The 11 Best Internal Linking Tools Every Marketer Needs

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If you’re moving connected your SEO strategy, you’ve astir apt encountered nan value of soul and outer nexus building.

A concatenation nexus representing soul linking devices for a website

If you haven’t built linking into your strategy from nan start, you mightiness beryllium overwhelmed arsenic you instrumentality nan change. But nary request to fear, soul linking devices are present to help.

In this post, we’ll analyse what soul link-building devices do and nan benefits they tin person for your business. You’ll besides preview nan champion soul linking devices connected nan marketplace truthful you tin find a solution that meets your needs. Let’s dive in.

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What are soul link-building tools?

The Benefits of Internal Link-Building Tools

11 Best Link Building Tools

What are soul link-building tools?

Internal link-building devices are package that thief you find opportunities to spot soul links connected your website. The devices return a manual, tedious process that tin return hours and move into a quick, few-minute task that you tin do regularly.

So, why should you usage soul link-building tools?

Internal links summation your nexus value, which helps you rank higher and get much traffic. Internal links besides link your content, giving Google an thought of nan building of your website.

Plus, your visitors tin easy study much and find related pages.

Internal linking establishes a level connected your tract and allows you to springiness much worth to your astir important pages.

Let’s opportunity 1 of your pages is internally linked 3 times. And 1 is linked 100 times. That shows nan type of contented you station and points Google to nan page you want to get nan astir views connected because it’s nan astir important.

However, nan process is usually very slow. Internal linking requires going backmost to aged posts and linking to newer ones.

Many group conscionable nexus aged posts to newer posts, but it’s beneficial to constituent readers who onshore connected an older station (because it has much SEO juice) to pages that aren’t arsenic established.

With an soul link-building tool, you tin automate this process. But location are much benefits than conscionable redeeming clip successful your day. Let’s dive into immoderate below.

The Benefits of Internal Link-Building Tools

Link-building tin amended your website’s capacity successful search. Let’s start pinch nan stats.

  • Links are 1 of nan top 2 criteria considered successful Google's page ranking algorithm.
  • In 5 years, 92% of marketers believe that links will still beryllium ranking criteria successful Google algorithms.
  • 13% of hunt experts opportunity nexus building is nan astir valuable SEO tactic.
  • 42% of SEO strategists walk adjacent clip building soul and outer links.

It’s clear that link-building impacts your site’s ranking. Here are 5 further benefits of soul nexus building.

1. You tin found a narration betwixt related contented connected your website.

When Google crawls your site, it follows each nan links connected nan page to fig retired nan narration betwixt various pages, posts, and different content. That way, Google will study which pages connected your tract screen a akin taxable matter.

Internal links will found a narration betwixt related blog posts, alerting Google to nan type of contented you connection and building authority successful your industry.

2. Linking helps orphaned contented get discovered by Google.

Orphaned contented includes web pages that person nary soul links pointing to them. Without an soul link, Google can’t find and scale nan orphaned pages.

Although you mightiness person a sitemap that lists nan URL of your pages, hunt engines whitethorn return a agelong clip to scope those pages without soul links.

This is particularly existent for ample websites that return a batch of resources to crawl aliases recently created sites that don’t get visited by Google often.

3. You tin summation nexus worth for your newer content.

Link worth is important pinch SEO. When you people a page, it builds up “SEO juice” — meaning it gains credibility done page views, outer links, etc.

Newer pages don’t person immoderate of that, of course. By linking your posts internally connected older pages, you’ll beryllium capable to summation nan worth of your caller links.

You tin summation nan nexus worth to your newer contented utilizing nan SEO juice you’ve already built up pinch Google connected older pages.

4. You tin amended engagement metrics and nan personification experience.

You ever want group to enactment connected your site, right? How do you do that? Pointing them to different related pages will thief them study much astir you and why they should usage your merchandise aliases service.

It’s nan “binging” contented acquisition group person connected TikTok and YouTube.

You want to create nan aforesaid thought connected your website. Not only does it thief your site, but it’s besides a amended personification acquisition — visitors usage your resources, study from an master successful nan industry, and hopefully go a instrumentality of your work.

They’ll past travel you, and you tin build a narration pinch them. That’s nan champion personification acquisition you tin person pinch a company.

5. Internal linking tells Google what keywords you want to rank for.

Internal links nonstop a clear connection to Google astir what keywords you want to rank for. Anchor matter is nan matter that links to a page ( this is anchor text). It’s highlighted, truthful erstwhile you click connected it, it takes you to a caller page.

The anchor matter of an soul nexus should beryllium a applicable keyword. The keyword should beryllium a keyword you want nan linked page to rank for. It sends a connection astir keywords and page associations to hunt engines.

Anchor matter tells Google this page should rank for this keyword — giving your page much SEO juice, relevance, and a amended chance astatine ranking for that keyword.

Phew, okay, we’ve learned a lot. Now, let’s thief you get it done arsenic quickly and efficiently arsenic possible. Here’s our database of nan champion soul link-building devices you tin use.

The 11 Best Link Building Tools

  1. Link Whisper
  2. All successful One SEO (AIOSEO)
  3. Internal Link Juicer
  4. Yoast SEO
  5. YARPP
  6. Internal Link Finder
  7. Interlinks Manager
  8. Rankmath
  9. SEO Press
  10. Google Search Console
  11. Ahrefs

1. Link Whisper

internal linking tools, nexus whisperImage Source

  • Pricing: $77 annually for a single-site license; $117 annually for a 3-site license; $167 annually for a 10-site license
  • Features: Google Search Console (GSC) integration, WordPress integration, uncovering orphan posts, intuitive soul link-building process, and reporting
  • Support: Email support is disposable for each bundles
  • Best for: Managing site-wide soul linking

This plugin crawls your full site, indexes existing soul links, and creates a study to show you nan nexus gaps you tin fill.

The reporting characteristic shows really galore posts were crawled, links found, soul links, orphaned posts, surgery links, and 404 errors.

The instrumentality will constituent you to posts that are related and not being linked to currently. It suggests anchor matter and links. If you agree, each you person to do is click connected a container to adhd nan link.

It besides finds orphaned posts (posts that person nary incoming aliases outgoing soul links).

What we love: The operation of nexus automation and nexus customization is unmatched successful nan manufacture truthful far. Additionally, if you ain respective websites, Link Whisper tin thief you propose soul linking strategies betwixt those websites.

2. All successful One SEO (AIOSEO)

internal linking tools, each successful 1 seoImage Source

  • Pricing: $49.60 annually for basic; $99.60 annually for plus; $199.60 annually for pro; $299.60 annually for elite
  • Features: Link assistance, uncovering orphaned content, making soul nexus suggestions
  • Support: Standard and privilege support available
  • Best for: WordPress sites

AIOSEO is simply a beginner-friendly WordPress plugin that helps you amended your SEO without immoderate method knowledge.

One of nan features is simply a Link Assistant, which helps you build amended soul links. This instrumentality will supply a elaborate nexus study to show you nan number of soul links, outbound links, and connection links you person for each station and page.

Then, it shows you opportunities to amended your soul links. You tin spot nan nonstop building and anchor text. All you person to do is click a button, and past it will adhd that soul nexus to your content.

What we love: AIOSEO will besides thief you find orphaned pages truthful you tin adhd links to them to get them indexed faster and rank higher.

3. Internal Link Juicer

internal linking tools, soul nexus juicerImage Source

  • Pricing: Free for basic; $69.99 annually for pro; $249.99 for a life license
  • Features: Automatic nexus building, customize each links, varying anchor text, automatically opening links successful a caller tab
  • Support: Email support
  • Best for: WordPress, beginners, role-based editing, varying anchor matter (very adjuvant truthful Google doesn’t ding you)

You don’t get nan aforesaid level of power you mightiness person pinch Link Whisper aliases AIOSEO, but Internal Link Juicer is simply a awesome action for beginners and precocious users. Plus, location is simply a free and paid version.

You prime your keywords, and nan package automatically builds links based connected your content. You tin besides prime pages that don’t request soul links.

The instrumentality past gives you a study that allows you to way links, cheque best-performing ones, and switch surgery links.

The Pro type takes automation to a full caller level. You person to take nan anchor keyword and nan soul nexus associated pinch it.

However, 1 downside of this instrumentality is that you can’t cheque your existing soul links. You tin only build caller automated ones. It besides doesn’t merge pinch GSC aliases grip surgery soul links.

What we love: With nan premium version, you tin alteration soul links betwixt categories, customize soul links, and import attraction keywords.

Plus, manual customization allows you to exclude immoderate links and let and restrict definite links wrong a category.

4. Yoast SEO

internal linking tools, yoast seoImage Source

  • Pricing: $99 yearly
  • Features: Internal linking is only disposable successful nan premium version, uncovering orphaned content, uncovering related posts
  • Support: Yoast Academy, basal and premium support available
  • Best for: Orphaned content

Yoast SEO focuses connected expanding your chances to rank by supporting you successful building a coagulated soul linking structure.

It identifies nan champion soul linking building required to maximize on-page SEO — which helps amended your website crawling and navigation.

The champion features see uncovering orphaned content, giving related station suggestions, and suggesting child/sibling station narration links.

What we love: You tin adhd a related links artifact beneath your posts and show related posts, pages, categories, and tags.

5. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP)

internal linking tools, yet different related station pluginImage Source

  • Pricing: Free
  • Features: Custom templates, customized algorithm
  • Support: Professionally maintained and actively supported pinch regular updates
  • Best for: Related posts links connected WordPress

YARPP is nan astir celebrated and highest-rated related posts plugin for WordPress. This instrumentality creates related station sections connected your pages to present visitors to different applicable content.

It tin thief boost visitant engagement and clip connected site, helping your SEO.

You tin show related pages, blog posts, media files, and moreover call-to-action (CTA) buttons. This way, your apical pages don’t get buried underneath caller ones.

The instrumentality creates soul links to your astir celebrated pages and/or posts truthful hunt engines tin easy find your champion pages.

What we love: YARPP comes pinch civilization templates that you tin lucifer pinch your website design. Plus, it uses a customizable algorithm to find which pages to show, considering your station titles, tags, categories, and more.

website showing a related posts plugin

Image Source

6. Internal Link Finder

 soul linking tools, soul nexus finderImage Source

  • Pricing: Free and premium versions available
  • Features: Internal nexus scoring, duplicating soul links, anchor matter editing
  • Support: Forum support
  • Best for: Large sites

Internal Link Finder is an easy-to-use plugin to negociate your soul nexus structure. This useful connected WordPress sites and helps you find soul nexus opportunities and negociate your existing soul links page-by-page.

One of nan champion features is that it gives you a afloat breakdown of your soul linking people and lists areas for improvement.

What we love: Internal Link Finder tin cheque if location are excessively galore pages linking backmost to a target page pinch nan aforesaid anchor, place orphan pages, and find pages pinch nary soul links. Plus, you tin export nan information to a spreadsheet.

7. Interlinks Manager

internal linking tools, interlinks manager

Image Source

  • Pricing: $39 for a life license; optional $12.75 to screen 12 months of customer support
  • Features: Robust analytics, search clicks from visitors, nexus equity calculator
  • Support: Paid support options
  • Best for: Sites connected a budget

Interlinks Manager useful otherwise than almost each different instrumentality we database successful this article.

In summation to nexus suggestions based connected keywords an algorithm picks up, you tin specify circumstantial keywords wrong each post. The instrumentality will automatically adhd soul links to your station from different posts that incorporate nan aforesaid keywords.

What we like: Interlinks Manager has a robust analytics characteristic that tracks clicks from visitors to soul links, truthful you cognize which are effective.

The instrumentality lets you cognize statistic connected really overmuch “link juice” a fixed URL has, and you tin besides download nan analytics into a spreadsheet.

When an soul nexus isn’t effective, you tin set nan anchor matter aliases nan positioning of your soul links.

The drawbacks are that nan instrumentality isn’t arsenic intuitive and can’t place orphan posts.

8. Rankmath

internal linking tools, rank mathImage Source

  • Pricing: $59 annually for pro; $199 annually for business; $499 annually for agency
  • Features: Link suggestions, different SEO tools
  • Support: 24/7 support
  • Best for: Sites pinch a pillar/cluster structure

Blogs pinch a pillar/cluster station exemplary person 1 pillar station (which broadly covers a topic) and respective much elaborate cluster posts (which reside a circumstantial keyword related to that taxable in-depth).

Internal links powerfulness this tract structure. Each cluster station links to nan pillar page, building marque authority and nexus juice for your astir important pages.

Rankmath is 1 of nan champion soul linking devices for sites utilizing nan Pillar/cluster exemplary because you tin specify your pillar posts for each class connected your blog.

Then, nan instrumentality will automatically make nexus suggestions to different posts successful nan aforesaid category.

What we like: You tin build links by entering nan keywords you want to usage arsenic anchor text.

9. SEO Press

internal linking tools, seo pressImage Source

  • Pricing: Free; $49 annually for pro; $99 annually for insights, $128 annually for bundle
  • Features: Statistical weighting method nexus building, identifying rich | anchor text
  • Support: Support center, email support
  • Best for: Statistical-based linking

SEO Press is simply a plugin for WordPress that uses statistical weighting to determine which keywords to nexus to for your soul nexus structure. The method calculates nan value of a keyword wrong a page compared to different articles and past suggests up to 5 soul links per post.

What we like: The SEO meta container tin activity pinch each page builders and place rich | anchor text.

10. Google Search Console (GSC)

internal linking tools, google hunt console

Image Source

  • Pricing: Free
  • Features: Link reports, nexus errors, filtered search, downloadable CSV
  • Support: Google support
  • Best for: Finding orphan content

Google Search Console provides a nexus study study showing you your apical linked pages (both internally and externally). The soul links will springiness you nan number of soul links going to circumstantial URLs.

However, it does not show anchor matter and is only meant arsenic a jumping-off constituent for building your soul links. You tin download nan study but will still request to adhd links to URLS manually.

What we love: This is awesome for uncovering orphan content. GSC shows you which URLs person zero soul links, truthful you tin prioritize those and make it easier for hunt engines to find your posts.

11. Ahrefs

internal linking tools, ahrefsImage Source

  • Pricing: $99 monthly for lite; $199 monthly for standard; $399 monthly for advanced; $999 monthly for Enterprise
  • Features: Link analysis, nexus opportunities
  • Support: Help center; Ahrefs Academy
  • Best for: Link opportunities and analysis

Ahrefs is an all-in-one SEO instrumentality pinch respective features, including an soul nexus tract audit pinch nan Link Opportunities tool.

You tin find retired what apical pages you’re internally linking to, positive get opportunity suggestions. The characteristic looks astatine nan apical 10 keywords that each page connected your tract is ranking for and past looks for mentions of those keywords connected your website to springiness you soul nexus suggestions.

Note: You’ll still request to manually update nan links, but you tin export nexus opportunities quickly.

Getting Started

Internal linking is an important portion of SEO, and until recently, it has been a manual process. With soul linking tools, you tin boost your SEO successful minutes by uncovering soul nexus suggestions and adding to your posts pinch 1 click.

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