How to Create a Killer 5-Minute Presentation

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Developing and delivering a five-minute position seems an easy capable task astatine first — until you recognize nan condensed format really requires importantly much efficiency, focus, and attraction to item than longer position types.

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When there's little clip to get your constituent across, each 2nd counts more, and there’s nary clip for improvisation. While short presentations tin beryllium unexpectedly challenging to create, erstwhile done correctly, they tin beryllium much impactful than longer presentations.

Five minutes is conscionable capable clip for you to coming a compelling communicative astir 1 topic, without immoderate filler aliases fluff. The clip limit forces you to battalion arsenic overmuch valuable accusation arsenic imaginable into your position while maintaining a coherent structure.

The shorter format besides encourages audiences to salary much attention.

But really tin you guarantee your short position accomplishes everything it needs to wrong conscionable 5 short minutes? We've put together an (appropriately condensed) guideline connected five-minute presentations to thief you get started.

How galore words are successful a 5-minute presentation?

A five-minute position is astir 700 words long. The mean personification speaks 120 to 160 words a minute, which intends nan mean five-minute position is 600 to 800 words.

To cipher your ain individual speaking velocity (words per minute, aliases WPM):

  1. Make an audio signaling of yourself speaking for 1 minute.
  2. Use a free transcription service to make a matter type of your speech.
  3. The number of words you said successful that infinitesimal is your individual WPM.

When constructing a longer presentation, you mightiness beryllium much concerned astir transitions and keeping nan assemblage engaged pinch much extended communicative elements.

In a short presentation, everything you opportunity should directly tie backmost to your cardinal premise and further beforehand your main point. Keeping a tight scope and utilizing your words cautiously ensures your clip isn't wasted, and nan assemblage leaves pinch a clear, singular takeaway.

How galore slides are successful a 5-minute presentation

Generally speaking, you'll want to instrumentality to conscionable 5 aliases six slides for a five-minute presentation, but there's nary group limit connected really galore yours will require. Depending connected your taxable matter, you whitethorn person up to 20 slides and walk astir 10 aliases 15 seconds connected each

More important than your descent count is what each descent contains. It's a bully norm of thumb to support your slides elemental and focused connected visuals (instead of text) for a position of immoderate length. This becomes particularly important erstwhile you're dealing pinch a condensed position window

Trying to cram successful arsenic overmuch accusation arsenic imaginable wrong a short timeframe tin beryllium tempting. Resist nan urge. Instead, attraction on simple, cleanable visuals that (once again) each necktie backmost to your cardinal premise.

You tin besides us these free position templates to put your slides successful a measurement that makes nan astir consciousness for your transportation and nan contented of your presentation.

5-minute position PowerPoint templates from HubSpot

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5-Minute Presentation Outline

If you're looking for a starting constituent for your five-minute presentation, we've created a basal outline beneath that you tin usage to shape your first thoughts successful nan readying stage.

You tin give 1 descent to each conception aliases aggregate slides if you want to break them down further.

Feel free to depart from nan building depending connected nan contented aliases format of your presentation. Just retrieve not to springiness your assemblage excessively overmuch to chew on. The cardinal present is — you guessed it — tying each descent backmost to 1 cardinal idea.

1. Cover Slide (What)

Your screen descent needs to reply nan mobility that’s on everyone’s mind: What’s successful it for me?

“The astir communal correction that group make erstwhile creating a short position is not establishing nan who, what, when, where, why right away,” said master transportation platform creator Malcolm Lewis.

“People will mentally cheque retired wrong 10 seconds.” The occupation of your screen descent is to establish discourse immediately. Your first descent should service arsenic an preamble to nan taxable of your presentation, and it should beryllium captivating.

Specificity is your friend. Avoid wide introductions, for example, “How to refine your craft.” It’s unclear what this position is astir and who it concerns. A clear title helps your assemblage understand nan attraction and prevents you from going excessively wide pinch your topic.

2. Thesis Slide (What, Continued)

Common normal mightiness authorities to concisely present yourself astatine nan opening of your presentation, but you should really jump straight into your thesis.

Why? You person nan top magnitude of attraction astatine nan opening of your presentation.

This descent should reply nan question: If listeners only retrieve ONE point from my presentation, what do I want it to be?

Writing a thesis benefits some your assemblage and you. Establishing a one-sentence summary of your position forces you to articulate and attraction your message, which will thief you trade nan remainder of your slides that support this point.

To constitute your thesis, “start astatine nan extremity and inquire yourself what you want to execute successful 5 minutes,” said activity communications coach Nausheen I. Chen. “Keep it ace simple: nan less nan goals of nan presentation, nan higher nan chance of you achieving them.”

In Nausheen’s five-minute presentation, she explicitly states nan astir important takeaway for viewers astatine nan opening of her presentation:

 five-minute presentation, thesis descent example

Image Source

3. Problem Slide (Why)

Most presentations tin beryllium boiled down to a problem you've identified, solved, aliases are successful nan process of solving. You’ve identified what listeners should attraction astir successful nan thesis statement, and now your problem descent should show them why.

Don’t beryllium acrophobic to framework your problem successful a antagonistic light. Audience members will beryllium much motivated to perceive if you steer them away from a problem, alternatively than helping them execute a amended outcome. Think of this arsenic “pain complete gain.”

Here’s an illustration of a short position connected nan benefits of quitting caffeine:

  • Gain — you could yet person much power by quitting caffeine.
  • Pain — your caffeine intake is hurting your power levels, not helping.

five-minute presentation, problem descent sample

Image Source

After you’ve identified nan problem, present connected nan solution.

4. Solution/Analysis Slide (How)

Now that your problem has been introduced, show your assemblage what they request to cognize astir this topic. In shorter position formats, you'll want to attraction little connected nan specifications and much connected nan big-picture items.

Ask yourself: What does your assemblage request to cognize astir this topic? Anything that falls into nan "nice to know" class tin beryllium trim and delivered to stakeholders successful a follow-up email aft nan meeting.

5. About You — Optional (Who)

Does your five-minute position request an “about me” slide? Only if it reinforces your thesis and gives authority to your words.

For example, a short position astir crab screenings would beryllium much reliable if a expert was nan presenter. However, fixed nan brevity of your presentation, you tin find a imaginative measurement to lend that aforesaid authority to what you’re saying without shortening your message.

It mightiness beryllium imaginable to execute nan aforesaid authority by a expert wearing a achromatic overgarment for a position successful real-life and adding nan “Dr.” prefix to their sanction connected Zoom.

6. Conclusion (What's Next)

The conclusion descent allows you to coherently extremity your position and summarize nan important takeaway points for your audience. Don't skimp connected your conclusion conscionable because it's a short position — it's nan past point your assemblage will perceive from you.

On this slide, see interaction accusation truthful willing assemblage members tin travel up. Then, extremity pinch a zinger. Reinforce nan points you presented and yet make your position much memorable.

5-Minute Presentation Example

While we weren't successful nan room erstwhile these presentations were primitively fixed — and truthful can't corroborate pinch 100% certainty that they ran for only 5 minutes.

However, these decks timepiece successful astatine nether 15 slides and usage a elemental format to convey a problem and solution.

1. LinkedIn Tip

five-minute presentation, LinkedIn sample descent deck

Image Source

2. Email Marketing Trend

five-minute presentation, email trading sample descent deck

Image Source 

3. The Marketing Plan

five-minute presentation, trading scheme sample descent deck

Image Source

How to Create a 5-Minute Presentation Your Audience Will Love

Here are immoderate champion practices to travel erstwhile crafting a short presentation.

1. Make it astir your audience.

A position whitethorn consciousness for illustration it’s astir you, but it’s really astir your audience.

“To cognize really to create a existent translator successful a short magnitude of time, you request to cognize who you are speaking to and person a consciousness of what they cognize and don’t know,” said Learning Experience Designer Lyssa Leigh Jackson.

Lyssa encourages presenters to intelligibly specify what your assemblage will locomotion distant knowing and feeling.

2. Don’t make vague aliases generalized points.

It's easy to go overambitious aliases overwhelmed by nan accusation you want to present. Choosing a azygous thought to attraction connected gives you clarity erstwhile designing your reside and allows you to trim extraneous details. It besides provides a communicative building that your assemblage tin much easy grasp

One of nan astir often made correction pinch short presentations is being vague. Malcolm Lewis advises you to combat that by leveraging data: “Get circumstantial pinch examples and numbers. Be arsenic precise arsenic possible.”

This position descent from Lyssa Leigh Jackson explicitly writes information and besides visualizes it pinch nan chimney graphic:

five-minute presentation, descent illustration displaying metrics

Image Source

3. Research, fact-check, and do it twice.

Your position is your chance to radiance — but nan shorter format besides intends that each constituent you make will beryllium much visible, memorable, and, consequently, much susceptible to scrutiny

Take nan clip to thoroughly investigation nan taxable of your position and guarantee each constituent you make is:

  • Technically accurate
  • Tailored for your audience.
  • Jargon-free and easy to understand

With a beardown bid of your taxable matter, your transportation will besides beryllium much assured and convincing.

4. Appeal to really group study best: stories.

A communicative tin springiness meaning to your position and elevate it to much than conscionable facts, figures, and flashy slides. Building your position astir a simple, easy-to-understand communicative makes your contented much digestible.

Your position will only past for a fewer minutes, but nan communicative you show needs to instrumentality astir successful your audiences' minds for longer — an stories people thief humans understand and clasp accusation much easily.

Be warned that an anecdotal communicative must beryllium condensed and well-outlined, aliases you consequence utilizing up your precious 300 seconds pinch a run-on story. You tin negociate this successful your believe sessions.

5. Don't skip that believe session.

“Short presentation” doesn’t construe into “spontaneous presentation.” From CEOs to interns, everyone will use from practicing their short presentations successful advance, nary matter really assured they are.

Practicing your position will thief you:

  • Practicing your talking points.
  • Ensuring nan correct magnitude of presentation.
  • Overall assurance successful position style.

Film a run-through of your position connected your telephone and watch it backmost to thief you self-critique.

Try to present overmuch (or all) of your position by heart. Your transportation will beryllium much natural, allowing you to create a stronger relationship pinch your audience. And erstwhile nerves hit, you'll person nan musculus representation to autumn backmost connected and transportation you done nan presentation.

If you request to velocity done your slides to compression everything into a five-minute window, you’re apt trying to do excessively much. Consider cutting your slides and talking points truthful you don’t consequence getting caught off.

6. Relax, and don't rush.

In summation to moving retired timing issues, practicing will besides thief you consciousness little tense successful nan infinitesimal and support your normal WPM.

It’s earthy to speak much quickly erstwhile you’re nationalist speaking, but hole capable to consciousness relaxed passim your position truthful that you don’t velocity done your talking points.

Staying focused connected your position (and not getting distracted by nerves) will amended your transportation and springiness you much confidence, moreover if you're anxious astir nationalist speaking.

7. Expect your position to beryllium shared.

Every position should beryllium created pinch nan anticipation that it will beryllium viewed connected its own.

It’s modular believe to travel up presentations pinch an email that includes an attached descent deck. That email mightiness very good beryllium viewed by personification who missed your first meeting, aliases forwarded to personification caller altogether.

five-minute presentation, LinkedIn screenshot displaying presentations connected profile

Image Source

For this reason, don’t put delicate aliases backstage accusation connected nan slides. Make judge that each descent presents capable accusation for viewers to understand nan large slug points of your short presentation.

This affirmative inclination intends your activity tin unrecorded beyond nan first presentation. Consider sharing nan nexus yourself connected your LinkedIn floor plan to item your work.

5-Minute Presentation Sample

These five-minute position samples each research different position settings and narratives that will thief animate you arsenic you create your ain presentation.

1. Speak arsenic a Leader Bootcamp Welcome.

This five-minute position by Nausheen I. Chen perfectly balances minimalism pinch informative text. The creation uses inheritance colour to thief create opposition wrong nan presentation, and nan last call-to-action is unsocial and actionable.

five-minute presentation, bootcamp sample presentation

Image Source

What we like:This descent platform is for a much interactive presentation, providing clear objectives and building for nan assemblage to travel on and consciousness comfortable. The worth they tin expect from nan position is communicated and delivered

2. Digital Finest Pitch Deck

This high-contrast five-minute position creation by Gabe Marusca uses colour to show a communicative and bold matter to prosecute nan audience.

Where immoderate presenters would’ve put an “about me” descent astatine nan end, Gabe kept nan spotlight straight connected nan spectator by showcasing customer occurrence testimonials.

 five-minute presentation, transportation platform sample

Image Source

What we like:This descent platform follows nan classical problem–solution–results storyline. His conclusion descent summarizes nan main constituent and provides a clear takeaway for audiences

3. Women successful nan Workplace Briefing

This position grabs viewers’ attraction instantly pinch powerful statistic and continues to articulate talking points pinch data.

While nan position apt didn’t talk each chart and information constituent in-depth, it paints a persuasive picture. This creates a highly valuable assets moreover erstwhile viewed independently of nan presentation.

 five-minute presentation, information study sample position

Image Source

What we like: This data-driven descent platform illuminates problems women look successful nan workplace, pinch only 2 slides proposing solutions astatine nan end. If nan extremity of your position is to aftermath your assemblage up to a problem that’s successful their hands to fix, travel this illustration to thrust your constituent home

4. Legacy Speaker Tour

This colorful position by Jasmin Haley uses bold matter and engaging imagery to present a 1-day workshop.

The inspiring connection and colorful creation bespeak nan power of a unrecorded workshop, and nan minimal matter complements nan bold imagery connected each slide.

 five-minute presentation, shop preamble sample position

Image Source

What we like:This is an fantabulous illustration of an image-focused presentation. If you want nan attraction to beryllium connected you arsenic nan speaker, pinch nan images amplifying your message, find fitting images to travel you constituent by point.

You Know Your Audience Best

When creating your five-minute presentation, deliberation astir your assemblage and trade it to entreaty to them. The accusation you determine to item and really you framework it will vastly disagree depending connected who your position is meant for.

It's earthy to beryllium tense going into your presentation, particularly if you don't for illustration nationalist speaking aliases fearfulness it, but pinch capable information and practice, you'll beryllium a maestro of immoderate taxable you dream to present.

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