We Just Witnessed the Birth of a Social Media Channel: What to Know About Threads

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In early July, Instagram released its latest app Threads and instantly captured everyone’s attention. Thirty cardinal people’s attraction to beryllium exact.

threads nan caller text-based app by Instagram

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Within 10 days, Threads had reached a whopping 100 cardinal progressive users, moreover trending connected Twitter, nan incumbent.

Let’s excavation into:

  • What Threads is
  • How to Create a Profile
  • Key Features
  • What It Might Mean for Marketers

What is Threads?

Launched successful early July, Threads is Instagram’s text-based speech app. Currently, nan level is afloat integrated pinch Instagram, pinch users required to person an relationship to entree Threads.

This is apt why Threads took disconnected truthful quickly, increasing much than 5 times faster than nan erstwhile grounds holder for fastest increasing app, according to Business Insider.

Threads repost from Spotify wherever they repost Thread from @tyga that sounds "workin smarter not harder" and adhd "me aft spending nan past 8 business hours connected threads."

Users tin easy transportation their floor plan accusation and their followers to their Threads account, removing clash and making app take easy.

In addition, users tin embed Thread posts into their Stories and floor plan bios, which is judge to make much liking successful nan caller app.

threads interface

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The level came astatine a clip erstwhile Twitter (now rebranding to X) is undergoing some technical issues and cultural shifts nether Elon Musk’s leadership.

The level had already been suffering from a estimation of being one of nan astir toxic apps connected nan internet. Now, Threads came retired and successful their property release, they pledged to “enable positive, productive conversations.”

Mark Zuckerberg moreover called Twitter retired straight connected this:

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How To Create a Profile connected Threads

1. Sign successful pinch your Instagram relationship and click Join.

How Threads Works page

2. Customize your profile. 

customizing Threads profile

In this step, you tin take to import your bio specifications from Instagram.

3. Choose a backstage aliases nationalist profile.

Users 16 years aged (or 18 successful immoderate countries) will beryllium defaulted to nan backstage profile.

threads motion up page connected privacy

4. Decide who you'll follow. 

Threads subordinate page

5. You're each set. 

So, really is Threads different from Twitter? Let’s dive in.

Key Features connected Threads

On Threads, users tin posts matter up to 500 characters, stock photos, and people videos up to 5 minutes.

There are existent 5 tabs:

  • The feed, where users will spot posts from followers arsenic good arsenic different users.
  • The hunt tab, wherever users tin navigate to circumstantial profiles.
  • The caller station tab, wherever users tin commencement a thread.
  • The activity tab, wherever users tin spot their travel requests, replies, likes, and mentions, quotes, and reposts.
  • The floor plan tab, where users tin spot their ain floor plan and make changes.

User interface-wise, it’s difficult to show nan rival apps apart. They’re truthful akin you could deliberation Threads was Twitter aft a awesome update.

Netflix posts "is beyonce present yet" successful their Threads bio

The app features buttons for likes, replies, reposts, and of course, threads. However, it’s still beautiful constricted successful position of functionality.

Currently, users cannot:

  • Scroll done a provender pinch conscionable their followers.
  • Send nonstop messages aliases entree immoderate DM features.
  • See trending topics and/or stories.
  • Use hashtags.
  • Edit their posts aft publishing.
  • Search to find conversations.
  • Switch accounts (a awesome downside for societal media managers)
  • Access a full-navigational desktop version.

After that first climb to 100 cardinal users, a caller BBC article reports that more than half of users person dropped off. But Zuckerberg isn’t worried.

“If you person much than 100 cardinal group motion up, ideally, it would beryllium awesome if each of them, aliases moreover half of them, stuck around. We're not location yet,” he said.

Meta is reportedly moving connected updates to adhd caller features, specifically retention-driving hooks, arsenic reported by nan BBC.

What does this mean for marketers?

Stay fresh truthful you don’t person to get ready.

A batch is happening successful nan text-based societal space. With Twitter’s latest rebrand, immoderate – aliases galore – users whitethorn beryllium pulled to platforms for illustration Threads.

Social platforms travel and go. Before location was Threads, location was Mastodon, Spills, Hive Social, Blue Sky (and galore more) – astir of which are still progressive and increasing their personification base.

Given nan standard and scope Meta has, Threads was capable to outperform astir of its title soon aft launch. So, it has a stronger chance of sticking.

So, don’t hold until that learning curve gets steeper. Start now while everyone is exploring.

This doesn’t mean strategy conscionable yet – observe. How are users interacting? How are your competitors approaching this?

This is nan prep activity that’ll let you to pivot and strategize if and erstwhile nan clip comes. And if we’re talking astir Meta, that clip ever does.

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