Gated Content: What Marketers Need to Know [+Examples]

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As William Shakespeare erstwhile wrote, "To beryllium aliases not to be, that is nan question." Marketers person a akin classical debate: gated versus ungated content.

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While 80% of B2B contented trading assets are gated and lead procreation is 1 of nan apical objectives for marketers, it's not an unfastened and unopen case. That's why we've gathered everything you request to cognize astir gated contented successful this post.

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Here, we'll research what gated contented is and really it compares to ungated content. Then, we'll dive into gated contented champion practices and look astatine immoderate examples.

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What is Gated Content?

Gated vs. Ungated Content

Best Practices for Gated Content

Gated Content Examples

What is Gated Content?

Gated contented is immoderate type of contented that viewers tin only entree aft exchanging their information. Essentially, nan contented is hidden down a form. Companies usage gated contented to make leads and ultimately, sales.

So, really does gated contented work?

Usually, users get astatine your website and spot a CTA aliases pop-up that offers them entree to a portion of contented successful speech for their information. This could beryllium their email reside successful speech for a content offer, for example.

It's important to statement that gated contented for inbound trading is free and not hidden down a paywall. Users conscionable request to taxable their accusation to entree nan content.

Now, you mightiness beryllium wondering, "Why would I hide my contented from my audience?"

Typically, nan extremity of gated contented is to make leads. Marketers will create targeted contented for their assemblage and usage it to pull leads. Gated contented isn't utilized for marque consciousness aliases visibility campaigns because nan quality of hidden contented doesn't let for precocious traffic.

Below, let's talk nan pros and cons of gated versus ungated content.

Gated vs. Ungated Content

While gated contented is simply a strategy for lead generation, ungated contented is meant to amended SEO and summation marque awareness. Ungated contented could beryllium blog posts, infographics, aliases YouTube videos. On nan different hand, gated contented could beryllium achromatic papers, ebooks, aliases webinars.

As you tin astir apt tell, gated and ungated contented some service different purposes. But you mightiness beryllium wondering what nan pros and cons are. Let's dive into it now.

Pros and Cons of Gated Content

Gated Content

Ultimately, gated contented is meant to make leads that you tin nurture into prospects done your trading efforts, whereas ungated contented is meant to summation postulation and amended spot pinch your audience.

Both types of contented are valuable and should beryllium included successful your content trading strategy.

After reference this list, you mightiness beryllium wondering, "How do I cognize if I should gross my content?"

Well, it each depends connected your goals — marque visibility aliases lead generation.

Additionally, see nan type of content. Longer shape contented for illustration an ebook is suited to gated content, while shorter shape contented specified arsenic blog posts are amended disconnected arsenic ungated content.

Once you've decided to create a portion of gated content, you're astir apt funny astir really to get started. Let's reappraisal immoderate champion practices below.

Best Practices for Gated Content

  1. Create contented for each shape successful nan buyer's journey.
  2. Complete a competitory analysis.
  3. Provide incentive.
  4. Build a beardown landing page.
  5. Segment your audience.
  6. Measure nan analytics.

1. Create contented for each shape successful nan buyer's journey.

When a imaginable goes done nan buyer's journey, they'll spell done 3 stages: awareness, consideration, and decision.

Here's a speedy rundown of each stage:

HubSpot's buyer's journey.During each stage, it's important for your assemblage to person contented that meets them wherever they are.

For instance, visitors successful nan consciousness shape are astir apt willing successful reference an ebook. On nan different hand, a visitant successful nan determination shape mightiness for illustration a merchandise demo aliases webinar.

That's why it's important that your contented offers are designed for each shape of nan buyer's journey. If your gated contented is aligned pinch their journey, your assemblage is much apt to convert.

2. Complete a competitory analysis.

Once you've brainstormed immoderate contented ideas for each shape of nan buyer's journey, it's clip to behaviour a competitive analysis.

In a competitory analysis, you'll investigation what your competitors are doing. This intends looking up what type of contented offers they offer. Pay attraction to what contented is gated versus ungated.

This will springiness you a bully thought of what contented of yours should beryllium gated.

3. Provide incentive.

As an inbound marketer, you cognize that providing worth is of nan utmost importance.

Your contented connection shouldn't beryllium a speedy blog post. Instead, your gated contented should supply actionable, valuable content.

Just arsenic importantly, your gated contented should beryllium applicable to your audience.

When your contented provides existent value, it gives your assemblage an inducement to capable retired that shape and springiness you their interaction information.

4. Build a beardown landing page.

When a personification clicks connected a CTA for a contented offer, they're usually led to a landing page. So, 1 of nan champion practices for gated contented is to build a strong landing page.

For example, HubSpot's State of AI Report landing page contains a beardown headline, compelling copy, a conception for FAQs, and a elemental form.

Screenshot 2023-07-26 astatine 3.58.05 PM

Chances are, your landing page will see a shape wherever visitors tin input their interaction specifications successful speech for your contented offer. It's important that your shape is straightforward, easy to use, and user-friendly.

HubSpot offers a free online form builder that enables you to create and customize forms pinch a drag-and-drop shape maker.

5. Segment your audience.

Once your assemblage has downloaded your gated contented and you person their email address, it's clip to conception your email lists.

This will thief you create email trading campaigns that are targeted and effective.

Additionally, segmenting your assemblage intends you tin nonstop nurturing emails to move those leads to prospects.

6. Measure nan analytics.

When you've decided to gross a definite portion of content, that intends you tin way conversions and measurement your analytics.

As pinch immoderate trading strategy, measuring your occurrence is highly important. This information will thief you understand your assemblage amended and amended your contented strategy.

Now that you cognize immoderate champion practices for creating gated content, let's look astatine types of contented and examples of what this will look for illustration successful action.

Gated Content Examples

1. White papers.

A awesome illustration of gated contented is simply a white paper. A achromatic insubstantial is an authoritative, in-depth study connected a circumstantial topic.

Usually, these are long-form pieces of contented that are absorbing and valuable to your audience.

White papers make awesome gated contented because of nan worth they provide. Additionally, it helps your marque go an manufacture master connected a topic. When you're a trusted expert, group want to cognize what you person to say.

This intends you'll get much group to download your offer.

2. Ebooks.

An ebook is different celebrated type of gated content. Unlike a achromatic paper, an ebook is usually a shorter guideline connected a circumstantial topic.

Ebooks tin besides springiness your marque authority and build spot pinch your audience. Usually, ebooks are utilized successful nan consciousness and information shape of nan buyer's journey.

3. Templates.

One of my favourite forms of gated contented is nan template. Providing a template is simply a tactical, actionable portion of content.

The perceived worth of a template is overmuch higher than that of an ebook and a achromatic paper, which intends your assemblage is much apt to input their interaction accusation to person it.

Templates are a awesome gated contented connection for folks successful nan information and determination shape of nan buyer's journey.

4. Webinars.

With a webinar, you'll amended your assemblage to study much astir a topic. You'll create trust, build relationships, and hopefully, inspire.

For prospects who are successful nan determination shape of nan buyer's journey, webinars are an fantabulous gated contented offer.

Again, webinars person a precocious perceived value, which makes your assemblage much apt to capable retired that form.

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With gated content, it's important to see what types of contented you're offering and make judge it's suited to your audience. Ultimately, gated contented should beryllium targeted and thief you make leads.

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