What is Email Cadence? What Marketers Should Know + Best Practices

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There's overmuch much to email campaigns than drafting up immoderate transcript and hitting send.

A personification received an email notifation connected their laptop

One of nan astir important components is email cadence: nan pulse, pace, and playbook of a successful email campaign. In different words, if you tin get nan correct emails to nan correct customers astatine nan correct time, you tin get a batch of mileage retired of your email trading efforts.

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Let's return a deeper dive into what an email cadence is and found nan basal principles of structuring a successful one.

The occurrence of an email run tin hinge upon nan effectiveness of its cadence.

If your cadence is excessively intrusive, obnoxious, aliases directionless, you tin suffer retired connected opportunities to guideline leads done their buyers' journeys.

If imaginable customers consciousness pestered aliases confused by constant, irrelevant newsletters and promotions, they astir apt won’t instrumentality astir to perceive what you person to say.

Email Marketing Frequency

In a caller HubSpot Blogs study of 300 marketers, a whopping 95% reported their email trading strategy was effective successful 2021. Let's return a look astatine wherever (and when) they're uncovering success.

Email Frequency

When it comes to frequency, present are a fewer stats to know:

  • Emails sent connected Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday get nan astir engagement.
  • Marketing emails sent from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. connected Tuesday garner nan astir engagement, followed by Monday and Wednesday astatine nan aforesaid time.
  • The play is simply a dormant area for engagement — Friday, Saturday, and Sunday person nan lowest unfastened and click-through rates.

Another study by Databox recovered that 33% of marketers nonstop play emails, while 26% nonstop emails "multiple times per month." In addition, 63% said they set their nonstop wave for little engaged subscribers.

graph showing really often marketers nonstop emailsOf course, immoderate marketers nonstop emails much than erstwhile a week, while others nonstop less. As you'll spot later, nan "right" email wave is not an nonstop formula. Instead, it depends connected your business and audience.

Here are immoderate examples and champion practices to employment to guarantee your adjacent campaign's email cadence is nan champion it tin be.

Email Cadence Examples

One illustration of email cadence is curating nan timing of your emails to entreaty to a circumstantial demographic. For instance, let's opportunity you tally a sunglasses institution and want to entreaty to a target demographic of 18- to 25-year-olds via an email campaign. 

Your investigation indicates that consumers successful your target demographic astir often cheque their emails early successful nan morning, betwixt 6 a.m. and 9 a.m. As a result, you nonstop your emails astatine 5:45 a.m., truthful they're among nan first your consumers spot erstwhile they cheque their inboxes. 

Another illustration is curating nan wave of your emails to a target demographic. Let's opportunity you want your sunglasses institution to entreaty to consumers who are ages 55 and above. 

Your user investigation shows that buyers successful that demographic for illustration to person emails little frequently. To boost engagement successful your emails, you determine only to nonstop emails each 2 weeks. 

Email Cadence Best Practices

  1. Understand your goals and your customer's mindset.
  2. Personalize erstwhile you can.
  3. Use A/B testing to spot what subscribers prefer.
  4. Don’t beryllium excessively awkward aliases aggressive.
  5. Hone successful connected nan correct wave for your business.
  6. Give your subscribers autonomy.
  7. Express gratitude pinch gifts.
  8. Add a survey.
  9. Monitor analytics.

Understand your goals and your customer's mindset.

What do you want retired of your email cadence? You request to understand wherever you’re trying to lead your prospects and customers. Are you looking to amended postulation to your blog? Drive e-commerce sales? Schedule meetings? Close deals?

An email cadence guides buyers from constituent A to constituent B. You can't do that if you person nary thought what "point B" is. Your eventual extremity will dictate nan strategy down your cadence.

If you're trying to do thing for illustration summation postulation to your blog, you tin guidelines to suffer much subscribers than you would if you were trying to tribunal a group of income leads into scheduling demos.

If you're sending emails purely for nan liking of sending emails, your cadence will beryllium aimless and haphazard. Plus, you'll discarded a batch of clip and resources connected email campaigns that spell nowhere.

Pro Tip: Consider creating a goal-setting worksheet and laying retired SMART Goals for your email run to support yourself connected way for success. 

In summation to knowing your trading goals, you request to understand nan minds of your consumers. 

The full constituent of having an email cadence is to hone successful connected messaging that will resonate astir pinch a circumstantial customer astatine a fixed constituent successful time. That intends one-size-fits-all, "throw everything astatine everyone," impersonal emails won't trim it.

You request to nonstop your recipients thing applicable to who they are arsenic a customer. That often intends knowing wherever they are successful their buyer’s journey.

The buyer's travel is nan process buyers spell done to go alert of, evaluate, and yet determine to acquisition a caller merchandise aliases service. It's divided into 3 stages: Awareness, Consideration, and Decision.

You can't expect to target buyers successful each 3 stages pinch nan aforesaid connection and person it instantly registry pinch them crossed nan board. Different stages — and engagement levels wrong those stages — warrant different messages.

Additionally, done nan wonders of automation, coordinating this benignant of strategy is possible.

Several kinds of email and trading automation package let you to group up nan due infrastructure to tailor email contented and timing to suit different leads’ behaviour and interests.

Pro Tip: HubSpot's free email automation tool allows marketers to create and schedule aesthetically pleasing, personalized trading emails pinch ease.

Campaign Assistant is besides disposable to make email taxable lines to seizure nan recipient's attention.

Personalize erstwhile you can.

Think backmost connected each nan targeted emails companies person sent you complete nan years. How inclined person you been to click done ones addressed to "valued customer," aliases "to whom it whitethorn concern?" I don’t deliberation it's outrageous to presume nan reply is "not often."

Why would your customers beryllium immoderate different? A successful cadence relies connected your leads clicking done your emails and progressing done their buyer's journey.

In fact, 47.2% of marketers opportunity email personalization is nan astir effective email trading strategy for reaching their goals. 

graphic showing 47.2% of marketers opportunity email personalization is nan astir effective strategy successful their email trading campaignIf you're sending impersonal mass-email blasts, crossing your fingers, and hoping for nan best, your prospects whitethorn beryllium suspended successful buyer's limbo.

Fortunately, there's a assortment of email package that allows you to personalize your taxable lines and email contented to cater to circumstantial leads.

Pro Tip: Not judge really to personalize your trading emails? Here are 23 examples to get immoderate ideas flowing. 

Use A/B testing to spot what subscribers prefer.

A/B testing is an fantabulous measurement to observe really your customers respond to different email frequencies. For instance, you tin nonstop 1 group play trading emails and different group bi-weekly emails.

Or, you tin nonstop emails to 1 group early successful nan greeting and to different group later successful nan afternoon. Then you tin usage nan information to find nan champion clip and cadence to nonstop emails.

Don’t beryllium excessively awkward aliases aggressive.

When readying an email cadence, you shouldn't err excessively overmuch connected nan broadside of "I don’t want to fuss you."

It's easy to get worry astir losing leads by coming disconnected arsenic obnoxious aliases intrusive, but you person to understand there's a quality betwixt being pushy and professionally persistent.

You're missing retired connected income opportunities if you're not consistently sending retired emails. A large portion of email trading is keeping your prospects and customers engaged.

You mightiness go an afterthought if a lead only gets an email from you erstwhile each 2 months.

Email cadences are a matter of strategically striking while nan iron's hot. You can't do that if you're excessively reluctant to onslaught astatine all.

Even though you shouldn't beryllium excessively passive, you don’t want to beryllium overly aggressive.

There's a movie from nan '80s called Say Anything. It has an iconic segment wherever nan main characteristic stands extracurricular his emotion interest's model and serenades her by blaring a opus called "In Your Eyes" by Peter Gabriel from a boombox he's holding complete his head.

She swoons complete it, and they thrust disconnected into nan sunset together connected a lawnmower ( … for immoderate reason).

It's romanticist and compelling. But, if he did that doubly a day, each time — playing similar, anthemic 80's stone songs connected her beforehand section — she'd beryllium complete it beautiful quickly. He'd person to return his lawnmower and Peter Gabriel cassettes location else.

That's fundamentally what sending emails excessively often successful your cadence is like. If your leads person obtrusive, regular reminders and promotions from you, they'll unsubscribe from your mailing list.

Pro Tip: Create a accordant email trading almanac to guarantee your emails enactment consistent. Also, beryllium judge to pass pinch your squad and different departments to make judge your statement isn't sending excessively galore emails astatine a time.

Hone successful connected nan correct wave for your business.

There's nary magic fig erstwhile it comes to email frequency. It's going to alteration from business to business. It whitethorn return immoderate clip to get nan correct consciousness for really often you should nonstop your emails.

Studying your manufacture averages for email wave tin supply a coagulated spot to start.

A salient manner marque routinely sending retired caller promotions and coupons astir apt isn't going to person nan aforesaid email wave arsenic a midsize B2B SaaS institution looking to group meetings pinch decision-makers.

Email wave isn't an nonstop science. It's astir apt going to return immoderate trial-and-error earlier you find 1 that champion fits some your business and customers' interests.

Pro Tip: If you're unsure wherever to commencement erstwhile deciding connected your cadence, support successful mind that our study recovered that astir marketers listed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday arsenic days successful which their emails get nan astir engagement. 

graph showing nan champion days to nonstop trading emailsGive your subscribers autonomy.

Always springiness your subscribers nan action to power their ain email frequency. Giving them this benignant of autonomy tin support them from unsubscribing from your mailing database outright if your email wave seems for illustration a spot excessively overmuch for them.

Include a nexus to let them to update their email preferences arsenic they spot fresh astatine nan extremity of your emails.

Customers don't ever attack email frequencies successful absolutes. Even if they're overwhelmed by really galore emails you're sending them, they still mightiness want to support proceeding from you. Give them nan state to pump nan brakes.

If they don't person nan elasticity to do that, they'll astir apt conscionable trim you off.

You should ever beryllium putting nan customer first. Their individual interests return precedence complete what you mightiness judge to beryllium your preferred email cadence.

Express gratitude pinch gifts.

While ‘thank you’ emails are great, nary of it intends thing unless a civilization of gift-giving is baked into your business. Even nan astir imaginative convey you emailers consciousness quiet without gifts.

Think of it arsenic a individual relationship. Will your woman for illustration it if you meet her aft 1 aliases 2 months pinch conscionable a bully note? Do you deliberation she will grin and opportunity thanks? Of course, not! Now, what if you springiness her a personalized gift? Do you get nan impact?

When you adhd astonishment and delight mechanisms to your customer relationship strategy, you create a beardown enslaved pinch your customers and acquisition an unthinkable boost successful nan wide acquisition wave and engagement levels.

For nan astonishment and delight constituent to create a ‘wow’ impact, it is important to offer well-curated and charismatic rewards to your customers. And to get this right, "personalization" is nan key.

Don’t judge us? Then publication this: according to a McKinsey report, 83% of customers expect personalized experiences from their favourite brands. So, find what reward combinations activity nan champion pinch circumstantial customers.

Another important use of nan astonishment and delight constituent is that your customers stock those experiences pinch others connected societal media, building goodwill for your brand.

Add a survey.

Surveys are an easy and effective measurement to find if subscribers are happy pinch your existent email cadence. Simply create a study asking subscribers if they are satisfied.

Surveys tin besides thief you find nan benignant of contented your assemblage prefers successful their inbox.

Pro Tip: Create unsubscribe surveys to study while personification mightiness discontinue your list. 

Monitor analytics.

Of course, you can't amended your email run if you don't way your progress. Make judge to show your emails' unfastened rates, click-through rates, and wide engagement to find if your cadence is helping aliases hurting your campaign. 

Pro Tip: According to our survey, nan apical 3 astir important metrics for determining an email campaign's effectiveness are unfastened rate, click-through rate, and conversion rate.

Finding your perfect email cadence mightiness not hap pinch your first bid of automated emails. Still, location are definite actions you tin return to return to put yourself successful nan champion position to find nan 1 that useful champion for your business.

Your main privilege should ever beryllium your prospects and customers' interests.

Try to understand wherever they’re coming from, wherever they guidelines successful position of buying your merchandise aliases service, and what they mightiness want retired of you and your business, and cater your email cadence astir that.


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