How to Rebrand as a Content Creator and Stay Relevant [Expert Tips]

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When it comes to nan word "rebrand," astir group deliberation of awesome institution rebrands for illustration Dunkin' aliases Lego. However, companies aren't nan only entities that whitethorn find themselves successful request of a change.

A female thinks of rebranding arsenic a contented creator while considering assemblage engagement

Sometimes, contented creators will request to rebrand, too, particularly if nan creator's interests person changed aliases nan creator needs to support up pinch nan latest user trends aliases adhere to caller level guidelines.

If you want to rebrand, you whitethorn wonderment really to rebrand arsenic a creator and stay relevant. To get immoderate insight, I said pinch creator, blogger, and YouTuber Lisa De La Cruz, who precocious went done a rebrand herself.

Here's her communicative and tips for creators looking to move up their content.

Why a rebrand?

The Challenge of Rebranding arsenic a Creator

How to Stay Relevant Through a Rebrand

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Why a rebrand?

As I mentioned earlier, location are galore reasons a contented creator whitethorn take to rebrand. In De La Cruz's case, nan COVID-19 pandemic plays a domiciled successful her determination to alteration her content.

"I rebranded because, astatine nan tallness of nan pandemic, nan contented I was creating was very local," she says, recalling her contented that was geared toward her hometown of Reading, PA. "And owed to regulations, I couldn't proceed interviewing group successful person. It besides wasn't making maine happy anymore."

De La Cruz began shifting her attraction toward nan anime and manga manufacture to find her spark and support creating amid pandemic restrictions.

She would question and reply sound actors, cosplayers, and anime enthusiasts for her podcast, The Wonder of Anime, and reappraisal anime and manga for her YouTube transmission and blog of nan aforesaid name.

"I had slow started shifting my contented successful this caller direction, and it was really making maine happy," she says. "I realized this is simply a taxable wherever I tin question and reply group from each complete because I don't person to spot them successful person. I tin usage Zoom."

The Challenge of Rebranding arsenic a Creator

Of course, pivoting to a different niche arsenic a creator isn't easy, particularly if your followers aren't willing successful your caller direction.

"There decidedly was a alteration successful my assemblage because, astatine nan time, astir of my assemblage was local, and they were not fans of anime," De La Cruz says. "So I decidedly had a driblet successful assemblage successful nan beginning."

Fortunately, De La Cruz's level grew arsenic she continued successful her caller niche.

"If I cognize myself and cognize nan bosom of what I'm doing, past I cognize this is existent to maine and I conscionable person to push guardant that way," she says.

How to Stay Relevant Through a Rebrand

So, really did De La Cruz turn her level post-rebrand, and what tin you do to make your rebrand a success? Here are immoderate master tips she says tin make for a soft transition.

1. Consider appealing to an untapped market.

"The caller type of contented that I was making was unsocial successful nan consciousness that I was covering things that didn't person overmuch of a spotlight," she explains, "such arsenic an aged bid aliases nostalgic things that group whitethorn person forgotten about."

Over time, De La Cruz says her contented began to pull anime and manga enthusiasts who were happy to spot her radiance a ray connected cult classics.

"I tapped into a caller assemblage and a circumstantial niche that hadn't been touched on," she recalls. "I deliberation that really helped because group were excited to spot personification springiness practice to a bid they bask but isn't often talked about."

2. Know why you want to rebrand.

While creators must support up pinch nan latest user trends, De La Cruz warns shifting trends and numbers shouldn't beryllium your sole motivator.

"Really deliberation astir why you want to rebrand," she says. "For me, it wasn't astir increasing a different assemblage — I conscionable wanted to enactment existent to what I for illustration and americium passionate about. I would pass against switching because of numbers."

Viewers are very perceptive, and De La Cruz says they'll cognize if you're rebranding conscionable to enactment successful nan spotlight. Doing truthful tin foster distrust and make your marque look inauthentic — and authenticity is invaluable successful branding.

In fact, 88% of consumers opportunity authenticity is cardinal erstwhile deciding what brands they for illustration and support.

3. Go each in.

"Go 100% in. If you are in-between and you're teasing your assemblage by doing immoderate aged worldly and caller things astatine nan aforesaid time, you tin suffer group and confuse people," she says. "That could beryllium a turn-off to your audience."

De La Cruz says if you do a pivot, make it a difficult one.

"I find it helps found your caller assemblage because you're not giving group mendacious dream that you're still going to create your erstwhile style of content."

4. Communicate your rebrand to your audience.

Depending connected really agelong you've been a creator, your assemblage whitethorn person followed you for years earlier you rebranded your platform.

De La Cruz says it's important to respect nan narration you've built pinch your viewers and to support them successful nan loop of your caller era.

"There is simply a narration betwixt you arsenic a contented creator and nan assemblage consuming your content," she says. "Sometimes doing a difficult pivot without making it clear tin consciousness distrustful to your audience, particularly if they didn't spot it coming."

De La Cruz suggests making a clear connection to show appreciation and to let your assemblage to determine if they want to travel you connected your caller journey.

This connection tin travel successful a YouTube video, a societal media post, an email, aliases a newsletter.

Above all, De La Cruz says to beryllium assured successful your decision.

"Your rebrand is apt thing you've been reasoning astir and weighing connected you for immoderate time, truthful beryllium assured that your rebrand will do arsenic good arsenic your erstwhile content," she explains.

"You request to judge it truthful your aged assemblage and newcomers will judge successful it and travel your caller journey."

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