The rise of platform engineering, an opportunity for startups

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The committedness of expanding developer efficiency, not headcount

More than half of nonrecreational developers person CI/CD, DevOps and automated investigating tools and services disposable astatine their organization, Stack Overflow’s 2022 developer survey uncovered.

However, Stack Overflow noted, lone 38% of the 34,906 respondents reported having a developer portal to marque it casual to find tools and services. Similarly, information observability tools are lone disposable to a number of developers.

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These findings amusement that champion practices that person go the norm astatine startups and tech companies are gaining crushed much broadly, but besides that determination is inactive a batch of borderline for advancement to amended the ratio and enactment situation of developers.

“It’s benignant of brainsick that having CI/CD tooling successful place, a DevOps relation and Automated Testing are the lone categories that are supra 50%,” Boldstart Ventures spouse Shomik Ghosh told TechCrunch. “That means [that] for what is considered array stakes astatine astir startups and tech companies, much than fractional of developers (presumably successful different industries) inactive don’t person these halfway gathering blocks successful place.”

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