13 Best TikTok Tips & Tricks in 2023, According to HubSpot’s Social Team + Marketer Data

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On TikTok, anyone tin spell viral. But owed to its quirky nature, it's often nan astir imaginative aliases silly videos that skyrocket.

TikTok Tips and Tricks

To summation your chances of being seen, location are a fewer tips and tricks we urge you try. 

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From leveraging trending audio to greenish surface effects, publication connected to observe nan 13 champion TikTok tricks, according to HubSpot's Social Team.

13 Best TikTok Tips and Tricks

  1. Find nan correct niche.
  2. Don't delete low-performing videos.
  3. Post astatine nan correct time.
  4. Stitch top-performing aliases applicable videos.
  5. Use nan greenish surface effect.
  6. Leverage trending audio.
  7. Try vlog-style videos.
  8. Incorporate some niche and trending hashtags.
  9. Respond to comments pinch videos.
  10. Add worth pinch 'How To' TikToks.
  11. Leave a CTA successful your explanation and/or comments.
  12. Add subtitles to your videos.
  13. Explore top-performing videos successful your niche for inspiration.

1. Find nan correct niche.

"The algorithm favors niches. If you get postulation based connected a peculiar style aliases type of content, videos extracurricular of that won’t perform arsenic well," Nicole Phillip, Social Media Lead astatine nan Hustle, told me.

Of course, uncovering nan correct niche isn't truthful easy. You person to find nan saccharine spot betwixt nan contented that useful for your marque and nan contented that your assemblage finds valuable.

To onslaught this balance, Phillip suggests experimenting pinch different types of contented to spot what resonates — and past instrumentality pinch it.

Example: Mia Swinehart from Gathered Nutrition

Content creator and registered dietician Mia Swinehart has built a loyal assemblage (500K+ strong) by sharing health-conscious, balanced, and predominantly plant-based recipes.

While her assemblage has travel to emotion her look videos, she besides explores different angles wrong her niche — for illustration market hauls and repast prep hacks — to support her contented caller while staying existent to her marque identity.

2. Don't delete low-performing videos.

You station a video reasoning it will get a cardinal likes. Instead, it disappears into nan TikTok void, leaving you pinch thing to show for your difficult work. Your gut guidance is to delete it, but Phillips has a different take.

"Don’t beryllium discouraged by debased performance, particularly successful nan beginning. It takes a while for nan algorithm to provender you to nan correct group of group and for you to find your footing earlier thing takes off."

Phillips besides points retired that virality often happens erstwhile you slightest expect it, truthful beryllium observant erstwhile deleting videos. "Don’t delete debased performing videos because you ne'er cognize erstwhile nan algorithm mightiness prime it up and service it to nan correct audience."

3. Post astatine nan correct time.

According to HubSpot's 2023 Social Media Trends Report, present are nan champion times to station connected TikTok:

Screenshot 2023-07-24 astatine 2.38.14 PMKeep successful mind that each assemblage is different, truthful it's worthy checking your analytics to spot erstwhile your assemblage is astir active. You tin do this by navigating to your profile, hitting nan 3 lines successful nan top-right corner, and tapping "Creator Tools."

Then, pat "Analytics." This opens a dashboard pinch your follower growth, video views, likes, comments, and shares.

4. Stitch top-performing aliases applicable videos.

The Stitch instrumentality enables you to harvester different video connected TikTok pinch nan 1 you're creating. It's different measurement to collaborate pinch different TikTokers and grow your reach.

Start by looking for top-performing videos successful your niche. You tin do this by utilizing nan hunt barroom and typing keywords relating to your brand. Or, cheque if immoderate videos straight mention your brand.

Once you find a video to stitch, pat nan Share icon connected nan right-hand side.

 stich toolThen, pat Stitch. This will unfastened an editing instrumentality wherever you tin prime 5 seconds of nan video to usage successful yours.


Let's look astatine stitching successful action pinch an illustration from Puma.

Example: Puma

In lawsuit you're retired of nan loop, latte creation is simply a immense woody connected TikTok — amassing complete 2.4 cardinal views. When 1 personification put nan Puma logo connected apical of a steaming cup of coffee, nan marque decided to subordinate nan action by "stitching" nan original video and attempting to recreate it.

This is simply a awesome illustration of a marque collaborating pinch its assemblage and leveraging user-generated content.

5. Use nan greenish surface effect.

TikTok has a full room of filters and effects, but 1 stands retired from nan rest: nan greenish surface effect.

Like a accepted greenish screen, this effect lets you enactment on-screen while different images look successful nan background. It adds a full caller level of storytelling by incorporating ocular aids.

 greenish surface effect

This select is perfect for explaining topics, providing recommendations, aliases whenever visuals could complement your story.

For instance, suppose you're a fittingness influencer. You could explicate nan due shape of an workout by referencing photos successful nan background. In this case, nan inheritance visuals heighten your commentary alternatively than distract from it.

Example: Levi's

Using nan greenish surface effect, Levi's recommends different jeans utilizing merchandise photos successful nan background. Viewers tin easy travel along, and seeing pictures of nan jeans whitethorn pique their interest.

6. Leverage trending audio.

88% of TikTok users opportunity sound is basal to nan TikTok experience. It grabs people's attraction and adds spirit to your content. And for galore users, it's nan starting constituent for creating a awesome video.

 Creative Center

Not judge what sounds are trending correct now? TikTok's Creative Center ranks nan astir celebrated euphony and audio clips each day. You tin moreover select nan results by region, which is adjuvant if your assemblage is successful a different location from yours.

Example: Duolingo

Duolingo is simply a instrumentality favourite connected nan platform, particularly for its funny, trendy, and sometimes chaotic videos featuring its mascot, Duo nan Owl. Duo tin beryllium seen dancing to celebrated songs and acting successful skits that incorporated celebrated audio clips, for illustration successful nan illustration below.

7. Try vlog-style videos.

Vlog-style videos consciousness much individual and friendly — which mightiness explicate why they're truthful celebrated connected TikTok.

These videos typically see aggregate clips tied together pinch a voiceover describing nan bid of events. It's highly engaging and lets viewers consciousness for illustration they're surviving successful your shoes.

Example: Netflix

This illustration shows Netflix utilizing nan vlog style to return its assemblage connected a journey. While astir of america won't locomotion a reddish carpet successful our lifetime, we tin still get a highest of what nan acquisition entails — and really our favourite actors behave off-screen. It's besides a awesome measurement to showcase "behind nan scenes" content.

8. Incorporate some niche and trending hashtags.

Making a TikTok is half nan conflict — you besides request to guarantee it lands successful beforehand of your audience. Hashtags are 1 measurement to get there.

Adding hashtags successful your explanation gives your videos a amended chance of being seen, allowing you to thrust discoverability, build marque awareness, and widen your reach. But really tin you do it?

This whitethorn sound counterintuitive, but only targeting celebrated hashtags is ineffective. While they bid a larger audience, they're besides highly competitive. On nan different hand, niche hashtags person less group searching for them, but those who do are highly engaged and interested.

For example, #workout is simply a celebrated hashtag pinch complete 95 cardinal views, but #coreworkout is much niche pinch a fraction of nan audience.

TikTok Hashtags (1)A well-rounded hashtag strategy should see some niche and celebrated hashtags. Take a look astatine nan illustration below.

Example: Dunkin'

Fall is conscionable astir nan corner, and Dunkin' is getting everyone hyped for its seasonal menu. To get nan connection out, nan marque incorporates a assortment of hashtags to scope much people.

For instance, nan video beneath uses #fall, a trending hashtag (15+ cardinal views), and #pumpkinszn, a much niche hashtag pinch less views (40+ million). By including #pumpkinszn, Dunkin' tin pat into a smaller, much engaged audience.

9. Respond to comments pinch video.

On TikTok, almost each marque has nan aforesaid goal: to link pinch its audience.  Often, that relationship forms successful nan remark section. It's wherever viewers spell to inquire questions and stock opinions.

But alternatively of replying to a remark pinch text, you tin now respond pinch different video. This allows you to dive deeper into topics, reply questions, and support your assemblage coming backmost for more. 

Example: Glossier

When a TikTok personification asked Glossier really to usage 1 of its products, nan marque didn't miss nan opportunity to reply pinch a video explaining each nan ways to usage it. In doing so, nan marque adds worth while highlighting nan product's versatility.

10. Add worth pinch "How To" TikToks.

"How To" videos and tutorials are an easy measurement to supply worth to TikTok viewers without sounding overly promotional. Plus, positing yourself arsenic an master aliases authority successful your niche keeps your brand, products, and/or services top-of-mind for viewers.

For instance, if you're a recreation brand, you could movie videos of must-see attractions, edifice recommendations, and recreation tips — for illustration nan illustration below.

Example: Travel + Leisure

Travel + Leisure provides each nan contented you request to "kick your wanderlust into precocious gear." From edifice recommendations to photography tips, nan marque has you covered, positioning itself arsenic a golden excavation of proposal for nan recreation obsessed.

11. Leave a CTA successful your explanation and/or comments.

Need much engagement? Sometimes, it's arsenic elemental arsenic asking for it.

The eventual extremity of a CTA is to seduce users to do something — travel your TikTok page, sojourn your website, time off a comment, and truthful on. So inquire yourself, what do I want my viewers to do? Whatever you choose, it should thief you move person to your superior goal (i.e., thrust website traffic, summation marque awareness, etc.).

Your explanation and remark conception are premier existent property for CTAs. Use this area to inquire questions, promote users to travel you, aliases thrust postulation to your website, blog, aliases different societal channels (ex., "More tips connected my blog, nexus successful bio!"). 

On apical of that, if you're moving ads, we urge utilizing a trading integration tool, specified arsenic LeadsBridge, to sync each your lead information to your CRM.

Example: Fenty Beauty

In this TikTok, Fenty Beauty shows different ways to usage 1 of its products. Then, to promote engagement, they adhd a applicable mobility successful nan explanation that besides incorporates a brand-specific hashtag ("Which #POUTSICLE look was ya fave?").

12. Add subtitles to your videos.

In 2021, TikTok became much accessible pinch nan preamble of auto captions. Although you tin manually adhd captions — which allows for greater elasticity to play astir pinch matter colour and font — you tin besides usage nan Captions tool. With conscionable a click, you tin make subtitles for your videos, allowing others to publication aliases perceive to your content.

TikTok captionsImage Source

By adding subtitles, you make your videos afloat accessible, which intends you tin scope an moreover wider audience. Plus, it besides helps viewers who want to browse TikTok but can't move nan sound on.

Example: Formula 1

If you're into car racing, there's a bully chance Formula 1's TikTok is connected your radar. 
But person you ever noticed really often they adhd subtitles to their videos?

Take nan illustration below, which uses colorful captions and emojis to adhd an other furniture of liking to nan video. And if you shut up your phone, you tin still travel on without skipping a beat.

13. Explore top-performing videos successful your niche for inspiration.

The astir successful videos connected TikTok are creative, out-of-the-box, and often quirky by nature. That's a gangly bid — which is why each marque should research nan top-performing videos successful its niche for inspiration.

Start by typing keywords relating to your marque successful nan hunt bar. Then, click nan select icon and prime "Most liked." This will populate TikTok videos that person gone viral utilizing that circumstantial keyword.


Once you've identified immoderate top-performing videos, brainstorm ways to recreate them while adding your ain spin. 

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TikTok is simply a quirky platform, and brands consenting to get imaginative spot nan astir success. If you're caller to TikTok, commencement pinch nan tips successful this article — and springiness yourself room to research pinch different videos, filters, and concepts.

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