YouTube SEO: How to Optimize Videos for YouTube Search

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How does YouTube SEO work? What are nan steps to optimize your YouTube videos for search? The answers to these questions are simpler than you mightiness think.

YouTube SEO schematic pinch personification watching YouTube connected a laptop, magnifying solid for SEO, and bosom bubble for likes.

While it mightiness look difficult to get immoderate vulnerability connected YouTube, you tin instrumentality definite strategies to guarantee that nan YouTube algorithm favors you successful nan hunt results.

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In this post, we’ll spell complete proven YouTube SEO tips that person worked for HubSpot’s YouTube transmission and that will activity for you, sloppy of your transmission size. Let’s get started.

How to Rank Videos connected YouTube

To get videos to rank connected YouTube, we must first understand nan YouTube algorithm and YouTube’s ranking factors.

Just for illustration immoderate hunt engine, YouTube wants to present contented that answers nan searcher’s circumstantial query. For instance, if personification searches for "how to necktie a tie," YouTube won’t present a video titled "how to necktie your shoelaces." Instead, it will service hunt results that reply that circumstantial query.

So, arsenic you effort your manus astatine YouTube SEO, deliberation astir really you tin incorporated position and phrases that are utilized by your target audience.

You’ll besides request to deliberation astir YouTube analytics and engagement. When it ranks videos, YouTube cares astir a metric called "watch time" — successful different words, really agelong viewers enactment connected your video. A agelong watch clip intends that you’re delivering valuable content; a short watch clip intends that your contented should apt not rank.

If you want your videos to rank, effort to create contented that’s optimized for longer watch times. You can, for instance, punctual users to enactment until nan extremity of nan video by promising a astonishment aliases a giveaway.

Is it worthy optimizing videos connected YouTube?

Trying to rank videos connected YouTube mightiness look for illustration a mislaid effort. Only nan astir well-known influencers and contented creators look to person immoderate luck connected nan platform.

However, that’s not nan case. As a business, you tin bask views, comments, and likes connected your videos — truthful agelong arsenic you find nan correct assemblage for your content. In fact, uncovering and targeting nan correct assemblage is moreover much important than creating a "beautiful" video. If you’re actively solving your prospective customers’ problems pinch your YouTube videos, past you’ve done 90% of nan YouTube optimization work.

In addition, ranking videos connected YouTube is simply a cardinal constituent of your inbound trading strategy, moreover if it mightiness not look that way. As precocious arsenic a decade ago, inbound video marketing was a marque caller idea. Marketers were learning that they couldn't conscionable people a precocious measurement of contented — it besides had to beryllium high-quality and optimized successful ways that made it arsenic discoverable arsenic imaginable done hunt engines.

That contented was erstwhile mostly constricted to nan written word. Today, that's nary longer nan case. Instead, a broad contented strategy includes written activity for illustration blogs and ebooks, arsenic good arsenic media for illustration podcasts, ocular assets, and videos. And pinch nan emergence of different contented formats comes nan request to optimize them for search. One progressively important spot to do that is connected YouTube.

If you’re emotion lost, don’t worry. We screen nan astir important YouTube SEO tips and strategy beneath truthful you tin efficaciously optimize your contented for YouTube search.

YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO is simply a process that helps users find your video contented connected YouTube. It includes utilizing keyword investigation to optimize playlists, descriptions, and videos.

YouTube SEO combines basal SEO practices pinch YouTube-specific optimization techniques. If you're caller to hunt motor optimization, cheque retired this complete SEO guide.

YouTube Strategy

To beryllium successful connected YouTube, you'll request a clear strategy. This strategy has 2 parts. First, you request to understand really YouTube SEO works. Then, you'll want to usage that knowledge arsenic you take a target audience, create a scheme for your channel, and group goals for growth.

How YouTube SEO Works

YouTube is portion of Google and it uses akin search algorithms to show users nan videos that champion lucifer their hunt queries.

This algorithm uses different elements successful each video station to determine really that video will rank for circumstantial hunt terms. These elements include:

  • Video title
  • Video description
  • Metadata
  • Number of views, comments, and likes
  • Watch time

The algorithm besides considers nan past activity of nan personification who is searching. This helps hunt results consciousness much personalized to that user.

When combined, these signals show nan algorithm really relevant, popular, aliases engaging your video station is for a user's query.

Choose a Target Audience

For galore contented creators, assemblage maturation starts pinch picking a topic, past optimizing YouTube videos. But pinch maturation comes competition. It was erstwhile elemental to create a YouTube transmission for a wide taxable for illustration merchandise reviews aliases tech, but coming caller YouTube channels request a much circumstantial focus.

As you constrictive your target audience, deliberation astir who you want to prosecute pinch your transmission and why. Ask yourself:

  • How overmuch do you cognize astir your target audience?
  • Why do they walk clip connected YouTube?
  • What different societal media platforms does your assemblage prefer?
  • What inspires their liking and loyalty?
  • Are location different YouTube channels aliases creators that you should partner pinch to link pinch this audience?

Develop a Plan

Creating a contented scheme tin look elemental if your YouTube transmission centers connected a taxable you love. But astir of nan time, nan situation isn't successful coming up pinch ideas, it's astir making them happen.

If you want to optimize YouTube for SEO, contented readying isn't conscionable astir what videos you're making and erstwhile to station them. It's a process to fig retired what resources you request to amended traffic, conversion, and engagement pinch your video content.

For example, you whitethorn person a awesome thought for a video astir surfing, but wherever are you getting your footage? If you're not signaling yourself aliases your section community, it whitethorn beryllium reliable to find high-quality root worldly for your videos.

Building master skills aliases a squad pinch expertise successful editing, sound, and animation tin besides boost nan value of your videos. But if those resources aren't readily disposable to you, you whitethorn request a scheme to create awesome videos without them.

Competitive analysis tin besides thief pinch planning, whether you're figuring retired nan correct video magnitude aliases wherever to promote your videos connected different societal platforms.

This free contented readying template tin thief you create a coagulated scheme for your YouTube strategy.

Content templates for YouTube SEO from HubSpot graphic

Featured Resource: Content Planning Templates

Set Goals for Growth

YouTube offers galore adjuvant metrics that tin thief you measure whether your squad is gathering your strategical goals. Broad metrics tin beryllium adjuvant to way consistency and large shifts successful performance, for illustration algorithm changes.

But it's besides a bully thought to take focused metrics that align pinch your goals. For example, if you want to summation your audience, way your subscriber count, impressions, and assemblage retention. If engagement is your goal, look astatine likes, comments, shares, and watch time. Driving web traffic? Add links to your video descriptions and annotations, past way those sources connected your website.

Tracking nan metrics that align pinch your goals will thief you study really you're increasing your audience. You tin usage that knowledge to create much effective videos for your users and SEO. And that effort will thief you keep increasing your YouTube channel.

YouTube SEO Tips

  1. Rename your video record utilizing a target keyword.
  2. Insert your keyword people successful nan video title.
  3. Optimize your video description.
  4. Tag your video pinch celebrated keywords that subordinate to your topic.
  5. Categorize your video.
  6. Upload a civilization thumbnail image for your video's consequence link.
  7. Use an SRT File to adhd subtitles & closed captions.
  8. Add Cards and End Screens to summation your YouTube channel's viewership.
  9. Add hashtags to summation reach.
  10. Create a playlist astir your video’s wide topic.
  11. Experiment pinch video length.
  12. Use YouTube's autocomplete feature.
  13. Try timestamps.
  14. Add a call-to-action (CTA) successful your video and video description.
  15. Review YouTube hunt analytics.
  16. Optional: Leave a pinned remark connected your ain video.

1. Rename your video record utilizing a target keyword.

Just for illustration you would erstwhile optimizing written content, you'll usage an SEO instrumentality to first place keywords you'd for illustration your video to attraction connected (you tin browse celebrated YouTube SEO tools later successful this post, aliases conscionable click this link).

With a keyword identified, nan first spot to put it is your video record — earlier you moreover upload it to YouTube. Why? YouTube can't really "watch" your video to spot really applicable it is to your target keyword, and arsenic you'll study successful nan tips below, location are only truthful galore places you tin safely insert this keyword connected your video's viewing page erstwhile it's published. But, YouTube can publication your video's record sanction and each nan codification that comes pinch it erstwhile it's uploaded.

With that successful mind, switch nan "" record sanction (don't beryllium embarrassed — we've each been location during post-production) pinch your desired keyword. If your keyword is "house coating tips," for example, your video's record sanction should beryllium "house-painting-tips" followed by your preferred video record type (MOV, MP4, and WMV are immoderate of nan astir communal that are compatible pinch YouTube).

2. Insert your keyword people successful nan video title.

When you hunt for videos, 1 of nan first things that your eyes are drawn to is nan title. That's often what decides whether you'll click to watch your video, truthful nan title should not only beryllium compelling, but besides clear and concise.

Although your keyword plays a large portion successful your video title, it besides helps if nan title intimately matches what nan spectator is searching for.

It's a bully thought to optimize your title for keywords truthful agelong arsenic nan keyword fits people into a title that tells viewers precisely what they're astir to see.

Lastly, make judge to support your title reasonably short — HubSpot campaigns head Alicia Collins recommends limiting it to 60 characters to thief support it from getting trim disconnected successful results pages.

3. Optimize your video description.

First things first: According to Google, nan charismatic characteristic limit for YouTube video descriptions is 1,000 characters. And while it's okay to usage each that space, retrieve that your spectator astir apt came present to watch a video, not to publication an essay.

If you do take to constitute a longer description, support successful mind that YouTube only displays nan first 2 aliases 3 lines of matter — that amounts to astir 100 characters. After that point, viewers person to click "show more" to spot nan afloat description. That's why we propose front-loading nan explanation pinch nan astir important information, for illustration CTAs aliases important links.

As for optimizing nan video itself, it’s smart to adhd a transcript of nan video, particularly for those who person to watch it without volume.

An optimized explanation tin besides thief you show up successful nan suggested videos sidebar, which tin beryllium a awesome root of views.

If you request a high-performing video description, effort 1 of these proven YouTube explanation templates.

YouTube explanation templates from HubSpot graphic

Download These Templates for Free

4. Tag your video pinch celebrated keywords that subordinate to your topic.

YouTube suggests utilizing tags to fto viewers cognize what your video is about. But you're not conscionable informing your viewers — you're besides informing YouTube itself. YouTube uses tags to understand nan contented and discourse of your video.

That way, YouTube figures retired really to subordinate your video pinch akin videos, which tin broaden your content's reach. But take your tags wisely. Don't usage an irrelevant tag because you deliberation it'll get you much views — successful fact, Google might penalize you for that. And for illustration your description, lead pinch nan astir important keywords, including a bully operation of those that are communal and much long-tail (as in, those that reply a mobility for illustration "how do I?").

Use these elemental instructions to adhd and make nan astir of tags successful your YouTube videos.

5. Categorize your video.

Once you upload a video, you tin categorize it nether "Advanced settings." Choosing a class is different measurement to group your video pinch akin contented connected YouTube truthful it winds up successful different playlists and gains vulnerability to much viewers who place pinch your audience.

It mightiness not beryllium arsenic elemental arsenic it looks. In fact, it's important to spell done a broad process to find which class each video belongs in. Answer questions like:

  • Who are nan apical creators wrong nan category? What are they known for and what do they do well?
  • Are location immoderate patterns betwixt nan audiences of akin channels wrong a fixed category?
  • Do nan videos wrong a akin class stock qualities for illustration accumulation value, length, aliases format?

6. Upload a civilization thumbnail image for your video's consequence link.

Your video thumbnail is nan main image viewers spot erstwhile scrolling done a database of video results. Along pinch nan video's title, that thumbnail sends a awesome to nan spectator astir nan video's content, truthful it tin effect nan number of clicks and views your video receives.

While you tin ever prime 1 of nan thumbnail options auto-generated by YouTube, we highly urge uploading a civilization thumbnail. YouTube recommends utilizing images that are 1280x720 pixels — representing a 16:9 ratio — that are saved arsenic 2MB aliases smaller .jpg, .gif, .bmp, aliases .png files. If you travel those parameters, it tin thief to corroborate that your thumbnail appears pinch arsenic precocious value crossed aggregate viewing platforms.

It's important to statement that your YouTube relationship has to beryllium verified to upload a civilization thumbnail image. To do that, visit and travel nan instructions listed there.

7. Use an SRT File to adhd subtitles & closed captions.

Like overmuch of nan different matter we've discussed here, subtitles and closed captions tin boost YouTube hunt optimization by highlighting important keywords.

To adhd subtitles aliases closed captions to your video, you'll person to upload a supported matter transcript aliases timed subtitles file. For nan former, you tin besides straight participate transcript matter for a video truthful that it auto-syncs pinch nan video.

Adding subtitles follows a akin process, but you tin limit nan magnitude of matter you want displayed. For either, caput to your video head past click connected "Videos" nether "Video Manager." Find nan video you want to adhd subtitles aliases closed captioning to, and click nan drop-down arrow adjacent to nan edit button. Then, take "Subtitles/CC." You tin past take really you'd for illustration to adhd subtitles aliases closed captioning.

Find retired really to add closed captions to your YouTube video successful nan video below.

8. Add Cards and End Screens to summation your YouTube channel's viewership.


When you're watching a video, person you ever seen a mini white, information icon pinch an "i" successful nan halfway look successful nan corner, aliases a translucent barroom of matter asking you to subscribe? Those are Cards, which YouTube describes arsenic "preformatted notifications that look connected desktop and mobile which you tin group up to beforehand your marque and different videos connected your channel."


Image Source

You tin adhd up to 5 cards to a azygous video, and location are six types:

  1. Channel cards that nonstop viewers to different channel.
  2. Donation cards to promote fundraising connected behalf of U.S. nonprofit organizations.
  3. Fan backing to inquire your viewers to thief support nan creation of your video content.
  4. Link cards, which nonstop viewers to an outer site, approved crowdfunding platform, aliases an approved merchandise trading platform.
  5. Poll cards, which airs a mobility to viewers and let them to ballot for a response.
  6. Video aliases playlist cards, which nexus to different YouTube contented of this kind.

For elaborate steps connected adding a paper to your video, travel these official steps from Google, aliases cheque retired nan video below.

End Screens

End screens show akin accusation arsenic cards, but arsenic you whitethorn person guessed, they don't show until a video is complete and are a spot much visually elaborate successful nature. A bully illustration is nan overlay pinch a book image and a ocular nexus to position much connected nan video below:


Image Source

There are a number of elaborate instructions for adding extremity screens depending connected what benignant of level you want to creation them for, arsenic good arsenic different types of contented allowed for them by YouTube. Google outlines nan specifications for really to optimize for those considerations here.

It's important to statement that YouTube is ever testing extremity screens to effort to optimize nan spectator experience, truthful location are times erstwhile "your extremity screen, arsenic designated by you, whitethorn not appear." Take these factors into relationship arsenic you determine betwixt utilizing either cards aliases extremity screens.

These factors whitethorn look a spot analyzable and time-consuming, but remember: The clip group walk watching YouTube connected their TV has much than doubled twelvemonth complete year. There's an assemblage to beryllium discovered there, and erstwhile you optimize for YouTube, your chances of being discovered increase.

9. Add hashtags to summation reach.

Hashtags are a portion of nan YouTube personification interface that let you to adhd related position to your content, conscionable arsenic you would connected LinkedIn aliases Instagram. Hashtags show up correct supra your video title for easy clicking and discoverability. You tin usage your institution name, arsenic HubSpot does below, aliases see related keywords.

 HashtagsWe besides urge utilizing hashtags successful your YouTube description, but don’t spell overboard; nan YouTube algorithm perpetually checks for spam. Overly hashtagging whitethorn get you inadvertently flagged. Instead of utilizing each hashtag you tin deliberation of, take 2-3 that you consciousness astir accurately picture your video.

10. Create a playlist astir your video’s wide topic.

As you adhd much and much videos to your contented library, group them successful keyword-optimized playlists. This won’t only awesome to YouTube what your videos are about, but it will besides support viewers clicking from video to video, expanding your position count and, by extension, your rankings.

 PlaylistsFor example, Yoga pinch Kassandra grouped each of its short yoga classes successful a playlist titled "5-15 min Yoga Classes." Not only is nan title short and descriptive, but nan playlist explanation includes related keywords specified arsenic "10 infinitesimal yoga classes," "10 infinitesimal greeting yoga stretches," and "bedtime yoga classes."

11. Experiment pinch video length.

The much clip viewers walk watching videos connected your channel, nan amended it is for your SEO. But not each personification connected YouTube will instrumentality astir for 10 minutes aliases more.

For example, complete 70% of watch time connected YouTube happens connected mobile devices. While immoderate group tin watch an hour-long video connected a mini screen, this fig shows really important it is to cognize your audience.

To find nan correct watch clip for your audience, effort creating videos of varying lengths. Then, do a speedy study of nan watch time, mean position duration, and assemblage retention for each video and set your strategy.

12. Use YouTube's autocomplete feature.

This characteristic makes it elemental to find nan astir celebrated hunt position for your video topic. Just commencement typing a keyword building and spot what different keywords and phrases travel up. Then, adhd nan astir applicable position to your title, descriptions, and tags.

You tin besides usage this instrumentality to observe apical YouTube trends aliases to fig retired which keywords your competitors are targeting. These insights tin thief you pivot your YouTube SEO strategy for amended results.

Check retired this station for much useful YouTube features.

13. Try timestamps.

Timestamps people different sections of your videos. They make it easy for your assemblage to find nan contented they're looking for wrong each video.

Adding a timestamp tin amended retention and personification acquisition because it sets expectations. Timestamps springiness watchers an easy measurement to jump to what they want to spot successful a video aliases a logic to hold for that conception to look on-screen.

Timestamps besides amended SEO because they make it easier for YouTube's algorithm to understand your video content. This helps your video look for hunt position wrong your video, not conscionable nan wide taxable of your video.

For example, if your video is astir baking a cake, your video mightiness see sections connected baking instrumentality aliases barroom trends for illustration geode cakes. If you adhd timestamps to people these sections, a personification mightiness not find your video erstwhile searching for "how to make a cake" because of title for this keyword, but they could find it searching for "how to make a geode cake."

You tin manually add a timestamp aliases adhd and edit automatic video chapters pinch YouTube Studio.

14. Add a call-to-action (CTA) successful your video and video description.

Calls-to-action are a powerful measurement to foster engagement. A CTA that offers worth not only encourages likes, subscribes, and shares, it tin besides amended spectator engagement metrics. This tin boost your video's visibility successful hunt results and suggested video features.

For maximum effectiveness, alteration your CTAs. On 1 video you mightiness do a verbal CTA asking viewers to like, subscribe, aliases share. For different video, inquire your assemblage to bookmark your video aliases click shared links successful your description.

You'll besides want to inquire your viewers to stock comments and feedback. These actions aren't conscionable valuable for personification experience. They besides springiness signals to YouTube that your video is engaging and offering worth to your viewers. Check retired these call-to-action examples for inspiration.

15. Review YouTube hunt analytics.

While analytics are useful for search advancement toward your goals, you tin besides actively use this information to amended your YouTube SEO.

Say you're trying to fig retired why postulation abruptly jumped up for 1 of your videos. It mightiness beryllium that your video is ranking for a celebrated keyword. Or a celebrated website precocious added your video.

You tin excavation into nan video-specific information and spot why that jump happened. Then you tin fig retired really to optimize different videos pinch nan aforesaid tactics.

YouTube analytics tin besides thief you expect keywords that are expanding successful popularity. Optimizing your videos for those keywords early connected gives you a amended chance of ranking higher successful those hunt results.

Finally, your analytics tin thief you amended understand your audience. It's not different to commencement a YouTube transmission pinch an intended assemblage and past spot those demographics displacement complete time. Analyzing nan age, location, and interests of your real-time assemblage tin thief you make smart changes.

16. Optional: Leave a pinned remark connected your ain video.

Leaving a remark connected your video mightiness look complete nan top, but it’s a smart strategy. Not only do much comments amended your video’s rankability, but they tin make precocious levels of assemblage engagement. A pinned remark whitethorn consequence successful hundreds of replies, for illustration it did for Matt D’Avelia below:

 CommentsBe judge to time off an engaging remark that furthers nan speech aliases offers much worth for readers. Here astatine HubSpot, for example, we time off a assets pinned truthful that viewers tin further their knowledge connected nan topic. Check retired this station for much connected YouTube remark management.

YouTube SEO Checklist

  1. Choose a target keyword for your video.
  2. Include nan target keyword successful nan record name.
  3. Include nan target keyword successful nan title.
  4. Include nan keyword, arsenic good arsenic keyword variations, successful nan video description.
  5. Add related tags to your video.
  6. Add your video category.
  7. Upload a civilization video thumbnail.
  8. Add subtitles and closed captions.
  9. Add cards and extremity screens that necktie into nan taxable of your video.
  10. Add hashtags to your video.
  11. Create a playlist astir your overarching topic.
  12. Optional: Leave a pinned remark to make engagement aliases supply much value.

YouTube SEO Checklist graphic

1. Choose a target keyword for your video. This tin beryllium a topic, a question, aliases a highly circumstantial query. If you’re not judge of nan correct target keyword, usage a keyword investigation tool, aliases simply research YouTube’s existing contented room for inspiration.

2. Include nan target keyword successful nan record name. Don’t usage spaces betwixt each word, but alternatively dashes (-) aliases underscores (_).

3. Include nan target keyword successful nan title. Next up, activity nan target keyword into nan title of your video, but beryllium creative, and beryllium judge to do it naturally. You don’t want nan title to simply beryllium "[keyword]." The title is nan first point users will see, truthful effort to create intrigue and liking while promising to thief nan spectator successful immoderate way.

 Target keyword4. Include nan keyword, arsenic good arsenic keyword variations, successful nan video description. The video explanation is nan lifeblood of your YouTube SEO strategy. Write a earthy explanation pinch 1-2 mentions of your target keyword, arsenic good arsenic variations of this keyword.

 video description

5. Add related tags to your video. While astir users don’t usage tags to find videos, they tin thief nan YouTube algorithm categorize your video and service it to nan due audience. Add astir 5-8 manufacture tags, being judge to not overdo it truthful that you’re not flagged arsenic spam.

6. Add your video category. While not arsenic circumstantial arsenic tags, categories thief users find your video and thief nan YouTube algorithm understand what your video is about. Categories travel into play connected nan location page, nan research page, and nan sidebar menu.


7. Upload a civilization video thumbnail. Create a thumbnail that includes either a variety of your keyword aliases a short building that could make clicks (like "1,000 integrated followers, fast!"). As mentioned, you’ll request to verify your YouTube channel to get entree to civilization thumbnail uploads.

 video thumbnail8. Add subtitles and closed captions. Subtitles and closed captions are a much-needed accessibility constituent of your videos. They besides indirectly thief you optimize for YouTube hunt by giving YouTube a matter type of your video content.

9. Add cards and extremity screens that necktie into nan taxable of your video. Cards are balanced to soul and outer linking, and extremity screens let you to prosecute viewers during those captious past fewer seconds erstwhile a spectator mightiness beryllium tempted to click to different portion of content.

10. Add hashtags to your video. Hashtags are different from tags. They show up supra your video title and thief you summation scope and authority by further signaling what your video is about.


11. Create a playlist astir your overarching topic. One of nan champion ways to optimize YouTube videos is to create playlists. Finding a fewer related videos and putting them successful a playlist will not only pull much viewers, but it will besides thief nan YouTube algorithm understand really your video relates to others successful your upload library.

12. Optional: Leave a pinned remark to make engagement aliases supply much value. As a brand, you tin and should remark connected your ain videos — not only for replies to your commenters, but to connection much worth to readers.

Now, astir of nan SEO tips supra trust connected you uncovering a keyword and promoting your video correctly. And not each of those tips tin beryllium carried retired done YouTube alone. To get nan astir bang for your videography buck, see immoderate of nan devices beneath to optimize your video for search.

YouTube SEO Tools

  1. HubSpot: For Content Strategy
  2. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer: For Keyword Research
  3. Canva: For Thumbnail Creation
  4. VidIQ Vision: For Data Mining
  5. TubeBuddy: For Productivity
  6. Cyfe: For Analytics

1. HubSpot SEO Marketing Software

 HubSpot SEO Software

Our SEO trading software, developed present astatine HubSpot, allows you to find celebrated keywords for creating contented and organizing keywords into groupings — what we telephone "topic clusters." By sorting your contented into taxable clusters, you tin oversee which pieces of contented are related to 1 another, which types of contented you person planned, and what you've already created.

While nan keywords you observe successful HubSpot bespeak their fame successful a modular Google search, galore of these topics will besides nutrient videos connected Google's hunt motor results pages. In those cases, you tin create taxable clusters that person some blog and YouTube contented belonging to them.

Clustering your contented — and linking from videos to blog posts, and vice-versa — tin springiness you much authority successful nan eyes of Google and YouTube, while giving you much ways to seizure postulation from nan group searching your topic.

Pro tip: HubSpot integrates pinch YouTube for useful dashboards and capacity tracking.

2. Ahrefs Keywords Explorer


Ahrefs is simply a broad SEO level that allows you to show a website's ranking, estimate nan integrated postulation you'd get from each keyword, and investigation keywords for which you mightiness want to create caller content.

One celebrated characteristic of Ahrefs is Keywords Explorer, which allows you to look up specifications related to a keyword you're willing in. And arsenic you tin spot successful nan screenshot above, you tin select your keyword results by hunt motor — including YouTube.

Ahrefs Keywords Explorer gives you a keyword's monthly hunt volume, really galore clicks for videos ranking for that keyword, related keywords, and more.

3. Canva


You mightiness cognize Canva arsenic a creation template for creating each kinds of cards, photos, logos, and more. It conscionable truthful happens this celebrated merchandise has a Thumbnail Creator conscionable for YouTube videos.

As stated successful nan tips above, thumbnail images are captious to promoting your contented successful YouTube hunt results and enticing users to click connected your video. Using Canva's Thumbnail Creator, you tin create nan cleanable preview image for your video successful 1280 x 720 pixels — nan thumbnail dimensions YouTube requires.

4. vidIQ Vision

 VidIQThis is simply a Chrome extension, disposable done Chrome's web shop successful nan nexus above, that helps you analyse really and why definite YouTube videos execute truthful well. This includes nan tags a video has been optimized for, its mean watch time, and moreover really quickly that video mightiness beryllium gaining traffic.

The vidIQ instrumentality past gives an SEO "score" you tin usage to create contented that performs (or outperforms) nan results you already spot connected YouTube.

5. TubeBuddy

 TubeBuddyTubeBuddy is an all-in-one video level that helps you negociate nan production, optimization, and promotion of your YouTube content. Its features see an automatic connection translator (which helps you rank for non-English keywords), a keyword explorer, tag suggestions, a rank locator for your published videos, and more.

6. Cyfe

 CyfeCyfe is simply a ample package suite that offers, among different things, a YouTube analytics platform. On this platform, you tin way capacity connected YouTube and connected your site.

In summation to postulation analytics, Cyfe tin show you which keywords you're ranking for and which ones are astir celebrated crossed various hunt engines. Sounds a batch for illustration Google Analytics aliases Moz, right? That's because Cyfe has information from some of those tools, and more, built into it.

Start Optimizing YouTube Videos

Video trading is important for businesses and creators. No matter what SEO extremity aliases instrumentality you commencement with, a successful YouTube transmission originates pinch bully content. Make judge your viewers person thing high-quality and applicable to watch erstwhile they find you.

Optimizing your YouTube videos tin thief pull much views and build organization — and lead to much conversions and sales. So, commencement coming and watch your YouTube transmission grow.

Editor's note: This station was primitively published successful March 2013 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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