October 2022 Web Server Survey

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In the October 2022 survey we received responses from 1,130,378,382 sites crossed 271,883,623 unsocial domains, and 12,299,940 web-facing computers. This reflects a summation of 1.13 cardinal sites, 258,363 unsocial domains, and 47,769 web-facing computers.

Cloudflare saw beardown growth, with an summation of 9.44 cardinal (+11.3%) sites resulting successful an summation of 0.83pp successful marketplace share. It besides gained a mean 0.20 cardinal unsocial domains (+0.79%), an summation of 0.06pp successful marketplace share.

Both nginx and Apache experienced decreases crossed each metrics. nginx mislaid 10.07 cardinal (-3.15%) sites, a nonaccomplishment of 0.92pp successful marketplace share, 1,201 web-facing computers (-0.16pp marketplace share), and 20,677 unsocial domains (-0.03pp marketplace share). Apache mislaid 1.17 cardinal sites (-0.13pp marketplace share), 973 web-facing computers (-0.12pp marketplace share), and 306,055 unsocial domains (-0.13pp marketplace share).

Within the apical cardinal busiest sites, Apache remains the astir utilized web server, but its marketplace stock continues its semipermanent downward trend, decreasing by 0.21pp. nginx besides mislaid 0.12pp, but closes its spread to Apache to 3,622 sites. Cloudflare’s maturation continues, with a summation of 0.07pp, bringing its marketplace stock to 20.83%. This reduces Apache’s pb to little than 1pp, and Cloudflare is acceptable to overtake some Apache and nginx successful the adjacent fewer months if the trends continue.

OpenResty had the largest summation successful web-facing computers, gaining 13,972 (+7.69%). However, it was overtaken by Cloudflare successful wide fig of sites aft a alteration of 1.06 cardinal (-1.14%) sites. It besides saw a alteration of 0.26 cardinal (-0.65%) unsocial domains, losing 0.11pp successful marketplace share.

Vendor news

  • LiteSpeed Web Server 6.1 RC2 was released connected 7th October 2022. This is the latest mentation successful the LSWS 6.1 watercourse and includes enactment for the PROXY protocol.
  • At Google Cloud Next ’22, Google anounced five caller Google Cloud regions successful Austria, Greece, Norway, South Africa, and Sweden. It besides announced that the caller C3 instrumentality series is present disposable successful backstage preview.
  • Cloudflare enabled enactment for post-quantum hybrid cardinal agreements connected each websites and APIs served done it successful protocols based connected TLS 1.3. These agreements are a hybrid of the classical X25519 and the caller post-quantum Kyber512 and Kyber768.
  • Microsoft announces Azure Firewall Basic is present disposable successful nationalist preview, providing a much cost-effective web firewall extortion aimed astatine tiny and mean businesses.
  • AWS announced the motorboat of two caller Local Zones successful Taipei and Delhi, adding to its existing 16 Local Zones.

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Web server marketplace share

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Web server marketplace stock for progressive sites

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Web server marketplace stock for apical cardinal busiest sites

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Web server marketplace stock for computers

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