The Top Benefits of AI for Marketers [State of AI Data]

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The early of trading is undoubtedly intertwined pinch AI. The mobility now becomes: really will you fold it into your work?

benefits of AI for marketers

The HubSpot Blog surveyed 1,300+ professionals to spot really they usage AI successful their day-to-day activity and wherever they spot nan biggest benefits of this technology.

We dream these insights will thief you find nan champion areas to supercharge your trading pinch AI. Let's dive in.

 The State of Artificial Intelligence successful 2023

The Top Benefits of AI for Marketers [New Data]

1. 67% of marketers opportunity nan biggest use of AI is nan expertise to create contented faster.

If you're successful marketing, your occupation apt requires immoderate grade of creativity. Yet, nan value of your productivity is often impacted by tight deadlines, constricted time, and competing responsibilities.

So, what's a marketer to do? Enter AI.

A staggering 67% of marketers who usage AI opportunity it speeds up nan contented creation process, enabling them to constitute faster, investigation quicker, and deed "Publish" successful a fraction of nan time.

Even if you're not fresh to manus complete your full creation process to nan robots — which we don't urge anyway — you tin still usage it for smaller tasks wrong nan process.

Here's a snapshot of really marketers are leveraging AI for contented creation:

  • 25% usage AI to summarize contented into cardinal points
  • 18% usage AI to create outlines 
  • 20% usage AI to constitute trading copy
  • 36% usage AI to create images

AI is besides a powerful instrumentality for repurposing content. 13% of marketers usage AI for this nonstop purpose, enabling them to get much traction content-wise.

Take Vidyo AI, for example. This instrumentality enables you to person YouTube videos into short, bite-sized videos for TikTok and Instagram. This is 1 of galore devices that tin person contented for different formats, platforms, and audiences.

 13% of marketers repurpose contented pinch AI, from HubSpot's State of AI Report

2. 49% of marketers opportunity nan biggest use of AI is nan expertise to create much personalized content.

Odds are, nan past trading email you received addressed you by name. This is conscionable 1 illustration of really integral personalization has go successful marketing.

These days, consumers expect brands to push beyond generic messaging and speak to their interests, demographics, and location. But offering specified an acquisition to each customer becomes challenging astatine scale.

With nan thief of AI, marketers tin move beyond elemental demographic targeting and create move customer segments. It does this by "crunching nan numbers" to foretell user behaviour based connected past interactions.

Platforms for illustration Netflix, for example, leverage AI to analyse viewers' preferences and viewing history. It past provides tailored recommendations that align pinch each customer's unsocial taste.

 85% of marketers who usage AI opportunity it boosts contented personalization, from HubSpot's State of AI Report

Ultimately, smarter information leads to much personalized customer experiences. By knowing your customer — and segmenting them correctly — you tin trade targeted campaigns and messages that resonate connected a deeper level.

3. 48% of marketers opportunity nan biggest use of AI is nan expertise to make caller ideas.

With AI, you're 1 well-written prompt distant from your adjacent large idea.

Whether brainstorming a caller trading campaign, penning a merchandise description, aliases exploring blog topics, AI-powered chatbots – like ChatGPT, Jasper AI, and HubSpot's Content Assistant — tin complement your productivity by offering caller ideas and expanding nan scope of possibilities.

 HubSpot's contented assistant, from HubSpot's State of AI

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For instance, ideate a marketer utilizing a chatbot to make taglines for an upcoming trading campaign. She includes accusation astir her brand, target audience, and run objectives. It quickly generates a database of catchy ideas from which she picks her favorite. Then, she edits it pinch her brand's unsocial style and tone.

AI tin besides refine your ideas pinch marketplace data, user feedback, and humanities performance. For example, you could paste hundreds of customer reviews into a chatbot and inquire it to place trends from nan feedback. From here, you can stress nan strengths successful your trading campaigns and merchandise descriptions. Or, you could usage nan study to uncover communal symptom points aliases desired features.

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We dream this article provides a coagulated overview of nan cardinal benefits of AI, specifically successful nan trading realm. It's important to statement that there's nary "right" measurement to instrumentality AI into your workflow. Ultimately, it's up to you to research wherever this exertion tin champion supercharge your work.

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