Kathleen Booth Biography

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Kathleen Hylda Valerie Booth was calved connected 9 July 1922 successful Stourbridge Worcestershire, England. She was a British machine intelligence and mathematician and she wrote nan first assembly language.

NameKathleen Hylda Valerie Booth
Birthday9 July 1922
BirthplaceStourbridge Worcestershire, England
FatherFedrick Jhon Bitter
MotherGladys Kitchen
HusbandAndrew Donald Booth
FieldComputer Science
InstitutionBirkbeck College
Died29 september 2022
Kathleen Booth Biography

Early Life

Her father’s sanction was Fedrick jhon bitter he was a taxation inspector and her mother’s sanction was Gladys Kitchen. Kathleen was nan 2nd kid among their 3 children. In nan twelvemonth 1929, she started her schooling astatine St Poul’s convent successful Sutton Coldfield. She completed her superior acquisition astatine this institution. She started her secondary acquisition astatine St Poul’s precocious schoolhouse successful nan twelvemonth 1932 which was founded successful 1929. After studying for 1 twelvemonth astatine St Poul’s precocious schoolhouse she entered King Edward VI’s High School for Girls, Birmingham successful 1934. In nan twelvemonth 1939, erstwhile warfare was declared girls were gone astatine Pates grammar school, Cheltenham. There she completed her schooling.

She earned her bachelor’s grade successful mathematics successful nan twelvemonth 1944. She sewage joined successful 1950 pinch her workfellow Andrew donald booth and she had 2 children. In nan twelvemonth 1951, she won a danasiwa of 40 pounds astatine Royal Holloway College, London.


She started moving connected nan improvement of nan first commercialized computer, Ferranti Mark 1 successful nan 1950s. And she was besides portion of nan squad who were creating nan first assembly language. This made coding easier for programmers because they tin usage mnemonic symbols alternatively binary numbers. After that, she was progressive successful nan improvement of COBOL, a programming connection that was designed for business applications. COBOL is still utilized successful galore financial and administrative systems.

The publication of Booth’s activity to nan improvement of programming languages made programming much accessible and easier. Her activity successful nan section of machine subject played a captious domiciled successful nan improvement of nan field.

She worked astatine Royal Aircraft Establishment arsenic a inferior intelligence successful 1944. Later she worked arsenic a investigation intelligence astatine nan British rubber producers investigation relation from 1946 to 1962. From 1952 to 1962 she worked arsenic a investigation chap and arsenic a teacher astatine Birkbeck College.

In nan twelvemonth 1958, she wrote her first book and described really to programme APE(X) computer.


Kathleen died connected 29 September 2022, respective weeks aft her 100th birthday. She celebrated her past day connected 9th July 2022. On nan time of 9th June 2022, a memorial speech of some Kathleen and Andrew was fixed astatine Birkbeck College.


  • In nan twelvemonth 1970, she was elected arsenic a chap of nan machine society.
  • She sewage nan Ada Lovelace Award successful 1988.
  • She was awarded an honorary grade by Berkbick College for her publication to machine subject successful nan twelvemonth 2013.
  • In nan twelvemonth 2016, she was inducted into nan Women successful exertion world hallway of Fame.

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