The Top Types of AI-Generated Content in Marketing [New Data, Examples & Tips]

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Thanks to nan advancements successful artificial intelligence technology, contented procreation doesn't person to beryllium a headache-inducing task. As AI progressively takes complete manual contented accumulation tasks, it's wise for marketers to understand nan different types of AI-generated contented that beryllium — and which use nan astir from it.

top ai-generated contented types

These devices tin thief america nutrient high-quality contented appealing to your assemblage and on-brand. In this blog post, we'll research nan apical types of AI-generated contented successful marketing. By leveraging these types of content, you tin elevate your contented strategy and summation a competitory separator successful nan market.

 The State of Artificial Intelligence successful 2023

And to thief understand, we pulled information from HubSpot's ain State of AI survey information to find retired nan apical types of AI-generated contented successful trading for 2023. The pursuing are statistic drawn from 1350+ U.S. marketers — specifically those already leveraging artificial intelligence successful their roles.

Top Content Types for Generative AI

  1. Social Media Posts
  2. Product Descriptions
  3. Emails
  4. Images
  5. Blog Posts
  6. Landing Pages
  7. Ebooks
  8. Whitepapers

1. Social Media Posts (58%)

The astir celebrated usage for marketers leveraging AI for contented is for societal media posts, and pinch bully reason.

Social media marketers person to make contented they dream their assemblage will enjoy, and utilizing a contented adjunct makes managing a social media calendar overmuch easier. Marketers tin usage AI for societal media posts:

  • Content Creation: AI devices tin thief make contented ideas, propose topics, and moreover constitute headlines for societal media posts. In fact, 35% of surveyed marketers usage AI to get ideas aliases inspiration.
  • Scheduling and Posting: AI-powered social media scheduling tools tin thief you automatically station your contented astatine nan astir effective times, and moreover optimize your contented for circumstantial societal media platforms.
  • Audience Analytics: AI tin thief you amended understand your assemblage done information analysis. This accusation tin past beryllium utilized to trade much effective and applicable societal media posts.

2. Product Descriptions (50%)

50% of marketers who usage generative AI recovered that nan exertion is adjuvant for merchandise descriptions.

It tin beryllium challenging to find nan words to picture caller products, particularly erstwhile you're trading to an assemblage that doesn't cognize nan terminology arsenic good arsenic your team. Marketers tin usage artificial intelligence not only accurately to explicate a product's functionality and features but besides successful a measurement that's accessible and clear to nan wide public.

3. Emails (43%)

43% of marketers that regularly usage AI find it adjuvant for email marketing. Catching your customer's attraction done email taxable lines is simply a situation successful itself, and moreover trickier to get them to click open. With nan thief of AI, marketers tin amended their strategy through:

  • Timing Optimization: AI devices tin propose nan champion clip of nan time and time of nan week to nonstop a peculiar email based connected erstwhile nan recipient is astir apt to prosecute pinch nan email. This tin amended unfastened rates, click-through rates (CTR), and conversions.
  • Subject Line Generation: AI tin make effective and catchy taxable lines by analyzing past email campaigns, and nan taxable line's performance. If these devices tin create grabby subjects, it could summation unfastened rates.
  • A/B Testing: AI tin beryllium utilized to behaviour A/B testing, wherever 2 different versions of nan aforesaid email are sent to a random information of nan audience, and capacity is measured. Based connected nan results of this testing, nan best-performing email version tin past beryllium sent to nan remainder of nan audience, to maximize desired metrics.

4. Images (36%)

Marketers person overmuch to summation from utilizing AI for images arsenic 36% of marketers find it adjuvant for image creation. Regarding hunt motor optimization, images tin amended your rank successful nan hunt engine, and adhd a much attention-grabbing constituent to your blog, societal media posts, aliases moreover merchandise staging.

5. Blog Posts (35%)

Over one-third of trading professionals recovered artificial intelligence devices adjuvant for making blog posts. As a writer myself, 1 of nan first thoughts I had erstwhile introduced to AI was really it could amended my penning process.

Some of nan champion uses for AI penning generators successful blog posts are:

  • Efficiency: Marketers tin prevention clip and resources by automating various aspects of blog station creation, specified arsenic taxable generation, research, and moreover drafting. This exertion tin besides trim nan clip spent connected menial tasks for illustration formatting, proofreading, and optimizing contented for SEO.
  • Personalization: AI tin analyse customer behavior, preferences, and browsing history to thief target blog contented to circumstantial audiences. Personalizing blog posts tin make nan contented much applicable to nan audience, perchance expanding engagement and conversion rates.

For those looking to amended their blog contented creation, look nary further than HubSpot's contented assistant. This level characteristic is simply a suite of free, AI-powered features that thief you ideate, create, and stock singular contented — successful a flash.

Get started pinch HubSpot's AI tools

6. Landing Pages (19%)

Almost one-fifth of trading professionals utilizing AI find it adjuvant for landing pages. Many businesses underestimate nan powerfulness of bully aliases bad UX, and artificial intelligence tin thief to show and amended really customers navigate your page done nan pursuing means:

  • A/B Testing: AI and instrumentality learning algorithms tin beryllium utilized to analyse personification behaviors and place nan astir effective landing page elements. This allows marketers to create variations of nan landing pages and tally A/B testing to find nan astir effective page layout and design, yet starring to higher conversion rates.
  • Optimization: AI-aided analytics helps analyse website bounce times, load times, and different important data. These insights let marketers to optimize nan landing pages and amended nan customer acquisition for amended website engagement.

7. Ebooks (17%)

According to our survey, nan 2nd to past adjuvant type of contented to make pinch AI are ebooks. While AI tin thief marketers streamline definite aspects of ebook creation, location whitethorn beryllium amended options. Here are immoderate reasons why:

  • Tone and style: Well-written ebooks require an knowing of nan target assemblage and connection used. AI connection procreation is good, but needs to drawback up erstwhile identifying analyzable connection nuances and preferences. In immoderate cases, nan reside tin beryllium misaligned pinch nan target audience, hurting engagement and starring to readers rejecting nan ebook's content.
  • Authenticity: Human readers expect an ebook to beryllium authentic, insightful, and supply original thoughts. AI is missing nan captious reasoning and investigation that connection authentic perspectives.
  • Legal Concerns: If marketers usage artificial intelligence heavy for a published ebook, they could find themselves successful basking water. AI tech companies tin drawback authors falsely claiming original activity arsenic their own, arsenic location person been a rising number of lawsuits related to nan popularization of nan tools.

8. Whitepapers (12%)

The type of contented that would use nan slightest from artificial intelligence is whitepapers, according to study data.

Whitepapers should supply unsocial insights and manufacture study connected different subjects. While AI is bully astatine shape nickname and information analysis, it whitethorn not person nan productivity and knowing of analyzable issues basal to trade a high-quality whitepaper — truthful it astir apt can't use marketers arsenic overmuch arsenic nan different contented types.

Use AI Wisely for Your Marketing Content

AI-generated contented is changing nan crippled for marketers by revolutionizing nan contented creation process. From societal media posts to landing pages, your squad tin bask a much efficient, personalized, and applicable attack to contented creation. Adapt and leverage nan exertion wisely successful your contented trading strategies to enactment up of nan curve.

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