YouTube Ads for Beginners: How to Launch & Optimize a YouTube Video Advertising Campaign

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You've spent months perfecting the script, storyboarding, uncovering the close talent, shooting, and editing. The extremity result? A blockbuster video that's definite to rake successful hundreds—maybe thousands—of views.

With each that clip invested, you can't halt astatine conscionable embedding the video connected the homepage of your website oregon sharing it connected societal media and hoping idiosyncratic watches. Running YouTube ads connected your videos is 1 mode to marque definite much of your people assemblage finds the contented you've produced. And with caller formats and tracking capabilities, you tin besides usage this accusation to study connected its ROI.

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In this post, we'll usher you done YouTube ads—how they work, however you get paid, and champion practices for increasing gross from your YouTube transmission done advertising. By the extremity of this guide, you'll beryllium acceptable to motorboat advertisements crossed your YouTube transmission arsenic portion of your wide YouTube marketing strategy. Let’s get started.

What’s New With YouTube Advertising

Advertising connected YouTube is precise antithetic from moving a PPC oregon paid societal media campaign. There are circumstantial originative constraints and a ton of options for this platform, and you request basal cognition earlier you adjacent scope retired your adjacent video task to marque the astir of the paid possibilities.

In caller years, Google has rolled retired a bid of changes that makes YouTube advertizing an highly worthwhile investment. Let’s instrumentality a look.

More Rigorous Brand Safety Efforts

In the past, the level has made large efforts to support viewers and advertisers from harmful content, and those efforts person persisted arsenic of November 2022. The latest updates see "clearer language" and "specific guidelines" astir ads not being placed connected big content, violence, harmful oregon unsafe acts, delicate events, videos with inappropriate language, and drug-related content.

Targeting Based connected Users’ Search History

A fewer years ago, Google announced it would let advertisers to scope much viewers connected YouTube — particularly crossed mobile devices, wherever 50% of YouTube views instrumentality place. Among the changes it rolled out, perchance the biggest announcement was that advertisers would beryllium capable to people viewers based connected their Google hunt history, successful summation to their viewing behaviors YouTube was already targeting.

Marketers tin present people ads astatine radical who precocious searched for a definite merchandise oregon service. If the contented of a video advertisement is intimately related to a hunt the spectator has been researching, they mightiness beryllium much apt to ticker the full advertisement oregon click done the advertisement to the website.

Audio Ads

Audio has grown lately — you needn’t look further than podcasts and the caller societal media app Clubhouse. To support up with the changes, Google is present allowing YouTube advertisers to make audio-only ads. While we’d urge starting with a video advertisement first, you tin aboriginal see utilizing audio erstwhile you’ve perfected your brand voice and learned what your assemblage likes to prosecute with the most.

Upgraded Data Attribution Models

Google has besides upgraded YouTube’s information attribution exemplary truthful you tin amended measurement however users prosecute with your ads. You tin besides find cost-per-conversion and spot your YouTube ads’ show alongside your Search and Shopping ads’ attribution reports.

YouTube Advertising Cost

The outgo of YouTube ads is based connected views. Each presumption tin outgo betwixt $0.10 and $0.30, depending connected your manufacture and people keywords. You tin walk arsenic small oregon arsenic overmuch arsenic you want. If you acceptable a regular budget, Google volition lone complaint you up until that amount, making YouTube ads a harmless investment.

Keywords are comparatively little costly to people connected YouTube than successful accepted Google Search, wherever the mean outgo per click is estimated to beryllium betwixt $1-2.

While large contented is bound to beryllium found, it's important to beryllium proactive astir gaining the attraction of prospects and educating those who are unfamiliar with your brand. YouTube ads let you to bash conscionable that. It’s a cost-effective mode to people your assemblage with a much engaging signifier of contented — video oregon audio.

The Types of YouTube Video Ads

There are respective cardinal types of video ads successful which you tin put connected YouTube. Google outlines the basal formats here. Below, we spell into much detail.

1. In-Feed Video Ads

In-feed video ads amusement up connected the YouTube homepage, hunt results pages, and arsenic related videos connected YouTube video ticker pages.

This advertisement appeared aft performing a YouTube search:

YouTube find ads exampleOnce a idiosyncratic clicks connected the ad, the destination video leafage features a spot connected the right-hand file wherever a companion banner show advertisement volition appear.

2. Skippable In-Stream Ads

Skippable in-stream ads are the modular video advertisement benignant connected YouTube. Advertisers lone wage for these ads erstwhile a idiosyncratic watches the advertisement for astatine slightest 30 seconds, until the extremity of the video, oregon if the spectator takes an action, specified arsenic clicking connected a call-to-action. YouTube requires that skippable ads beryllium betwixt 12 seconds and 6 minutes successful length.

You'll spot these ads play earlier idiosyncratic watches the video they’ve selected connected YouTube. Viewers sometimes person the enactment to skip the advertisement aft watching it for 5 seconds. You tin besides person them play anyplace successful the Google Display Network (GDN) — oregon sites that purchased Google video advertisement space.

In-stream ads besides fto marketers customize video ads with antithetic CTAs and overlay text, arsenic highlighted successful the skippable in-stream advertisement illustration beneath from Grammarly.

YouTube TrueView in-stream ads example

Notice that there’s different CTA from Grammarly connected apical of the right-hand suggested video columns.

What Skippable In-Stream Ad Videos Can Include

Skippable advertisement campaigns tin see videos with people, dialogue, and euphony that was retrieved with support — oregon is considered royalty-free. However, it's champion not to tally a modular promotional commercial. Because these videos tin beryllium skipped, you request to springiness your assemblage a crushed to support watching, and merchandise plugs historically don't get the views you mightiness expect.

Instead, archer a communicative with the clip you person successful this video. People emotion seeing lawsuit studies of those who faced a conflict that they tin empathize with. It's a root of amusement that makes your marque memorable and little tempting to skip.

With skippable in-stream ads, advertisers tin summation a ton of accusation astir the show of their ads for optimization and investigating purposes.

Using their Google Ads account, YouTube relationship managers tin cod information connected an ad's completed views, partial views, transmission subscriptions, clickthrough rates connected CTAs, views sourced from a idiosyncratic sharing the content, and views connected the brand's different contented that tin beryllium attributed to a idiosyncratic initially viewing a video ad.

These actions assistance advertisers amended recognize the afloat worth of their video advertisement walk and wherever to allocate fund to summation results.

3. Non-Skippable In-Stream Ads

Non-skippable ads tin play before, mid-roll, oregon aft the main video. They tin beryllium 15 to 20 seconds successful duration. Here’s an example:

YouTube non-skippable in-stream ads example

Non-skippable mid-roll video ads look midway done a YouTube video that's 10 minutes oregon longer. On the desktop, viewers volition spot a five-second countdown, and connected the app, they’ll spot yellowish markers wherever the ads are placed.

What Non-Skippable Videos Can Include

Non-skippable ads springiness you conscionable arsenic overmuch state arsenic skippable ads successful their allotted content. You tin see people, dialogue, audio, and much elements that you find champion correspond your marque successful 15 to 20 seconds.

Because non-skippable ads can't beryllium skipped, these videos are champion created with a call-to-action (CTA) truthful you tin optimize the attraction you bash person from the viewer. In different words, promote viewers to click connected your advertisement and person thing successful return. Perhaps you've released a caller merchandise oregon are promoting a large lawsuit this play — usage non-skippable ads to get those clicks.

4. Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are the shortest benignant of YouTube video advertisement disposable to you. At conscionable six seconds per bumper, these advertisement spots play earlier a viewer's chosen video. It’s besides non-skippable.

YouTube bumper ads exampleBumper video ads evidently can't archer a good-enough communicative successful conscionable six seconds, but they marque terrific complements to larger video campaigns connected a caller merchandise motorboat oregon event. Just beryllium definite to usage the six seconds wisely, and see lone the components of your marque you privation your assemblage to remember.

5. Overlay Ads

Overlay ads are a benignant of banner advertisement that hovers astatine the bottommost of the video, arsenic shown below. This benignant of advertisement is perfect to supplement your different in-stream video campaigns. A banner advertisement helps to debar advertizing your merchandise successful an intrusive mode portion inactive reaching your people audience.

YouTube overlay advertisement example

Now that you're acquainted with the types of ads you tin tally wrong the YouTube platform, let's screen the nuts and bolts of launching a YouTube advertisement campaign.

How to Advertise connected YouTube: Launch an Ad Campaign

Once you’ve created a selling video you privation to advertise connected YouTube, it’s clip to create your video advertisement campaign.

If you haven’t made a video yet, here’s however to get started with Animoto oregon Wistia, on with a fewer great examples of YouTube ads.

Step 1: Upload your video to YouTube.

 Upload videoStep 2: Login to oregon Setup your Google Ads account.

Now, you're acceptable to acceptable up your advertizing campaign. First, spell to your Google Ads account. If you haven’t made 1 already, you tin motion up with a Google Workspace email (either idiosyncratic oregon business).

When you archetypal motion up, the surface mightiness punctual you to commencement creating a run close away. Look for an enactment that says “Are you a nonrecreational marketer?” oregon “Set up without creating a campaign” and click. That way, you tin get to your marque caller Google Ads dashboard.

Step 3: Create a caller campaign.

When you entree the dashboard, click the fastener that says “+ New Campaign”.

 Start campaign

Step 4: Choose the extremity and run type.

You’ll beryllium prompted to prime a goal, past a run type. Choose immoderate extremity you’d prefer. Under run type, prime “Video.”

 Choose a goal

Step 5: Choose the run subtype and strategy.

You’ll beryllium prompted to prime a run subtype: Video scope campaign, outstream, oregon advertisement sequence. Choose “Video scope campaign.”

 Choose a run subtype

In the aforesaid screen, prime your method for reaching your goal: Either “Efficient scope (Bumper, Skippable in-stream, oregon a mix)” oregon “Non-skippable in-stream.”

 Choose a strategy

Step 6: Enter a run name.

Next, participate a sanction for your campaign. Leave the bid strategy arsenic is.

 Choose a run name

Step 7: Enter a budget.

Set your fund per time oregon for the full campaign. Setting a regular fund tin assistance you support regular costs debased portion ensuring you don’t tally retired of wealth excessively quickly. Setting a run full fund tin assistance you found a fixed concern magnitude that Google won’t spell over.

After that, take a commencement and extremity date.

 Set a budget

Step 8: Choose networks, locations, and languages.

Decide wherever you privation your advertisement to appear.

  • YouTube hunt results: Your video advertisement volition look successful results for searches and volition look connected the YouTube homepage, transmission pages, and video pages.
  • YouTube videos: This runs skippable in-stream ads that look pre- oregon mid-roll during a YouTube video.
  • Video partners connected the Display Network: With this option, you tin take for your video advertisement to look earlier oregon astir videos crossed the Google Display Network.

You should make abstracted campaigns for YouTube hunt results and YouTube videos, arsenic this volition assistance you to amended way show metrics. These ads are served to radical performing precise antithetic activities and necessitate a antithetic magnitude of committedness from the viewer, truthful it's champion to show show separately.

Next, specify the determination of users whom you privation the advertisement to beryllium shown to. You tin besides exclude definite locations.

Last, take the languages that your people assemblage speaks.

 Choose networks and locations

Step 9: Set up contented exclusions and excluded types and labels.

These options are for those who wouldn't similar to advertise their brands connected videos that person profanity oregon intersexual content.

Choose betwixt “Expanded inventory” (excludes videos that person excessive profanity and graphic content), “Standard inventory” (excludes videos with beardown profanity and graphic content), and “Limited inventory” (excludes videos with mean profanity and graphic content).

 Exclude contented if needed

Under “Excluded types and labels,” you tin besides forestall your ads from showing up successful embedded YouTube videos and live-streaming videos. In addition, you tin exclude contented based connected their contented labels (G, PG, MA, and truthful on).

Step 10: Choose related videos.

You person the enactment of adding related videos to look beneath your ad. You tin adhd up to five.

 Add related videos

Step 11: Configure precocious settings.

In the precocious options, you tin specify the operating system, device, and bearer for much granular targeting. This is particularly utile for mobile app ads, and there's an enactment to summation oregon alteration your bid based connected if the video advertisement is shown to idiosyncratic connected a mobile device.

You tin acceptable opening and ending dates for your campaign, make a customized docket for erstwhile your video advertisement should beryllium shown, and bounds the regular impressions and views for users. This each helps you to get the astir instrumentality for your advertisement spend.

Step 12: Set up demographics and assemblage segments.

Next, specify the assemblage you would similar the video to beryllium shown to — options see gender, age, parental status, and household income. You tin besides people individuals by their interests, specified arsenic quality mavens, cooking enthusiasts, fearfulness movie fans, etc.

Try moving aggregate campaigns to people antithetic groups of users to observe who is astir engaged, alternatively than including everyone you privation to people successful 1 campaign.

 Choose demographics

Step 13: Select people keywords, topics, and placements.

You tin besides people individuals by keywords, topics, oregon placements wherever you would similar your video advertisement to appear. Keyword targeting with in-display ads tin beryllium a almighty instrumentality for uncovering individuals who are looking for a ocular reply to a question. Be definite to bash your research, and effort investigating retired antithetic groups of keywords to spot which leads to much views, clicks, oregon conversions.

Additionally, you tin usage video ads to remarket to radical who person been successful interaction with your marque already. This tin assistance you to re-engage those who are already acquainted with your brand.

 Choose keywords and topics

Step 14: Start bidding.

Next, find the max terms you volition wage for each view, which you tin set to summation the fig of projected views your video whitethorn receive.


Step 15: Create the video advertisement assets.

Last, insert the YouTube nexus for the video you would similar to tally the advertisement for. You volition past take whether you privation this to tally arsenic an in-stream advertisement oregon an in-display ad.

For in-display, you'll request to see a rubric and abbreviated description, which is entered connected 2 abstracted lines. Note: Titles are constricted to 25 characters, and the statement lines are constricted to 35 characters each.

In-stream ads supply you with the enactment to overlap a show URL connected apical of the video. You should usage a vanity URL that directs to different last URL to marque it much memorable. You tin see precocious URL tracking options. In addition, a companion banner made from images from your video volition look connected the close broadside of the video ad.

 Add the video creative

Click Done, past click Create Campaign.

 Create a campaign

Finished! Google volition past punctual you to enactment successful your recognition paper accusation (if they don’t person it already) truthful they tin statesman moving your ad.

Step 16: Link your Google Ads account.

You should nexus your Google Ads relationship to the YouTube transmission wherever the video is hosted if you haven't already. On the apical navigation bar, click “Tools & Settings.” Under “Set Up,” spell to “Linked accounts.”

"Linked accounts" paper point wrong Google Ads

Choose YouTube from the screen, and you’ll beryllium prompted to adhd a channel.

Linking YouTube transmission to Google Ads

10 Tips for Optimizing Your Video Ads

Launching a video advertisement run is simply a large step, but determination are immoderate things you should acceptable up anterior to starting to wage for views. That way, you marque the astir of your fund and spot the highest instrumentality connected investment.

1. Define your metrics and goals.

When analyzing the results, determination are 4 main categories of metrics you tin way for each video.

Views and Impressions

Under the "views" category, you tin amended recognize what percent of the advertisement radical viewed and recognize however the advertisement drove earned views. You tin besides spot however it accrued views connected your brand's different videos.

YouTube ads views and impressions


This class tin beryllium utilized to way engagement metrics divided up based connected age, gender, household income, and parental status.

YouTube ads audience

View Rate

The presumption complaint could awesome if the originative and connection are absorbing oregon entertaining capable for radical to ticker the ad. By expanding your view-through complaint (VTR), you volition little your outgo per view.

YouTube ads presumption rate


Conversions volition assistance you amended recognize if your advertisement is driving leads and returning a precocious ROI for your brand.

YouTube ads conversions

Depending connected the goals for the brand, you should find a fewer goals based connected these metrics and formalize a program for optimizing originative and trying antithetic targeting criteria to amended results. Your goals should besides find the benignant of contented you volition diagnostic successful the advertisement — immoderate metrics are amended for branding goals and others volition thrust leads and conversions.

2. Track debased performing placements.

If you're moving in-display ads that volition look crossed the Google Display Network, you tin reappraisal wherever the advertisement has appeared successful by navigating to Video Targeting > Placements > Where ads were shown > Display web from your Google Ads Campaigns dashboard. Review this database to spot if immoderate peculiar sites are contributing to mediocre show for your desired metrics. Exclude these sites from your advertisement run moving guardant to summation your mean CPV.

3. Use a customized thumbnail image.

Design oregon usage a high-quality inactive representation from the video to entice a spectator to click connected your video. Remember, this representation needs to beryllium legible by users connected antithetic devices, including mobile. If your representation contains a person, marque definite they’re looking into the camera. If you are featuring a product, marque definite the inheritance isn't distracting.

4. Drive radical to bargain with cards.

A YouTube card is teased with a tiny "i" symbol, which the spectator tin click to expand. You tin clip this quality truthful lone users who engaged with the video and contented volition spot the notification.

With cards, you tin diagnostic a merchandise related to oregon featured successful the video to thrust merchandise purchases. You tin besides usage cards to thrust fundraising donations, postulation to a URL, oregon postulation to different videos arsenic shown successful the illustration beneath from our YouTube channel. Each format volition let you to customize the paper with text, images, and different options.

YouTube video cards examples

5. Create calls-to-action.

When promoting a video connected YouTube, you tin see call-to-action overlays that nexus to a URL. You could nexus to a landing page, merchandise page, accusation page, vocation leafage ... immoderate you'd like. You could besides nonstop radical to a favorable study oregon interrogation featuring the brand.

6. Create a YouTube extremity slate.

Create an extremity screen to thrust subscribers to your channel, beforehand your societal networks, oregon summation involvement successful your brand. If idiosyncratic has watched a video until the end, it's a bully motion they bask your contented and mightiness beryllium funny successful subscribing to your transmission for aboriginal updates.

This extremity slate by HubSpot increases subscribers and societal media fans portion besides highlighting different absorbing topics its big has featured. Once you physique the image, you volition beryllium capable to annotate the extremity surface successful YouTube's video editor.YouTube video extremity slate examples

7. Use antagonistic remarketing.

If you are moving a run for a longer play of clip and privation to lone pull caller users to a brand, see creating a database of radical who your advertisement volition not beryllium shown to.

You tin agelong your run fund and people lone unsocial users by excluding those who person antecedently viewed the circumstantial video, who person visited your YouTube channel, oregon who person shared, liked, oregon commented connected immoderate of your videos.

8. Use adjacent captioning to cater to viewers’ needs and wants.

This extremity applies to each YouTube videos — but it's a wide champion signifier that's not followed by galore brands. Include a prime video transcription you've generated and approved. Only user-uploaded transcriptions are indexed by Google due to the fact that YouTube's automatic captioning tin beryllium little than reliable. Depending connected your people audience, you whitethorn besides privation to see transcriptions successful assorted different languages. You tin besides connection users the enactment to download oregon sojourn a tract leafage with the afloat transcription successful your video description.

9. Qualify viewers.

Sometimes, your advertisement volition beryllium seen by radical who person nary involvement successful your product. Encourage them to skip the advertisement if the contented isn't applicable truthful you don't person to wage for the presumption and they don't discarded their clip watching irrelevant advertising.

10. Consider making your advertisement longer.

When it comes to skippable in-stream ads, if the advertisement is nether 30 seconds, you'll wage lone if a spectator watches until the end. If the advertisement is longer than 30 seconds, you wage if the spectator watches it for astatine slightest 30 seconds. In some cases, you wage if the spectator interacts with your advertisement earlier it's over. Consider this erstwhile you are coming up with ideas for contented for the ad. You whitethorn privation to enactment messaging astatine a definite constituent truthful uninterested viewers tin skip the ad, oregon you mightiness supply peculiar offers towards the extremity of the video.

The Future of Video is Bright

Video contented is simply a must-have portion of your contented strategy. This is adjacent much applicable present that YouTube lets marketers people users based connected their hunt histories. YouTube advertizing is much targeted than ever, and it’s little competitory existent property than the satellite of Google Search. Try your manus astatine creating a YouTube advertisement run of your ain and spot the results for yourself.

Editor's note: This station was primitively published successful February 2017 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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