Claude Shannon Biography

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Claude Elwood Shannon was calved connected 30 April 1916 successful Petoskey, Michigan, United States. He was an American mathematician, machine scientist, cryptographer, and electrical engineer. His father’s sanction was Claude elwood shannon Sr. He was a judge and besides a businessman. His mother’s sanction was Mabel Shannon and she was a connection coach later she besides worked arsenic a principal. Shonnon’s family lived successful Gaylord, Michigan, and Claude Shannon Jr. was calved successful nan infirmary adjacent his home. Shannon spent 16 years of his life there.

NameClaude Elwood Shannon Jr.
FatherClaude Elwood Shannon Sr.
MotherMabel Shannon
Birthdate30 April 1916
BirthplacePetoskey, Michigan United state
Death24 Februry 2001
SpouseBetty Shannon
FieldMathematics and electrical engineering
InstitutionBell labs, MIT
Claude Shannon Biography

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He completed his schooling astatine Gaylord precocious schoolhouse successful nan twelvemonth 1932. He was bully astatine mathematics and science. He completed his graduation from nan University of Michigan successful 1936. Shannon joined a able Jewish Norma Levor successful 1940. After 1 twelvemonth of marriage, some separated and later Norma joined Ben Barzman. Shannon met a woman named Marry Elizabeth Moore (Betty Shannon) and she was a numerical expert astatine doorbell labs. In nan twelvemonth 1949, some sewage married.

He was very funny astir mechanical and electrical things. He made immoderate devices specified arsenic models of planes, radio-controlled exemplary boats, etc astatine home.


After graduation, he obtained a investigation adjunct position astatine nan Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). At MIT he worked pinch Vannevar Bush connected nan differential analyzer. During this clip he designed switching circuits based connected Bool’s concept. In nan years 1937, he wrote his master’s grade thesis. It was published successful nan twelvemonth 1938. In his thesis, he proved that his switching circuit could simplify nan statement of nan electromechanical relays. These types of arrangements were utilized successful telephone telephone routing switches astatine that time. Later he expanded this conception and besides proved that it tin lick each problems for illustration Boolean algebra.

Shannon joined MIT arsenic a module to activity Research Laboratory of Electronics (RLE) successful nan twelvemonth 1956 to 1976.

Wartime Research

During world warfare 2 Shannon joined doorbell labs nether a statement of nan nationalist defense investigation committee (NDRC). There he worked connected occurrence systems and cryptography. In nan twelvemonth 1942, he invented signal-flow graphs. In 1943 he met British mathematician and machine intelligence Alan Turing. Turing showed his 1936 insubstantial to Shannon which defined nan Universal Turing machine.

Shannon published ‘A Mathematical Theory of Communication’ which was built astatine doorbell labs pinch nan thief of different researchers specified arsenic Harry Nyquist and R.V.L. Hartley. His model and terminology are still used. Shannon invented nan connection transportation system. Engineers sewage support to attraction connected this system.


The past fewer years of his life were spent successful a nursing location because he had Alzheimer’s disease. Later connected Feb 24, 2001, he passed away.

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