Leadership Styles: The 11 Most Common & How to Find Your Style [Quiz]

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Imagine the leaders that animate you. Each is apt unique, with a antithetic benignant they usage to conscionable goals, motivate, and animate their teams.

Person demonstrates 1 of galore enactment styles successful a boardroom

There are galore antithetic styles of leadership, and each tin person a antithetic interaction connected a company. In this post, we’ll screen the astir communal types of leadership, however they power business, and springiness tools to assistance you fig retired what styles are champion for you. Start reading, oregon leap to the conception you’re looking for: 

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  • Types of Leadership Styles
  • Deciding Between Different Leadership Styles
  • How to Choose the Right Leadership Style for You
  • Leadership Style Assessment

What is simply a enactment style?

A enactment benignant refers to a leader’s methods and behaviors erstwhile directing, motivating, and managing others. A person’s enactment benignant besides determines however they strategize and instrumentality plans portion accounting for the expectations of stakeholders and the well-being of their team.

Why It’s Important to Know Your Leadership Style

Knowing your enactment benignant helps you supply capable guidance and feedback to employees, and amended recognize your thoughts, however you marque decisions and strategies you tin see implementing erstwhile making concern decisions. 

It tin besides assistance you recognize however your nonstop reports spot you and wherefore they whitethorn springiness you circumstantial feedback. For example, if employees consciousness stifled astatine enactment and don’t person galore opportunities to talk their minds, they whitethorn beryllium telling you that you’re an autocratic person who tin payment from changing their style. 

Ready to find retired your ain enactment style? Check retired the astir communal styles below.

Knowing your enactment styles whitethorn assistance you amended with constricted feedback. Each enactment benignant has its pitfalls, allowing you to proactively code areas of improvement. This is captious due to the fact that immoderate employees mightiness hesitate to talk up, adjacent successful an anonymous survey.

Ready to find retired your enactment styles? Check retired the astir communal styles below.

Types of Leadership Styles

  1. Democratic Leadership
  2. Autocratic Leadership
  3. Laissez-Faire Leadership
  4. Strategic Leadership
  5. Transformational Leadership
  6. Transactional Leadership
  7. Coaching Leadership
  8. Bureaucratic Leadership
  9. Visionary Leadership
  10. Pacesetting Leadership
  11. Situational Leadership

Types of enactment styles infographic

1. Democratic Leadership

Also called: Participative oregon Facilitative Leadership

Democratic enactment is precisely what it sounds similar — the person makes decisions based connected each squad member's input. Although a person makes the last call, each worker has an adjacent accidental successful a project's direction.

Why this enactment benignant works for businesses:

This enactment benignant resembles however leaders often marque decisions successful institution committee meetings.

For example, a antiauthoritarian person mightiness springiness the squad a fewer decision-related options successful a institution committee meeting. They could past unfastened a treatment astir each option. After a discussion, this person mightiness see the board's thoughts and feedback, oregon they mightiness unfastened this determination up to a vote.

Why this enactment benignant is bully for the team:

The antiauthoritarian enactment benignant is 1 of the astir effectual due to the fact that it encourages everyone to enactment successful each processes, stock their opinions, and cognize that you volition perceive them. It besides encourages employees to beryllium engaged due to the fact that they cognize you volition perceive their feedback. 

Team members feeling similar they person abstraction to enactment tin besides summation worker empowerment, motivation, and participation.

Potential challenges for leaders with a Democratic style:

Reaching a statement tin instrumentality sizeable time, resources, and connection with a antiauthoritarian style. It tin besides interaction decision-making due to the fact that immoderate squad members whitethorn not person the close expertise to marque captious decisions.

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2. Autocratic Leadership

Also called: Authoritarian, Coercive, oregon Commanding Leadership

Autocratic enactment is the inverse of antiauthoritarian leadership. In this enactment style, the person makes decisions without taking input from anyone who reports to them.

This benignant is astir utile erstwhile a concern needs to power circumstantial situations, not arsenic a standalone enactment style.

Why this enactment benignant works for businesses:

Autocratic leaders transportation retired strategies and directives with implicit focus. So, erstwhile a concern calls for it, an authoritative person tin marque a speedy best-fit determination for a concern without needing to get further input (helpful connected a case-by-case basis). 

Why this enactment benignant is bully for the team:

This benignant of enactment is astir effectual erstwhile a institution makes hard decisions that don’t payment from further input from others who aren’t afloat knowledgeable connected the subject. Responsible parties tin marque a determination and springiness employees a wide consciousness of direction, and it tin besides marque up for a deficiency of acquisition connected a team. 

Potential challenges for leaders with an Autocratic style:

Most organizations can’t prolong specified a hegemonic civilization without losing employees, which tin importantly little morale and originative problem-solving. 

An illustration of authoritative enactment gone atrocious could beryllium erstwhile a manager changes the hours of enactment shifts for employees without consulting anyone.

Other challenges with autocratic leaders include:

  • Intimidation
  • Micromanagement
  • Over-reliance connected a azygous leader

Different enactment styles favour antithetic traits, with the astir fashionable shown successful this worker survey graphic.

3. Laissez-Faire Leadership

Also called: Delegative oregon Hands-off Leadership

If you retrieve your high-school French, you'll accurately presume that laissez-faire enactment is the slightest intrusive signifier of leadership. The French word "laissez-faire" virtually translates to "let them do."

Leaders who clasp it springiness astir each authorization to their employees and don’t often interject unless the concern calls for it. 

Why this enactment benignant works for businesses:

Laissez-faire leaders marque employees accountable for their work. This gives galore employees an inducement to bash their champion work.

This benignant of person often creates a much relaxed institution culture. This makes it a bully exemplary for originative businesses similar advertisement agencies oregon merchandise design. It's besides a bully acceptable for a concern with a highly-skilled team.

Why this enactment benignant is bully for the team:

In a young startup, for example, you mightiness spot a laissez-faire institution laminitis who makes nary large bureau policies astir enactment hours oregon deadlines.They mightiness enactment implicit spot successful their employees portion they absorption connected the wide workings of moving the company.

Because of this precocious level of trust, employees moving for laissez-faire leaders consciousness valued. They get the accusation they request and usage their resources and acquisition to conscionable concern goals.

Potential challenges for leaders with a Laissez-Faire style:

Although laissez-faire enactment tin empower employees by trusting them to enactment nevertheless they'd like, determination are downsides. It tin bounds squad improvement and airs a situation for caller oregon inexperienced employees who would payment from guidance arsenic they get ramped up. Roles and responsibilities tin besides go unclear, and it tin physique a civilization of moving successful silos wherever radical mightiness enactment autonomously alternatively than arsenic a cohesive group. 

This benignant tin pb to overlooking captious institution maturation and learning opportunities, truthful keeping this enactment benignant successful cheque is important. 

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4. Strategic Leadership

Strategic leaders beryllium betwixt a company's superior operations and its maturation opportunities. This signifier of enactment requires vision, competitory awareness, and adaptability.

These leaders judge the load of enforcement interests but besides guarantee that moving conditions are unchangeable for everyone else.

Why this enactment benignant works for businesses:

Strategic leaders necktie plans for maturation and strategy to however they negociate a team. They inquire questions, make and execute strategies, and see aboriginal growth. This attack supports fashionable concern goals like:

  • Accountability
  • Productivity
  • Collaboration
  • Transparency

Why this enactment benignant is bully for the team:

This is simply a desirable enactment benignant successful galore companies due to the fact that strategical reasoning supports galore types of employees astatine once.

Strategic reasoning supports galore employees astatine once, truthful it’s a desirable benignant for galore companies. It encourages visualization, planning, and making the astir of existing resources, and it tin motivate employees. 

Potential challenges for leaders with a strategical enactment style:

Leaders who enactment strategically mightiness instrumentality connected excessively overmuch and hazard reasoning excessively acold into the aboriginal of possibilities portion missing captious present-day issues. It’s important to larn however to delegate with this enactment benignant and stock the value of decision-making. 

Compromise, connection skills, and accordant outreach are besides essential.

Featured resources:

  • Crafting a squad vision
  • Strategic planning
  • Developing enactment skills

5. Transformational Leadership

Transformational leaders summation the spot and assurance of their teams, promote squad members, and pb employees toward gathering institution goals. 

Transformational enactment besides ever improves upon the company’s conventions and motivates employees to turn and further make their skills.

Why this enactment benignant works for businesses:

Transformational leaders tin animate their teams to deliberation successful caller ways. This tin assistance companies update concern processes to amended productivity and profitability. It tin besides assistance with worker satisfaction, morale, and motivation.

Why this enactment benignant is bully for the team:

This is simply a highly encouraging signifier of enactment wherever employees are supported and encouraged to spot what they’re susceptible of. 

When starting a occupation with this benignant of leader, each employees mightiness get a database of goals to scope and deadlines for reaching them. The goals mightiness statesman rather simple, but arsenic employees turn and conscionable their goals, leaders volition springiness them much tasks and challenges to conquer arsenic they turn with the company.

Potential challenges for leaders with a Transformational style:

Transformational leaders tin suffer show of everyone’s idiosyncratic learning curves successful spot of the company's goals. Employee burnout tin besides go an issue, truthful it’s important to enactment with your squad to update benchmarks. 

Featured resources:

  • Transformational leadership

6. Transactional Leadership

Transactional enactment is based connected reward and punishment, and these managers archer employees they tin expect rewards if a extremity is met. A transactional person whitethorn necessitate much 1:1s oregon check-ins if radical aren’t gathering goals. 

This enactment benignant besides assumes that teams request operation and monitoring to conscionable concern goals and that they are reward-motivated.

Why this enactment benignant works for businesses:

This benignant is fashionable successful endeavor companies arsenic it focuses connected results, existing structures, and acceptable systems of rewards oregon penalties. This enactment benignant besides recognizes and rewards commitment. 

Why this enactment benignant is bully for the team:

Transactional leaders tin connection adjuvant clarity and operation of expectations, which tin assistance employees consciousness harmless due to the fact that they recognize expectations. Employees besides person a wide presumption of what they get successful instrumentality for gathering concern goals. 

Potential challenges for leaders with a transactional style:

This benignant is much astir utilizing rewards to motivate and little astir gathering relationships with employees, coaching, and processing squad morale. Keeping a divers squad engaged tin beryllium hard if lone immoderate are reward-motivated, and it tin pb to debased creativity and fearfulness of punishment. 

7. Coaching Leadership

Also called: Conscious Leadership

A coaching person focuses connected identifying and nurturing the idiosyncratic strengths of each subordinate of the squad and processing strategies that volition alteration teams to enactment amended together. 

This benignant is akin to strategical and antiauthoritarian leadership, but it emphasizes idiosyncratic employees' success.

A manager with this enactment benignant mightiness assistance employees amended connected their strengths by:

  • Giving them caller tasks to try
  • Offering guidance
  • Meeting to sermon constructive feedback

They mightiness besides promote 1 oregon much squad members to grow connected their strengths by learning caller skills from different teammates.

Why this enactment benignant works for businesses:

Coaching leaders actively enactment accomplishment improvement and autarkic problem-solving. They conscionable ambitious concern goals by creating a beardown institution civilization and adhd to a business's semipermanent imaginativeness arsenic invaluable mentors, often adjacent aft leaving a company.

Why this enactment benignant is bully for the team:

This enactment benignant tin motivate employees arsenic they consciousness supported connected the team. It recognizes that each worker is unsocial and tin physique divers and breathtaking teams wherever each worker offers thing different. 

This person focuses connected precocious performance, with employees that tin pass good and clasp unsocial accomplishment sets to get enactment done.

Potential challenges for leaders with a coaching style:

It tin instrumentality a batch of clip to make employees with a coaching style, but mentoring isn’t effectual for each employee. 

Featured resources:

  • Servant leadership

8. Bureaucratic Leadership

Bureaucratic leaders travel the rules. Unlike autocratic leadership, they mightiness perceive and see the input of employees, but they mightiness cull input that doesn’t align with institution argumentation oregon past practices.  

Why this enactment benignant works for businesses:

This benignant works champion for larger, older, oregon accepted companies that are palmy successful their existent processes. This enactment benignant works for these businesses due to the fact that they privation to support existing concern models and processes due to the fact that their existent strategies are successful, and trying thing caller that doesn't enactment could discarded clip and resources. 

Why this enactment benignant is bully for the team:

This enactment benignant tin beryllium challenging for some, but it has galore benefits. It lowers the hazard of favoritism and replaces it with cardinal duties, occupation security, and predictability.

This wide and businesslike enactment benignant tin pb to precocious levels of creativity for immoderate employees.

Potential challenges for leaders with a bureaucratic enactment style:

Employees mightiness not consciousness arsenic controlled arsenic autocratic leadership, but determination tin beryllium a deficiency of state successful however overmuch radical tin bash successful their roles. This attack tin unopen down innovation and is not the close acceptable for companies chasing ambitious goals and speedy growth. 

Featured resources:

  • Organizational culture

9. Visionary Leadership

Also called: Affiliative Leadership

Visionary enactment focuses connected aboriginal and semipermanent goals. This benignant of person encourages collaboration, affectional intelligence, and teamwork.

Why this enactment benignant works for businesses:

Visionary leaders tin make a wide program for employees to travel and execute. They are almighty and persuasive communicators, which helps them energize teams toward impactful concern growth. 

As the absorption is connected aboriginal growth, visionary leaders tin forecast imaginable roadblocks and outline enactment plans, giving employees accrued assurance during uncertainty oregon challenging times.

Why this enactment benignant is bully for the team:

Teams tin bash much and bask their enactment much if they person a imaginativeness to enactment toward. This benignant of person offers imaginativeness statements and different tools to animate and motivate teams to prosecute astatine work.

Potential challenges for leaders with a visionary style:

Visionary leaders tin skip implicit day-to-day issues to absorption connected semipermanent ideas, missing roadblocks that could physique up and origin problems successful the future. Another communal situation is hyper-focus connected a azygous goal, which tin interaction information for different ideas that whitethorn beryllium conscionable arsenic invaluable to the business. 

Featured resources:

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  • Management styles
  • Leadership training

10. Pacesetting Leadership

A pacesetting person sets ambitious standards and expects employees to conscionable those goals successful the nonstop mode they’ve laid out. These leaders expect productivity and high-quality outputs from employees, and they whitethorn measurement successful to guarantee things are done correctly and connected time.

Why this enactment benignant works for businesses:

This benignant of person sets ambitious goals with a wide and focused effort, truthful employees cognize precisely what is expected of them. For example, pacesetting income leaders acceptable and transcend ambitious quarterly income cadences.

These leaders mightiness besides enactment alongside their squad and propulsion performance, boosting squad morale. 

Why this enactment benignant is bully for the team:

Skilled and experienced teams often thrive nether this benignant of leader. They usage the abilities of motivated and competent squad members and marque gathering goals consciousness urgent and exciting.

It tin besides beryllium gratifying for squad members to spot their person moving hard alongside them.

Potential challenges for leaders with a pacesetting style:

Pacesetting leaders tin sometimes make a high-stress workplace situation if goals are unrealistic, which tin overwhelm and demotivate teams. This tin interaction engagement and pb to burnout, wherever radical conflict to conscionable goals and execute arsenic expected. 

Focusing connected goals tin besides stifle creativity and diverseness of thought, truthful employees don’t consciousness they tin usage their expertise to suggest alternate goals oregon strategies.

Featured resources:

  • Leadership behaviors

11. Situational Leadership

Situational leaders alteration their absorption benignant to conscionable the needs of the concern oregon team. This enactment benignant is proactive and recognizes that alteration is the lone constant.

Why this enactment benignant works for businesses:

This enactment attack tin motivate employees and guarantee that radical aren’t stuck moving successful a mode that doesn’t marque consciousness for the situation. It’s besides invaluable for startups oregon businesses requiring predominant changes and flexible endowment and support. 

Why this enactment benignant is bully for the team:

Situational leaders are large communicators and usage squad feedback to marque decisions. They besides analyse marketplace changes and tin rapidly measure and update processes to guarantee success. This tin make beardown relationships and assistance employees spot and consciousness their worth to the business. 

Potential challenges for leaders with a situational style:

Leaders request a precocious level of expertise successful each concern processes and functions to marque decisions, and they indispensable beryllium capable to pivot quickly. It’s important to retrieve semipermanent goals and conscionable contiguous needs; not each person tin bash this effectively. 

It tin go confusing and stressful for teams if a leader’s attack changes excessively often, arsenic they won’t cognize what to expect.

Featured resources:

  • Trait mentation leadership
  • Self-awareness successful leadership

Deciding Between Different Leadership Styles

There's nary azygous "best" enactment style, truthful figuring retired what is champion for you and your situation is essential. 

How to Understand Your Instinctive Leadership Style

Leaders request bully instincts, and galore leaders absorption connected their ain experiences and habits arsenic they make a enactment style. As you commencement your way toward leadership, you whitethorn privation to support notes. Write down however you would grip circumstantial situations oregon problems.

Doing this tin assistance you beryllium a assured and susceptible leader, but if you announcement things aren’t going arsenic expected, you whitethorn privation to reconsider your approach.

Your instincts and habits volition ever interaction the mode you lead. But if you find yourself successful situations that you're unsure however to respond to, you whitethorn privation to look astatine different enactment styles.

For example, if you're an extrovert with a shy subordinate connected your team, you whitethorn privation to enactment connected progressive listening. If you're an introvert starring a squad of outgoing people, you whitethorn request to larn caller ways to nurture, support, and animate your team.

Can you alteration your enactment style?

While it whitethorn instrumentality immoderate clip and effort, you tin ever alteration your enactment benignant and amended your processes. 

The archetypal measurement to making changes is recognizing the request for change. Whether this comes from nonstop worker feedback, noticing that goals aren’t being met, oregon radical seeming to acquisition burnout, identifying this is the archetypal step. 

Next, you request to hole yourself for changes. For example, your enactment benignant whitethorn beryllium effectual for your team, but you mightiness person a much challenging clip connecting with stakeholders. In this case, you wouldn’t privation to propulsion retired your existent style, but you’d privation to place what is and isn’t working. Then, get curious, and statesman the enactment of adjusting the mode you lead.

How to Choose the Right Leadership Style for You

There are galore ways to find a enactment benignant that works for you. Because of this, it tin beryllium pugnacious to cognize wherever to begin. If you're not definite what enactment styles volition enactment for you, these steps tin help.

how to take the close enactment benignant for you

1. Get to cognize yourself.

Everyone has a unsocial way to self-discover. Some instrumentality risks and effort caller things and others prioritize quiescent time, writing exercises, and listing strengths and weaknesses. 

Another way to learning astir yourself is done carnal enactment and spending clip with different people. However you spell astir it, getting to cognize yourself is an important archetypal measurement toward being a leader.

2. Outline your values and challenges.

Knowing yourself volition assistance you recognize what’s important to you and wherever you struggle. Being a person means moving rapidly and making decisions quickly, truthful having your values mapped retired tin beryllium highly helpful. 

As you constitute retired your values, look astatine pivotal moments successful your beingness to date. Then, look for trends, radical you're drawn to, and communal themes. If your database is long, radical akin ideas together. 

Having an outline tin assistance you spot however you react, your strengths and weaknesses, and a basal for your halfway values.

3. Watch leaders you respect.

Observing leaders you respect tin besides assistance you specify your enactment style. As you ticker them successful meetings, lawsuit conversations, and presentations, instrumentality notes of what you like. 

Another attack is to presumption their actions with circumstantial enactment styles successful mind, helping you fig retired what their attack is and whether it volition enactment for you. 

4. Try antithetic enactment styles.

A hands-on enactment is to effort retired antithetic enactment styles. You tin make an outline of what interests you and reappraisal your notes earlier your adjacent gathering to spot however you tin incorporated it into your interactions. 

5. Find a concern manager oregon mentor.

Working with a concern manager tin besides assistance you hone your enactment style. 

A mentor tin beryllium idiosyncratic successful your workplace you respect and would admit feedback from, whether it’s different person oregon a workfellow you respect. You tin besides cheque retired this usher connected how to find a concern coach.

6. Ask colleagues and leaders for feedback.

Another mode to find the champion benignant for your needs is to inquire different colleagues, leaders, and squad members for feedback. 

The champion attack for this strategy is to program retired what you privation to inquire and wherefore truthful you get the feedback you need. Think astir however radical mightiness respond and besides acceptable wide guidelines and expectations. 

When you get feedback, marque definite to perceive carefully. You’ll summation invaluable accusation astir your strengths and weaknesses that volition assistance you recognize wherever you request to amended and the benignant that volition assistance you improve.

7. Complete a enactment benignant assessment.

Leadership assessments are adjuvant tools for leaders, for yourself arsenic an individual, and to measure your teams.

A enactment quiz tin marque it easier to recognize your strengths and skills. It tin aboveground habits and qualities you mightiness not beryllium alert of and springiness you a wide absorption for growth.

If this is thing you privation to try, the enactment appraisal beneath is simply a large spot to start.

Leadership Style Assessment

Leaders transportation a premix of the enactment styles mentioned above. At the basal of these styles, enactment experts Bill Torbert and David Rooke say, are what are called “action logics.”

These enactment logics measure "how [leaders] construe their surroundings and respond erstwhile their powerfulness oregon information is challenged."

That's the thought down the Leadership Development Profile, a fashionable absorption survey tool. Created by prof Torbert and scientist Susanne Cook-Greuter — and featured successful the book, Personal and Organizational Transformations — the survey uses a acceptable of 36 open-ended condemnation completion tasks to assistance researchers amended recognize however leaders make and grow. 

Below we’ve utilized open-ended sentences to outline six enactment logics that picture each one. Review the sentences, spot however they resonate with you, and fig retired which enactment benignant upholds based connected the enactment logic you astir align with. 

1. Individualist

The individualist is self-aware, creative, and chiefly focused connected their actions and improvement arsenic opposed to wide organizational performance. This enactment logic is exceptionally driven by the tendency to transcend idiosyncratic goals and perpetually amended their skills.

Here are immoderate things an individualist mightiness say:

Individualist 1: "A bully person should ever spot their ain intuition implicit established organizational processes."

Individualist 2: "It's important to beryllium capable to subordinate to others truthful I tin easy pass analyzable ideas to them."

Individualist 3: "I'm much comfy with advancement than sustained success."

2. Strategist

Strategists are acutely alert of the environments they’re successful and person a heavy knowing of the structures and processes that marque their businesses tick. Still, they’re besides capable to measure what could beryllium improved. 

Here are immoderate things a strategist mightiness say:

Strategist 1: "A bully person should ever beryllium capable to physique a statement successful divided groups."

Strategist 2: "It's important to assistance make the enactment arsenic a whole, arsenic good arsenic the maturation and idiosyncratic achievements of my nonstop reports."

Strategist 3: "Conflict is inevitable, but I'm knowledgeable capable astir my team's idiosyncratic and nonrecreational relationships to grip the friction."

3. Alchemist

Rooke and Tolbert picture the alchemist arsenic highly evolved and effectual astatine managing organizational change. They disagree from different enactment logics successful their unsocial quality to simultaneously spot the large representation and infinitesimal details. No section oregon worker gets overlooked with an alchemist leader. 

Here are immoderate things an alchemist mightiness say:

Alchemist 1: "A bully person helps their employees scope their highest potential, and possesses the indispensable empathy and motivation consciousness to get there."

Alchemist 2: "It's important to marque a profound and affirmative interaction connected immoderate I'm moving on."

Alchemist 3: "I person a unsocial quality to equilibrium short-term needs and semipermanent goals."

4. Opportunist

Opportunists are guided by a definite level of mistrust of others, relying connected a facade of power to support their employees successful line. "Opportunists thin to respect their atrocious behaviour arsenic morganatic successful the chopped and thrust of an eye-for-an-eye world," Rooke and Tolbert write.

Here are immoderate things an opportunist mightiness say:

Opportunist 1: "A bully person should ever presumption others arsenic imaginable contention to beryllium bested, adjacent if it's astatine the disbursal of their nonrecreational development."

Opportunist 2: "I reserve the close to cull the input of those who question oregon knock my ideas."

5. Diplomat

Unlike the opportunist, the diplomat isn't acrophobic with contention oregon assuming power implicit situations. Instead, this enactment logic seeks to origin minimal interaction connected their enactment by conforming to existing norms and completing their regular tasks with arsenic small friction arsenic possible.

Here are immoderate things a diplomat mightiness say:

Diplomat 1: "A bully person should ever defy alteration since it risks causing instability among their nonstop reports."

Diplomat 2: "It's important to supply the 'social glue' successful squad situations, safely distant from conflict."

Diplomat 3: "I thin to thrive successful much team-oriented oregon supporting enactment roles."

6. Expert

The adept is simply a pro successful their fixed field, perpetually striving to cleanable their cognition of a taxable and execute to conscionable their ain precocious expectations. Rooke and Tolbert picture the adept arsenic a talented idiosyncratic contributor and a root of cognition for the team. But this enactment logic does deficiency thing cardinal to galore bully leaders: emotional intelligence.

Here are immoderate things a diplomat mightiness say:

Expert 1: "A bully person should prioritize their ain pursuit of cognition implicit the needs of the enactment and their nonstop reports."

Expert 2: "When problem-solving with others successful the company, my sentiment tends to beryllium the close one."

Which Leader Are You?

So, which enactment logics supra felt similar you? Think astir each condemnation for a moment.

Now, cheque retired which of the 7 enactment styles you clasp connected the close based connected the sentences you resonated with connected the left.If you’re wondering “what are enactment styles?” oregon “what are antithetic styles of leadership?” these appraisal results tin help.

The much enactment logics you hold with, the much apt you are to signifier a premix of enactment styles.

For example, if you agreed with everything the strategist said, this would marque you a 66% strategical person and 33% antiauthoritarian leader. If you agreed with the 3rd connection and everything the alchemist said, this would marque you a 50% transformational, 25% strategic, and 25% antiauthoritarian leader.

Keep successful caput that these enactment logics are considered developmental stages, not fixed attributes — astir leaders volition advancement done aggregate types of enactment passim their careers.

Learn Your Leadership Management Style to Become a Better Leader

Whether you negociate a large oregon tiny team, your enactment benignant heavy impacts however your nonstop reports spot you and however your squad works unneurotic to execute your company’s goals. There are galore antithetic styles of leadership, truthful choosing 1 that works for you tin marque you a much effectual leader. 

If you privation to beryllium a person that makes a difference, you'll request to support increasing and clasp change. Are you acceptable to get started?

Editor's note: This station was primitively published successful August 2016 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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