What Is Content Intelligence?

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The mode businesses cod information is changing. But information is indispensable to large contented strategy. That's wherefore contented quality is coming into the conversation.

marketers utilizing contented quality bundle to make a contented selling strategy

2022 HubSpot research says that implicit a 3rd of marketers judge that information has a large interaction connected strategy by helping them:

  • Reach their people audience
  • Create much almighty selling content
  • Understand which selling strategies are astir effective

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But entree to information is changing rapidly, owed to privateness concerns, exertion changes, and more. This means that businesses request to find caller ways to cod and analyse information for selling strategy.

Keep speechmaking to observe what contented quality is, wherefore it's useful, and however to marque it enactment for you. Keep scrolling to larn more, oregon click a nexus beneath to leap to a topic:

  • What is contented intelligence?
  • How to Choose the Right Content Intelligence Platform
  • Content Intelligence Tools

What is contented intelligence?

Content quality is the process of utilizing bundle that combines instrumentality learning and AI to behaviour marketplace probe astir the effectiveness of circumstantial types of contented to assistance marketers make a high-quality contented strategy that they cognize volition work.

It’s fundamentally a GPS that leads you to a high-quality contented strategy that drives leads, conversions, and revenue. You don’t person to conjecture what volition beryllium of involvement to your assemblage due to the fact that the information shows you what performs good with your assemblage based connected marketplace and rival analysis.

Why is contented quality important?

 Why it’s important

Many marketers usage contented selling to pass with their audiences and gully them in. Content marketing similar blogs, webinars, societal media, and online courses connection businesses a accidental to connect. Each portion of contented is an accidental to attract, engage, and delight customers.

 HubSpot flywheel astir the worth of contented marketing

Content quality helps them execute this effectively. Other benefits include:

  • Generating a heavy knowing of your people assemblage and the benignant of contented they bask based connected rival information and analysis.
  • Reducing the guesswork of contented instauration due to the fact that the AI analyzes contented for style, code of voice, and different important metrics.
  • Centering contented connected your users and what they bask with information from marketplace research.
  • Gaining penetration into assorted contented types and however to make them, similar video contented quality that lets you cognize actions wrong videos that thrust results.
  • Ability to foretell the effectiveness of your contented based connected the humanities show of your competitors.
  • Generating authorization successful your niche done high-quality, informative contented helps you get much visitors, summation conversion rates, and summation visibility successful hunt results.

How to Choose the Right Content Intelligence Platform

1. Figure retired what problems you request the level to solve.

While contented quality tools tin bash immoderate of your contented instauration for you, these tools excel successful contented strategy.

This AI volition usage your information and signifier it to find connections, trends, and patterns. This tin assistance you pinpoint challenges, adhd to your information analysis, and ramp up your learning quickly. You tin usage these circumstantial recommendations to amended your contented for your customers.

If you're funny successful contented intelligence, chances are that your contented needs work. To fig retired if these tools tin help, effort to specify your challenges successful arsenic overmuch item arsenic possible.

If you're having a pugnacious clip getting started, commencement with a circumstantial occupation and enactment backward. Trace each measurement you took toward this disappointing result. Then, constitute retired your ideas for imaginable solutions.

2. Get to cognize your contented quality level options.

According to Statista research, lone 5% of selling professionals usage artificial quality and instrumentality learning. Data-driven insights from website analytics and SEO tools are fashionable standards. But selling leaders whitethorn not cognize anyone who's moving with contented quality yet.

That makes probe into antithetic contented quality platforms essential. Start with each AI instrumentality and its features. Some volition see contented absorption tools, portion others volition connection contented instauration tools. Content quality platforms might:

  • Create automated contented with earthy connection procreation (NLG)
  • Find related oregon applicable contented utilizing earthy connection knowing (NLU)
  • Use large information for contented analysis
  • Offer wording suggestions
  • Automate contented instauration and promotion
  • Integrate with different tools for contented management

A level with excessively galore tools could overwhelm your squad and resources. So, you'll privation to comparison your perfect database of features with what each unsocial level offers. It's besides a bully thought to look astatine your tech stack to spot if immoderate of your existent contented selling tools see the features you're looking for.

Featured tool: Digital translation templates

 Digital translation template from HubSpot

It tin beryllium adjuvant to bring successful different squad members during this step. A antithetic constituent of presumption tin assistance you constrictive the scope of your search.

3. Find retired however each level handles data.

As you implicit your research, instrumentality a cautious look astatine however each level collects, uses, and stores data. Because this tool's effectiveness comes from data, it's important that the mode each level handles information is successful enactment with your concern policies and lawsuit expectations.

For example, information ownership and privateness are apical of caput for astir customers. 86% of respondents successful a 2021 Cisco survey accidental that they attraction astir information privateness and 79% see privateness a origin erstwhile making a purchase.

It's besides important to deliberation astir what types of information you'll request to marque this assets effectual for your business. What if the required information mentation is excessively overmuch for your squad to implicit consistently? Most AI tools usage galore antithetic accusation sources to connection predictions. A interruption successful the information pipeline tin skew the information your contented quality instrumentality uses to connection insights.

4. Decide which features your squad could use.

It takes clip for a concern to make a contented strategy, execute it, and physique processes astir contented marketing. So, immoderate AI instrumentality for contented needs to easy acceptable into your existent strategy and workflow.

As you constrictive down your contented quality choices, beryllium cautious not to get excessively excited oregon overwhelmed by other features you don't need. Try to absorption connected a superior constituent of worth to measurement each feature.

As you prioritize, don't conscionable absorption connected however your employees volition usage the product. It's besides a bully thought to inquire questions like:

  • How tin this instrumentality assistance our squad conscionable lawsuit expectations?
  • Can this instrumentality interaction concern objectives?
  • Are determination stakeholder ideas that we tin instrumentality with this tool?

Whenever possible, deliberation astir however this instrumentality tin improve your contented marketing.

5. Align level choices with aboriginal goals.

One of the reasons to usage instrumentality learning successful contented is scalability. You whitethorn not privation to automate processes oregon make AI contented now. But you besides don't cognize however contented selling mightiness alteration successful the adjacent 3 to 5 years.

According to 2022 HubSpot research, 78% of marketers accidental that their manufacture has changed much successful the past 3 years than it did successful the preceding 50 years.

As hunt engines and different integer channels evolve, concern contented needs to alteration successful response. This makes aboriginal goals a cardinal portion of your decision-making process. For example, galore vendors who connection contented quality tools besides connection different tools. If you can, probe these tools astatine the aforesaid clip you take a contented quality platform. This volition springiness you a instauration for aboriginal tech stack planning.

Testing contented quality tin beryllium hard due to the fact that this instrumentality is astir utile for contented strategy. If you've created a strategy before, you cognize it tin instrumentality months to execute, publish, and analyze. So, you'll privation to bash arsenic overmuch probe arsenic you tin earlier you get to the adjacent step.

6. Create a program to enactment your contented quality level successful place.

Before you perpetrate to a contented quality platform, it's a bully thought to make a program for installation, training, and usage. Any instrumentality that offers specified a wide scope of insights tin beryllium pugnacious to manage.

But a program tin assistance you marque definite that the squad volition get the maximum worth from this investment. As you make this plan, fig retired and decide:

  • Which features connection the astir value
  • Which features volition request much grooming than others
  • Platform capabilities that are much occupation than they're worth

This readying process whitethorn not consciousness similar a indispensable step, but it tin assistance you beryllium imaginable level ROI. And that's not all. An perfect contented selling strategy volition link with the close audience, enactment income and work teams, and amended the prime and ratio of your contented team. Content quality tin enactment those goals and much if you've taken the clip to prepare.

7. Test the platform.

Once you've narrowed your contented quality choices down, it's clip to effort retired your bundle picks. There are a fewer things to support successful caput erstwhile you're investigating AI software.

First, marque definite that the bundle meets your expectations. Check that each the features you expected are contiguous and enactment properly. If you're not definite however to usage 1 of those features, marque definite that the documentation oregon enactment squad tin rapidly reply your questions.

Next, usage your workflow to trial retired your caller contented quality tool. Take notes arsenic you probe caller contented topics, measurement contented performance, oregon update your contented strategy. This tin assistance you find retired if determination are immoderate bugs oregon flaws successful the tool.

While nary instrumentality is perfect, you privation to marque definite that the other worth you're getting is much than the other enactment you'll instrumentality connected if thing goes wrong.

For example, what if you're not uncovering utile resources connected the topics that substance to your business? If this instrumentality can't find the niche contented ideas you need, it whitethorn not beryllium the close fit. That said, AI is complex, and you whitethorn request to bash immoderate troubleshooting earlier making a last decision.

Content Intelligence Tools

While it’s imaginable to behaviour contented quality connected your own, bundle tin automate the process and make results quickly. Let’s spell implicit immoderate high-quality tools you tin usage successful your process.

1. BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo uses a strategy of probe and find to summation insights astir the contented created by your marketplace and manufacture competitors to assistance you recognize what performs champion with your audience.

The instrumentality analyzes a assortment of societal media feeds and web contented to springiness you viral trends to leverage, business-related contented you should see covering, and people keywords to usage erstwhile you statesman creating.


Pro tip: Use this tool’s advanced hunt features to get the astir from their fashionable Content Analyzer.

2. Contently

Contently uses StoryBook™, its proprietary technology, to analyse and foretell the contented that volition person the astir important interaction connected your business. This information volition past assistance you make a contented strategy that aligns with your assemblage involvement — SEO, voice, and tone, and your marque guidelines are each considered successful each recommendation. Then, erstwhile you make your content, you’ll get analytics to amusement what performs and drives ROI to further absorption your efforts.


Pro tip: Use Contently’s show analytics to measurement assemblage engagement and comparison with benchmarks successful your industry.

3. Curata

Curata’s self-learning motor helps you observe the best-performing contented and recognize wherefore audiences similar it and however you tin make your ain top-performing content. You’ll besides get SEO assistance to curate your contented and stock it successful the astir applicable channels.


Pro tip: Try Curata’s contented curation bundle to find and stock contented that’s applicable to your people audience.

4. Crayon

Crayon’s bundle provides you with competitive intelligence that volition assistance you usage actionable insights to make a high-quality contented strategy. You’ll summation an knowing of what works for your competitors, from societal channels to reappraisal sites, and observe cardinal messaging that performs champion that you tin accommodate to your contented strategy.


Pro tip: Content quality tin besides beryllium a adjuvant instrumentality for competitive analysis.

Content Intelligence Can Help You Scale Your Content Strategy

The contented strategy you take depends connected your concern needs. But you tin amended your content, strategy, and estimation utilizing contented quality tools. Pick the bundle that’s close for you, and commencement increasing your influence.

This station was primitively published successful October 2021 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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