When to Post on TikTok: A Simple Guide

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Sometimes, it's not conscionable what you station connected TikTok but when you post.

marketer deciding erstwhile to station connected TikTok

If you’re looking to summation your beingness connected the app, oregon you’re leveraging it for the archetypal time, it’s indispensable to cognize erstwhile your assemblage is progressive to get the astir reach.

The HubSpot Blog surveyed 300+ marketers to uncover the champion clip to station connected TikTok. Let's instrumentality a person look astatine the results.

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Best Days to Post connected TikTok

Best Times to Post connected TikTok

How to Find the Best Time to Post connected TikTok For Your Business

Can you station excessively overmuch connected TikTok?

Best Days to Post connected TikTok

The champion days to station connected TikTok are Saturday, Friday, and Sunday, successful that order. The worst days are Monday and Tuesday.

when to station connected tiktok

Best Times to Post connected TikTok

A 4th of marketers recovered the champion clip to station connected TikTok is betwixt 6-9 PM, followed by 3-6 PM and 12-3 PM.

what times to station connected tiktok

Since TikTok is fashionable with the Gen Z assemblage  — and they're successful schoolhouse during the time — the greeting and aboriginal day "dead zone" makes sense.

So, if your assemblage skews younger, enactment wide of these dilatory hours, and effort posting aboriginal successful the day.

How to Find the Best Time to Post connected TikTok for Your Business

Our probe pinpointed the champion times and days to station connected TikTok. However, this whitethorn beryllium antithetic for your assemblage depending connected their determination and activity. 

To get a amended representation of erstwhile your assemblage is astir active, effort the pursuing strategies: 

1. Check your assemblage analytics.

You tin entree a wealthiness of information astir your assemblage and their behaviour — including erstwhile they're astir progressive — nether the Analytics tab.

To get there, you’ll request to log into your TikTok for Business account. Then, travel these steps:

1. Select the hamburger paper connected the apical right-hand country of your illustration page.

2. In the Settings and privacy menu, prime Creator tools, past Analytics (as shown successful the representation below). If you haven’t yet enabled analytics, you’ll beryllium prompted to crook it on.

tiktok analytics

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3. Then, you’ll spot a dashboard with an overview of antithetic metrics. To get much insights into your audience, prime the Followers tab. From here, you should spot your assemblage metrics, arsenic shown successful the representation below.

sample tiktok follower analytics page

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You’ll beryllium capable to spot wherever your audiences are located and erstwhile they’re astir active. Take enactment of this information, comparison it to the information we found, and prime a clip framework that aligns with your audience's presence.

2. Check your apical performing TikToks.

One of the easiest ways to find an optimal posting clip is by checking what has worked successful the past.

Take a look astatine your TikToks that person performed supra average. Were they posted aboriginal successful the week? At the beginning? Did they summation traction during the morning, afternoon, oregon evening?

Use these insights to pass your posting docket going forward. 

3. Don't beryllium acrophobic to experiment.

It’s important to enactment that investigating antithetic posting schedules is ever worthwhile to fig retired what works best.

For example, our information shows that 6-9 PM is the champion posting model — and lets accidental your in-app analytics amusement your assemblage is astir progressive connected Fridays. You tin tally your ain experimentation wherever you station astatine antithetic times connected Fridays to spot what generates the astir engagement.

Can you station excessively overmuch connected TikTok?

Most marketers station connected TikTok 4-6 times per week. However, arsenic with galore societal media sites, it is imaginable to station excessively overmuch and oversaturate your audiences.

It’s champion to trial retired antithetic options and travel up with a strategy that aligns with your goals truthful that erstwhile you bash post, you’re sharing contented your audiences privation to spot and erstwhile they’re astir apt to spot it.

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