The Best Fonts for Your Resume in 2023, According to HubSpot Recruiters

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Besides your content, utilizing 1 of nan champion fonts successful your resume whitethorn thief you get a recruiter’s attention. Studies person shown recruiters typically scan a resume for six to 30 seconds earlier deciding if an applicant is fresh for a role.

Job applicant uses champion resume font to thief guidelines retired from different candidates

With only a fewer seconds to show your qualifications for a position, each item counts – including nan font you use. The mobility is, what are nan champion resume fonts to walk nan six to thirty-seconds scan?

We asked HubSpot recruiters to uncover nan 7 champion fonts for your resume and what they see successful position of creation ‌so your resume tin guidelines retired successful a pile.

Expert Advice connected Choosing nan Right Font

Best Fonts for Resumes

Does Using The Best Resume Fonts Even Matter?

Worst Fonts for Resumes

Ideal Resume Font Sizes

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Expert Advice connected Choosing nan Right Font

To evoke a consciousness of style, professionalism, and uniqueness, you must put effort and information into your font choice. When speaking pinch recruiters, it quickly became evident that classical fonts are still nan champion options.

“I’m a large instrumentality of nan 'classics' for resumes – Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri, Helvetica, and Cambria. I’m a small aged school, but I deliberation they are nan cleanest and exude professionalism,” said Johanna Fleming, a erstwhile elder recruiter astatine HubSpot.

Riley Kundtz, nan erstwhile elder MBA field recruiter astatine HubSpot, agreed.

“I find nan classical formatting and Times font adjuvant erstwhile reference a dense resume from an knowledgeable MBA candidate.”

Times New Roman has go a spot arguable lately. It was nan go-to font for galore years because it’s accepted and recognizable, but lately, immoderate are opting against it.

“For me, it’s each astir legibility and cleanliness – I for illustration sans-serif fonts for illustration Helvetica, which is modern and elegant, complete serif fonts for illustration Times New Roman,” says Glory Montes, a method recruiter astatine HubSpot.

“Overall, I would conscionable enactment distant from a font for illustration Times New Roman; it’s overused and reminds maine of agelong nights penning people papers successful college,” adds Glory.

Georgia is 1 font The New York Times uses and is akin to Times New Roman. It’s a spot wider, making it easier to read.

Paulina Valdez Franco, executive recruiter astatine HubSpot, agrees pinch this take.

“My 2 favourite fonts are Helvetica if you're looking for a cleanable and classical look, and Georgia, if you want a much modern and nosy look,” she said. “The second is besides designed to publication good connected screens.”

Helvetica is wide utilized successful advertizing and useful arsenic good for text-heavy pages and documents.

A lesser-known font that’s a awesome action for your resume is Garamond, recommended by our existent squad lead of engineering recruiting astatine HubSpot, Rich Lapham.

“Recruiters person an thought of nan skills they are looking for connected a resume, truthful if you effort a caller style aliases format, it tin beryllium tougher for recruiters to find nan accusation they are looking for,” he said. “Keep it cleanable and simple.”

Franco added that Arial and Calibri are awesome choices to play it safe.

Bridget LeMon, HubSpot's world emerging talent and assemblage recruiting manager, echoes this.

“It's wholly acceptable – and becoming much communal – for candidates to stray distant from nan resume norms of Times New Roman and Calibri,” she said. “Avenir Next and Muna are 2 fantabulous font options if you are looking to break nan position quo.”

Ultimately, you‘ll want to see nan position you’re applying for erstwhile choosing a font. To Glory Montes’ point, definite much imaginative roles mightiness use from a unsocial font than Times New Roman.

1. Times New Roman

resume slug constituent successful times caller roman

Times New Roman font has been celebrated for resumes for decades. This serif action is easy-to-read and communicates formality. Online, nan font is azygous and accessible crossed various platforms and operating systems.


Times New Roman has a classical and master look, making it an fantabulous prime for applicants targeting firm positions. Additionally, it is simply a modular font utilized successful astir connection processors, making it an accessible action for immoderate device.

Moreover, Times New Roman is easy readable successful people and on-screen.

Best for: Word documents. PDFs tin big unsocial fonts. However, a modular font will beryllium adjuvant if your resume is uploaded arsenic a Word document.


The font's outdated look whitethorn not entreaty to each industries, and immoderate whitethorn see it bland aliases generic. Additionally, this font whitethorn make your resume blend successful pinch nan remainder owed to its ubiquity.

Times New Roman is besides a dense serif font, taking up much abstraction than different options.

2. Arial

resume slug constituent successful arial

Arial is simply a sans-serif font that has go celebrated for its cleanable and modern look. Arial's straightforward and minimalist creation has made it a celebrated prime for applicants targeting imaginative positions.


Arial offers simplicity, which allows your contented to guidelines out. Arial's legibility successful mini font sizes, moreover successful print, makes it perfect for applicants trying to fresh each nan basal accusation successful their resume connected a azygous page.

Best for: Resumes submitted online, wherever readability is basal for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) utilized successful recruitment.


The font's overuse successful branding and creation has led to its relation pinch a non-innovative style. This whitethorn make your resume little charismatic to recruiters looking for unsocial personalities who tin bring caller ideas to their team.

Arial's uniformity whitethorn not suit industries specified arsenic schematic creation aliases imaginative penning seeking to showcase productivity and flair.

Conversely, Arial whitethorn make nan matter look little general and inappropriate for circumstantial occupation applications.

3. Avenir Next

resume slug constituent successful avenir next

Avenir Next is simply a modern typeface gaining fame among designers and recruiters. Avenir Next's quality is characterized by its geometric shapes, unfastened contours, and beardown lines.

Its clean, modern look has go a celebrated font prime for resumes.


Avenir Next's sleek and modern creation makes it an fantabulous prime for applicants targeting imaginative industries. Its clear, elemental lines connection a consciousness of elegance, while its legibility gives recruiters a consciousness of professionalism.

What we love: Avenir Next is simply a scalable font. It maintains its readability moreover astatine mini sizes, and its geometric shapes make it a cleanable prime for integer resumes.


Avenir Next whitethorn not beryllium arsenic wide recognized, which could make it difficult to publication connected immoderate machine systems without nan font installed. Further, Avenir Next is simply a premium font pinch a higher value tag.

This mightiness not beryllium affordable for immoderate applicants.

4. Helvetica

resume slug constituent successful helvetica

Helvetica is simply a wide recognized and celebrated font utilized connected resumes, peculiarly successful nan creation industry. It’s clean, classic, and timeless. This font is celebrated pinch professionals, creation enthusiasts, typographers, and Wes Anderson.


Helvetica is easy to publication and has a professional, straightforward appearance. The font‘s fame intends that occupation recruiters and hiring managers are acquainted pinch it.

Helvetica’s cleanable lines springiness nan resume a system and well-organized look, making it perfect for those successful finance, law, and business management.

What we love: The font is disposable successful aggregate weights, making it easier to differentiate headings and sections successful nan resume.


The font's ubiquity successful resumes whitethorn make it consciousness overdone and uninspired. With truthful galore applicants utilizing nan font, your resume whitethorn struggle to guidelines out.

Helvetica‘s minimalist creation tin besides activity against you if your resume has constricted content. This tin make nan resume look quiet and arsenic if it lacks substance.

5. Calibri

resume slug constituent successful Calibri

Calibri is simply a modern design, making it a celebrated prime for creating a visually appealing and easy-to-read resume.


The font has been designed pinch legibility successful mind, making it an fantabulous action for resumes.

Additionally, Calibri's modern look creates a sleek and master appearance, making it perfect for occupation seekers looking to item their modern skills and qualifications.

Calibri is besides lighter than different font options, making it an perfect prime for occupation seekers trying to fresh their resumes onto a azygous page.

What we like: Calibri offers a consciousness of uniformity crossed different platforms, making it an accessible and reliable action for applicants.


Calibri is 1 of nan default fonts disposable successful astir word-processing programs. Your resume mightiness not look arsenic unsocial and tailored to your individual branding arsenic it would pinch a much chopped font.

The font tin beryllium perceived arsenic informal, making it little than perfect for general industries, for illustration rule aliases finance, wherever a much accepted look would beryllium preferred.

6. Cambria

resume slug constituent successful cambria

Cambria's classical creation features elegant serifs, making it a cleanable prime for occupation seekers. You tin easy create a traditional, professional-looking resume that stands out.


Cambria has a classical yet modern appearance. The font‘s serifs springiness it a timeless look that is cleanable for occupation seekers successful much accepted industries specified arsenic finance aliases law.

Additionally, nan font is highly readable, moreover successful smaller font sizes, which makes it an fantabulous prime for occupation seekers looking to fresh much accusation connected their resumes.

What we like: Cambria's generous spacing betwixt characters and lines makes nan resume overmuch easier to publication and stands retired from different fonts.


Some recruiters and hiring managers mightiness position nan font arsenic old-fashioned aliases generic. Further, Cambria's dense serifs whitethorn beryllium problematic for those trying to support their resume to a azygous page arsenic it tin return up much abstraction than different fonts.

7. Georgia

resume slug constituent successful georgia

Georgia is simply a accepted serif font that has been a celebrated prime for resumes owed to its elegant and classical look. Georgia's unsocial creation features distinguishable serifs that springiness it a master appearance.


Georgia's creation is easy to publication moreover successful smaller font sizes, making it a cleanable prime for occupation seekers trying to item their accomplishments successful a constricted space.

Additionally, Georgia tin beryllium customized, which makes it an fantabulous action for applicants looking to adhd their individual touch.

What we like: The font's creation combines accepted and modern aesthetics, making it a versatile action for occupation seekers applying for a wide scope of positions.


The font's accepted quality whitethorn not beryllium suitable for applicants targeting imaginative aliases non-traditional fields, wherever a much modern font whitethorn beryllium preferred.

Also, Georgia is simply a serif, making it difficult to publication successful mini sizes connected a integer screen. This mightiness not beryllium nan champion action for those chiefly applying online.

Does Using The Best Resume Fonts Even Matter?

Most recruiters I said pinch were hesitant to connection a font. Instead, they attraction connected nan content.

“I seldom salary excessively overmuch attraction to fonts,” said Heta Patel, a erstwhile HubSpot recruiter. “I'm much concerned to spot a resume that’s formatted neatly – submitting a PDF is adjuvant pinch this, truthful your formatting doesn't shift.”

Sales Recruiting Manager Kelsey Freedman agreed.

“Honestly, I attraction small astir nan font of a resume, arsenic agelong arsenic it's clear and successful PDF format," Freedman said. "I typically reappraisal a resume for 20 to 30 seconds, truthful a accepted font is good."

Freedman continued, "I would counsel avoiding book font aliases bubble font, aliases akin fonts that are distracting.”

Ultimately, and arsenic expected, your contented still matters most. However, a clear font will thief debar immoderate irritability you mightiness origin a recruiter pinch a distracting, messy design.

“What I get astir excited astir is nan content. Depending connected nan role, I look to spot that candidates are sharing nonstop and compelling snapshots of their work,” said Ashley Hodder, a world recruiting head astatine HubSpot.

“I look for indicators that show information orientation, autonomy, and thoughtfulness astir business impact,” she said.

Worst Resume Fonts

While immoderate recruiters whitethorn not person suggestions for nan champion fonts, galore tin work together connected immoderate of nan worst ones.

“Anything that is cursive aliases excessively bubbly is excessively difficult to read. For instance, I'd enactment clear of Comic Sans,” says Holly Peterson, squad lead for UX recruiting HubSpot.

Another resume font type to debar is Script.

With text-heavy documents, Scripts, and immoderate of their derivatives make matter difficult to publication because they look for illustration they’re written by hand.

They’re mostly utilized successful manus lettering and calligraphy for creator projects and shouldn’t beryllium coming anyplace adjacent your resume.

Ideal Resume Font Size

When asked which font size is best, Fleming said 12 is ideal. Most recruiters would agree.

Your matter should beryllium ample capable to publication comfortably without straining but mini capable that there’s abstraction to see each cardinal elements, specified arsenic your objective, interaction information, skills, and experience.

You tin usage larger font sizes for headings containing your sanction and conception titles.

If your font is extensive, you tin standard to 10.5 – but ne'er spell beneath it.

The captious takeaway is to make your resume clear and easy to read, which intends keeping nan font size astir 12, sticking to classical fonts pinch modern twists, and forsaking your favourite book font.

Now that you cognize nan champion fonts for your resume, use these tips to constitute your resume and ignite your imaginative spark pinch this eventual postulation of resume templates.

Editor's note: This station was primitively published successful November 2018 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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