How AI Will Change Podcast and Video, According to Riverside's Head of Marketing

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Podcasting and video are 2 undeniably powerful opportunities for reaching caller audiences and expanding marque awareness.

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In fact, location are presently complete 140 cardinal podcast listeners successful nan U.S. alone, and more than 40% of U.S. users study watching online videos each day.

But creating beardown video aliases audio contented takes time, effort, and resources. Fortunately, AI is astir to displacement really every business creates audio and video contented — leaving your squad pinch much clip to attraction connected big-picture strategy, and little clip connected pre-production, editing, and more.

Here, study why Riverside's Head of Marketing, Abel Grunfeld, is much excited than ever astir nan early of audio and video erstwhile it comes to AI.

 The State of Artificial Intelligence successful 2023

How AI Will Change Podcast and Video, According to Riverside's Head of Marketing

1. AI will alteration podcast and video hosts to facilitate deeper conversations.

As personification who regularly interviews thought leaders for nan HubSpot Blog, I'm all-too-familiar pinch nan challenges of reasoning of bully questions to inquire your guests.

And 1 of nan worst mistakes an interviewer tin make is asking a impermanent nan aforesaid mobility they‘ve been asked countless times before. It could travel crossed for illustration you haven’t done your research, and your assemblage mightiness consciousness that nan question and reply is redundant and doesn't connection thing new.

Fortunately, AI is simply a powerful instrumentality for researching your impermanent and formulating questions up of nan interview.

As Grunfeld told me, “When dealing pinch guest-style interviews, AI helps tremendously pinch research. For instance, it tin thief you understand someone's constituent of position connected a fixed taxable and you tin past create caller questions to spot whether that's still nan case, aliases situation it and spell deeper.”

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Consider prompting an AI chat instrumentality to supply unsocial questions for a fixed interviewee, aliases simply to behaviour investigation regarding their institution to thief capable successful nan inheritance discourse you request to facilitate an engaging interview.

2. AI will let you to trial your conception during pre-production.

Pre-production tasks — including on-location shootings, group design, and uncovering nan correct talent — tin beryllium time-consuming and expensive.

And, arsenic Grunfeld points out, you mightiness person a imagination successful your caput that is difficult to convey to your team. So contempt your champion efforts, your squad mightiness beryllium mis-aligned erstwhile it comes to wherever you're each headed.

Grunfeld told me, “Within nan full pre-production process correct now, erstwhile you activity pinch a crew, everything is based connected what you say. But possibly nan visualization for you is different than for me.”

He continues, "I deliberation what AI allows you to do pinch devices for illustration Midjourney is return nan guesswork retired of it and visually show and trial your conception truthful you tin find whether it's arsenic compelling arsenic what you person successful mind."

Ultimately, AI allows you to prevention clip and resources by ensuring you get it correct nan first time. As Grunfeld puts it, “AI allows you to create alignment and to beryllium overmuch much effective successful position of figuring retired what you request successful position of set, talent, camera angles, etc. It allows you to de-risk while being much prepared and productive.”

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3. AI will toggle shape nan post-production process by drastically reducing nan clip it takes to edit.

One of nan astir challenging aspects of podcast and video accumulation is nan post-production process, which is why Grunfeld believes this is wherever AI will person nan biggest impact.

As he points out, “Compared to a 30 aliases 60-minute speech you mightiness person successful nan accumulation stage, post-production tin return up to 10 hours. So location is simply a disproportional effort required to return attraction of nan post-production.”

Post-production requires you to specify occurrence and group clear criteria; and, arsenic Grunfeld told me, AI useful champion nether those parameters.

For instance, AI tin quickly transcribe your calls pinch accuracy. Riverside offers its ain incredibly meticulous AI transcription tool for free. Best of all, it's disposable successful 100+ languages. 

You tin past usage AI to automate nan contented creation process. As Grunfeld told me, “You don't request to spell into nan contented anymore and manually make sequences aliases find erstwhile you want to show which person, and pinch which layout. It's each going to beryllium automated. And this intends anyone — sloppy of knowledge-level — tin make engaging, talking-style videos pinch nan click of a button.”

4. AI will thief you beforehand your podcast aliases video episodes much effectively.

Oftentimes, I determine which podcast section I'm going to perceive to adjacent based disconnected of what I spot connected Instagram.

When I spot an engaging clip of a podcast conversation, it often hooks maine into wanting to perceive nan full episode.

And I‘m not alone. As Grunfeld points out, "We can’t expect anyone to put an hr aliases much watching a video aliases listening to a podcast without knowing if it‘s worthy their clip — truthful societal clips are an effective opportunity to get consciousness connected a video aliases podcast, but they’re a batch of activity and they're tedious."

He continues, “This is different area wherever AI will measurement in. Rather than manually combing done an hr video conversation, you tin fto AI prime nan magic moments automatically and create a clip that is fresh to beryllium published.”

For instance, Riverside conscionable launched its ain tool, Magic Clips, which leverages AI to place cardinal moments successful your signaling and edit them arsenic standalone clips. This enables you to optimize your videos aliases podcast episodes for various societal media platforms.

You tin besides leverage AI to create much compelling societal promotion astir your video aliases podcast episode. For instance, you mightiness inquire it to create you title, video aliases podcast summaries, show notes, and more.

Best of all, you tin usage AI to repurpose your video aliases audio for societal posts aliases your blog, which enables you to get much worth from each portion of contented you produce.

5. AI enables your squad to attraction connected nan astir important facet of podcast aliases video: Storytelling.

Grunfeld told me, “Right now, group are under-evaluating nan clip spent connected nan wide contented strategy and really video and aliases audio aliases podcasts fresh in, and they're under-evaluating nan value of nan premise of an individual section aliases conversation.”

He encourages podcast and video producers to return nan clip to deliberation astir nan strategy, and effort to link nan dots betwixt what you‘re making and what you’re trading — and ultimately, really it each connects backmost to your business.

Fortunately, AI will thief producers' gain clip backmost to attraction connected these higher-picture components.

Grunfeld says, “AI devices thief you allocate nan clip you prevention to really attraction connected nan premise of nan contented you're creating. And AI besides ensures accumulation value that fits your brand. When you're a business, nan contented you put retired into nan world shapes perception, truthful this is critical.”

6. AI tin lick nan knowledge spread and let for much divers perspectives.

One of nan astir breathtaking aspects of AI is really it tin region barriers successful position of imaginative expression, technology, resources, and knowledge. In different words, it tin make podcast aliases video creation much accessible.

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Historically, podcasting aliases video accumulation requires audio aliases video engineering skills, editing skills, and storytelling skills. But if AI is capable to offload astir of nan engineering and editing skills required, that conscionable leaves 1 thing: Storytelling.

And Grunfeld told maine this past displacement is nan 1 he is astir excited about.

He says, “Videos and podcasts are astir telling stories. And a batch of group mightiness not recognize they person a typical communicative to tell. It tin beryllium difficult to show your communicative successful a measurement that makes you proud.”

He continues, “AI turns you from an technologist editor aliases heavy-duty creator towards much of a curator. You are nan storyteller, and you're conscionable curating nan editing and building you tin usage to bring your communicative to life. Which intends much group will beryllium capable to definitive themselves.”

He adds, “I deliberation nan early of video and audio will beryllium much divers successful position of thought and position – which yet creates much conversations and much progress.”

Finally … Will avatars switch existent hosts?

One of nan concerns I person erstwhile it comes to AI and podcast aliases video accumulation is nan conception that AI mightiness return nan spot of quality podcast aliases video hosts.

Fortunately, Grunfeld doesn‘t judge this will go nan norm. He told maine while he could spot room for AI avatars erstwhile it comes to straightforward tutorial-based video aliases audio content, he doesn’t spot AI taking nan spot of human-to-human conversations.

As he puts it, "I deliberation it's nan human-to-human constituent that gives power and that allows you to build connected apical of each other, and I’m not judge if an avatar tin create that aforesaid affectional response."

"And so, while I ideate location will beryllium usage cases for avatar-led creations, I cannot ideate having a speech betwixt 2 group — isolated from 1 is simply a thought leader pinch a awesome story, and nan different is an avatar. Because if there's nary energy, there's nary request to person a speech successful nan first place."

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