Product Videos: 10 of the Best Promotional Product Videos Ever

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The correct video tin boost a product's visibility and push it to its target audience. Therefore, marketers must person a patient grasp of a merchandise video and really to create an exceptional one.

To thief you create a video that showcases your product's unsocial features and shines a ray connected your brand, we will research what a merchandise video is and really to trade one.

What is simply a merchandise video?

A merchandise video explains and visually exhibits a product‘s tangible benefits. A batch of these videos stress a product’s unsocial features. Still, 1 point differentiating a bully merchandise video is its expertise to grounds really it solves problems.

As a rule, singular merchandise videos encompass nan following:

  • Engaging speech and narration
  • Long capable to afloat explicate nan merchandise and its benefits but short capable to support nan viewer's attention
  • Professionalism, without being “stuffy.”
  • Empathy and relatability

Product Videos for Marketing: Why They're Important

Audiences spend, connected average, astir 19 hours a week watching videos online, whether connected platforms for illustration YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, aliases Facebook. Astonishingly, group watch a cardinal videos a time connected Pinterest.

So, it‘s safe to opportunity audiences bask videos and find them engaging capable to walk agelong periods watching them. Video is an fantabulous measurement to seizure your audience’s attraction and excitingly showcase your product's uses.

Furthermore, merchandise videos tin explicate a merchandise in-depth and trigger emotions successful a measurement a written merchandise explanation can't.

How to Create Product Videos

Here are immoderate tips and tricks for creating an outstanding merchandise video.

1. Include context.

Show your merchandise aliases work successful usage aliases lick a problem commonly faced by your audience. For example, insubstantial towel institution Bounty's Twitch-themed merchandise video advertisement shows a group of gamers playing an aggravated video game.

When 1 of nan gamers accidentally knocks complete his portion pinch his machine mouse, he uses Bounty to quickly stitchery up nan spill earlier it could harm his gaming equipment.

The video shows a script wherever a Bounty insubstantial towel would beryllium astir adjuvant and really quickly nan merchandise tin cleanable up nan spill.

2. Don't conscionable show your merchandise — talk astir it!

Videos showing a merchandise looking photogenic against a beautiful backdrop tin beryllium eye-catching, but they request to convey much astir really nan merchandise useful aliases what makes it unique.

When creating a product, spell in-depth and talk astir its unsocial features, nan communicative down it, aliases - astatine nan very slightest - really to usage it. The pursuing merchandise video types are fantabulous formats for a merchandise show-and-tell:

  • Demos: Show nan merchandise successful action arsenic personification uses it.
  • Tutorial: Demonstrate to your assemblage really to usage nan product.
  • Explainer: Explain really a merchandise useful and show nan communicative of really it came to be.

3. Customize your video.

Include elements successful your merchandise video that ties it to your brand. You tin do this by including nan brand's logo aliases colour strategy associated pinch nan company.

Other elements tin see utilizing nan aforesaid host, spokesperson, song, aliases motif successful each video.

4. Keep your assemblage successful mind.

Your merchandise videos request to subordinate to your assemblage and their experiences. So, showcase your products successful scenarios that use to your target demographic.

For example, Glossier's constitution and skincare institution motto is “We make products inspired by existent life.”

To push this message, nan company's merchandise videos often travel arsenic “Get Ready pinch Me” videos (GRWM for short). The women successful their videos aftermath up successful nan greeting and show viewers really they use Glossier products earlier starting their day.

5. Don't fearmonger.

Don‘t scare group into purchasing your merchandise by making it look for illustration they’re missing retired aliases thing unspeakable could hap if they don‘t usage it. Instead, attraction connected nan benefits of your merchandise and what it could adhd to a consumer’s life.

6. Have fun.

Inject immoderate joke and characteristic into your merchandise video. Doing truthful will make your video much breathtaking and showcase your brand's identity. It will besides thief your merchandise guidelines retired from competitors.

7. Include a telephone to action.

Viewers must cognize how, where, and erstwhile to bargain your product. Include a telephone to action saying, “Buy coming by calling ____.” For call-to-action examples, click here.

10 Promotional Product Videos That Make You Want to Buy

1. Microsoft Surface Pro 9 featuring Bri Hall

Microsoft collaborates pinch contented creator, influencer, and creator Bri Hall to show nan Surface Pro 9's features and uses.

In her TikTok video, Bri uses nan Surface Pro to digitally tie herself arsenic a superhero. Bri speaks to viewers casually, explaining really nan product's lightweight and portable build allows her to tie wherever she wants and support her activity connected hand.

It's easy and adjuvant to fold influencer trading into your merchandise videos. Influencers tin present your merchandise to their assemblage and show unsocial ways to usage it.

In nan lawsuit above, Bri shows artists really nan Microsft Surface Pro 9 tin beryllium an creator tool.

2. Smashbox Always On Liquid Lipstick featuring Champagne Becca

In a merchandise video for its Always On liquid lipstick, constitution institution Smashbox collaborated pinch TikTok contented creator Champagne Becca. In nan video, Becca shows really nan merchandise stays connected aft eating a burger.

If you've ever worn lipstick, past you cognize keeping your lipstick aft eating thing is simply a astir intolerable task. Smashbox knows its assemblage and nan communal problem they woody with, resulting successful a adjuvant and relatable merchandise video.


Replying to @Arianna can’t kick erstwhile it’s burger approved ✅ @Smashbox Cosmetics @Ulta Beauty ultamusthaves summerproofmakeup longwear sbxambassador beautytok

♬ original sound - becca🍾

3. JW Pet Cat Catnip Mister

TikTok contented creator Abram Engel makes videos testing various feline toys connected his feline Kurt.

The video beneath shows really Kurt reacts to JW's product, Catnip Mister, which lets disconnected a mist of catnip and comes pinch a agelong feline artifact to promote play. The merchandise video besides shows Abram going done nan process of assembling and activating nan toy.

Abram's video is an fantabulous illustration of showing a merchandise successful action.

 4. Scrub Daddy's New Grill Brush

Scrub Daddy, a cleaning merchandise company, introduced its caller grill brushwood pinch a merchandise video utilizing nan brand's signature chaotic and funny style. Like Scrub Daddy, consciousness free to usage joke and casual connection to prosecute your audience.

The video humorously explains really to usage nan merchandise and its unsocial features.

5. Fenty Beauty's Soft Matte Powder Foundation Tutorial

Fenty Beauty laminitis and popular prima Rihanna hosted a YouTube tutorial showing disconnected nan brand's powder instauration and really to usage it.

Rihanna takes a fun, playful attack to showcase nan merchandise and moreover does a small happy creation astatine nan of nan video erstwhile her look comes together. Again, a small characteristic goes a agelong way.

6. Pixel Tablet Reviews by Marques Brownlee

Marques Brownlee gives a thorough reappraisal of nan Google Pixel Tablet.

What makes this merchandise video different from others is that he shares an anecdote astir nan history of tablets and really nan tablet marketplace has changed, giving viewers greater discourse down Google's caller product.

The YouTuber specifications nan tablet's design, features, and pros and cons. As Marques speaks, viewers are shown a close-up of nan product.

7. Samsung's ViewFinity S9 Introduction

You don‘t ever request a voiceover, influencers, aliases characteristic to make your merchandise video guidelines out. Sometimes, you tin fto nan merchandise speak for itself. Samsung’s merchandise video for nan ViewFinity S9 has nary verbal dialogue.

Instead, it introduces 2 schematic designers and follows them arsenic they usage nan product's different features for their project. The merchandise video stands retired acknowledgment to its visually stunning video, catchy music, and storytelling.

8. Keith Lee Food Reviews

 TikTok contented creator Keith Lee is known for his honest, funny, and relatable nutrient reviews. In nan video below, Keith partners pinch Wingstop to reappraisal nan edifice chain's Marvel-inspired "secret" flavors. 

Keith's merchandise video proves you don't ever request high-end equipment, typical effects, aliases euphony to make a video pop. In his case, his genuine guidance and awe of nan food's flavors are capable to make buzz. 

 9. Apple's MacBook Air 

 Apple's merchandise video for MacBook Air includes different designers, engineers, and experts from Apple explaining various aspects of nan laptop.

Similar to Samsung's merchandise video, Apple's includes precocious value visuals and thematic euphony to support viewers intrigued. 

10. Purina Pet Food 

The video doesn't show a circumstantial Purina product, but it takes viewers (and schoolchildren) down nan scenes of creating Purina pet food.

To build spot pinch your target audience, person your merchandise video return them down nan curtain to show nan science, thought, and process that goes into creating your products. 

All nan merchandise video examples supra spell beyond conscionable giving accusation astir nan products; they besides see personality, humor, and relatability. In your adjacent merchandise video, deliberation astir your assemblage and their communal problem aliases need.

Then deliberation of really you tin show your merchandise solving their problem aliases fulfilling their needs. Do you want to partner pinch an influencer, show nan merchandise successful action, aliases springiness a tutorial? Or do you want to effort each three?

Creativity is captious successful creating nan correct merchandise video for your brand, nary matter nan method you choose, and now you person respective examples for inspiration.

Editor's note: This station was primitively published successful October 2017 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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