Study Finds Most Marketers Don’t Know Their Audience: Here’s Why and How to Fix It

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Marketers don't cognize their audiences and look confused astatine information anddd readying for their adjacent campaign

When it comes to marketing, astir thing is much important than knowing your people audience.

But what if I told you implicit fractional of marketers are missing captious accusation connected their consumers?

In our annual survey of implicit 1,200 marketers, we recovered that conscionable 42% cognize the basal demographic accusation of their people audience, similar their name, gender, and location.what info bash marketers person connected their audience

And, the information spread doesn't halt there:

  • Less than fractional of marketers cognize their audience’s interests and hobbies, buying habits, the products they are funny successful buying, their acquisition history, and wherever they devour content.
  • Only 31% cognize the online communities their people assemblage is simply a portion of and adjacent little cognize the challenges they are facing.
  • Just one-fourth of marketers cognize the societal causes their people assemblage cares astir - a immense missed accidental erstwhile it comes to expressing your brand’s values, particularly erstwhile selling to Gen Z and Millennials.

So wherefore are marketers having specified a hard clip getting these information points?

Let’s instrumentality a look astatine the biggest challenges marketers look successful getting the information they request and sermon immoderate solutions to the disconnection marketers are seeing with their audience.

 Free State of Marketing Report [Updated for 2022]

A whopping 82% of marketers accidental having high-quality information connected their people assemblage is important to succeeding successful their relation – but much than fractional of them accidental they're missing cardinal information.

So wherefore is it specified a situation for marketers to get the information they need?

biggest challenges marketers look knowing their audiences

The biggest challenges marketers look successful knowing their people boil down to 2 main issues:

1. New Data Privacy Measures

Data privateness regulations are reducing marketers’ entree to the user information they need. At the aforesaid time, consumers are little trusting successful sharing their idiosyncratic data.

This results successful marketers missing retired connected captious information connected their people audience, from their shopping and media depletion habits to their basal demographic information.

2. Evolving Audience Targets

Consumers’ lives person changed drastically implicit the past fewer years, and with a looming recession, their habits, attitudes, and preferences are apt to proceed shifting quickly.

The 2 challenges supra are hard to flooded due to the fact that they're actively processing arsenic information privateness regulations tighten and unprecedented events that alteration user behaviour continue.

So, what tin marketers bash now?

1. Gather First-Party Data

A large solution to accrued information privateness regulations similar Google’s planned phase-out of third-party cookies is gathering your ain first-party data.

First-party information tin beryllium collected from galore sources - your website, surveys, email, SMS, your CRM, and more.

Since first-party information comes straight from your customers, it offers high-quality insights astir your assemblage and allows you to make a personalized acquisition for them.

2. Use a Single Source of Truth for Marketing Data

Only 27% of marketers accidental their selling information is afloat integrated with their systems and tools, and arsenic we saw earlier, information not integrating good is simply a apical situation for marketers trying to recognize their target audience.

Disconnected selling information is problematic due to the fact that you don’t person the afloat discourse needed to marque data-driven decisions. On the different hand, a azygous root of information offers a holistic presumption of your people assemblage by connecting each the information points you have.

A azygous root of information besides improves ratio by making selling information much easy accessible for marketers and their collaborators.

3. Keep Your Data Fresh

We talked astir however consumers’ lives are changing rapidly and marketers request up-to-date information successful bid to support up.

The interests, habits, and attitudes of your people assemblage astir apt changed respective times implicit the people of the pandemic. And with a recession looming, your assemblage volition apt alteration again - truthful immoderate information tracking method you use, marque definite your information is regularly updated to support a pulse connected your customers successful real-time.

Another crushed you request up-to-date accusation connected your people assemblage is truthful you tin pivot your selling strategy and messaging successful effect to the changes your customers are experiencing.

Not lone did implicit fractional of marketers pivot successful 2021, 83% of those who pivoted changed people 2-4 times successful 1 year. And 20% of marketers person already pivoted successful 2022 owed to a imaginable recession, truthful chances are 2023 volition beryllium nary different.

Needless to say, you request a program for erstwhile things spell disconnected course. When the adjacent unprecedented lawsuit oregon unexpected situation arrives, volition you person the information you request to adapt?

In an perfect world, you would person each the information points you could ever want, but that isn’t ever realistic. So let’s extremity by taking a look astatine which information points marketers accidental are astir adjuvant to have.

Marketers accidental the interests oregon hobbies of their people assemblage is the astir adjuvant information point, intimately followed by consumers’ buying habits, wherever they devour content/media, and the products they are funny successful buying.what accusation is astir adjuvant to marketers

Basic demographic information, acquisition history, and the online communities their people assemblage is portion of are besides invaluable information points.

If you’re realizing you mightiness beryllium missing captious accusation connected your people audience, don’t worry, you aren’t alone.

Many businesses are presently experiencing a Crisis of Disconnection, and it goes acold beyond mediocre lawsuit data. Read much astir the challenges connected the skyline and however your institution tin navigate them successful our bid connected The Crisis of Disconnection.

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