Sneak peek: Look who’s pitching at the CCC Web3 Demo Day

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We’re excited to denote 2 much early-stage startups participating successful the Cross Chain Coalition Web3 Demo Day connected January 11. If you haven’t heard, this escaped online showcase features much than 12 of today’s astir breathtaking projects gathering web3 infrastructure, DeFi, NFT and gaming applications.

Register today and articulation america arsenic each startup squad gets 5 minutes to transportation to judges successful the audience, who see influential founders and galore of the apical investors successful blockchain. We’re talking astir folks similar Jonathan King and Lisa Xu.

Bonus: Not lone tin you larn a batch by watching different founders pitch, but besides the judges volition beryllium disposable unrecorded successful our lawsuit chat. Don’t miss your accidental to link with them and grow your network!

Okay, let’s get down to revealing the adjacent 2 startups that are acceptable to bring the heat.

Meet Omni X, a autochthonal omnichain NFT level founded by Trenton Helton. He contends that NFTs, 1 of the astir wide utilized dApps successful the cross-chain market, should not beryllium bound by liquidity restrictions. Helton’s squad aims to lick the fragmentation of NFT communities and liquidity crossed aggregate blockchains.

Meet SmartPiggies, transferable NFTs with astute declaration functionality designed to behave arsenic a terms security argumentation for the holder. Founder Michael Arief — an ex-Barclays concern banker with a master’s successful quantitative concern — contends this protocol volition let everyone to enactment successful a planetary OTC options market.

Join america connected January 11, 2023, and spot for yourself what the superb minds down much than 12 up-and-coming projects are building. The Cross Chain Coalition Web3 Demo Day is a associated accumulation betwixt the CCC and TechCrunch. 

Register now for this escaped online lawsuit and reserve your spot astatine the virtual table.

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