Who Should I (or My Business) Be on Threads? Should You Tweak Personal Branding for the New Platform?

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Meta has an reply to Twitter, and it's Threads. The societal media conglomerate launched Threads successful July, and nan level amassed 100 cardinal users successful conscionable 5 days.

A personification holds a magnifying solid complete a smartphone that's playing a video of an influencer.

If you're a marque looking to hop connected nan Threads train sooner alternatively than later, you're apt wondering what your leveraging of nan app should look like. 

Specifically, who should your marque beryllium connected Threads and should you tweak your individual branding? What benignant of contented are users posting and engaging with, and what type of personality shines connected nan platform?

Threads is still comparatively new, and there's still clip for nan app's wide vibe to create and change, but here's what we cognize truthful far.  

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What is Threads?

Threads is Meta's reply to Twitter (now precocious rebranded to X). Threads is an app for Instagram users to station threads, reply to different users, and travel profiles. Posts and replies tin see links, videos, photos, aliases immoderate combination. 

Once you motion up for Threads, you tin import each of your followers from Instagram arsenic followers connected Thread. From a branding perspective, nan import is adjuvant because you tin seamlessly move astir of your assemblage from Instagram to Threads. 

What Makes Threads Different from X 

Unlike X, Threads does not person hashtags, nonstop messaging, aliases a "For You" page that shows recommended content. Like X, Threads is simply a micro-blogging level allowing matter posts and replies.

However, posts aliases updates connected Threads tin see up to 500 characters, while X only allows 280. 

For now, Threads is free and requires nary in-app purchases aliases upgrades. 

How are brands utilizing Threads?

Meta CEO Mark Zuckerburg says nan imagination for Threads is "to create an unfastened and friends nationalist abstraction for conversation." Furthermore, a station from nan charismatic Threads relationship says nan level will "foster a affirmative and imaginative space" for users. 

The sentiments look to power nan contented brands are posting to nan app. For example, Coca-Cola's Threads relationship shares lighthearted jokes, memes, and icebreakers.

Screenshot of Coca-cola's posts connected ThreadsRetail institution Anthropologie uses its Threads relationship to stock photos of influencers and user wearing its apparel. It besides communicates and shares jokes pinch different brands.

The vibe of Anthropologie, and galore different brands connected nan app, is personable, casual, relatable, and fun.

Screenshot of Anthropologie's posts connected ThreadsContent creators are besides enjoying nan much personable facet of nan app. Food YouTuber Inga Lam told Forbes, "I consciousness for illustration nan power I was getting was very overmuch for illustration you're connected a elephantine group chat, and everyone's excited to meet everyone." 

For example, Content creator Jade Beason of HubSpot's creator web often posts casually astir her regular happenings, passing thoughts, and acquisition contented creating.

She besides posts questions to spark engagement pinch her audience.

Screenshot of Jade Beason's posts connected ThreadsWho should your marque beryllium connected Threads?

Threads is still successful its infancy, truthful it's difficult to foretell what benignant of contented will thrive connected nan app successful nan agelong run. Focus connected making your marque much relatable and quality since that contented and characteristic seems to do good connected nan app. 

I promote brands to station lighthearted, funny, and relatable content. Brands should besides beforehand engagement from their followers and foster organization by liking, reposting, and replying to applicable contented from their audiences. 

And don't beryllium acrophobic to prosecute with, repost, aliases reply to contented from influencers aliases brands that are applicable to your niche. Doing truthful tin lead to networking and collaborating pinch entities who tin present your business to a wider audience.

Experiment pinch posting videos, graphics, photos, and matter posts. Threads allows users to station various media connected its platform, truthful why not return advantage and diversify your content?

There's nary telling if Threads is present to enactment aliases if it will slice arsenic a passing trend. However, it doesn't wounded to hop connected nan app and research pinch different strategies to spot if it tin grow your societal media presence. 

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