Scheduling Instagram Reels: The Complete Guide

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Instagram Reels make 43.5% much engagement than Instagram videos connected average. So if you’re looking to springiness your contented a boost, it’s clip to marque the switch.

scheduling an instagram reel aft filming

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But there’s a catch. It’s intolerable to present engaging Reels daily. You whitethorn tally retired of clip oregon ideas. Scheduling Instagram Reels is simply a large solution to support up with posting each day.

Read the afloat station to larn however to docket IG Reels.

Table of Contents

  • The Benefits of Scheduling Instagram Reels
  • How to Schedule Instagram Reels With Creator Studio by Meta
  • How to Schedule Instagram Reels With Other Tools
  • Best Apps for Scheduling Instagram Reels
  • Gain More Engagement With Instagram Reels Scheduling

The Benefits of Scheduling Instagram Reels

Still not convinced that you should docket your reels? Here are six large benefits of readying ahead.

1. Posting astatine the close clip garners much engagement.

The best clip to station Reels is betwixt 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. from Monday to Thursday, according to a two-year-long probe survey from Hootsuite. On Saturdays, you’ll privation to station astatine 9 a.m., and connected Sundays, it’s 7 p.m.

Unless you live, sleep, and devour with the telephone successful your hands, it’s hard to instrumentality to these clip slots without scheduling posts.

If you privation the astir engagement connected your Reels, docket them erstwhile your assemblage is astir progressive connected Instagram.

best clip for scheduling instagram reels

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2. You’ll beryllium flexible and accordant with contented creation.

The thought for a Reel tin deed you anytime, but you don’t ever person to people it instantly. Let’s accidental you conscionable posted a Reel 1 hr ago, and you’re already filming another. It’s amended to docket your caller Reel for aboriginal the adjacent day. This way, you won’t confuse the Instagram algorithm with excessive posting.

Ideally, your squad volition station betwixt 14-20 times per week connected Instagram for the champion scope complaint per post. Reportedly, creators should station nary little than 4-7 Reels per week.

3. You tin program your selling campaigns upfront.

When it comes to merchandise updates, seasonal sales, and different planned selling activities, you make promo contented beforehand. Prepare your Reels, docket them for the future, and bask seamless campaigns.

4. You tin station adjacent erstwhile you’re retired of the office.

On Instagram, you’ll get much impressions if you people prime contented regularly. Stop posting for a week, and you’ll spot a driblet successful impressions and engagement.

Make Instagram enactment for you portion you’re connected abrogation by scheduling IG Reels.

5. You tin thrust income and ROI.

Your Reels tin assistance your income squad scope its goals. Eighty-one percent of marketers accidental that video selling has helped them thrust sales. By preparing and scheduling Reels, you tin assistance forestall dips successful sales.

instagram reels assistance summation sales

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How to Schedule Instagram Reels With Creator Studio by Meta

Meta has allows immoderate idiosyncratic to docket Instagram Reels since August 2022. You’ll conscionable request to usage Creator Studio, Meta’s official, escaped societal media absorption platform. Let’s spell implicit the process.

1. Create an relationship and link your Instagram.

Log into Creator Studio, and participate your Facebook relationship details. Then, click connected the Instagram icon and link your Instagram relationship by pursuing the fixed instructions.

How to link Instagram to Creator Studio

To link your Instagram profile, you archetypal request to create a Facebook Page (don’t confuse it with a idiosyncratic profile).

Then, unfastened the Instagram app and click “Edit profile.” Tap “Page,” and link your Facebook Business Page to your Instagram account.

how to necktie up a Facebook Page with an Instagram account

2. Prepare your Reels utilizing Instagram.

Create your Reel connected Instagram, and edit it. Add sounds, take ocular effects, oregon use filters. Download the video to your telephone by clicking the “Download” button. You’ll usage your downloaded video for scheduling successful the adjacent step.

How to download a Reel

3. Create a station and format it with Creator Studio.

Click connected the greenish fastener astatine the apical close country and prime what video you privation to publish. Use Instagram Feed for videos nether 60 seconds. Select IG Video for posting Reels up to 90 seconds.

It whitethorn dependable confusing since Reels aren’t mentioned successful the dropdown, but each videos you people connected Instagram automatically go Reels.

How to docket Reels with Creator Studio

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Now, upload the Reels you would similar to post. Write a caption, adhd hashtags, and take a location, if needed.

Lastly, prime a screen image. Creator Studio volition connection you options. You tin prime 1 of 15 AI-generated images, upload a customized image, oregon take immoderate framework from the video.

Choose the screen thumbnail for your Reel

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Navigate to the bottommost close country and click connected the bluish arrow to trigger publishing options. Select “Schedule” and acceptable the day and clip erstwhile you privation to people the Reel.

Scheduling Instagram Reels with Creator Studio

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That’s it! Your Reel volition beryllium published connected the selected time and time.

How to Schedule Instagram Reels With Other Tools

If you negociate galore societal media accounts, you whitethorn payment from utilizing a third-party societal media absorption platform.

The process for scheduling a Reel is similar, careless of platform. For our example, we’ll amusement you however to docket your posts utilizing Later.

1. Create Later’s relationship and link your Instagram.

This measurement is ace easy. Sign up and click connected “Add Social Profile.” Once you link your account, you’ll look successful the Later dashboard, wherever you tin make Reels.

Note: The auto-scheduling diagnostic works lone for Instagram Business Profiles. You cannot usage Creator oregon Personal profiles for scheduling Reels owed to Instagram regulations. Here is how to acceptable up a concern relationship connected Instagram.

2. Record your Reels and set them to conscionable Instagram video guidelines.

Film and edit videos for Reels. Add euphony and effects. Crop the video to an facet ratio of 9:16 oregon 16:9, which is recommended by Instagram for optimal viewing.

3. Add the video to Later

Upload your Reel video to the Media Library by clicking the bluish fastener successful the apical near corner. The video volition look close below.

How to make an IG Reel utilizing Later

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Drag your video to Calendar to docket and unfastened the Post Builder.

How to docket Reels with Later

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4. Format and docket your Instagram Reel.

In the Post Builder, prime “Post Type — Reel.” Write a caption and adhd hashtags. Add determination and archetypal remark (if needed). Ensure your Reel is up to 90 seconds long, oregon trim it.

Note: Custom screen images are not allowed for auto-published Reels owed to Instagram API restrictions. Choose a framework from the video to usage arsenic the thumbnail.

Choose the time and clip to station the Reel. Then, travel the instructions successful the screenshot.

Prepare your Reels for scheduling

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Click “Save.” Then, your Reel volition beryllium automatically published astatine the selected time.

Now let’s spot the champion tools for scheduling Instagram Reels.

Best Apps for Scheduling Instagram Reels

This conception features 3 antithetic apps to docket IG Reels. We’ll sermon what features they have, pricing, and immoderate tips for utilizing each tool.

Let’s start!


scheduling Instagram reels app, Later

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Later is an intuitive instrumentality for creators and societal media managers alike. You tin plan, schedule, and analyse contented crossed each societal media platforms.

What we similar astir Later is the Visual Planner. In this section, you tin rearrange upcoming Instagram posts to make a bespoke look and consciousness for your societal media page.

You tin besides usage Later’s in-depth IG and TikTok analytics to find erstwhile your assemblage is astir engaged. This way, you tin uncover the champion clip to station Reels.

For ecommerce, Later is integrated with Shopify. This lets you tag products connected posts to redirect your assemblage to the point cards.


  • Try it escaped for 14 days.
  • Pay $18 per period for the Starter plan; $40 per period for the Growth plan; and $80 per period for the Advanced plan.


scheduling Instagram reels app, Hootsuite

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Hootsuite is an all-in-one societal media absorption instrumentality that is champion for integer selling agencies and mid-to-enterprise-level in-house teams. It works with each societal media platforms, including YouTube.

Hootsuite tin beryllium utilized for:

  • Planning and scheduling posts.
  • Running and optimizing advertisement campaigns connected societal media.
  • Managing connection successful nonstop messages and comments successful 1 place.
  • Monitoring your marque mentions.


  • Free 30-day trial.
  • The Professional program is $49 monthly; the Team program is $179 monthly; the Business program is $739 monthly.
  • Custom deals are disposable for enterprises.


scheduling Instagram reels app, Publer

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Publer is simply a versatile instrumentality for societal media absorption and beyond. It enables you to create, curate, schedule, and analyse each upcoming societal media posts with unsocial features.

With Publer, you tin negociate Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google Business profiles, WordPress sites, and adjacent Telegram channels and groups.

Features We Like

  • Publer’s “Link successful Bio” diagnostic makes Instagram posts clickable. Analytics are included.
  • Integration with Crello and VistaCreate. You tin plan graphics and crook them into societal media posts successful 1 click.
  • Bulk scheduling. You tin trade up to 500 posts and docket them successful advance.
  • Recycling. Automatically rewrite your top-performing “evergreen” posts with a built-in Spintax Generator and docket auto-generated posts.


  • Freemium for 3 accounts and constricted features.
  • The Professional program is $15 per month; a 7-day escaped proceedings is included.
  • The Business program is $28 per month; a 14-day escaped proceedings is included.

Gain More Engagement With Instagram Reels Scheduling

Scheduling your Reels helps you thrust much engagement and pull caller followers faster.

Opt for a paid societal media absorption app if you make contented for aggregate accounts oregon crossed antithetic societal platforms. For creators, we urge utilizing Creator Studio oregon trying Publer’s escaped plan.

Soon, you’ll beryllium 1 measurement person to your adjacent viral moment.

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