How HubSpotters Are Enhancing Their Content with AI

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AI has undoubtedly upended nan measurement professionals crossed nan statement work.

a HubSpotter creating contented pinch nan thief of AI

And contented creation is nary exception.

Advances successful artificial intelligence (AI) are offering caller ways for marketers to create much effective and engaging content. From automating contented creation to improving personalized recommendations, AI is reshaping nan contented trading landscape.

But if you're unsure really to leverage AI to create amended content, you're not alone. At HubSpot, we've been exploring nan good statement betwixt utilizing AI to heighten our contented without relying excessively heavy connected it.

Here, let's research immoderate of nan ways HubSpotters crossed nan trading statement are leveraging AI to heighten their contented and thrust amended results.

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1. HubSpotters Are Using AI to Figure Out Which Type(s) of Content to Make

One of nan astir powerful usage cases for AI is figuring retired what contented you want to create successful nan first place.

For instance, AJ Beltis, HubSpot's Senior Content Strategist of Media Conversion, told me, "Part of my team's responsibilities is to create contented offers connected high-traffic blog posts that person visitors into leads astatine arsenic precocious of a complaint arsenic possible, which we past beforehand connected that blog done CTAs. Understandably, immoderate blog posts are much challenging to create contented pinch a reliable conversion path."

He continues, "For instance, erstwhile our blog squad writes a station astir trading readying strategy, we cognize a downloadable trading scheme template will activity arsenic a CTA. However, immoderate of our much method topics connected our Website Blog aren't arsenic straightforward erstwhile it comes to our accepted conversion strategy."

Which is wherever AI comes in.

He says, "Here, we move to AI and inquire prompts for illustration 'What would personification reference a blog station astir (Topic X) want to study astir next?' aliases 'What is simply a template, guide, aliases checklist that personification would find useful aft reference a blog station astir (Topic Y)?'"

Similarly, you mightiness leverage AI chatbot devices for illustration ChatSpot for your ain contented strategy. Beyond brainstorming blog topics that subordinate to your halfway merchandise aliases service, you tin usage AI to find which types of downloadable offers make nan astir consciousness for each individual portion of content.

As Beltis puts it, "AI helps america pinch contented ideation and outlining for areas wherever our squad lacks familiarity. We tin past tally these connection ideas by our experts and writers – nan aforesaid measurement we would pinch immoderate different outline – and return it upon ourselves to create this contented pinch HubSpotty creation and tone-of-voice."

aj beltis connected really he uses AI astatine hubspot

2. HubSpotters Are Using AI to Discover The Right Audiences — And How to Speak to Them

Justin Graci, HubSpot's Marketing Fellow, Partner GTM & Product Readiness, uses AI successful his domiciled to find who his assemblage is and what matters astir to them.

He told me, "I leverage generative AI to alteration nan reside of my penning by informing ChatGPT who my assemblage is and what they attraction astir about. Very quickly, I tin accommodate my transcript to beryllium much tailored to nan different audiences I’m penning for without having to investigation whether 1 assemblage prefers shorter versus longer form, heavy discourse versus precocious level, aliases informal versus professional."

One of nan astir difficult aspects of contented creation is shifting your reside depending connected your assemblage and nan level for which you're creating content. For instance, your reside will alteration depending connected whether you're creating contented for an Instagram station versus a play newsletter.

Rather than spending hours finessing your contented to fresh nan level and audience, you tin usage generative AI to velocity up nan process and walk much clip connected what matters most: The contented itself.

Additionally, you mightiness see leveraging AI to thief deed nan correct reside pinch your purchaser persona.

As Graci puts it, "I’m besides utilizing AI for income enablement … Being capable to make templates and phrases that are effective and proven to prosecute buyers has been immensely adjuvant erstwhile creating income email templates and collateral."

3. HubSpotters Are Using AI As Their Own Creative Co-Pilots

HubSpot's Associate SEO Strategist Josh Blyskal is simply a large instrumentality of AI.

As he puts it, "When I usage AI successful my role, I'm amplifying what I already cognize I tin do. When I get stuck aliases person a intelligence block, that's erstwhile I unfastened up my AI tools. AI is for illustration my imaginative co-pilot — it's not going to everything perfectly, and I don't expect it to. AI has been astir beneficial successful enabling maine to quickly outline, plan, and get nan shot rolling."

His colleague, SEO Strategist Bianca Anderson, agrees. She told me, "For me, AI has served arsenic nan eventual virtual assistant. I've been utilizing AI regular to amended my soul communications pinch stakeholders and person recovered that it's peculiarly effective successful editing for reside and clarity. It moreover helped maine constitute retired this quote!"

She adds, "Additionally, AI has go a valuable assets for maine successful outlining memos for larger projects. It provides a coagulated instauration for maine to build upon and refine, which greatly streamlines my workflow."

Note that neither Blyskal nor Anderson usage AI to replace their domiciled successful nan contented creation process — instead, they usage it to amplify their contented successful overmuch nan aforesaid measurement you'd move to a workfellow if you were stuck connected a paragraph aliases concept.

HubSpot's Senior Marketing Technical Manager - AI, David Groechel, agrees that AI is simply a catch-all erstwhile it comes to contented creation. He told maine crossed nan Marketing section he's seen each teams leverage AI to create copy: "We propulsion transcript into ChatSpot and person it springiness america iterations aliases travel up pinch ideas we tin riff on."

Of course, it's captious you return nan clip to find which types of contented activity champion erstwhile it comes to generative AI. As HubSpot Senior Technical SEO Specialist Sylvain Charbit puts it, "I find AI-generated contented peculiarly useful for thing related to creating method guides, which simply trust connected listing and mechanically explaining facts, without nan request for immoderate circumstantial sentiment connected a subject."

(Bonus: If you're a HubSpot customer, you tin entree your ain imaginative co-pilot – Content Assistant – which is natively integrated successful HubSpot's level and tin efficaciously make transcript for you.)

4. HubSpotters Are Using AI to Off-load Time-consuming Tasks

One of nan astir powerful advantages of utilizing AI is really overmuch clip it frees up for you to attraction connected tasks that, rather simply, request a quality touch.

Marketers, income professionals, and work professionals tin now offload route, mundane, and repetitive tasks to AI — and prevention nan activity that requires much creativity, innovation, and empathy for themselves.

As HubSpot's Senior Marketing Manager Pernilla Jungåker puts it, "Since I'm nan only marketer for 7 countries (Nordics and Benelux), I usage AI to thief maine pinch easier yet time-consuming tasks to return immoderate workload disconnected my sheet and prevention time. For instance, it could beryllium summarizing a webinar landing page I've created and utilizing that matter successful an email. Or creating versions of ads matter truthful nan ads squad tin trial nan different texts against each other."

Justin Graci agrees, adding, "My penning process often requires maine to get a batch of thoughts connected a page earlier tightening it up successful a measurement that makes it clearer to a scholar (making each connection conflict to beryllium connected nan page is key). With devices for illustration ChatSpot I’m capable to paste successful my agelong paragraphs and inquire it to shorten nan transcript without losing its extent … and Voila!"

He adds, "I besides usage AI connected a regular ground to get complete writer's block. For example, I’m successful nan process of penning a caller contented connection and for each conception I’ve travel against a encephalon artifact connected really to articulate definite points … So disconnected to ChatSpot I spell for inspiration alternatively of mulling complete it for hours."

As a writer myself, I'm well-aware of nan time-suck that writer's artifact tin become. With AI, nan days of staring retired nan model and waiting for inspiration to onslaught are gone. That, successful itself, tin quickly go an easy measurement to prevention hours of time.

The aforesaid goes for societal media content, arsenic well. As Nicole Phillip, The Hustle's Senior Social Media Manager, told me, "Operating arsenic a 1 personification show has its challenges, but generative AI has made it a spot easier. I’ve started utilizing ChatSpot for thief pinch contented ideation, matter summaries and script-writing."

She adds, "Of course, generative AI is still imperfect, truthful there’s fact-checking and rewriting that needs to beryllium done, but it takes what would usually beryllium hours of brainstorming and reduces nan clip needed to create contented for illustration TikToks, especially."

5. HubSpotters Are Leveraging AI to Edit Their Work & Research Faster

HubSpot's Product Marketing Manager Irina Nica's domiciled requires her to get nan latest news retired astir HubSpot's merchandise launches — which includes penning blog posts, merchandise updates, and income materials quickly.

Leveraging AI successful nan editing process has been monumental for Nica.

She told me, "One of my favourite go-tos is nan Content Assistant's blog penning feature. It's for illustration having a 2nd brace of eyes that helps maine spell done my drafts, tidy them up, and get them retired location faster. Don’t get maine incorrect … Writing is simply a immense portion of my occupation and thing that AI can't return over, but it judge helps to velocity up nan nitty-gritty bits for illustration editing. Plus, it's a lifesaver erstwhile it comes to brainstorming catchy titles based connected my ain drafts."

irina nica connected really she uses AI astatine hubspot

Beyond nan editing process, AI tin besides supercharge your investigation process. Rather than spending hours connected Google, you tin now inquire a chatbot to supply you pinch a fast, compact paragraph pinch each nan accusation you request to get started.

Nica says, "I besides for illustration to usage ChatSpot for getting speedy recommendations for products, books, aliases immoderate type of assets really. Say I'm looking for nan champion merchandise trading book for SaaS companies; normally, I'd beryllium knee-deep successful Google searches, reference articles and checking retired recommendations connected Goodreads. But pinch nan correct prompt, ChatSpot tin get maine location 10X faster. I still springiness its last proposal a speedy Google check, but it's a ace useful shortcut."

While these are immoderate of nan astir effective ways HubSpotters person been utilizing AI successful their roles, I'm judge this database pinch germinate – and grow — complete time. We're successful nan early days of AI, truthful it's captious you return nan clip to research wrong your ain domiciled and find really AI tin activity champion for you.

And you mightiness effort becoming comfortable pinch AI extracurricular of your master life, too. As Nica told me, "AI is not conscionable for work. It's awesome for individual stuff, too. For example, it tin thief maine find nan champion stops connected a roadworthy travel aliases whip up a look for toddler-friendly, no-sugar, oat flour, banana muffins."

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