Ted Nelson Biography

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Theodor Holm Tedson aka Ted Nelson was calved connected June 17, 1937, successful Chicago Illinois, United States. He is simply a cyber philosopher, machine scientist, and IT specialist.

Ted Nelson Biography
NameTheodor Holm Tedson
FatherRalphan Nelson
MotherCeleste Holm
Birth DateJune 17, 1937
Birth PlaceChicago Illinois, United States
AwardsYuri Rubinsky Memorial Award
Known ForHypertext

Early Life

Ted’s parents are responsible for his productive and imaginative work. His father’s sanction was Ralphan Nelson who was a celebrated movie head and won nan Emmy award. His mother’s sanction was Celeste Holm, she was an character who won an Oscar. Mostly he lived pinch his grandparents first successful Chicago but later successful Greenwich Village. At a young age, he utilized to spell connected nan sets pinch his father. He utilized this acquisition later to make an experimental student short movie erstwhile he was studying for his postgraduate degree.

In 1959, he earned his bachelor’s grade astatine Swarthmore College, Chicago. Ted went to Harvard University to complete his master’s. Later successful 2002, he earned his Ph.D. grade astatine Keio University successful media and governance. Seeing nan array connected nan machine surface astatine Harvard University, it first occurred to him that nan show could beryllium utilized for overmuch much than this.

In nan 1960s, hired by a dolphin interrogator Lilly and he spent 1 twelvemonth moving astatine Lilly’s connection investigation lab. Ted worked present earlier seeking his profession successful accusation technology.


Ted opened a unit cozy shop successful nan twelvemonth 1977, called itty bitty instrumentality Company that sold nan machine and its component. It was nan only machine shop that sold nan first Apple I machine.

Later successful 1979, he started moving connected a caller conceptual building for package that was his ain idea. He named it arsenic package Xanadu. This sanction is referenced successful a metropolis from ‘Kubla Khan’ which was a poem written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

Hypertext and Hypermedia

In nan twelvemonth 1962, he came up pinch nan thought of hypertext and hypermedia. Hypertext allows for easy navigation b/w interlinked integer paper. After respective years hypertext strategy was practically implemented.

Before this idea, to find nan information you wanted, you had to cognize wherever it was saved.

In nan twelvemonth 2011, he started moving connected nan caller task accusation building known arsenic Zig Zag. It is described connected nan Xanadu task and besides hosts 2 versions of nan Xanadu code.


Ted wrote galore books that are published by his ain institution named Mindful Press.

  1. Life, Love, College, etc successful 1959.
  2. Computer Lib
  3. Literary machine
  4. Geeks Bearing Gifts
  5. My machine life and Fight for Civilization (2011)

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