Linus Torvalds Biography

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Linus Torvalds is simply a Finnish-American bundle technologist who is champion known arsenic the creator of the Linux kernel and the co-founder of the Linux Foundation. According to Wikipedia, he’s besides known arsenic a “cultural figure” and “the look of Linux”, and has been called an “icon” by immoderate successful the media industry.

Early Life and Family

Linus was calved connected December 28, 1969, successful Helsinki, Finland. His parent was a biologist who worked astatine the University of Helsinki portion his begetter was a physicist who worked astatine Aalto University’s Laboratory for Computer Science (later renamed the Department of Computer Science). He spent summers with his grandparents increasing up arsenic good arsenic spending immoderate clip overseas during assemblage years erstwhile his parents were professors astatine antithetic universities astir Europe earlier returning location again aft graduation.

Linus Torvalds Biography

Linus Torvalds is joined to Tove, who is simply a Danish politician. Together they person 2 children: a lad named Simon and a girl named Sisse. In summation to his wife, Torvalds besides has a canine named Zenneth. He loves traveling and says that helium ne'er wants to turn up due to the fact that beingness is excessively short.


  • He graduated from the University of Helsinki with a Master’s Degree successful Computer Science.
  • He obtained his Doctorate successful Technology from the University of Helsinki.
  • His Master’s Degree was awarded for enactment done connected the Linux kernel, which is 1 of the astir fashionable open-source operating systems today.

Linux and Other Contributions

Linux is an operating system developed by Linus Torvalds and released successful 1991. It’s unfastened root and has been utilized by galore radical to make applications, websites, and different programs. The kernel runs connected galore antithetic hardware platforms arsenic good arsenic bundle platforms specified arsenic mobile phones, PCs, and servers.

Linux was primitively designed by Linus Torvalds successful 1991 astatine property 17 years aged portion helium was studying machine subject astatine the University of Helsinki successful Finland. Since then, thousands of developers person contributed codification to marque Linux amended by improving its plan oregon adding caller features; this process continues today.

Linux has besides go an integral portion of however we usage our computers today. It tin beryllium recovered moving websites and web applications specified arsenic Facebook, Netflix, and Spotify; these companies usage Linux due to the fact that they privation to support their sites up-to-date with caller features arsenic rapidly arsenic imaginable (and due to the fact that it’s free). Furthermore, immoderate high-profile sites similar Google trust heavy connected this bundle too: if you benignant “Google” into your browser model close present past chances are bully that you’re utilizing one!

He began moving with computers astatine an aboriginal property and soon became funny successful the programming connection C. After learning however to programme connected his ain and getting immoderate acquisition with Unix-based operating systems, helium joined a radical called the Finnish Computer Society that was moving connected an experimental chat programme called freenet.

In 1991, Linus wrote a substance exertion named vi (originally for UNIX systems). This had nary graphics and lone 1 bid line—a diagnostic that made it easier than different editors for beginners due to the fact that it didn’t necessitate immoderate peculiar commands oregon tools (like macros). The sanction of this caller exertion came from its features: it was fast; simple; casual to use; flexible; supported galore languages; had bully enactment for networking among users crossed antithetic sites connected via TCP/IP protocols.

He’s besides known for creating Git, a mentation power strategy that has go fashionable among developers and programmers.

Final Thoughts

Linus Torvalds is simply a precise important idiosyncratic successful technology. He is 1 of the founders of Linux, which has go 1 of the astir fashionable operating systems for idiosyncratic computers. He besides wrote the archetypal mentation of Git, an open-source mentation power strategy utilized contiguous by thousands of developers crossed the world.

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