How to Create an Infographic in Under an Hour [+ Free Templates]

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Wouldn't it beryllium awesome if creating infographics was arsenic elemental arsenic penning text-based blog posts? Usually, it would return a batch of time, effort, and accomplishment to make them — but that doesn’t person to beryllium nan case.

free infographic template to usage pinch powerpoint

Considering nan fame and effectiveness of ocular contented successful trading today, you shouldn't propulsion successful nan towel conscionable yet.

 15 Free Infographic Templates

That's why we decided to do astir of nan activity for you. With HubSpot’s Free Infographic Templates successful PowerPoint, you tin create high-quality, master infographics successful nether an hour.

You tin adhd your ain contented to premade outlines successful a cinch. And if you request a helping hand, we’ll show really to personalize your infographic successful PowerPoint successful this post. Keep reference to study really to make a memorable infographic pinch ease.

If you for illustration watching, this video shows nan process of creating an infographic, step-by-step:

How to Make an Infographic

  1. Choose your desired infographic template.
  2. Decide connected a extremity for your infographic.
  3. Identify nan assemblage for your infographic.
  4. Collect your contented and applicable data.
  5. Download your template to PowerPoint.
  6. Customize your infographic.
  7. Include a footer pinch your sources and logo.
  8. Promote and people your infographic.

1. Choose your desired infographic template.

First things first, you person to take an infographic template due for representing that data.

The important point is to take a template that specifically useful for nan type of information set/content you want to present.

As you saw pictured above, you tin download our 15 infographic templates successful PowerPoint and take whichever template you'd like.

HubSpot 15 free infographic templates resource

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Choosing a template earlier creating a extremity for your infographic tin velocity up your infographic creation process. First, it helps you visualize really you will shape and coming your data. This tin thief you constrictive your attraction earlier you get into designing your infographic.

Next, infographic templates person premade sections aliases modules to thief you building your content. This makes it easy to understand really your accusation will fresh wrong each conception to springiness your infographic a logical travel and helps you create a amended assemblage experience.

Starting pinch a template tin besides spark imaginative ideas for your infographic and animate original ways to show your ocular story.

Other important qualities to see arsenic you take a template include:

  • Whether your infographic is utilizing quantitative, qualitative, aliases categorical data
  • How analyzable your information group is
  • Whether nan infographic creation elements align pinch your brand
  • Accessibility, including readability for each audiences

Some of your template options successful nan connection linked supra see a timeline, flowchart, side-by-side comparison, and a data-driven infographic.

Types of Infographics

Here are immoderate basal types of infographics. This database tin thief you take an infographic template that suits nan communicative you want your information to tell:

Side-By-Side Comparison Infographic

This infographic creation tin thief beryllium nan advantage of 1 conception complete another, aliases simply explicate nan differences betwixt 2 competing entities.

 Side-By-Side Comparison Infographic, HubSpotDownload this template

Flowchart Infographic

This creation is cleanable for presenting a caller workflow for your organization, aliases really a linear aliases cyclical process useful crossed your industry.

 Flowchart Infographic, HubSpot

Download this template

Timeline Infographic

This creation tin show a chronological story, aliases history, of a business, industry, product, aliases concept.

 Timeline Infographic, HubSpot

Download this template

Graph-Based Infographic

This creation is suitable for contented creators publishing a precocious measurement of information and statistical information, making it a bully fresh for expert-level audiences, too.

 Graph-Based Infographic, HubSpot

Download this template

Image-Heavy Infographic

This creation caters to contented creators who are trying to uncover trends and accusation from shapes, designs, aliases photography — alternatively than conscionable numbers and figures.

 Image-Heavy Infographic, Information is Beautiful

Image Source

Pro tip: Choose a template that offers a scope of layout options for different types of information. A template pinch divers layouts tin thief you create much visually engaging and informative infographics.

2. Decide connected a extremity for your infographic.

Once you person nan template you want to use, it's clip to get into nan details. Without a clear goal, your infographic whitethorn see excessively overmuch accusation aliases neglect to convey your message.

Your extremity should see nan intent of your infographic. Do you want to educate, persuade, inform, aliases animate your audience?

An infographic tin thief you:

  • Quickly summarize analyzable topics
  • Simplify analyzable processes
  • Highlight investigation aliases study results
  • Condense long-form content, for illustration blog posts aliases lawsuit studies
  • Analyze and comparison different products aliases concepts
  • Boost consciousness astir a topic

And an infographic is for much than conscionable presenting information. So, your extremity should besides see a desired action aliases consequence you want to elicit from your audience. Do you want them to motion up for a newsletter, sojourn a website, aliases return different desired action?

Critically reasoning astir goals for your infographic helps you align each infographic pinch larger trading targets.

3. Identify nan assemblage for your infographic.

Infographics don't waste themselves connected creation alone. They're yet astir communication. You request to present "info" that's conscionable arsenic compelling arsenic nan "graphic," and to do that, you request to cognize nan assemblage your infographic intends to reach.

According to Harvard Business Review, 5 imaginable audiences tin alteration really you take and visualize your data: novice, generalist, managerial, expert, and executive. Start by comparing your infographic's perfect scholar pinch 1 of these 5 audiences — which 1 applies to your reader?

When reasoning astir nan information you want to visualize, fto nan 5 audiences supra dictate really precocious your information will be. For example:

  • A novice assemblage mightiness request information whose meaning is much evident astatine first blush.
  • A generalist whitethorn want to amended understand nan large image of a concept.
  • A managerial assemblage mightiness request to spot really different groups aliases actions impact 1 another.
  • An expert mightiness beryllium much willing successful getting into nan weeds of your numbers and posing theories astir them.
  • An executive has much successful communal pinch a novice assemblage successful that they only person clip for nan simplest aliases astir captious accusation and nan effect it'll person connected nan business.

Once you've identified who your infographic is for, excavation deeper into that persona. You should understand what interests that audience, what motivates them, and what circumstantial accusation they need.

Then, deliberation astir really and wherever they'll spot your infographic. Will it beryllium connected a website, shared connected societal media, aliases presented astatine a conference? Can you repurpose sections of your infographic for different channels?

The level and business should power nan creation and format of your infographic. Keeping these specifications successful mind will make your infographic guidelines retired and make an impact.

Pro tip: Take assemblage consciousness a measurement further by conducting research aliases gathering feedback from your target audience. These specifications make it easier to tailor your infographic to their circumstantial needs.

4. Collect your contented and applicable data.

Using nan assemblage you've chosen above, your adjacent measurement is to shape each nan contented and information you'll usage successful nan infographic. You tin either cod third-party information aliases usage your ain original data.

Choose your data.

Compelling information needs to beryllium broad capable to springiness your readers due discourse astir nan information you're presenting.

When collecting your data, make judge you cognize what communicative you want to show done this information. Data for nan liking of information won't adhd worth to your infographic astatine all.

Choose information that's absorbing and gives a bully knowing of nan topic. You tin comparison numbers aliases look astatine trends complete clip to show a communicative pinch your data.

For example, a spike successful website postulation from 1 period to nan adjacent doesn't mean overmuch — until, say, you uncover that postulation was connected a dependable diminution complete nan erstwhile 3 months. Suddenly you person a communicative of really you were capable to reverse a downward trend.

Organize your data.

Make judge to shape nan information successful a measurement that makes consciousness and tells nan communicative you want to share. Think astir what information points are astir important and create a building that emphasizes that data.

For example, you whitethorn want to constitute a speedy outline of your information story. Then, lucifer your information points pinch each applicable conception of your outline.

Cite your sources.

If you usage third-party data, beryllium judge you decently mention your sources — conscionable for illustration successful immoderate different bully portion of content.

And, effort to support your infographic uncluttered by a ton of different root URLs. A awesome measurement to mention your sources is to see a elemental URL astatine nan bottommost of your infographic that links to a page connected your site.

You tin besides database nan individual stats utilized successful your infographic and their sources connected a landing page. Try linking this page to an connection that includes your free infographic.

With these tips, your infographic will look cleanable and master and group will beryllium capable to entree nan sources nary matter wherever nan infographic gets shared aliases embedded. It whitethorn moreover thrust visitors backmost to your site.

Pro tip: Think astir different types of charts and graphs to coming your data. Look for chances to move analyzable statistic aliases concepts into easy-to-understand visualizations.

5. Download your template to PowerPoint.

For nan liking of clip (remember, our ngo is to create an infographic successful nether an hour), I'm going to create an infographic pinch PowerPoint.

This is nan easiest instrumentality to usage because it's wide accessible package that's already connected astir computers, truthful you tin activity connected your infographic moreover without an net connection. The personification interface is besides acquainted and user-friendly, making it easy for beginners.

This illustration is based connected steps and champion practices from our guide, How to Create Effective Inbound Marketing Campaigns.

I've picked nan "World's Greatest Timeline" infographic template from our postulation of infographic templates. This template is champion suited for my information group since it will let maine to outline each measurement of nan run creation process successful chronological order.

worlds top timeline infographic template example

If you're fresh to get started, conscionable unfastened nan infographic template successful PowerPoint. This will create a caller position based connected nan selected template. Then you tin commencement customizing.

6. Customize your infographic.

This is nan astir time-consuming portion — plugging successful nan contented you already have. With nan correct template, this measurement will spell fast. All you request to do is switch nan placeholder matter and graphics pinch your ain information.

Come up pinch a catchy title, plug successful your data/content, and set your font sizes and formatting. Feel free to move up nan graphics and colors, too, truthful they're applicable to your marque and nan information you're providing. To customize nan look of nan infographic moreover more, you mightiness adhd aliases alteration nan colors aliases font styles to your liking.

In this example, you'll announcement that I've inputted my matter and changed nan font colors to HubSpot's signature colors:

running an inbound trading run infographic example

You're not constricted by what nan template includes, either. You tin usage nan devices successful PowerPoint package to create barroom graphs, pastry charts, and different visuals to support your data. (Note: Download our free infographic templates for a cheat expanse for utilizing PowerPoint's various features and tools.)

As you customize, attraction connected ocular level and readability. Remember, immoderate visuals should support and heighten your data.

Pro tip: Use accordant ocular cues specified arsenic icons, colour schemes, aliases illustrations. This creates a accordant ocular connection for your infographic and reinforces your brand. If your business plans to usage infographics consistently, deliberation astir creating an infographic-specific style guide.

7. Include a footer pinch your sources and logo.

Finally, see a nexus to your root (mine is here) and nan institution logo. This way, group will admit your contented if it gets shared connected societal media aliases embedded connected different websites.

After all, 1 of nan main benefits of creating infographics is their shareability. These specifications will besides make your infographic consciousness much reliable and authentic.

infographic header and footer example

Pro tip: Contributor specifications aliases acknowledgments tin besides boost nan trustworthiness of your infographic.

8. Promote and people your infographic.

The only point near to do is to people and beforehand your awesome caller infographic. A fewer recommendations for promotion:

Publish your infographic connected your blog.

Publishing an infographic connected a blog improves nan ocular entreaty of your content. It besides makes it easier for your assemblage to understand analyzable aliases caller concepts, boosts SEO, and drives personification engagement. Don't hide to see your database of sources.

Add a Pinterest button.

This will thief visitors easy "pin" your infographic connected Pinterest for speedy sharing and added exposure. Think astir adding a little explanation aliases caption for Pinterest sharing. This increases your chances of engagement and tin make much liking from imaginable viewers.

running an inbound trading run infographic made successful nether an hour

Create and adhd an embed code.

This makes it easy for visitors to stock your infographic connected their websites, societal media platforms, and blogs, arsenic we did below.

Share This Image On Your Site

With nan infographic complete and published, that’s a wrap. It won’t return you agelong to create immoderate awesome infographics of your ain erstwhile you get started — but earlier you begin, present are immoderate guidelines you should support successful mind.

Tips for Creating a Great Infographic

1. The accusation you pass matters much than its design.

You tin make nan astir visually appealing infographic of nan year, but if it doesn’t intelligibly pass a intent aliases message, past what’s nan point?

Not to opportunity that nan infographic’s creation is unimportant, but nan accusation disposable connected it should ever beryllium nan priority. A bully infographic tells nan assemblage what they request to know, and is fixed adds much extent aliases magnitude erstwhile coupled pinch a bully design.

2. Know who you’re making nan infographic for.

Speaking of nan audience, you person to cognize nan type of scholar that’s looking for nan accusation you person to offer. We already discussed nan different types of audiences you constitute for, but we conscionable wanted to reiterate it erstwhile more.

3. Avoid adding clutter to your infographic.

It’s easy to get carried distant pinch icons, graphics, and connection art, but if it’s becoming distracting to nan reader, past it’s defeating nan intent of nan infographic successful nan first place.

Keep your infographic looking clear and skimmable, nan scholar shouldn’t person to navigate it for illustration a puzzle to find nan accusation they need.

4. Ensure nan visuals adhd worth to your data.

Echoing our past point, nan visuals that do make it to your infographic should beryllium location to adhd worth to nan information beside it — this is nan conception down information design.

Whether it’s graphs, diagrams, icons, aliases real-life imagery, it should return nan numerical worth of accusation shared and contextualize it. This measurement there’s an affectional constituent down nan messaging than conscionable bolding percentages.

5. Test for readability and personification experience.

Before you stock your infographic, make judge it's legible and accessible to a wide scope of users. Test nan font size, colour contrast, and readability connected different screens and devices. Think astir usability factors for illustration navigation and CTAs.

Share Your Professional Infographic Today

This full point took maine nether an hr to put together — overmuch little clip (not to mention much master looking) than it would've taken if I'd started from scratch. Plus, it's little costly than hiring a designer and utilizing nan resources you mightiness want to prevention for larger campaigns.

Editor's note: This station was primitively published successful May 2020 and has been updated for comprehensiveness. This article was written by a human, but our squad uses AI successful our editorial process. Check retired our afloat disclosure to study much astir really we usage AI.

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