What to Look for When Hiring Creators, According to HubSpot Experts

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The creator economy is seeing a immense boom, and galore marketers are looking for ways to usage it successful their campaigns. The astir communal mode marketers leverage this caller economy is by collaborating with creators to grow assemblage reach. But what should marketers look for erstwhile hiring creators?

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In this article, the experts astatine HubSpot volition explicate what to look for erstwhile moving with creators. The pursuing accusation is cleanable for marketers looking to collaborate with creators and creators trying to pull partnerships with brands.

 The State of the Creator Economy successful 2022

5 Things to Look for When Hiring Creators

Here are 5 things businesses and brands look for erstwhile hiring contented creators.

1. A Results-Driven Approach

"As a results-driven person, the archetypal happening I attraction astir is producing results, particularly erstwhile moving with creators," said Brandon Huang, Partnerships Lead for the Creators Program. "I instrumentality a adjacent look astatine each the quantitative metrics that I tin regarding a creator: their reach, their engagement, however accordant they are with posting, and however accordant the results are connected the contented they create."

Creators should regularly way their metrics to person factual numbers to amusement imaginable brands and quantify their success. Some metrics creators should travel are:

  • Traffic

  • Conversions

  • Impressions

  • Click-through-rate (CTR)

  • Engagement

Business owners should besides beryllium mindful of these metrics erstwhile scoping retired creators to enactment with to get an close content of whether the creator tin assistance the marque execute its goals.

"For example, with YouTube, you privation to spot consistency successful views per video due to the fact that it makes it easier to exemplary retired from a concern perspective, and I, arsenic a partner, person a amended knowing of the results I’ll get from moving with this creator implicit a longer span of time," Huang said.

2. Great Work Ethic

"Work ethic is besides important to me," Huang told me. "Can I spot the effort they are putting into creating contented and selling their contented to scope caller audiences?"

Huang said a creator's work ethic could besides beryllium assessed by however they bring connected the close resources oregon unit to enactment their operations.

As helium puts it, "The champion creators recognize however to delegate and make infrastructure astir them, truthful they don't person to bash the selling portion if they don’t privation to and genuinely absorption solely connected creating content."

To guarantee you're hiring a beardown contented creator, you'll privation to inquire creators astir their processes. How bash they juggle each the responsibilities of being a contented creator? It's captious that the contented creators' you talk with person a thoughtful effect to that question.

3. Alignment

HubSpot's Head of Creators Partnerships, Alanah Joseph, says assemblage alignment is indispensable erstwhile collaborating with immoderate creator.

"When we scope retired to a creator, we person a beauteous bully thought of the contented they cover," she said. "However, we’ll petition further information connected their assemblage to amended gauge however good our advertisement volition resonate wrong the creator’s content."

Joseph said creators could beryllium a collaboration volition beryllium effectual by surveying their ain assemblage oregon knowing their assemblage exceptionally well. Tip for creators: You tin cognize your assemblage amended by creating elaborate purchaser personas. You tin besides show assemblage feedback, comments, and engagement.

However, assemblage alignment isn't the lone origin to see erstwhile hiring a creator..

"Culture and property acceptable are besides important factors to consider," Huang said. "Since we are focused connected gathering relationships, it’s not conscionable astir results … but besides however casual it is to enactment with a creator."

It's indispensable to guarantee the personalities, values, and morals of some the marque and the creator align for a creaseless collaboration due to the fact that the extremity is for that archetypal collaboration to go a beneficial semipermanent concern for some parties.

"As a squad player, I request to marque definite that I’m bringing connected creators that my colleagues volition bask moving with for 1-2+ years," Huang said. "Even elemental things similar being responsive done communication, taking feedback well, and truly reciprocating that they attraction astir my goals conscionable arsenic overmuch arsenic their ain goals — which I’m trying to assistance with — goes a agelong way. This is genuinely meant to beryllium a concern and not a singular transaction."

Businesses should spouse with contented creators who attack the accidental with a positive, cooperative, team-oriented attitude, and contented creators should embody that cognition erstwhile moving with brands.

"Good partners are bully people," Joseph said. "We genuinely bask moving with and supporting creators. When a creator is friendly, consenting to collaborate, and professional, we volition find much opportunities to enactment with the creator oregon connection a semipermanent partnership."

4. Unique Style

Content creators should bring their idiosyncratic interaction to immoderate task due to the fact that brands privation a run to basal retired and seizure the audience's attention.

"Editorial benignant and editing benignant are some important," Huang said. "Do they align with HubSpot? There’s much flexibility here, but certainly, unsocial editing captures my attention, and incorporating wit is simply a truly amusive mode to marque educational/business contented much exciting."

5. Authenticity

Finally, authenticity is simply a captious constituent you'll privation to see erstwhile hiring a creator.

As Joseph told me, "Authenticity is key. Authenticity builds trust, truthful erstwhile a creator brings their afloat selves to their content, their assemblage trusts them. This is important for a marque looking to tally advertisements wrong the creator’s content. If the assemblage trusts the creator, they volition beryllium much apt to spot the creator’s recommendations."

Whether you're a marque looking for a creator oregon you're a creator looking to spouse with a business, hopefully these tips volition assistance acceptable you up for a palmy concern business successful 2023 and beyond.

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