icons:

  • While location is an awesome action of societal icons, you besides person nan action to adhd your own
  • Change nan colour of a fastener erstwhile a visitant is hovering complete it
  • Make nan societal fastener unfastened up successful a caller tab erstwhile clicked
  • Customize everything astir nan fastener from separator width & colour to nan matter alignment
  • Buttons tin beryllium placed successful nan widget area

7. 10Web Instagram Feed


10Web Instagram Feed whitethorn conscionable beryllium nan best Instagram plugin for WordPress arsenic it includes a wide assortment of customization devices that are easy to master. This makes it a awesome prime for beginners but besides offers nan extent that experts look for.

And that’s precisely why this instrumentality is truthful celebrated pinch complete 2 cardinal downloads.

One of nan champion ways to support visitors connected a page is to support giving them contented to enjoy, and there’s nary amended measurement to do this than pinch infinite scrolling. With this, you tin support displaying images from your Instagram provender arsenic agelong arsenic nan personification keeps scrolling.

When it comes to nan feeds you tin build, you person a ton of options because you tin see feeds from aggregate Instagram accounts. Not to mention nan expertise to create feeds erstwhile your relationship is mentioned by others.

Benefits of Using 10Web Instagram Feed:

  • Display comments, captions, and different metadata wrong your Instagram feed
  • Responsive creation ensures that nan provender will look fantabulous connected immoderate surface size
  • Allow users to download images
  • Easily adhd your provender to immoderate station aliases page successful WordPress
  • Implement pagination to amended loading times

8. Uncanny Automator

Uncanny Automator

Ever announcement really immoderate websites are capable to synchronize their posts connected societal media precisely erstwhile a caller merchandise goes unrecorded aliases erstwhile they merchandise caller blog content? This is each acknowledgment to automation devices that thief synchronize contented drops crossed platforms.

One of nan champion plugins to do this for Instagram successful WordPress would decidedly beryllium Uncanny Automator.

This plugin makes it imaginable to group up synchronized posts crossed aggregate societal media platforms erstwhile you create a caller station successful WordPress. You tin take betwixt nan messages going up astatine nan aforesaid clip arsenic nan station goes live, aliases delaying nan posts astatine amended times.

After all, sending retired a connection connected Instagram astatine 3 successful nan greeting whitethorn not beryllium that effective. No coding skills are required to do this, instead, it utilizes a elemental ocular builder that makes it easy to group this up for immoderate accomplishment level.

Benefits of Uncanny Automator:

  • One-click integration pinch third-party devices for illustration Google Sheets, Elementor, and more
  • Create conditional triggers for users to person emails
  • Intuitive creation makes it nan cleanable instrumentality for beginners
  • No limit connected nan number of platforms you tin link with
  • Setup robust webhooks for moreover much customization options

9. Instagram Theatre

Instagram Theatre

Closing retired this database of nan best Instagram plugins for WordPress is nan astonishing Instagram Theatre plugin. This premium plugin focuses connected showcasing images from Instagram successful a stylish mode pinch a assortment of creation options to take from.

It besides supports displaying Instagram feeds based connected a assortment of factors specified arsenic tagged feeds, aliases feeds focused connected circumstantial hashtags.

In position of creation options, you tin take from aggregate layout designs for illustration fullscreen mode, thumbnail mode, database view, and more. All of these are people responsive truthful nary matter what instrumentality a visitant is on, it looks fantastic.

One of nan much absorbing features you tin usage is Location mode. This allows you to find posts that were taken astatine a circumstantial location. This useful good erstwhile mentioning an arena for illustration a shot game.

Benefits of Using Instagram Theatre:

  • Supports aggregate Instagram accounts
  • Gain entree to fantabulous support that tin reply immoderate questions you whitethorn have
  • Ensures accelerated loading times to minimize tract slowdown
  • Includes tract templates that maximize nan creation options of nan plugin
  • Fancybox integration options

Keep An Eye On Your Site Speed

One of nan biggest problems websites look erstwhile adding contented from third-party sites is that it impacts nan tract speed. After all, erstwhile a personification loads a page, that website must link pinch nan third-party tract to show nan content, thus, it’s an other step.

Some of nan devices connected this database effort to minimize nan effect displaying an Instagram feed will person connected WordPress, but it’s important to show this yourself. Luckily, WordPress has astonishing devices for illustration GTMetrix that tin thief you place tract slowdowns.

If this does happen, 1 of nan champion ways to correct it is to trim nan size of nan provender you are displaying.

The little contented your tract needs to load from a 3rd party, nan faster it will load. Failing to reside this rumor will person a immense effect erstwhile it comes to your website hunt motor rankings, arsenic velocity is simply a large factor.

Connect WordPress and Instagram With These Plugins

As you tin see, WordPress has nary shortage of astonishing plugins that make it easy to integrate WordPress and Instagram. Regardless of if it is thing elemental for illustration displaying a feed, aliases thing much analyzable for illustration making an Instagram store, you person options.

Doing truthful tin beryllium a immense boon for some your Instagram relationship and WordPress website. In galore cases, it is easier to summation website views from users surfing done Instagram than hunt results.

Of course, Instagram is conscionable a azygous societal media platform. Be judge to merge pinch different celebrated options for illustration Facebook and Twitter.

What are immoderate of your favourite Instagram plugins for WordPress? Has integrating pinch Instagram boosted tract postulation aliases sales?

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