5 Marketing Trends That Might Not Survive in 2023 [HubSpot Research]

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Few selling trends past forever. In reality, they travel and spell astatine accelerated velocity — and marketers indispensable adapt.

Marketer reappraisal dying trends

Because selling is ever evolving, your selling playbook should, too. But if your strategy looks the aforesaid arsenic years prior, it's clip to bash immoderate housekeeping.

 Free State of Marketing Report [Updated for 2022]

Here, we'll screen 5 selling trends that are losing steam and however marketers tin respond.

Marketing Trends That Might Not Survive successful 2023

  1. Celebrity endorsements connected societal media.
  2. The heavy filtered Instagram aesthetic.
  3. Audio chat rooms.
  4. Long-form videos for societal media.
  5. Marketing successful the metaverse.

1. Celebrity endorsements connected societal media.

Have you ever seen a sponsored station from a personage connected societal media and thought, "Do they truly usage that?"

For example, Beyond Meat's collaboration with media property Kim Kardashian became a viral infinitesimal successful 2022, but for each the incorrect reasons. After releasing a promotional video of Kardashian sampling its vegan products, viewers were speedy to impeach Kardashian of "fake chewing," starring galore to question the authenticity of her endorsement.

The occupation is not that Kim K is intelligibly not a instrumentality of Beyond Meat and is lone doing it for the check.

It's that each of her fans tin spot done it successful the comments. pic.twitter.com/chwq9xK0Uh

— Cody Wittick (@Cody_Wittick) August 26, 2022

While celebrities connection much exposure, consumers request to spot the personage and judge the endorsement is authentic. But gathering that spot is getting harder.

Research shows that spot successful personage endorsements is decreasing. Only 44% of Gen Z-ers spot endorsements from a personage oregon athlete. This fig drops to 38% for Millennials.

Unsurprisingly, the aforesaid study recovered that influencers are much trusted arsenic marque spokespeople. We foretell societal media influencers – specifically micro-influencers — volition commencement dominating this space.

Micro-influencers person a smaller pursuing than accepted celebrities, but their assemblage is highly engaged. On apical of that, they are seen arsenic "everyday" people, truthful their assemblage is much apt to spot their recommendations.

Brands are catching on: much than 56% of marketers who put successful influencer selling enactment with micro-influencers.

2. The heavy filtered Instagram aesthetic.

If you've scrolled done Instagram recently, you whitethorn announcement the aesthetic is changing.

Gone are the days of heavy filtered photos and cleanable Instagram feeds. Nowadays, influencers, brands, and mundane users are pivoting towards a much unedited look.

What's the crushed for this pivot? Many users consciousness a consciousness of fatigue implicit the highly processed aesthetic that has dominated the level for years. The Gen Z crowd, successful particular, values authenticity implicit appearing excessively polished online. It's nary astonishment they gravitate to TikTok, wherever earthy and unfiltered contented is the norm.

Brands are starting to instrumentality announcement of this shift. Skincare marque Glossier, for example, plays into the "anti-aesthetic" question by sharing candid shots, unedited photos, and adjacent cute carnal photos.

Glossier Instagram (1)Although this is conscionable a displacement successful aesthetics, it points to a bigger inclination with young consumers: they crave authenticity from brands. In different words, snapshots of avocado toast and heavy filtered selfies won't chopped it. Instead, brands indispensable research however to look much accessible and relatable online.

3. Audio chat rooms.

Audio chat rooms — similar Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces — surged successful popularity during the commencement of the pandemic, erstwhile galore radical were seeking opportunities to link with others.

Fast guardant to today, and much than a 4th (29%) of marketers are readying to halt investing successful audio chat rooms successful 2023.

From a selling perspective, the biggest occupation with audio chat rooms is that users similar to talk with radical — not brands. In fact, only 7% of Gen Z consumers similar audio chat rooms for discovering caller products.

Audio chat rooms are besides losing popularity with younger audiences. Only 14% of Gen Z consumers person visited Twitter successful the past 3 months, and a slim 13% person visited Clubhouse. If your assemblage skews younger, it's worthy exploring different strategies.

4. Long-form videos for societal media.

It's nary concealed that short-form video has dominated the societal media scenery this year, and it volition proceed to prime up steam successful 2023.

In fact, short-form video volition spot the astir maturation of immoderate inclination successful 2023, according to HubSpot's 2023 Marketing Strategy & Trends Report. On apical of that, a staggering 96% of marketers hold that the optimal magnitude of a selling video is nether 10 minutes.

Marketing Trends 2023 (1)

Of course, this isn't to suggest long-form video doesn't person its spot — oregon that it's going extinct. Longer videos tin connection much accusation astir a topic, product, service, oregon brand.

However, the situation is keeping your videos engaging capable to clasp the audience's attention. Shorter videos, connected the different hand, enactment good connected societal media due to the fact that they align with the fast-paced attraction spans of online audiences.

5. Marketing successful the metaverse.

Marketing is each astir experimentation, and the metaverse became a caller playground for marketers to explore. However, this archetypal excitement seems to beryllium fizzling out.

29% of marketers program to halt selling successful the metaverse (e.g. Horizon Worlds and Roblox) successful 2023. In addition, much than a 4th (27%) program to halt leveraging VR and AR.

Although the metaverse is intriguing, it's proving hard to execute. The instrumentality is expensive, the hardware is uncomfortable, and adoption is slow.

That said, the metaverse is inactive successful its infancy. As it continues to evolve, things could crook around.

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Marketing is ever evolving, truthful your selling playbook should, too. As we inch person to 2023, it's indispensable to instrumentality banal of which trends you privation to leverage, and which ones are amended near behind.

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