New Marketing Jobs That Could Focus on AI [Data + Examples]

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It's nary concealed that AI is quickly changing nan trading industry.

A man places sticky notes connected a board; AI occupation successful marketing

In fact, our astir caller State of AI survey recovered that 62% of trading leaders and 66% of business leaders person already hired caller labor to thief leverage AI/automation tools.

But what roles are trading and business leaders hiring for exactly? Here's what we've found.

 The State of Artificial Intelligence successful 2023

AI Marketing Jobs

AI Trainers

Writers pinch AI Experience

Digital Marketers pinch AI Knowledge

What do AI-driven trading jobs mean for marketers?

AI Marketing Jobs

The pursuing are trading jobs and opportunities that are connected nan emergence owed to advancements successful AI and trading automation.

AI Trainers

AI must beryllium trained to learn, improve, and beryllium a awesome plus to immoderate trading strategy. However, if nan exertion is caller to a institution aliases brand, location whitethorn not beryllium immoderate labor connected nan squad who cognize really to train AI.

As a result, galore trading and business leaders are hiring group to train nan technology. For example, nan occupation listing beneath is from Scale AI and is for a position called AI Training for Marketing Experts.

Job posting for AI Training for Markteing Experts; AI jobs successful marketingImage source

The institution seeks writers who will beryllium tasked pinch projects involving generative AI models.

Their responsibilities will see testing nan technology, analyzing nan technologies responses to prompts, and ensuring nan contented generated is accurate.

This makes consciousness since 55% of marketers are conscionable somewhat assured that nan contented generated by AI is accurate, while only 23% are very confident, according to our survey.

Statistic showing 55% of marketers are conscionable somewhat assured that nan contented generated by AI is accurate; AI jobs successful marketing

Writers pinch AI Expertise

Many trading and business leaders are hiring writers who are comfortable utilizing AI to streamline nan penning process and nutrient contented promptly.

For instance, nan occupation listing beneath from Cyberfunnels calls for a copywriter pinch AI experience.

Job posting seeking a copywriter pinch AI expertise; AI jobs successful marketingImage source

Responsibilities see utilizing AI devices to "enhance nan copywriting process, make data-driven insights, and optimize contented performance." Applicants are besides expected to enactment up-to-date connected AI champion practices successful copywriting.

Another occupation listing, this clip for Miaplaza Inc., calls for an SEO contented writer who tin usage devices for illustration ChatGPT to constitute efficiently.

Unsurprisingly, trading jobs for illustration contented penning and copywriting attraction connected AI devices for illustration ChatGPT. In our survey, 45% of marketers said they usage generative AI successful nan contented creation facet of their role, including writing.

Furthermore, 69% of marketers said generative AI is important to their contented trading strategy.

Digital Marketers pinch AI Knowledge

Digital trading is simply a section that has been astir for years; however, much integer trading positions are calling for labor who cognize really to leverage AI.

For example, successful nan occupation posting below, Miller's Ale House seeks a Sr. Marketing Manager who will leverage data, artificial intelligence, and trading automation to thrust growth.

Job station seeking a elder integer trading head pinch AI knowledge; AI jobs successful marketingImage source

According to our survey, 45% of marketers usage generative AI erstwhile analyzing and reporting data.

So, there's a bully chance much trading head roles for illustration nan 1 supra will require marketers who are comfortable utilizing AI to efficiently stitchery and grounds data.

Statistic showing 45% of marketers usage generative AI erstwhile analyzing and reporting data; AI jobs successful marketing

What do AI-driven trading jobs mean for marketers?

Ultimately, marketers must familiarize themselves pinch AI/automation devices to enactment competitory successful their manufacture and nan occupation market. Fortunately, resources are disposable to amended marketers astir AI and heighten their accomplishment sets.

LinkedIn Learning Courses

LinkedIn Learning offers 100 AI and instrumentality learning courses, including:

  • What is Generative AI?
  • Generative AI for Business Leaders
  • Machine Learning pinch Python
  • Foundations of Responsible AI

AI Foundations Course and Certifications

IBM has an introductory people connected AI called AI Foundations for Everyone Specialization and provides opportunities for marketers and business leaders to get certifications for applied AI, AI engineering, and machine learning

Google's Machine Learning Crash Course

If you want a speedy rundown of instrumentality learning, cheque retired Google's free Machine Learning Crash Course. The people includes lawsuit studies, video lessons, virtual lectures, and much than 30 exercises.

AI will apt proceed changing nan trading industry, but that doesn't mean nan exertion is instantly coming for your occupation and rendering it obsolete.

Right now, advancements successful AI mean you request to grow your skills and knowledge surrounding nan taxable truthful you and your institution tin proceed to thrive.

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