TAM SAM SOM: What Do They Mean & How Do You Calculate Them?

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Starting a caller institution is exciting. So is gauging an industry’s profit imaginable aliases forecasting a gross extremity for your business. But arsenic you commencement calculating, you must retrieve to guidelines these figures successful reality.

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If you don’t, you could participate a marketplace that doesn’t person a ample capable marketplace size to person investors to backmost you, aliases you could group an unrealistic gross extremity for your business and pain your labor out.

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To thief you debar these issues, we’ve put together a guideline that’ll thatch you precisely really to cipher your industry’s full addressable market, serviceable addressable market, and stock of market.


TAM, SAM, and SOM are acronyms for 3 metrics to picture nan marketplace your statement operates successful — Total Addressable Market, Serviceable Addressable Market, and Serviceable Obtainable Market.

tam sam som definitions

These metrics are cardinal components of a business plan, peculiarly arsenic you craft your trading and income strategy, group realistic gross goals, and take to participate nan markets that are worthy your clip and resources.

TAM SAM SOM Definitions

TAM (Total Addressable Market)

Total addressable market aliases TAM refers to nan full marketplace request for a merchandise aliases service. It’s nan maximum magnitude of gross a business tin make by trading its merchandise aliases work successful a circumstantial market.

TAM (Total Addressable Market) graphic

Total addressable marketplace is astir useful for businesses to objectively estimate a circumstantial market’s imaginable for growth. This information besides helps companies fig retired merchandise marketplace fit.

SAM (Serviceable Addressable Market)

Due to nan limitations of your business exemplary (such arsenic specialization aliases geographic limitations), you’ll person a reliable clip servicing your full addressable market.

SAM (Serviceable Addressable Market) graphic

Serviceable addressable marketplace is astir useful for businesses to objectively estimate nan portion of nan marketplace they tin get to fig retired their targets.

SOM (Serviceable Obtainable Market)

Unless you're a monopoly, you astir apt can’t seizure 100% of your serviceable addressable market. Even if you only person 1 competitor, it would still beryllium highly difficult to person an full marketplace to only bargain your merchandise aliases service. That’s why it’s important to measurement your serviceable obtainable marketplace to estimate really galore customers would realistically use from buying your merchandise aliases service.

SOM (Serviceable Obtainable Market) graphic

Serviceable Obtainable marketplace is astir useful for businesses to find short-term maturation targets. It tin besides thief pinch competitory consciousness and strategizing.

Why TAM SAM SOM Matters

TAM, SAM, and SOM are basal to business strategy and growth planning. This is because these metrics show really overmuch opportunity a peculiar marketplace holds astatine each shape of business growth.

TAM SAM SOM is besides useful because it’s a elemental and succinct measurement to coming nan worth of an idea. This information gives teams an thought of nan target assemblage and income opportunities for a marketplace aliases niche.

These metrics tin besides thief businesses stock cardinal insights pinch investors if they are seeking funding. The process makes it easier to make decisions that effect growth.

For example, opportunity you don't person a clear image of nan correct conception for your SAM. This could make your serviceable addressable marketplace excessively big, which tin past effect your SOM.

TAM SAM SOM Template

Now that you cognize what each of these acronyms is and what they're utilized for, let's get into nan nitty-gritty of really to cipher TAM, SOM, and SAM. Doing truthful requires precocious marketplace investigation up of time, but present are nan formulas erstwhile you're capable to get those figures:

Total Addressable Market (TAM) Calculation

how to cipher tam formula

The champion measurement to cipher full addressable marketplace is by moving a bottom-up study of an industry. A bottom-up study involves counting nan full number of customers successful a marketplace and multiplying that number by nan mean yearly gross of each customer successful this market.

Serviceable Addressable Market (SAM) Calculation

how to cipher sam formula

To cipher your serviceable addressable market, count up each nan imaginable customers that would beryllium a bully fresh for your business and multiply that number by nan mean yearly gross of these types of customers successful your market.

Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM) Calculation

how to cipher som formula

Divide your gross from past twelvemonth by your industry’s serviceable addressable marketplace from past year. This percent is your marketplace stock from past year. Then, multiply your marketplace stock from past twelvemonth by your industry’s serviceable addressable marketplace from this year.

Right Size Your Market Opportunities pinch TAM SAM SOM

As you get started, support successful mind that these figures will mostly beryllium estimates to pass your strategy. The much marketplace investigation you do and nan much humanities information you build up, nan much precise your readying will be.

Don't conscionable fig retired nan opportunities successful your market. Use your investigation to determine who you want to target and really you scheme to prosecute them pinch your products. Then, usage these templates to make your plans clear.

Editor's note: This station was primitively published successful March 2019 and has been updated for comprehensiveness.

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