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Kenneth lane Thompson was calved connected 4th February 1943 successful New Orleans Louisiana, U.S. He is simply a machine scientist. Thompson worked for a agelong clip astatine Bell Labs. He designed the archetypal Unix operating system and besides implemented it portion moving astatine doorbell labs. Thompson was the co-winner of the Turing grant successful 1983. He is celebrated for his enactment connected Unix operating system.

Education and Personal Life

Thompson completed his bachelor’s successful 1965 and master’s successful 1966 from the University of California, Berkeley. He received bachelor’s and master’s degrees successful electrical engineering and machine science.

Ken Thompson is joined and helium has a lad also.

NameKenneth lane Thompson
Birth4th February 1943
BirthplaceNew Orleans Louisiana, U.S.
EducationBachelor’s grade successful Sciences (1965) and Master’s Degree (1966)
FieldsComputer Science

Career and Research

Thompson started enactment successful Bell labs successful 1966. Thompson and Dennis Ritchie worked unneurotic connected Multics operating strategy astatine Bell labs. At that clip Thompson created a Programming connection named Bon. Space question (a video game) was besides created by him. Multics operating strategy is funded by Advanced Research Projects Agency and developed by researchers astatine the Massachusetts Institute of Technology including Bell labs and General electrical co. Later the genitor institution (AT & T Corporation) of Bell labs withdrew from the Multics project.

He started processing a much flexible operating strategy for PDP-7 a mini-computer. After a fewer months, Thompson and Ritchie created Unix. Unix’s sanction was suggested by Brian Kernighan. In 1970 Thompson invented the B Programming connection for Unix with immoderate assistance from Dennis Ritchie.

Thompson and Robb Pike developed UTF-8 unneurotic successful 1992. Thompson continued probe with Ritchie astatine Bell labs. Thompson retired from Bell Labs successful the twelvemonth 2000 and started enactment astatine Intrisphere. Now Thompson moving astatine Google arsenic a renowned engineer.

When idiosyncratic asked him however helium learned to programme past Thompson said that helium was ever fascinated with logic and adjacent successful people schoolhouse helium had worked connected arithmetic problems successful binary.


  1. Thompson was elected to the National Academy of Engineering for making Unix (An operating system) in
    the twelvemonth 1980.
  2. Thompson was elected the Member of the National Academy of Science successful 1985.
  3. Thompson was the co-winner of the Turing Award successful the twelvemonth 1983.
  4. Thompson received the IEEE Richard W. Hamming medal from the Institute of Electricals and Electronics Engineers successful 1990.
  5. Thompson and Ritchie got the National Medal of Technology successful the twelvemonth 1999 for inventing the
    Unix operating strategy and C language.
  6. Ken Thompson received Tsutomu Kanai Award from the Institute of Electricals and Electronics Engineers successful 1999.
  7. Thompson and Dennis Ritchie were awarded the Japan Prize for Information and connection successful the twelvemonth 2011 for processing the Unix operating system.

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