Reducing Busy Work: Tips & Tools for Marketers [+New Data]

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The mean marketer spends astir a 3rd of their clip completing repetitive tasks. Marketers already person capable responsibilities — and can't spend clip mismanagement connected engaged work.

marketer studying tips and tools to trim engaged work

Marketers should walk their clip driving institution maturation and visibility, — and successful this post, we'll springiness you our champion tips and tools to assistance you minimize your clip doing engaged enactment and halfway your existent priorities.

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What is engaged work?

The word 'busy work' refers to tasks that person small to nary contiguous worth to an organization's goals. However, it whitethorn besides notation to regular tasks that are redundant but necessary, similar information introduction and reporting.

Busy enactment prevents marketers from focusing connected the much important oregon urgent tasks similar moving connected the adjacent large campaign, strategizing, oregon contented creation. Luckily, we cognize ways to chopped down engaged enactment truthful marketers tin get backmost to productive projects.

Tips for Reducing Busy Work

1. Determine however you'll prioritize your workload.

Chances are you person much than 1 benignant of deliverable if you're a marketer. Take the clip to analyse and prioritize which parts of your occupation duties are astir important to slightest arsenic a wide framework.

Focus connected the astir captious oregon time-bound tasks first, making the engaged enactment look little tedious erstwhile you get to it and giving you designated clip to code it.

Pro Tip: Avoid the story of multitasking. Otherwise, you hazard jumping from task to task without finishing notable work, frankincense extending the clip spent connected engaged work.

2. Create a regular with regular to-do lists.

Making a to-do database is easy, but adhering to 1 is not. Marketers should carve retired clip astatine the opening of their week to delegate regular tasks. It tin beforehand amended clip absorption — thing that often gets distant from america erstwhile consumed by engaged work.

You tin besides easy usage galore enactment absorption tools to make analyzable to-do lists. For example, 1 of my favourite tools is Asana.

 make a regular with to-do lists

Whether you similar a database presumption oregon shuffling a integer dashboard, this instrumentality tin assistance marketers stuck connected uncompleted engaged enactment to transverse them disconnected and enactment connected track.

Pro Tip: Make your to-do lists actionable. Start your task titles with enactment words similar "Design," "Create," oregon "Submit" to springiness you an at-a-glance penetration into what’s connected your plate.

3. Add absorption clip to scope goals connected your calendar.

The mean worker spends 28% of their clip dealing with unwanted interruptions. Combine that with boring engaged work, and your time mightiness look little promising.

We cognize you can’t debar each interruptions each the time, but you tin docket blocks of clip for uninterrupted enactment connected your regular projects. For example, if you artifact retired two-hour chunks connected your calendar a time wherever you tin enactment without interruptions, you'll springiness yourself a accidental to get meaningful enactment done. And to debar falling backmost into engaged enactment during those clip frames, including the benignant of enactment delegated successful the calendar description.

Online gathering scheduler tools besides stock this functionality, and HubSpot's Meeting Tool tin beryllium an fantabulous spot to start.

Pro Tip: Be tenable with the clip you allocate yourself. You inactive privation squad members oregon different stakeholders to beryllium capable to scope you erstwhile necessary.

4. Automate manual processes.

According to the Zapier How We Work Report, 74% of workers accidental they'd similar to enactment successful their existent presumption than prosecute a caller opportunity. That fig increases to 90% for those who started utilizing automation successful the past 18 months.

Busy enactment is typically related to outdated systems oregon processes that could usage marketing automation. These tools assistance you negociate and triage selling tasks without the clip needed manually.

A instrumentality that tin assistance marketers to automate enactment processes is the HubSpot Marketing Automation functionality.

 automate manual processes with HubSpot Marketing Automation functionality

It's a maestro instrumentality that tin assistance marketers acceptable up email database autoresponders oregon physique an innovative and analyzable web of rules designed to people circumstantial users with the close email, unrecorded chat, website experience, and more.

5. Learn erstwhile to inquire your squad for help.

When things get overwhelming, and you person much engaged enactment than you tin handle, there's nary shame successful turning to your squad for a lending hand. Asking for assistance tin foster a collaborative enactment situation betwixt coworkers and minimize the intimidation of taking connected each the work connected your own.

Pro Tip: Be mindful of your coworker's workload erstwhile you inquire for help. You don't privation to travel disconnected arsenic irresponsible to your leadership. And if you are having cyclical issues keeping up with engaged work, past it whitethorn beryllium successful your champion involvement to speech with your manager astir a reduced cadence.

Spend More of Your Day Marketing, Without All the Fuss

While marketers can't get escaped of each the data, reporting, and engaged enactment from the job, we tin alteration however we attack it. We anticipation you use our tips to your regular to get you backmost connected way and little overwhelmed with engaged work.

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