10 Best WordPress Migration Plugins for Your Site in 2023

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For 1 logic aliases another, location will astir apt travel a clip erstwhile you request to migrate your website from 1 web big to a amended one. While this tin beryllium a stressful process, bully migration plugins tin thief you move your WordPress tract safely and quickly.

To successfully migrate your WordPress website, you are going to request to transportation your databases, files, plugins, and themes to nan caller host. A migration plugin helps you move each of this without losing immoderate information successful a elemental and easy-to-understand process.

Since this has go a communal occurrence for website owners, WordPress has a ample room of astonishing migration plugins, frankincense it is tricky to prime nan champion one.

Some of nan cardinal features to support an oculus retired for include:

  • The expertise to not only do afloat tract migrations but besides migrate individual files
  • Create automatic backups earlier nan migration process originates to guarantee thing is lost
  • Support each types of web hosting environments
  • Compress files to bypass upload limits that a web big whitethorn person successful place
  • An intuitive creation that makes nan instrumentality accessible for immoderate accomplishment level

With these factors successful mind, let’s return a look astatine nan best migration plugins for WordPress.

1. UpdraftPlus

UpdraftPlus is 1 of nan champion migration plugins for WordPress

When it comes to copying nan contented connected your website, UpdraftPlus is 1 of nan champion options for WordPress. With it, you tin make a complete clone of your website and transportation it to different web big successful minutes.

While nan plugin does athletics a free version, you will request to acquisition nan migration add-on battalion to activity pinch it. Otherwise, you tin conscionable bargain nan premium type successful which nan add-on is included.

To really migrate nan site, spell to your original site, and create a transcript utilizing UpdraftPlus, past simply usage nan migration instrumentality to bring it to nan caller web host. You’ll beryllium done successful conscionable a fewer minutes.

UpdraftPlus is simply a afloat backup plugin. Thus, you’ll besides beryllium capable to schedule regular backups and support them stored successful different locations. You tin moreover create incremental backups that conscionable backmost up nan files that person been precocious changed.

Benefits of Using UpdraftPlus:

  • Automatically backup your website earlier immoderate core, plugin, aliases taxable updates return place
  • This instrumentality isn’t conscionable for a azygous site, it besides useful good successful a multisite network
  • Receive email notifications erstwhile backups return place, aliases if a backup failed
  • Anonymize individual information successful your backup to protect your own, and visitant information
  • Quickly restoring your website is important and pinch this tool, it only takes 1 click

2. Duplicator

Duplicator is 1 of nan champion free migration plugins for WordPress

If you are looking to migrate your website for free, past you are successful luck. Duplicator is nan champion free WordPress migration plugin. In conscionable a fewer minutes, you tin create a cleanable transcript of your full website and migrate it to a caller web host.

It tin prevention you a batch of clip arsenic it moreover copies nan WordPress install, thus, you won’t request to instal WordPress again.

It besides has a Migration Wizard to thief you transportation retired nan process. With that said, it still recommends backing up each of your files successful a abstracted location first, arsenic nan plugin does require immoderate method knowledge to use.

And erstwhile it comes to backing up WordPress, Duplicator is erstwhile again an astonishing choice. It allows you to create manual backups astatine immoderate clip and shop them successful your favourite unreality retention system.

It’s a awesome free instrumentality for WordPress, truthful springiness it a try.

Benefits of Using Duplicator:

  • Save clip by creating pre-configured bundles for erstwhile you build caller sites
  • Supports Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and much unreality retention platforms
  • Receive email notifications whenever a caller backup is created aliases if it has failed
  • Amazing archiving is disposable that moreover includes video tutorials
  • Migrate an full multisite web astatine erstwhile (can moreover beryllium utilized to harvester sites)

3. Migrate Guru

Migrate Guru

The Migrate Guru plugin was designed for 1 purpose, to migrate your website from 1 web big to different successful nan easiest manner. And it succeeds pinch flying colors, but dissimilar astir migration tools, it lacks immoderate backup functionality.

That’s right, this instrumentality focuses exclusively connected migrations, and for that reason, it is easy 1 of nan champion connected this list.

This instrumentality supports websites that are up to 200 GB successful size and you tin migrate them for free. To really execute nan migrations, simply instal this instrumentality connected nan website you wish to migrate, past instal WordPress successful nan desired destination.

Then from nan instrumentality itself, take nan destination you want to nonstop nan files and nan plugin takes attraction of nan rest. The transportation is handled done their ain servers; thus, it will not person immoderate effect connected your unrecorded website.

It’s free and safe, truthful there’s plentifulness to emotion here.

Benefits of Using Migrate Guru:

  • Supports complete 5,000 web hosts astir nan world
  • One GB sites return little than 30 minutes to migrate
  • The transcript of your website that is stored successful nan Migrate Guru servers is deleted erstwhile nan migration is complete
  • No retention abstraction is required, nan Migrate Guru servers grip everything
  • Receive email notifications erstwhile nan migration is complete

4. BlogVault


BlogVault is different wildly popular migration plugin for WordPress that focuses exclusively connected migrating websites from 1 web big to another. However, it offers nan astir migration options retired of immoderate different introduction connected this list.

It is besides worthy noting that it is trusted amongst astir web hosts, which helps debar immoderate compatibility issues you whitethorn tally into.

When it comes to migrating your WordPress website, you person a ton of options. You could migrate nan full site, conscionable nan database, nan plugins, your theme, aliases conscionable astir immoderate different individual portion of your website from 1 location to another.

This makes it a awesome prime for building staging areas.

It’s besides worthy mentioning that it supports section migrations from 1 domain to a caller 1 pinch nan aforesaid web host. It has a robust instrumentality list, which is why it is 1 of nan much dominant plugins for migrations.

Benefits of Using BlogVault:

  • Your website will not acquisition immoderate downtime during nan migration
  • Migrate websites up to a size of 100GB astatine most
  • Supports migrations of multisite installations including subdomains and subdirectories
  • Automatically rewrite nan database and config files during nan migration process
  • Includes regular backups pinch your subscription

5. Jetpack

Jetpack is 1 of nan champion migration plugins for WordPress

Jetpack is often described arsenic nan Swiss service weapon of WordPress because it has a module for conscionable astir thing successful WordPress. One specified module focuses connected tract backups which tin besides beryllium utilized to migrate from 1 web big to another.

In galore cases, you astir apt already person Jetpack installed, truthful adding nan Jetpack Backup module seems for illustration an evident prime for most.

Due to nan sheer measurement of modules disposable successful Jetpack, nan plugin tin sometimes beryllium intimidating to beginners. However, it is really alternatively elemental erstwhile you look astatine nan individual modules, and this 1 isn’t immoderate different.

Backups conscionable return a azygous click.

Even better, restoring that backup besides takes 1 click. All of nan files are uploaded to nan cloud, truthful location is nary request to upload nan backup to nan caller destination manually.

Instead, it’s arsenic elemental arsenic accessing your unreality successful nan caller environment.

Benefits of Using Jetpack:

  • Jetpack is an highly versatile plugin that fits into immoderate website
  • Includes information features to protect your backups
  • The first period only costs $1 (additional months costs $10)
  • Migrate circumstantial parts of your website specified arsenic plugin files, themes, databases, etc.
  • Works awesome erstwhile mounting up a testing situation for your website

6. All-In-One WP Migration

All-In-One Wp Migration

All-In-One WP Migration is by acold nan astir celebrated plugin erstwhile it comes to tract migration pinch complete 5 cardinal progressive installs. And that’s because it exclusively focuses connected migration to present nan champion acquisition possible.

While nan guidelines plugin is free, it only supports migrations of sites that are 512MB. To region this limit, you’ll request to get nan pro version.

In position of really utilizing nan plugin, it’s incredibly simple. Just instal nan plugin connected nan tract you want to migrate. Click connected nan “Export” button, and nan plugin will make a zipped record for you.

Then conscionable spell to nan caller tract and instal nan plugin again.

Finally, resistance that record into nan due area of your WordPress dashboard and your website will beryllium migrated. It’s speedy and easy, which is precisely why this plugin is truthful popular. It moreover useful good if you are connected a mobile device.

Benefits of Using All-In-One WP Migration:

  • Available successful complete 50 languages to thief arsenic galore group arsenic possible
  • Supports astir web hosting companies to guarantee compatibility
  • Can beryllium utilized to migrate smaller parts of a website
  • Will not interrupts a unrecorded website (no downtime)
  • This plugin supports each versions of MySQL and MariaDB

7. WP Migrate Lite

WP Migrate Lite is 1 of nan champion WordPress migration plugins

WP Migrate Lite is an awesome migration instrumentality that is 1 of nan best. It was antecedently known arsenic WP Migrate DB but has changed its sanction arsenic it has evolved past conscionable exporting databases. Instead, you tin usage it to export afloat sites.

Of course, you tin still usage it to migrate smaller pieces of your website for illustration nan database, plugins, themes, and more.

One of its strongest features would beryllium nan section migration options. You tin easy make a transcript of your tract and upload it to a caller subdomain to create a testing environment.

Though, transferring to a caller web big is conscionable arsenic easy.

It’s rather a elemental process. You tin export nan tract you want to migrate arsenic a zipped record and transcript that record complete to nan caller destination. Unzip it and you person a cleanable transcript of your WordPress website. Quick, easy, and free.

Benefits of Using WP Migrate Lite:

  • Receive privilege email support if you upgrade to nan Pro version
  • Specify what tables to migrate successful your database aliases conscionable transcript nan full thing
  • Easily make edits to your database pinch nan find-and-replace feature
  • Automatically makes a transcript of your website earlier utilizing nan find and switch feature
  • Import your website utilizing nan phpMyAdmin tool

8. BackupBuddy


BackupBuddy is different 1 of nan apical backup plugins disposable for WordPress and it doubles arsenic 1 of nan best migration plugins. It tin create a afloat transcript of your WordPress website successful a azygous click and reconstruct it successful a different location successful 1 click.

As you tin already tell, nan process is speedy and easy sloppy of your accomplishment level, which is why it is truthful popular.

BackupBuddy does person a dedicated migration instrumentality you tin usage that will return attraction of everything including replacing each instances of nan URL. It’s a broad instrumentality but do retrieve that it is not free.

In position of existent backups, it is rather competent, which is to beryllium expected. You tin schedule regular backups of your tract and moreover create backups of individual parts specified arsenic your plugin aliases taxable files.

Overall, you can’t spell incorrect pinch this plugin.

Benefits of Using BackupBuddy:

  • Easily shop your backups off-site aliases connected your favourite unreality retention platform
  • Receive email notifications erstwhile a backup is created aliases if it fails
  • Customize what contented is backed up (databases, plugins, themes, etc.)
  • Helps group up staging environments that link pinch existing sites
  • Choose to exclude definite files aliases folders from ever being backed up

9. Super Backup & Clone

Super Backup

Every website needs a bully backup solution, which is precisely what nan Super Backup & Clone plugin intends to deliver. It specializes successful backups, tract cloning, and migration (both locally and to a caller web host).

It is easy 1 of nan best WordPress migration plugins.

Super Backup & Clone is simply a premium plugin, but that acquisition will springiness you entree to premium support for six months.

In position of backups, you’ll beryllium capable to schedule regular backups of your full tract aliases conscionable smaller pieces for illustration your database successful conscionable a fewer clicks. You’ll besides beryllium capable to make a cleanable clone for staging purposes rather easily.

When it comes to migration, this plugin is arsenic impressive. It tin grip some a azygous website and an full multisite network. You besides person nan state to only migrate definite parts of your website for illustration conscionable nan database.

It’s a awesome instrumentality pinch a batch of versatility.

Benefits of Using Super Backup & Clone:

  • Includes a self-diagnosis strategy to place immoderate issues earlier you backup aliases migrate a site
  • Includes an easy setup process that will get you started successful minutes
  • Compatible pinch unreality retention services for illustration Google Drive, Dropbox, and more
  • Receive email notifications erstwhile a backup has been completed aliases if location was an error
  • Restore your website successful conscionable a azygous click

10. WP Staging

WP Staging

Creating a staging crushed for your website to trial caller plugins, civilization code, and tweaking nan creation of your website without interrupting your unrecorded tract is incredibly useful to web developers. And there’s nary amended plugin than WP Staging for nan job.

Staging requires making a transcript of your tract and pasting it connected a subdomain to usage for testing. Naturally, it tin beryllium utilized for migration.

The plugin besides handles backups and gives users nan expertise to schedule regular backups of their site. Alternatively, you tin create manual backups astatine immoderate time. The backups are customizable, truthful you tin do a afloat backup aliases a partial one.

While nan backups tin beryllium utilized to reconstruct your tract connected different domain, location is simply a dedicated migration instrumentality disposable successful nan Pro type of nan plugin. It streamlines nan process to make it much accessible to little tech-savvy users.

Benefits of Using WP Staging:

  • Name your backups to beryllium much identifiable erstwhile searching
  • Supports awesome unreality retention platforms for illustration Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, and more
  • Ensure that only definite personification roles person entree to nan plugins tools
  • Decide really galore backups nan plugin should support astatine erstwhile to thief prevention space
  • Your clone website is not accessible by hunt engines to debar impacting your SEO

When Should I Switch Web Hosts?

A web host is simply a institution that rents you server abstraction to shop your website. Whenever a visitant loads up your website, they are really connecting to nan server it is stored on. Thus, a web big has a nonstop effect connected your website’s performance.

There are respective reasons why you whitethorn request to move web hosts.

First, and foremost, if you are experiencing a batch of downtime, it’s clip to change. When a web big is doing maintenance, it will make your website inaccessible, which intends you won’t get immoderate postulation during this time.

While this is basal from clip to time, astir web hosts connection 99.9% uptime, frankincense it should beryllium a beautiful uncommon occurrence.

Of course, it is imaginable to person awesome uptime, but get unspeakable performance. If your website is moving sluggishly aft optimizing it, past nan culprit is astir apt your web host.

Since velocity is simply a facet that hunt engines use, it is imperative to person a accelerated website.

Slow capacity tin beryllium caused by a assortment of things successful a web hosting situation for illustration not having capable resources to grip nan requests from your website. If you are paying for a work that does not supply what is advertised, it is clip to find a caller host.

Sometimes switching from 1 web big to different is conscionable a matter of redeeming a fewer bucks.

The truth is, nan web hosting manufacture is massive. Every website needs a web host, thus, it has go a very competitory space. This is very evident erstwhile comparing nan prices of services, and sometimes an connection is conscionable excessively bully to refuse.

Web Hosts Often Provide Migration Services

Migrating your website tin beryllium a very stressful and time-consuming endeavor, which is why immoderate group are reluctant to move web hosts. Obviously, this is simply a problem for web hosting companies looking to grow their customer base.

To thief streamline caller customers, astir web hosts really supply migration services to thief make nan move effortless.

Essentially, nan web big themselves will supply a migration instrumentality you tin usage to migrate your web big to aliases moreover from their services. This is often included erstwhile you motion up pinch a caller host, but successful immoderate cases, it whitethorn costs extra.

They tin travel successful a batch of forms. One of nan astir communal ways is for nan web big to person a dedicated migration team. They will grip nan full process for you, which tin prevention you a batch of clip and thief debar immoderate mistakes on nan way.

The 2nd is that immoderate web hosts person their ain dedicated plugins for WordPress. These are devices specifically designed to migrate a website from 1 web big to their ain server (usually they don’t activity nan successful nan different direction).

The process is different for each web host, truthful beryllium judge to inquire your web big astir immoderate migration services they offer.

Migrate Your Website Safely Today

As you tin see, WordPress has an unthinkable action of migration devices to take from. They activity good for websites of immoderate size from elemental blogs to ample eCommerce sites. There is simply a plugin that fits everyone’s needs successful WordPress.

Possibly moreover much importantly, nan plugins travel astatine a assortment of value points. There are free options arsenic good arsenic premium ones. The main quality is usually conscionable really overmuch information these devices tin move, frankincense larger sites mightiness request premium tools.

Nonetheless, you whitethorn beryllium capable to grip nan process without ever installing a merchandise by contacting your caller web big astir tract migration. In immoderate case, you should person nary problem migrating your website pinch these WordPress plugins.

Why did you migrate from 1 web big to another? What is your favorite migration plugin for WordPress?

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