Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in June 2022

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In June 2022, the astir reliable hosting institution tract was that of Aruba, who jumped up the leaderboard by 9 places compared to past month. Aruba provides a scope of services including hosting and domains, unreality computing, and dedicated servers, with information centres successful Italy and the Czech Republic.

Coming successful 2nd was Rackspace, who supply security, cloud, and information services. Third spot was occupied by New York Internet(NYI), who connection hybrid IT solutions, for the 2nd period running.

In June, the apical 5 companies, which included Bigstep and Pair Networks, responded to each of Netcraft’s requests. In addition, Linux proved to beryllium the astir fashionable operating system, being utilized by 7 retired of the apical 10 hosting companies, whilst Aruba and Swishmail utilized an unidentified OS. NYI was the lone institution successful the apical 10 utilizing FreeBSD.

Netcraft measures and makes disposable the effect times of around 15 starring hosting providers' sites. The show measurements are made astatine 15 infinitesimal intervals from abstracted points astir the internet, and averages are calculated implicit the instantly preceding 24 hr period.

From a customer’s constituent of view, the percent of failed requests is much pertinent than outages connected hosting companies' ain sites, arsenic this gives a pointer to reliability of routing, and this is wherefore we take to fertile our array by fewest failed requests, alternatively than shortest periods of outage. In the lawsuit the fig of failed requests are adjacent past sites are ranked by mean transportation times.

Information connected the measurement process and existent measurements is available.

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